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Executive Secretary


My partner Dick and I own a small consulting business. Basically the two of us travel about fifty percent of our time with the rest of our time spent in our office. We have two other employees, a receptionist and Emily. Emily is the core of our company. She is capable of being, and has been, an Executive Secretary to a large corporation but chooses the more relaxed life of looking after the two of us. Emily holds things together, makes sure we meet appointments, arranges travel reservations and looks after all accounting and financing.

Emily is married, about 45 years old, petite with a trim lithe body. She is a fashionable dresser and is always immaculately groomed. She is all business but friendly and easy with people and is very much a contributor to the modest success of our business.

Relations between her and the two of us have always been quite proper. Dick and I have kept our business office separate from our personal lives and Emily seemed quite comfortable with that. We have met her husband Brad at several social functions. He appeared to be a decent guy who was very affectionate towards his wife.

A few months ago Dick and I committed to attend a convention slash trade show. We arranged for a booth at the show and planned to have a hospitality suite to entertain a few clients or potential clients. We asked Emily if she could get away to assist us for three days.

We suggested that she bring her husband along at our expense in order to make it easier for her to make the trip. She was very happy to accept, but within a day or so told us that while her husband would not be able to attend, she would be happy to assist us.

Emily arranged for rooms for all three of us. She would use the hospitality suite as her room. That would make it easier for her to plan and arrange for guests. It was basically a large furnished room with kitchenette and separate bedroom.

The first night at a convention is usually spent meeting old friends and business associates. After a meet and greet affair we took Emily for dinner to a fine restaurant in the convention hotel. She looked great and appeared to be less formal than usual. She had a soft seductive look about her. I was looking at her in a different light and was beginning to have second thoughts about our "hands off at work" policy.

By the time we had polished off our second bottle of wine, the erotic tension at the table was very high, and Emily was doing nothing to reduce it. She laughed at every joke, and held her gaze when looking at one or the other of us. She would reach out and touch us on the hand in that natural way that women use to send signals and express feelings.

On one occasion, Dick and I watched Emily as she left for the ladies room. With our eyes glued on her butt and legs Dick said, "What do you think? She seems ready for some loving tonight."

I said, "Just what I have been thinking. I am not going to chase hard after her, but if she offers an invite I'm taking it."

Dick grinned at me, "Let's see who gets lucky then."

Without putting it into words, we had just agreed to break our mutual agreement to not mess with our employees.

There was a trio playing soft romantic ballads in one corner of the dining area. We took turns dancing with her. She moved easily into my arms and pressed her small breasts to my chest. She nuzzled her face nicely into my neck. I became erect very quickly and she made no effort to avoid rubbing against it.

The wine kept flowing, but mostly to Dick and I. We were becoming very competitive and attentive towards Emily. She seemed to be totally content with the situation and did nothing to discourage us.

During one dance I became bold enough to tell her that I found her very desirable and would like to meet her alone in the suite. She pulled her upper body back so that she could see me, smiled easily and told me she would be going there soon and suggested that I call her in a half an hour. Her hips were pressed tightly against mine, her mound grinding against my hard cock. I was sure I was in and would soon be undressing that small tight body.

A few minutes later, she left for her room while Dick and I went to the bar for a nightcap. I excused myself after a while and called her room. Her voice was very soft and erotic. She told me that she had just enjoyed a warm bath and toweled herself down and was just then pulling on a white terry-cloth robe.

A mental picture of her rushed into my mind. I wondered what her little tits looked like bare; was her pussy shaved or trimmed; did her legs look as good without high heels? I asked, "May I come up and have a drink with you?"

She said, "Yes, that would be nice. I could use some company. Come up when you wish and bring Dick with you."

I stumbled a bit for an answer but finally said, "Well Emily, I had other thoughts as a matter of fact and was hoping to be alone with you."

She was ready for that and said in a very calm voice, "I know what you hope to do. Ask Dick to join us, I have enough for two."

This was not turning out the way I had planned at all. I asked, "What if Dick does not want to join us?"

