tagGroup SexExecutive Privilege Ch. 01

Executive Privilege Ch. 01


The author gratefully acknowledges the editorial assistance LadyCibelle and WhiteWave48.

Executive Privilege 1 – The Arrangement

The lounge at the posh Creekside Hotel was spacious and offered several secluded alcove tables. Ann Darcy had reserved one of these on the mid level that gave her a view of the entrance from the privacy created by a tall curved wall almost encircling the table for two. She had spent the past two days thinking through the conversation she was about to have with Lisa Cardin; a conversation about the possible future of Lisa and her husband, Jim, at Andra Corporation.

Ann settled herself into her chair, arranging the neckline of the low cut silk blouse she had chosen to wear with her understated, soft gray designer suit. Her deep burgundy imported leather heels perfectly matched the color of the lipstick she was nervously checking, even now, in a discreet gold compact flipped out of her color coordinated leather clutch. She had swept her blond hair into a smooth, classic style. Although Lisa Cardin was Ann's close friend, today's meeting was not to be a personal one. This time it was all about Andra.

Andra Corporation was doing particularly well at the moment, especially since the death of its founder. After his death, the board of directors and Executive management of Andra had purchased the company from the founder's estate. In the years that followed they had transformed the company into one of the most profitable in the country. Each member had become a millionaire many times over. Intelligence, hard work and a lifestyle that promoted stable marriages and avoided many of the distractions that often sidetrack successful men were the hallmarks of this success. The lifestyle favored by the board, however, did involve a highly unconventional arrangement.

Early on, the men acknowledged to one another that in order to devote themselves to Andra, they needed to find a way to avoid the complications and time consuming distractions to which men, driven to the highest levels of performance, were often prone. They needed a better outlet for their high sex drives than conventional clandestine love affairs. Secret affairs disrupted business and personal life and all too often ended in embarrassment and expense to the executive and his employer. They developed a different way; more satisfying and convenient for Andra's executives with none of the usual disruption to their personal and business lives. Better for them and better for Andra.

There were five members of the Board of directors and five members of Executive management team. Each man was married. There were 40 members of senior management in this company that employed over 20,000. This company almost always promoted from within. Accordingly, the mid management ranks provided the candidates for vacant senior management positions. In turn, the senior managers provided candidates for vacant Executive management positions.

Lisa, 26, was married to Jim Cardin, a potentially rising mid manager at Andra Corporation. Jim, at 35, was currently eligible for promotion to a senior management position. Ann Darcy's husband, Kevin, 44, had been a senior manager for the past eight years.

Ann had been asked to explain the "arrangement" to Lisa and if she accepted the arrangement, to become her mentor. If Lisa decided to become a part of the arrangement, her husband would be promoted. If not, Jim could stay at Andra without promotion or leave with a sizable exit compensation arrangement designed to ensure that tonight's conversation would remain forever private. As Ann was meeting with Lisa at their country club, Kevin would be explaining the arrangement to Jim.

Ann and Kevin had known the Cardins for several years. There was an 18 year age difference between Kevin and Lisa, but Jim and Ann were the same age which seemed to balance out the age issue. Through dinners at one another's homes, membership in the same country club and shared vacations they had become fast friends. Kevin and Jim played golf together. Ann suspected that their close relationship to the Cardins was the reason she and Kevin had been selected for this assignment.

Ann saw Lisa enter the lounge where she was immediately greeted by the Captain and led to Ann's private table.

Lisa had obviously sensed something unsettling about Ann's invitation to meet at such a classy establishment. Ann noted that Lisa had dressed discretely in navy, but the dress was short and revealing and the tight gold chain belt and gold strappy heels reflected her tendency to entice rather than impress. She had applied her make-up rather too exactingly, giving her face a stark appearance uncharacteristic of her normally relaxed style, and her long dark hair had lost its usual bounce, flattened by too much brushing as she tried to find a style to suit the occasion.

