tagLoving WivesExecutive Privilege Ch. 02

Executive Privilege Ch. 02


Executive Privilege Ch. 02

The author gratefully acknowledges the editorial assistance of LadyCibelle and WhiteWave48.

These installments build on character development and a theme or plot. To enhance your personal enjoyment of this installment, the reader is encouraged to first read Executive Privilege Ch. 01 - The Arrangement.

The New Senior Managers

Six men were being promoted to senior manager this year. At a formal reception, Lisa and the other five wives of the newly promoted senior managers would be introduced to each of the Executives and their wives. The day before the party, Jim's boss, Clinton Santini, handed him a box.

"This is for Lisa. Each of the wives of the newly promoted seniors will be wearing one. It makes for easy identification and marks her new status," Clinton told him.

Jim opened the box to find a simple scarlet ribbon collar with gold clasps...

Ann had talked with Lisa for days about what Lisa should wear to the reception.

"There's always a lot of black and red at these things," Ann explained. "At this point, I've got enough black minis and red dresses for a life time. Sexy expensive pleases them as well. They want to see you dressed provocatively and since we'll be in the privacy of the Chairman's mansion tonight, you can go as far as you want. Believe me, there will be no objections from anyone if you get a bit carried away."

The night of the party Jim watched his wife dress for the occasion. Lisa had decided against panties or even a thong or G-string. She was concerned that any underwear would interfere with the look of the dress she had selected for the occasion. It was arousing watching his wife step into a long, slinky black dress. Four-inch-wide slits ran to the top of her hip on each side.

He noticed that she approached the task with considerable seriousness, given the significance of this event in their lives, but he also saw the little smile on her lips and the sparkle in her eye as she checked the development of her new and unfamiliar appearance in the mirror. Jim missed nothing as he watched.

No imagination was needed to know she had skipped the panties and as she walked around the bedroom, the flow and cut of the dress offered generous glimpses of her buttocks and thighs - and occasionally, her bush. The open-bodice semi-sheer halter plunged in a V to just above her navel. The dress provided an erotic display of her firm breasts, ass and shapely, bare legs.

Jim had never seen his wife wear platform stiletto heels. Tonight he watched her strap on six-inch scarlet red stilettos with one-inch platforms. Lisa wore her dark hair in a French bun. Scarlet lipstick and her favorite perfume strategically placed made the look and feel she wanted almost complete.

Now that Lisa was feeling more relaxed about cooperating in every way with the rules of the arrangement, she found herself looking forward to having this powerful group of men check her out this evening. She wondered how she would compare to the other women in the stable. It was time to show she was one of them – time to put on the scarlet collar.

"Jim. Would you help me with my collar?" Lisa asked looking in the mirror at him standing behind her. She watched her husband place the scarlet collar around her neck and fix it in place with the golden clasps. She stood for a moment, staring at the collar – a bright red slash round her neck. She put her hand to her throat and touched it, then she softened, looked across at Jim's reflection and smiled, her eyes glowing as she felt his touch.

"You look like a million dollars baby," Jim whispered in her ear, pressing his erection to her back.

"I certainly hope so, or at least something along the lines of a few thousand dollars a night," Lisa playfully replied, wiggling her ass on his hardness.

The Darcys picked them up on time. When Lisa crossed her legs in the limo, the slits caused the soft, slinky material to ride high up to her waist. As usual, Kevin had his eyes all over her. Lisa had never gotten used to being ogled by Kevin, the husband of her best friend. She attributed some of it to the 18 year age difference between them. Tonight Kevin made no attempt to conceal his examination of her legs and breasts. Perhaps Kevin thought her new status invited such liberty. Not in her book. That was reserved for the Executives. She gave him a raised eyebrow and a frown but let him look, comfortable that he was in no position to touch.

Ann was such a stunningly beautiful woman; she would look good in anything. Tonight she wore a blue sequined party dress cut above mid thigh. The bodice like Lisa's was semi sheer. Bra-less, Ann's wide areolas and thick nipples were visible on her firm breasts. The short cut dress showed off the legs of a woman who took the time to shape them in the gym. Ann smiled at Jim's attention.

The limo pulled up to the Chairman's mansion. They were greeted at the door by Neva and to the sounds of a string quartet. Neva directed them toward a large room already full of people engaged in laughter and high-spirited social intercourse.