She said "Oh I hope he does, I was looking forward to spending some time with the two of you. It will either be both of you tonight or we will see each other tomorrow with our clients."

She was very matter of fact about it. She also knew that her demands would not be a threat to stopping us. I rejoined Dick and told him flat out that it seemed that Emily was looking to bed the two of us. I also told him that it would be pussy for both or nothing.

The possibility of the two of us sharing a woman was not a shock to our sensibilities. On one of our business trips I had brought a lady to my hotel room and took her to bed. After I had enjoyed a very nice time with her, Dick had showed up. We had a few drinks before Dick took her to my bed and fucked her.

It had been an unplanned threesome quite similar to this impending occasion. The only difference this time was that the third party was our own employee. I called her and told her we were on our way.

We had key cards for Emily's room and let ourselves inside. She called out from her bedroom that she would be out shortly and suggested that we have a drink. We sat without speaking for a few minutes before she opened the bedroom door.

She was standing just inside the bedroom in the white robe. We could see that she had pink mini panties and half bra beneath the partially open robe. Her nipples were poking out through the thin cloth of the bra. I could make out the dark strip of her bush through the sheer panties. She looked hot and ready to play. She smiled seductively and beckoned us to join her.

She stood beside the bed waiting for us. Dick moved in behind her and I in front. I pulled the robe off of her shoulders and Dick removed it. She was so beautiful, sandwiched between the two of us and looking very horny.

"Undo my bra hooks Dick," she said over her shoulder. Dick immediately began to fumble with the hooks and pushed the straps off her shoulders. She let the bra slide down her arms to the floor. I stood mesmerized as the two perfect little tits were exposed. Dick's hands slid around her arms and cupped them as he bent his mouth to kiss the back of her neck.

"Panties Jim," she said, her eyes now smoky with desire. I knelt down in front of her, my eyes at belly level and eased the pink panties down. She had turned her head to search for Dick's mouth and I caught a glimpse of her tongue sliding into his mouth.

Her tiny bush was now bared and I bent in to plant a kiss on her mound. The scent of rose water from the bath was mixed with the musky smell of her pussy. I pressed the tip of my tongue against the top of her slit. She groaned a bit and then slipped out from between the two of us.

She regained control of herself as she settled down on the edge of the bed. We knew we were going to fuck her; but how and when was obviously going to be up to her.

Emily indicated that she wanted us to stand in front of her. She reached out and loosened my belt and zipper, and pulled my pants down; leaving me standing in shorts and shirt. She did the same to Dick. We removed our shirts and stood there in "tented" shorts.

She smiled up at us and stroked our cocks through the shorts. There we stood; two big guys almost naked in front of this tiny little lady who was totally in command and enjoying it. So were we.

Emily pulled our shorts down and freed our big bones. My knees weakened as I experienced that wonderful feeling of a woman's hand around my cock. There is nothing that compares to a woman's touch. She moved her head from one cock to the other, circling the knob with her tongue while her tiny hands teased our shafts and balls.

I knelt down again between her legs as she lay back on the bed. Dick crawled up beside her and started lunching on her tits and mouth.

Her pussy looked tiny and tight and one had to marvel at the fact that she would be able to take our big cocks. There was no doubt she could and she knew it.

I pulled her pussy to my face. My tongue worked its way between her soft thighs, parting the hairs to find the slit. She spread her legs. I applied long slow licks with my flattened tongue, and then sucked each lip individually into my mouth before concentrating on her clit. She caressed my head as I pleasured her. Dick was alternating between nipples and she purred as we continued to arouse both her and ourselves.

By this time both Dick and I were desperate to fuck her and she must have realized that she was playing with fire. The situation was explosive but apparently that is just the way she wanted it to be.

She motioned us up and then spread herself cross ways on the bed on her back, her head near the far side. I moved to that side and knelt over her head. She grabbed my cock and began to lick it before pulling it into her mouth.

Dick crawled up between her legs and went after her pussy like a starving man. I had to brace my knees against the side of the bed to support myself as she sucked and stroked my cock and balls.