Ann had read the Cardin file and knew more about Lisa than her friend could possibly imagine. Of course she was in possession of everything she had learned from her close friendship with Lisa, but now she was aware that company records showed her to be educated, intelligent, a moderate drinker, a closet smoker and an accomplished musician.

"Hi Lisa." Ann rose to give her a familiar hug as she came to table.

"Ann. Something must be up if we're having drinks at Creekside," Lisa said with a raised eyebrow as she greeted her friend. Jim had told Lisa that tonight's meeting was an important and necessary final step to securing the promotion they both had been dreaming of. If "they" got this promotion, Jim would double his already generous salary and become eligible for sizeable bonuses and stock options. Jim would also enter the pool of senior managers eligible for promotion to the Executive management level. Whatever this was about and though she was with her best friend, Lisa did not want to blow this meeting.

They ordered drinks and chatted about the day's activities. Ann tried to be casual as she deliberately worked in references to their vacation home and three week summer vacations, usually in Europe. Lisa, familiar with it all, listened patiently hoping she was listening to a description of things to come for Jim and her. When they ordered their second round, Ann told her that she had been a part of earning what the Darcys now enjoyed.

That Lisa did not know. "How did you contribute?" Lisa asked.

The Arrangement

"Lisa, my contribution is very personal. Under the arrangement, like the spouses of all the senior managers, I am available to the Executives. Usually the times we are together are arranged in advance more or less convenient to our family schedule. I usually get a call about once a month. From time to time there are long weekends, usually out of town and often in some of the finest resort areas in the world. I visit the spa of my choice with everything paid for from a personal trainer to every aspect of personal grooming. "Except for the arrangement, I haven't worked since Kevin was promoted to senior manager, leaving me more time with our family and more free time for myself. Kevin works very reasonable hours and is paid far more than we ever dreamed he would be paid. Even if he's not promoted to Executive management, we will be able to retire in comfort well before he is 50."

Ann paused to see how this was sinking in.

"What do you mean by you are available to the Executives?" Lisa asked, fearing she already knew the answer.

"The senior managers are married to attractive women, most of whom are considerably younger than their husbands, like you and me. All of the seniors and their spouses are available to the Executives and their spouses. It's referred to as Executive Privilege. In practice however, it is the women who get called out unless one of the Executives has a point to make or his wife wants some entertainment of her own.

"The Executives will call you for one reason only. Sex." Ann said bringing things to a point and watching Lisa blush to her chest. "In order for your husband to be promoted, he has to have proven potential in the business and have an attractive wife, preferably a younger wife. Both must be agreeable to the arrangement. As we speak Kevin is having this same conversation with Jim." Ann sensed Lisa was nearly overwhelmed by what had been laid out before her. Ann, now Jim's age, 35, had felt the same way eight years ago. This evening there was no point in trying to be more specific. She was comfortable that Lisa understood the general nature of the arrangement.

"You're a whore," Lisa said quietly.

Ann paused. She knew the score. Still, she was stung by Lisa's blunt comment.

"Yes. You will be too if you get into this, and your husband will be a consenting cuckold. The Executives are generally pleasant, treat you commensurate with your status, leave no permanent marks and inflict no extreme pain. They will from time to time remind you of your status and duties under the arrangement. It's not romantic. It has none of the emotions of a love affair. It can be humiliating and sometimes degrading.

"Look Lisa, you don't have to do this. No one has to do it. If you don't, Jim won't be promoted but he will not be thrown out of the company. He will still be treated well, just not nearly as well as you would be treated if you accept the promotion. If you decide to do it and things are not satisfactory, you can leave the arrangement and Jim his position at Andra. Each of you will then be paid generous exit compensation the size of which is dependent on how long you have participated. Once in, very few elect to leave the arrangement.

"For tonight this is about enough. You and Jim need to talk things over. If you decide to accept the arrangement, I will be your mentor unless you want one of the other senior wives for your mentor," Ann said. Almost everything was now on the table.

