Executive Privilege Ch. 07


Jamie used his weight to drive her hips into the mattress; each stroke more powerful than the last. As the stud fucked her harder, her sexual instinct kicked in. She was able to adjust her hips just enough to get a push on her clit with each stroke. Now she was humping as best she could his thick cock for her own pleasure; copulating with this heavily endowed male for her own release. "Fuck me," she grunted, fully dominated by Jamie's overpowering size and big dick, "Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me." Then she felt her orgasm starting in her clit; building in her pelvis. Climax

Emma screamed as the most powerful climax she had ever experienced overtook her. She was so thoroughly stretched by this cock she couldn't feel herself contract on it.

With his hands firmly grasping her hips, Clinton pulled Lisa Cardin forcefully back, pounded several strokes deep into her bringing on his own orgasm. Feeling the depth of his penetration and force of his ejaculation sent Mrs. Cardin over the edge. Her pussy pulsed and squeezed this hot stud.

Jamie put his elbows behind Emma's knees lifting her higher for a deeper mount. As he spread her legs further, the heavy man pushed deeper inside her with each stroke. Emma had never been fucked so hard. She looked up to him in full surrender. She knew he had made her his bitch.

Jamie knew what he was doing. This was not the first time he had reamed another man's wife. He saw submission in her eyes. He made her body his own. After her orgasm, her pussy was looser. This made it easier for him to fuck the swollen crown of his thick cock faster and faster along the front wall of her cunt.

Panting above her, Jamie signaled his impending orgasm with a deep grunt, driving his dick as far as he could into Emma. Mrs. Montgomery felt every blast of his powerful insemination. The great volume of his warm discharge filled her cunt, tightly sealed as it was by his thick penis.

Finally it was finished. "That was fantastic Jamie," she moaned as she felt his dick slide from her.

Jamie rolled off her onto his back, still catching his breath.

The masculine smell of semen hung in the air.

Pressing her back against the headboard of the bed, Emma propped some pillows behind her to relax. She saw Clinton and Lisa looking between her legs. She stretched out one leg out and raised her other knee indecently exposing her swollen red lips, gaping hole and the slimy mess she and Jamie had made. Lisa watched globs of semen roll over Emma's anus, pooling on the bed beneath her.

In turn, Lisa spread her legs offering Emma a tawdry display of her own freshly fucked pussy. After Emma took a good look, she met Lisa's eye. Smiling, they exchanged knowing winks.

Lisa made a fresh round of drinks and served them in bed. All were grateful for the refreshment. It was obvious Jamie had enjoyed himself immensely as had Emma. It had been her first intercourse with a heavy man and a large cock but, vigorous and physically fit, she took it well. She was at the peak of her reproductive potential; literally built for fucking. She was just fine thank you.

Lisa was looking forward to her turn with Jamie. She liked his big dick, even if it made her husband self conscious when he reclaimed her afterward.


The cocktails and physical activity put everyone in the mood for dinner. Lisa and Clinton went back to their suite to get ready.

Emma and Jamie showered together. She felt naughty having the Executive watch her as she went through her personal routine preparing to go out for the evening. On the bidet, Emma explained she was even now leaking his semen. She gave him a wink as he watched her slip a tampon into her still throbbing pussy.

She had a number of provocative and sexy selections. Jamie's erection kept poking through his robe as he insisted on having her model his favorites. He finally chose a black evening gown with a plunging halter upholding a fitted bodice. It had a large keyhole opening between her generous breasts. Beneath her tits the material gathered into a fitted waist. The soft black skirt was slit from the top of her thigh to the floor.

Emma selected black thong and platform shoes with six inch heels. A thin black ribbon collar completed the look of a shameless call girl. Perfect.

Lisa chose a tight red halter mini dress cut to the top of her thigh. Her erect nipples and sheer red stockings were inciting. Crimson lipstick and red spikes gave her the sexy look she wanted.

The men decided to have dinner in the in the hotel's elegant restaurant. Brazenly walking across the crowed dining room, the alluring young wives turned every head in the room.

Because all four wore wedding rings and were in intimate conversation, people in the restaurant might take the two couples for older husbands with trophy wives. Then again, others no doubt got it right. The men decided to have their desert in their bedroom suites.