The men were in black tie and the senior women all dressed to attract attention - new senior wives easy to spot in scarlet collars - Executive men in gold bow ties and matching gold studs and cuff links - Executive wives, in a class above, in elegant evening gowns. It was mixture of sophisticated style and decadence.

Jim and Lisa knew several of the senior couples socially but had never met most. They had no idea of who else was getting promoted to senior management. Tonight they knew they were going to see all of the senior wives and those newly promoted dressed as more or less like Lisa and Ann. They were unprepared for the sight of forty women dressed for sex casually sipping cocktails and conversing while the Executives and other senior husbands and wives took their time taking in their personal charms.

Having the men and, for that matter, the women, check her out was a bit unsettling at first. She and 39 other women were displayed for selection as surely as if they had been lined up in a madam's parlor in Las Vegas. Those wearing the scarlet collar came in for even closer examination.

The women were adorned with color and material designed to reveal, tease and arouse. Hot pants and cami tops. Slit dresses. Semi-sheer gowns. What a menagerie. Lisa pointed out one of her bridge partners, in the required crimson collar, but outfitted in chaps, a red thong and a leather bra open at the nipples. This would be something to chat about with her at next week's card game.

The Darcys proceeded to introduce Lisa and Jim to the people they did not already know. Lisa was self conscious that as she was engaged in social introductions, many strolled over and took a good look from a distance of a few feet.

"Mr. Chairman, may I introduce you to Lisa and Kevin Cardin?" Kevin smoothly greeted the Chairman of the Board.

"It would be my pleasure to meet this attractive couple. You look lovely Mrs. Cardin, and congratulations to you Jim. I'm glad you decided to step up and be a part of the senior management team."

At 54, the Chairman was handsome and fit - and such a well spoken gentleman. Lisa didn't mind at all as he took a good look at her breasts and prominent erect nipples pushing the thin fabric of her dress. Jim noticed the Chairman made no pretense of doing otherwise. A lump formed in Jim's throat as the full reality hit him that this was no longer game of fantasy between he and Lisa; no longer a hypothetical issue. Soon, the Chairman and nine other men were going to be fucking his wife on a regular basis. For money, and no other reason, Jim became acutely aware that he was pimping his young wife to his corporate superiors.

The guys went to the bar for drinks, leaving Ann and Lisa chatting. Lisa could not get over how the senior wives casually and brazenly flaunted themselves, not only to the Executives but to some of the senior managers as well. Ann explained it was a combination of entertainment expected by the Executives and speculation on the part of the senior wives as to which senior managers may be getting close to promotion to Executives. They watched one young woman blatantly rub her breasts back and forth across the arm of a man Ann pointed out as a Board member. The shocking part was the Executive's wife and the senior woman's husband carried on a conversation while watching the arousing display.

A trio of senior couples came over and were introduced by Ann. Two of the men moved to get a better look at her ass. She blushed deeply as the one of the women and Ann openly compared notes on a couple of their recent coital relationships. Soon no doubt she would have similar liaisons to share with her friend.

Ann groaned inwardly as she spotted the pudgy Chief Financial Officer making his way to them. Ann knew from personal experience that Jamie Elkin was demanding and demeaning. She also knew he was a key decision maker.

"Lisa. Pudgy as he is, the Executive I'm going to introduce you to next is an important man," Ann whispered.

"Mr. Elkin, let me introduce Lisa Cardin," said Ann, greeting him with a forced smile.

"Well Mrs. Cardin you certainly chose a dress to show off those lovely tits of yours," Jamie said to Lisa's breasts.

Lisa felt him strip her nude with his eyes. For a moment she was ashamed of the way she was flaunting herself in her revealing dress. In the same moment she felt her clit twitch as she watched him stare at the space between her legs. Lisa imagined what she would look like sprawled naked on the floor before him, legs spread, readily offering herself to be used sexually by this not so attractive man. She felt the wetness between her legs move to the top of her inner thighs as he broke his stare.

"I look forward to seeing more of you Mrs. Cardin," he said as he turned and walked away. Lisa took a deep breath. As she looked at Ann, Lisa knew they both realized that she had just been appraised as if she were a piece of meat at the market.