"One more thing Lisa. Only senior managers are eligible for promotion to the Executive level. Most won't make it. In fact if Kevin doesn't make it this year, we'll be out of the running. No big deal. Even if we don't get the promotion, we could retire in comfort right now. Everything we have put into the arrangement will be well worth what we get out of it. We have no regrets. If Kevin does get the promotion, things move to a much higher level. I sometimes think of that when I have a mouthful of some Executive's semen and my ass is still sore from his last fuck. It is made very clear that the level of service provided by a senior's wife is a major factor in the Executive promotion decision. For that reason, I put out my best on every call. And I do it with a smile. If you and Jim accept the arrangement, I encourage you to do the same," Ann concluded.

"Thank you Ann." Lisa was speaking carefully now. "I need some time to think, and like you say, I need to talk to Jim. If we do decide to accept the promotion, what comes next?" Lisa asked.

"A brief interview, after which you will be photographed, then some simple in house blood work and a physical exam. If those go well, Jim will receive his promotion along with all of the others next month at the promotion reception. After that you will immediately feel the tangible benefits of the promotion. Lisa, I can tell you this. Most of the senior wives readily admit that their interest in sex has never been higher. Most, like me, usually climax several times during a session. Lisa, in the arrangement, there is a lot of freedom for a woman to explore herself and have some fun."

The Cuckold

Jim drove home from his meeting with Kevin with mixed feelings. It was a rush knowing he was being considered for promotion and all that would come with it. The thought that his wife would be sexually servicing the Executive officers of the company was very disturbing. He and Lisa were not sexual prudes. Both had experience with others before marriage. In the right mood, Lisa was game for almost anything. In the right place, Lisa could be a bit of an exhibitionist. This would be different.

Kevin had made clear to him what would be expected of Lisa; no holds barred sex, sometimes with more than one Executive at a time. Kevin told him that unless Lisa kept it from him, he would know which men she had been with; in fact, most of the time Lisa would be entertaining the Executives in her own bedroom. The senior couple is expected to mutually acknowledge the Executive's dominant position and privilege and their own subordinate status.

Jim also learned that he would be available to any of the Executives or their wives on the same basis as Lisa. Kevin pointed out this was not usual. By and large the Executives preferred to have the women to themselves. But, Kevin admitted he had been required to suck the cock of each of the Executives and had been fucked on a number of occasions.

"From time to time they just like to remind everyone who's in charge. At other times, the Executive's wife will be involved taking her own pleasure." Kevin told him. "Jim, compared to what Lisa would be putting out, believe me, you can deal with it."

Under the circumstances, occasionally the senior men would be permitted some relief of their own. Young paid professionals were retained on an exclusive basis for that purpose. Each couple dealt with that issue themselves. Senior boys night out becomes something to look forward to, Kevin assured Jim.

The Cardins Make Their Decision

Jim poured himself a scotch and waited for Lisa, weighing his conflicting emotions. He thought about Kevin's beautiful wife Ann, Allie Voit, the slender Mary Ann Martin and the wives of the other senior managers - each standing by to spread her legs at the call of any of the Executives - each senior married couple trading the sexual services of the wife for a promotion and shot at becoming an Executive couple themselves. When he heard Lisa pull into the garage, he prepared her vodka martini.

Lisa accepted her cocktail gratefully.

"Well, I had quite a conversation with Ann this afternoon and I know you talked with Kevin about the same topic. This is pretty overwhelming. What do you think?" Lisa started.

"I like the idea of the promotion but I don't want to share you with any other man. We can make our way just fine without that," Jim said.

"We are not going to be able to have our cake and eat it too. If we want the promotion and the benefits, the arrangement, as they put it, is part of the package. You've done a lot for us Jim. You put us in the position of having a choice. I don't like the idea of those men using me but I do want to make a contribution to your career, our career, our future," Lisa responded. Lisa was presenting the other side of the argument, trying to make it seem fair, trying to see reason in the whole arrangement.

They talked about the senior managers and their wives, truly amazed that this arrangement was going on around them and they had been unawares. They were both excited about the prospect of a promotion for Jim. They giggled at the thoughts of some of the younger, more reserved young wives putting out for the older Executives.

