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It's not easy to keep my lover happy and guessing. She loves the sex, tells me all the time, yet I know that she also loves surprises and adventure and newness. She's so very smart and forward I have to be at my most creative and on my best game to keep that impish smile on her face and the look that says she would choose me over all the better men who offer themselves to her every day.

You see, she's an executive. A woman with power. She knows how to move and shake the corporate world and has risen to her potential. Me, I'm a drone. Just an average guy who met her early, listened to her then, believed in her and supported her and still takes the time to listen to her and be there.

She's also a secret sub. I don't believe that there is a single person in the company she manages that will tell you they believe she could be dominated, but I know her heart and inner self. She craves the ties and the mastery. It wasn't easy getting here with her, but with care and patience, I brought her along just the same.

In the beginning, before we were a couple, she brought me home from school as a diversion. She didn't mean anything by it. I may be easy going, but I am not to be toyed with either as she found out to her surprise. She thought to dominate me, telling me she wanted me and trying to make me shocked at her brazenness. I remember how shocked she was when I would sleep with her but not fuck her. So often it's the woman who does that. Men just want to get back to their roots, you know, nine months getting out and the rest of your life getting back in. I learned almost immediately in my sex career that that was a short timer's viewpoint.

I was born with a patient, gentle and thorough manner. I'm not a phenom and never was. So I did what I do best. Put my hands all over her, checked her over completely, used my hands and lips and senses to get to know who she was and I liked what I found even if it was a little rough and presumptuous. She wanted it, started saying she'd never been so turned on, but I told her then that there was lots of time and not to push so hard. I think that was the first time she thought I might be the one for her.

Over time, we found a great fit. I love the way she moves through life with purpose, conviction and abandon and she loves the persuasive, firm and utterly tender way I approach everything. I've always taken the time to listen to her and give her what she wants while at the same time pushing her boundaries out to where she has pure excitement again and again.

One of the fantasies she has talked of is a rape fantasy. We know the difference between fantasy, reality and hope. She doesn't wish to be raped nor to one day be a victim, but if she were to read a romance novel with a forceful sex scene in it that the heroine eventually gives into and she and he go on to live happily ever after, my love would buy it and be heated by it.

Part of her executive role is the long hours near paydays and around fiscal years' end. She is driven and I love that about her. It can also certainly get old sometimes and makes me yearn for the days when I have her attention more to myself. Knowing she'll come home to a clean and nice home, a candlelit bath and romantic supper keeps her motivated, but there always needs to be more to keep her occupied with me.

When I told her I would come and get her from the office, she knew something was up, but, typically, tried to forestall me as she knew she would be working late and would be tired from the strain. I knew she would be less able to guard herself and more likely to find herself in over her head before she could manage some semblance of control. I insisted, telling her we really needed just a little time out of the house even as late as it would be. She consented and, after checking what time she thought she would be finally alone at, I set my plan into motion.

She has to call the desk and arrange for visitors and she did so. I immediately feared that the guard would check my backpack as I walked in, but it turned out to be one I recognized and he passed me through easily and with little fanfare. I got to her corner office and found her working hard, looking frazzled and welcoming the hot cup of tea I brought with me. We kissed and she waved her hand a bit to show how much work she had. I told her "don't let me interrupt you" and moved around behind her chair to put my hands on her shoulders.

She slumped forward a bit, knowing what would come and it did. I began by massaging her shoulders, lightly at first, then increasingly firm. My hands moved to her back and scalp, working on their own volition, knowing her so well. I was able to delight in the view of her slender neck and the feel of her muscles under the soft, smooth skin. I worked her until I felt her give and begin to drowse. At that point I told her I would be back shortly, picked up my backpack and walked out, lightly closing the door.

When I came back in, she barely looked up and when she did, it was to see me already over her, already grasping one of her hands, a ski mask covering my face and already securing the restraint on her wrist. As I moved to the other one she began to struggle though by now it was well too late. I had a silk blindfold for her and a tie for her beautiful lips. After kissing them, I worked it into place and brought her hands up and in front of her where her body had to follow or fall. As she came out of the chair I marveled at her thighs and slender ass.