"Get used to it Lisa. To them they're paying a premium for select cuts of meat," Ann said as if she had been reading Lisa's mind.

Kevin explained to Jim that this was the one time a year they got to see the other senior wives dressed for work so to speak. "No harm in taking a good look. It's fully expected. And there are some good lookers out there. Look at the tits on Allie Voit," Kevin said, nodding toward her.

Allie's raven hair hung just below her shoulders. She wore a black evening skirt, slit to her hip. The black, open tip shelf bra supporting her generous breasts made her one of the most provocatively dressed women in the room. Allie caught them looking and walked over, rolling her hips seductively.

"See anything you like Kevin?" she teased as she moved close enough for the men to catch the scent of her perfume. Jim noticed her nipples were becoming erect as she stood between them.

Kevin introduced her to Jim. Kevin complimented her on her choice of outfit. Looking around, Jim said the scene reminded him of a candy store.

Allie spoke up. "No shit. And everyone in the room wants a key to the store. I'm sure you've thought about it Kevin, every senior wife in the room available to spread her legs for you. Me included of course. Not to mention the money. You and Ann just might make it. If you're working as hard as Ann is, you guys have certainly got a chance." Allie looked Kevin square in the eye. "You'd like that wouldn't you Kevin. Calling me out. Sucking on the tits you've leered at since we first met. Taking me in my own bed like the Executives have taken Ann in yours for years."

Allie turned with a smile as she walked away leaving Kevin trying to catch his breath.

The Darcys made it a point to introduce Lisa to each of the Executives. Presenting her, as it were, for their close perusal. Kevin's libido was in overdrive as he moved around the room with Lisa, watching her being exhibited time and time again in her revealing dress - the Executives studying her breasts, ass - looking for a glimpse between her legs. Kevin was fixated on the thought of bending her over and sliding his cock into her hot young slit.

Kevin's lust for Lisa was not lost on Jim. He was trying to adjust to the fact that soon the Executives would be calling for his wife. He was unprepared for and uncomfortable with his friend's brazen interest in his wife. Promotion for Kevin was by no means assured. But, he thought back to Allie Voit's pointed comments. If Kevin did get the promotion, then Lisa would...he couldn't bring himself to complete the thought.

By the end of the evening they were all pleasantly buzzed on champagne. The Darcys were genuinely happy for Jim and Lisa. In the limo on the way home they giggled about times to come.

Lisa's First Outcall

On the Monday after the promotion party, Jim came home with the news that he had received the promised raise in salary and their first bonus check. When he handed it to her, Lisa gasped. They had never had so much money in one place at one time. That night they dined with the Darcy's at their favorite restaurant celebrating their new wealth. Ann and Kevin assured them this was only the beginning.

The next Saturday, Lisa was out on an errand when her cell rang. It was Jim's new boss, Clinton Santini. Lisa remembered him well from the promotion party. There was no small talk. Clinton came right to the point. He asked if she was available tonight. She knew the call would be coming. She was just startled that it had come so quickly and from Jim's boss.

"Yes. I'm available tonight," Lisa replied.

"Great. The car will pick you up at 7:00. I'm glad you and Jim decided to be a part of the Andra team," he said, closing with a flat "Good bye."

When Jim got home from work he found Lisa in their bedroom, fresh from a shower. Lisa told him about the call as she slipped into a semi-sheer black thong.

"Who is it?" Jim asked nervously.

"Clinton Santini," Lisa answered, glancing at her husband to gage his reaction. Jim watched her adjust her breasts in an open-cup matching bra that left bare about a third of her breasts. In this bra, Lisa's elongated nipples pointed straight out from her breasts.

Clinton led Jim's team in their regular Friday morning conference group. Jim would be seeing him in the morning. He sighed as he watched Lisa carefully smooth black sheer stockings onto her shapely legs. He started to harden as she attached her garter straps.

For her first outcall Lisa selected a slinky red dress cut high on her thighs. The neckline plunged to the bottom of her cleavage. She felt like wearing a red dress that night. Jim watched in muted nervousness as she strapped on new six-inch stiletto platforms. Lisa thought he was more nervous than she was. She had prepared herself for this and had been coached twice by Ann on what to expect. While he watched his young wife apply a crimson lip gloss he didn't try to pretend, even to himself, that she really didn't have to do this if she didn't want to. They both knew they had committed to the arrangement. Each silently remembered the money they had so joyfully celebrated earlier in the week. It was time to start paying the piper.

