Exercise Ch. 02


Day two: Wednesday

Morning briefings were always boring. Rogue yawned as Scott droned on about something or other. Time to make his move. No one was paying attention.

He leaned over her agenda and put another page in front of it. She looked down at it and then up at him. He smiled, eyes wide open, trying for that old innocent look. He'd spent much of the previous day writing it, making sure everything was right.

She read slowly, occasionally looking up and nodding as Scott emphasized another point about something or other. Heat slowly crept into her face. Her muscular legs moved restlessly under the table. She turned the paper over and watched him warily. He smiled and sucked a red Jolly Rancher into his mouth slowly, then touched his tongue to his upper lip and closed his eyes.

She fixed her eyes on Scott. He shrugged. Enough for now. Couldn't have the man ruining his fun. He turned and started paying attention again.

She cornered him after the meeting. "You're making this up."

He smiled, self-confident. "It can work that way, chere. Trust me."

"Trust you?" she scoffed, then quieted. "On the couch?"

He nodded. "Just think about it. Sitting there, watching TV, and Remy behind you, pushing deeper and deeper." He waited for it to sink in.

Her eyes unfocused, then refocused on him, angry this time. "Don't give me your attempts at porno during meetings, Remy. I don't want them." She threw the page to the ground and walked out, grabbing up her agenda and books.

Curious, he picked up the paper she had thrown to the floor, then laughed out loud. She had thrown away the agenda and kept his sexual fantasy. This might be easier than he thought.

***************************** All right. The swamp rat had gone too far. She was okay with him whispering the occasional sexual thought into her ear. She didn't even mind the performance last night with the sundae, teasing her about wanting his cream on it and taking the cherry off it, sucking it into his mouth again...mmm. But porno during meetings was the last straw, even if it was full of wonderful details and made her burn with lust.

Two could play this game, and she was going to give it her all. She took the keys to the '89 Firebird and went down to the motor pool. It would just take a little shopping and a little planning.

Day Three: Thursday

Kurt Wagner was heading down to the dining room for breakfast early, as the plan was to have fencing class and then go out for a day at the local Renaissance Faire. He entered the hallway leading to the dining room and saw Bobby Drake, in full ice form, practically running down the hall toward him. He held up a finger and opened his mouth, and Bobby said, hurriedly, "Don't go in there. Trust me."

He stopped for a moment, puzzled, then continued walking. He had to have something for breakfast, for he would not pay the inflated prices for food at the fair later. As he entered the dining room, he saw why Bobby had run so fast. Rogue was seated on a very high stool in the center of the room. She wore nothing but a small black top which bared her shoulders and midriff, fastened at the neck, opaque over her breasts but of a see-through material from just above her breasts to her throat. Her small leather miniskirt ended a few inches from where it started. Her legs were bare, and her feet swung carelessly in her thin strapped sandals. She was holding what appeared to be a milkshake in her left hand. She gave a pointed suck to the straw in her mouth and his penis twitched. "Hi, Kurt," she breathed sultrily after she swallowed, giving him a good once-over that made him tingle.

"Uh…" The blood rushed from his head to another location. "Rogue?"

She leaned forward and licked from about an inch below the top to the top of the straw. "Yes, sugar?" Her eyes were alight with desire and mischief. He gasped, then decided to do the only thing that would save him from embarrassment and teleported away. She licked her lips gently and gave a satisfied grin. Remy would never know what hit him, given how Bobby and now Kurt had reacted to her new look.

"The elf, he don't have much restraint, going off that fast." Remy sauntered through the other door into the dining room, amused by Kurt's reaction.

"Oh. Hello, Remy." She licked the tip of the straw, then quickly lowered her mouth onto it and sucked it strongly.

He coughed a little, glad he had chosen to wear his duster. "Chere, what you up to there?"

She removed her lips from the straw, swallowing visibly, and let her tongue trace her lips before responding. "I'm just trying to get the thick cream out of this shaft, Gambit. Just sucking and licking and stroking it." She toyed with the straw in her fingers, teasing it, and his pants became uncomfortably tight, thinking of how her hands would feel on him. "Want to help me?"

He had to give her credit. She was takin' the fight to him, sure enough, and part of him admired her for it. He cleared his throat as she started licking the straw again, her tongue passing over it gently. "Non, non. Never disturb an artist at work, chere. Maybe you show Gambit later how you do this, hein?"

"Why later? Why not now?" She leaped down from the stool, slinking over to him in a slow feline gait that made him throb and ache. She pulled a chair over to him and sat on it, sliding the glass between her thighs and pulling the straw out, then sucking it clean. He was amazed he hadn't yet stained his pants. He was having a hard enough time as it was controlling his breathing.

"All you do is insert the straw into my cup," she said smokily, thrusting the straw into her glass swiftly and drawing a gasp from his throat. She picked it up and held it at the same level as his hips. "Then you just put your lips around the sides and start sucking." Again she fitted words to actions and dove down on the straw, mouth eagerly wrapping around it and suckled it, eyes on his all the while. His hips jerked involuntarily at the sight and he nearly came.

"That all? That not so hard, chere." He turned and headed slowly out of the room, joining most of the other men who had come down for breakfast and found that today was a good day for eating out.

"Oh, I think it is hard, Remy. Very hard." He paused before leaving, his shoulders set and determined. He had heard her, she knew it.

Rogue got up, put the rest of her shake in the fridge, and gave a satisfied smirk. The Cajun wasn't gonna have it all his way and she'd put him on notice. Now it was time to get dressed in an outfit that wouldn't have everyone distracted from their work. She started laughing, really laughing. Sure, she'd gotten hot doing that, but not as hot as Remy had.

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