I walked her to the file room. A closed off area, but still large enough to suit my purposes. I thought it would be ideal with the blindfold since it would give a feeling of confinement. I tied her to the door, stringing her hands above her head and fastening them to a hook that hangs on the back. Pressing her against the hardness of the wood made her breasts jut out and I couldn't resist feeling her up, squeezing her tits and kneading them in my hands before turning her to face away from me.

She was moaning now and I knew she was wet and wanting it. My fingers pressured her nipples and one of my hands strayed to her ass where it squeezed and grabbed. When I spanked her she gasped and I did it again and again. She began to squirm and asked "what do you want?" though this was muffled through the gag.

I didn't answer, but pressed my finger into her dress and up against her anus. We haven't done a lot of anal sex, mostly because she doesn't really care about it one way or the other. She will take it but doesn't enjoy it in particular and, truly, far less than vaginal penetration. I'm much the same, preferring vaginal sex. Now, though, it seemed she was very sensitive to the touch against it, perhaps sensing that it wouldn't be a rape scenario without losing control and doing something out of the norm.

What she wasn't ready for was my little bag of tricks. I pressed my finger nearly into her rectum before withdrawing and spanking her hard and sharp. Her dress stayed. I reached down, sliding my hand along her thigh and massaging her calf. When I reached the floor I opened the already unzipped pack and immediately placed my fingers around the object I wanted. With my other hand I lifted her dress and pushed it up her back, bunching it so it stayed. I pulled her pantyhose down just far enough to shove my finger inside her soaking pussy, making her cry out and squirm wildly against her bindings.

I couldn't resist and spanked her hard again, pulling her hose down a little further to just her thighs, exposing her rounded ass. Unzipping my pants I quickly pulled out my hard dick and without any preliminary whatsoever, rammed it into her right to my balls and even to the point of pushing them back against my own thighs. She was wild now, struggling in her ties and pushing out with her ass until her feet lifted off the floor with my next thrust. She nearly screamed through the gag with the next ones, I rammed so hard into her and I could feel her about to cum when I erupted, spurting what felt like gallons into her.

At this point I abruptly pulled out and spanked her hard and sharp. When I placed my hand back at her entrance, she was a little more subdued but still squirming heavily. I pinched her clit between my finger and thumb and she again struggled and called out in the gag. She was shivering and beginning to spasm inside when I pulled my hand away and placed my little surprise onto her pussy lips. It didn't take much, her pussy was drenched and I could feel the juices running off the little egg vibrator and over my hand. She was going to cum, but I again pulled away and with little work, inserted the egg in through her sphincter. She gasped and squirmed harder than ever, but it was in vain as the bindings held fast to the hook.

When I turned the switch on the remote control, she began grunting in a rhythm. Punctuated by gasps, sighs and little almost screams, she writhed and attempted to twist. Held there against the door, trying to pull her nipples away from the hardness as it looked like they were sensitized to the point of hurting. I reached around and freed them from their bra restraint and they popped out like they'd been given a douse of cold water. I reached my head around and sucked them into my mouth one at a time. She was frantic now. The pace of her grunting and wriggling was increasing and getting more insistent so I turned the vibrator off and spanked her bared ass sharply.

This was really getting to me and I decided I would fuck her again. This time I pulled her feet off the floor, her ass back toward me and impaled her hard and fast, slamming my cock in her and yanking it out. She was screaming in the gag and I was glad it was in. I came in no time and let her slide against the door gasping and groaning again.

She started saying "please, please, please" over and over as I turned the vibrator back on the lowest setting. Her pussy was dripping down into her panty hose. A combination of her juices and my copious amount of jism. She was grinding her hips and I spanked them again. I was unbelievably turned on and I couldn't believe how I wanted her yet again. I brought her off the hook, pushed my cock into her mouth until it was completely hard (about three sucks and a lick), turned her around, pushed her head down and fucked her with the vibrator running.

This time she came -- hard and loud and long and I shot yet another load into her as her pussy grasped at me, clenching and unclenching around my member. A cry escaped me and mingled with her muffled whimpers and moans and sobs. I took the restraints from her wrists, spanked her again, lightly, zipped up, grabbed my pack, told her "see you at home" and left.

We both knew it wasn't over and when she got there she would be pampered, tied and made to relive the episode until she begged me for another fucking. That's what makes our love so fun for each other.

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