"Let's sleep on this, but before we do, why don't we get more comfortable upstairs," Lisa suggested smiling at her husband's obvious erection.

Their lovemaking was complete but did not end with the relaxed satisfaction they were used to. They both went to sleep knowing that day after tomorrow, they would have to give their final answer.

The next night they went around and around the same issues for hours, alternating between a resolve to reach out and grasp the golden ring and the fear of the consequences of doing so. Finally, Lisa was willing to take a stand.

"I'm willing. I know what it means but, if you still want me as a partner and wife, we can get through the arrangement. There will be almost 40 other women in the same position I will be in. Their husbands are each in your position. The wife of every one of the Executives has done what will be required of me. Every one of the Executives has done his time as a cuckold. Apparently there is a high degree of long term satisfaction with the system. If you're in, I'm game," Lisa said with more confidence than she really had.

Jim paused. Looking at his wife, he sealed their pact. "OK. Let's do it. If we don't like it, we leave, benefits or not."

The Interview

Around noon the next day, Ann called Lisa and offered her congratulations.

"To stay on schedule, you need to have your interview and photographs this afternoon or in the morning. I can come with you if you like. That's up to you," Ann told her.

"I'd like you to come, Ann. You're my best friend. This afternoon seems a bit sudden but I can make arrangements and be ready by two o'clock. What do you think?" Lisa replied.

"Great. Shower and dress for business. For the photographs you'll need some bedroom attire. Jim's favorites, not yours. I'll bring a couple of my outfits. You can use if you like them. I'll pick you up at two o'clock." Ann left it to her.

Lisa was nervous but her familiar grey business suit gave her confidence as they entered the studio. The receptionist immediately directed them to an office down the hall. Ann and the woman in the office greeted one another. Lisa was introduced to Neva Lohr, a staff member to the Executives. They took their seats around a coffee table. After the usual pleasantries, Neva picked up a clip board and started. Lisa was asked about her health, exercise patterns and personal grooming. Then Neva put a small tape recorder on the table and handed Lisa her own clipboard.

"Lisa, the next questions are important. Be sure of your answers. No one answer will disqualify the promotion. Rather, all of your answers, taken together, will determine how you are graded. Please answer each question clearly and initial you response on your clipboard." Neva spoke reassuringly but in measured tones.

There followed a long series of questions about sex acts and her willingness to participate. Lisa had expected to confirm her willingness to most of what was asked. Some were beyond her experience. On those, Ann was there to help. Lisa affirmatively gave her consent to what she could be required do. Finally it was over.

"How about a drink?" Neva asked. Both women were grateful for an afternoon cocktail as they strolled to the photographic studio.

The Shoot

The studio was set up as a bedroom. The photographer was an attractive woman who made clear, without actually saying so, that she had done this before. She invited Lisa to a chair beside the bed and to make herself comfortable. A fresh cocktail was offered and accepted by both Lisa and Ann. Alcohol was clearly a significant lubricant in the smooth running of this part of the procedure.

"Lisa. We will start with you gradually undressing before the camera. Undress as you would before a new lover. These images will be in a portfolio that will be furnished to the Executives for their use in making personal selections. They have comparable images of every senior wife, including of course, Ann. There is no point in being shy here. You are expected to display yourself fully for the men who will be using you. If you are unwilling, please tell me now and you will save us all a waste of time," the photographer explained as she started to take her light readings on Lisa.

"I'm ready," replied Lisa, taking a deep pull on her vodka martini.

"Fine. Please take a look at a couple of the portfolios on the computer monitor at the desk so you will have a better idea of what is expected.

Ann moved with Lisa over to the monitor. From the menu Lisa selected a senior wife that she remembered from a couple of the company parties, Allie Voit. The first few images showed the petite woman in stages of undress from street clothes. With her bra off, the next image was of her pinching one of her wide nipples of her small breasts with one hand while the other was dipped into her panties. Once on the bed, the photographer captured her masturbation, ending with Allie in unmistakable orgasm.

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