I could hear Dicks tongue working and lashing her cunt but all I could think of was filling her mouth with cum. She began to pull her knees up, spreading wider for Dick's mouth and tongue. She made no objection when he suddenly got to his knees between her legs, lifted her ass up and worked his cock into her.

Her little tits bounced and shook as Dick began to pound her. My cock slipped out of her mouth but she held it in her hand. He began to cum in her with a series of wild grunts and thrusts, his body shaking and jerking as he strained up into her. He held her by the hips as he filled her.

I wasn't sure if she had come, but I did not care, I was going to fuck her right then no matter what she wanted. I pulled away and tapped Dick on the back to let me have her. He pulled his slippery red cock out of her, his cum still oozing from the end of it. I knew that he really did not want to pull out but he recognized the desperation in my eyes and rolled off of her.

Her eyes bored into mine as I settled down between her legs. It appeared that she had not yet cum. As I rubbed my knob in her slit, she grit her teeth and said, "Quick, fuck me."

There was white cum oozing out of her slit and running down to her butt hole. I lifted her hips up and found her hole with my knob and slipped it in right to my balls. She was tight but comfortable, and she began to work my cock with her pussy muscles. I had only stroked her a few times when she began to come. I was kneeling over her on my knees, braced with my hands each side of her head.

I just whaled away as she lost control, her body twisting and thrusting up at mine. She knew every trick. I settled down on her, covering her body as she raked my ass with her fingernails. She worked a finger down my crack and found my butt hole. This drove me to the edge and over as she poked that finger as far up as she could push it.

My hands went under her shoulders and I chinned myself in her, trying to drive my cock right to her head. I shot at least three full belts of cum in her, one of the most toe curling ejaculations I have ever experienced. Her arms were tight around me and her legs were hooked behind mine. She pulled me relentlessly into her body as she milked my cock until it was squeezed out.

She collapsed back as I lifted off of her. This gorgeous tiny little woman was spent after taking on two big men. She placed her head on the pillow. We lay down one on each side of her. We both wanted more, but needed a little recovery time.

It was strange to see this normally well-groomed lady with sweaty tangled hair. She clutched her hand between her legs, still feeling the pleasures lingering in her pussy. She groaned, "That was great guys, really good for a first time. I'm such a bad lady sometimes."

Dick nuzzled in and began to kiss and lick her little tits and nipples. My hand roamed down her legs, to the back of her calf, to her hip and waist; it was more of a massage than a feel.

It was about midnight now and the phone rang as we lay there enjoying the moment. She reached over me to pick it up, "Hello lover, you surprised me calling at this hour. Yes, I had a nice time, the guys took me out for a nice dinner, we danced a little and then I came to my room. Hmm, oh yes, I invited them up after dinner. I have company right now. Well actually both of them are here on the bed with me. Oh yes, I have been nicely treated. I think they are ready for more. I have one sucking my nipples and the other is about ready to finger fuck me a little. I know lover, I'm such a bitch. Call you tomorrow."

She hung up and smiled at us. "That was my Brad. Don't look so surprised. We take vacations from each other in order to provide a little variety in our lives. We have all night, let's take our time."

She was back in control, "Hmm, you are both ready aren't you. Dick, get on your back and Jim stand at the end of the bed."

Dick did as instructed and she mounted him facing away from him towards me at the end of the bed. I watched as she lowered herself on his big cock.

It was a wonder how that tiny lady could handle our cocks so easily. She settled down on it in a half crouch, lifted and lowered a few times biting her lip and then motioned me forward. She captured my cock in her mouth; my hands held her head and I began to slowly fuck her mouth. She braced herself with her hands on Dick's legs and began to fuck him. Soon Dick took over and holding her hips began to drive up into her. After a bit, we found a rhythm and about the time Dick began the short strokes I unloaded deep in her mouth.

We enjoyed one more night of relaxed sex, the mystery over but the pleasure intensified. And yet, on our return to work the following week, all things were back to normal. Emily had that deflector shield operating once more and our minds or hands did not attempt to penetrate. However, there was another convention on the horizon that we must surely attend. For the good of the business you understand.

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