"Clinton didn't say whether this would be overnight or not. Even if it's not all night, I suspect I'll be in late. No need to wait up," Lisa said to Jim as she put the final touches on her hair.

"I'll be up," was Jim's only reply. "I'd give you a kiss but I don't want to dull my gloss," Lisa said with a smile, squeezing her husband's hand.

The car came at seven to collect Lisa. It returned at one A.M. Lisa to drop her back at their house. She found Jim sleeping in their bedroom armchair. Lisa hesitated about waking her husband, but he stirred as she moved about the room.

"How was it?" he asked immediately noticing the hicky marks on her neck, the remains of lipstick smeared on her mouth and her knees exposed by large runs in her stockings.

"It was sex. I'm ready for bed," she said quietly, making no attempt to hide the marks from Jim.

She undressed with her back to her husband, fully realizing that he would notice her reddened ass. She scrubbed her teeth, showered briefly and, naked, approached him in bed. She noted with relief his full erection. She saw him looking at the purple hicky marks on her breasts.

Lisa knew this was a moment of truth. How they handled this would define how they were going to adjust to the arrangement. She slipped into bed. He leaned over her for a kiss. She had scrubbed the semen from her mouth but had not taken such care with her pussy or ass. Jim moved his hand to his wife's vulva. As usual, he started with her labia, finding them extended and somewhat swollen. One dip to her hole and Lisa knew he had confirmed his suspicions.

Later he told her how he felt at that moment; that he was filled with both shame and lust. As he moved to her breasts she knew he was taking a closer look at the marks on her breasts. His boss had very intentionally marked her breasts and her ass. Lisa felt him hesitate. She knew she needed to help him through this as she had helped him through difficult situations in the past. She ran her fingers through his hair and then gently pushed his head lower.

As Jim moved between her legs to her vulva, Lisa watched him catch the scent of semen. He looked to her eyes as he sucked her elongated labia into his mouth, flicking his tongue over her slippery and swelling lips. He slipped his tongue lower to her hole. Aroused, she was wetting herself anew, but retained the sperm of the man who had had his way with her a short time ago.

For the first time, Jim then tasted the semen of another man. Lisa knew they had crossed a bridge, and moaned in appreciation of her husband's acceptance of what his superior had left within her. By now she knew Jim had to be engulfed by the smell and taste of semen, Clinton Santini's semen.

Lisa could smell it herself. She knew he would want to know if things had gone further than her vagina. In trepidation, she felt him move lower. Lisa lifted her legs and hips and spread her own ass cheeks. There was nothing to be gained from trying to keep any part of this from her husband. His tongue sought her tight rosebud but instead found her hole loose and wet. Her anus was leaking the same cum he had tasted in her vagina. Jim had confirmed his status as a cuckold.

Lisa watched her shamed husband, red in the face, move into position to mount her. She spread her legs and stroked him gently. She knew he was mentally going through some of what she had gone through for the past several hours. As he took her, Lisa knew he had to be acutely aware that she was unusually loose and wet. She pulled his head to her mouth.

"I love you. I hope you still love me," Lisa whispered in her husband's mouth.

"Yes. You're still my wife," he responded as he experienced the new sensations of intercourse with his wife, after use by another man.

As they coupled, Lisa looked over his shoulder at the ceiling and wondered.... "Will things ever be the same?"

The next morning Jim watched Clinton move to the head of the table to conduct their usual Friday team conference. Clinton met his eyes, smiled, nodded his head and started the conference. Jim's only consolation was that the other men and women in the room did not know how thoroughly Clinton had used his wife the night before.

Just 18

Lisa had three calls in the two months following after the promotion party. One with Jim's boss. The other two Executives had been entertained in their home as Ann and Kevin had told them would be the case most of the time. Each time Jim had wanted sex when she had finished servicing the Executive. Ann told her that was a good sign of his adjustment to the arrangement and that she should accommodate him one way or the other. With that advice from her best friend, sore and tired as she was, Lisa made sure to take care of Jim before falling asleep.

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