The Subordinates

Leon and Jim had become distracted from their work from the time their superiors had left for the hotel. Naturally, Leon was nervous about what was happening to his wife back at the hotel. Jim didn't share how Lisa's pussy felt after her sessions with Jamie and his thick cock. There was no point in causing Leon more concern than necessary. Soon enough he'd experience the lewd sensation with his own wife.

They returned to the Executives' empty suites and took in the layout of the lavish arrangements. The experienced housekeeping staff at this luxury hotel had tidied up the remnants of sex and turned down fresh sheets on the beds. They found their bags their own small bedrooms. Their position in the sleeping arrangements was obvious and humiliating.

The subordinate men had been talking over the personal attributes of their wives all afternoon. Each omitted mention that he was pimping out his wife to their bosses. Several times Jim noted his colleague's erection tenting his pants. Both cuckolds were excited by the overall situation.

Each man knew his wife was getting fucked by one of their superiors. Each hoped to see other man's wife naked. Jim watched Leon fingering his wedding ring and knew Leon might see a lot more than he was hoping for.

Washing up, Leon knew without a doubt his wife would be spending the weekend in his superior's bedroom suite. His mind wandered from what had gone on earlier in the day to what was next.

The subordinates were pouring themselves a couple of stiff ones when the two couples returned. Leon was stunned at the provocative dress of his wife. He had never seen her dressed this way. Jim's penis immediately started to swell at the sight of young Emma; her outstanding breasts displayed in her keyhole halter top.

No one missed it. Jim had a raging hard on for Leon's wife.

The hot and bothered junior men prepared cocktails for their superiors as they reviewed the events of the work day. The cuckolds couldn't keep their eyes off of their slut wives. Lisa sensed the men needed a moment. "Come on Emma, let's go over to my room and freshen up. You guys join us when you're ready." She was intentionally vague with her use of the term "guys."

"Not so fast Lisa. Freshen up and get your asses back over here before I finish this cocktail," Jamie bluntly responded.

The Executive's tone of command was not lost on the women or their husbands. While their wives were taking care of themselves, Clinton told Leon and Jim that when they returned he and Jamie would be getting to know them better. They could stay or go back to their rooms as they wished. "Either way, unless we tell you otherwise, keep your hands off your dicks and your wives. You can look but don't touch," Clinton firmly instructed.

While the women were taking care of themselves, the Executives continued their conversation with their subordinates. Leon gulped his drink as Jamie commented on how much he had enjoyed his wife's tight pussy and that he was really looking forward to using her again.

Leon saw them first. The spectacle took his breath away. Both women wore crimson lipstick, red ribbon collars and red platform stiletto heels. Otherwise naked, they walked over to join the conversation.

Jim's penis hardened as he watched his wife snuggle up to Jamie. He turned his attention to Leon's wife. Clinton put his arm around Emma and fondled her firm breast, glancing over at Jim. Lisa also saw her husband lusting over Emma. His dick was fully erect, straining at his pants and pointing straight at Emma. "Tough shit Jim," Lisa thought to herself. "You want something you can't have."

Leon's attention was also divided between the two young women. Lisa played her full breasts across Jaime's arm while he cupped her pussy obviously running a finger along her slit. Leon was more struck by the conduct of his own wife. He knew she had fucked Jamie. She made no eye contact with him as she now fully embraced Clinton for a deep open mouth kiss, her first with this good looking man. Clinton felt up her ass with one hand and groping a breast with his other. Flushed she broke the kiss and reached down to grasp his penis. Leon watched his young wife prepare to prostitute herself for a man old enough to be her father.

"OK guys. Chat it up a bit with the girls. We're going to get comfortable," Jamie said, "And then we'll be back to party."

The superior men left the hot women naked with their husbands. Their erections were obvious. The women's nipples were erect. Emma's pussy was red and her clit visibly erect. Lisa was wet to the top of her thighs and her prominent clit obviously stiff. Taking it all in, Leon was about to cum in his pants.

Emma longed for her husband's comforting touch. They made do by reassuring one another that they were in this together and everything would be just fine. Despite their supportive words, they knew what was coming. So they thought.

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by loveable_guy07/11/16

Humiliation is right

The previous comment about Kevin and Jim was right. What is wrong with Jim and why isn't he progressing?
As for humiliating the husbands, Yes, they should be. They are Cuckolds. The wives should bemore...

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It took 5 years to write chapter 7 and what we got was nothing but a rehash of earlier chapters. Lisa and Jim situation could have a change. What about Kevin and Ann?
For the last chapter no closuremore...

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