Exercise Ch. 08


Rogue faced the mirror, on her hands and knees, watching as her lover poised to enter her from behind. Remy grasped her hips firmly and entered her, shallow, teasing them both with his swift short pushes. She watched as his eyes darkened, becoming less red, and his face became blank.

Slowly the space separating their bodies decreased as he grew tired of playing, and then he pushed directly into her.

Oh! Something intense happened. It was ... like an orgasm, but not like one. It was almost too much feeling. She never thought she would experience too much pleasure. She tried to call out, to say something to her lover, but he pushed back again fast and hard, and she shrieked instead with every hard thrust. She soon was pushed over the edge by the wild sensations coming from her vaginal channel, and Remy followed, calling her name.

When he was through, when they both were done, she collapsed and cried in reaction, Remy asking her anxiously what was wrong, as she shivered, overcome by the experience.

* * * * *

All of the mansion residents had, naturally, been having a difficult time with the Rogue/Remy bet and had been dealing with it in their characteristic ways. Logan, for example, had been spending a lot of time out of the mansion, pretending neither Rogue nor Remy existed. Hank dealt with it by figuring out pranks with Bobby. Others spent a lot of late nights at clubs, meeting new people and drinking their troubles away.

But the telepaths had been getting the worst of it. Rogue and Remy were not the only ones leaking intense sexual emotions and thoughts. There were currently four telepaths at the mansion, and they were all on edge. Jean and Emma had been more proactive, venting their frustrations on their lovers. Sage had taken to sleeping with telepathic dampers in her room, trusting to the others to keep an "ear" out for trouble at night. She would have taken a lover, but she was currently interested in Warren Worthington, who was away on a two week business trip to Florida. Professor Xavier, too, had found that even his deepest meditations only offered a little relief. All of them had, in their own ways, been praying for the situation to end.

They relaxed when they realized that Rogue and Remy had finally come to terms. That was a mistake. Rogue's intense blasts of feeling when Remy finally hit her G-spot tore through their shields easily. Jean stopped in the middle of her exercise routine and decided to ... relax in the whirlpool early. Emma ran to find Kurt, muttering that at least her lover had a tail. Professor Xavier decided it was time for a walk in the park. Sage, when the Professor contacted her but before he could communicate, said tersely, "Yes," and eagerly left.


Jean was lying in the warm whirlpool, teasing herself into greater arousal, slowly swirling one finger around her clit while her left hand inserted two fingers into her grasping pussy, when suddenly the door to the pool room slammed open. She hurriedly pulled her hands from between her legs and used her telekinesis on the water to cause swirls around them, cleaning away the evidence of her actions. She also gave a tentative smile, facing the doorway. The smile disappeared, replaced by shock, as she saw her fiancé enter. HE had thrown open the door?

His face held a wide grin, more appropriate for the ebullient Bobby Drake than her reserved Scott, and his right hand was poised at the rim of his visor. His blue shirt was loose, its collar unbuttoned, and he was wearing black sweat pants. He looked excited and dangerous.

Scott never wore sweat pants. She knew he didn't own any. He must have borrowed them from someone. And Scott, ever precise, had never let his collars be open or his shirts rumpled since she had known him. Was something wrong?

He closed and locked the door, gave a brief scan of the whirlpool room, and turned to her discarded clothes on the floor. With one brief red blast from his eyes, he turned them to ashes.

She roused her sluggish brain to give a brief probe. Could this really be Scott? Her Scott?

He repulsed her weak probe with a mental slap, making her shake her head from the force of his rejection. "Oh, no, you don't," he said, slyly. "No powers, Jean. Just you, and just me."

She raised herself out of the water, dripping onto the tiled floor, and backed away from him. The momentary probe she'd gotten through had revealed that this was indeed her fiancé, her Scott, but an oddly playful Scott. She didn't quite know how to deal with her lover in this mood. "Why?" she asked, buying herself some time while she stood up, explored their emotional bond and tried to bring herself out of her sexual euphoria.

"Do you love me?" He stalked toward her, graceful, with a gait that reminded her of the more feral members of the team.

"Yes," she said, and immersed herself in their link.

She was hit with a wave of almost overwhelming, manic joy ... sexual desire ... love ... determination fueling the rest ... and pulled free before she could be sucked under.

He continued with the same slow, deliberate pace toward her, heading for the far corner she'd pressed herself into to keep from falling down. "Do you trust me?"

Her earlier desire had returned. Given Scott's current emotional state, she was certain he didn't mean to harm her... "Yes."

He purred out the words, one for each deliberate step. "Then no powers." He leaned over her, blocking her into the corner, and moved in for a kiss.

She let him kiss her, still a bit wary, but relaxed as all he did was continue to kiss her, teasing her lips with his, nibbling one and then the other. Then her body suddenly stiffened in full awareness as he caught her wrists and trapped them in each hand, holding them firmly at her sides.

"S ... Scott," she began in mild protest, but was cut off as he kissed his way to her ear.

"Do you love me?"

His warm breath kissed her ear before his tongue traced the edge. His warm shirt and soft pants provided friction against her body. She moved her hips, enjoying the caress. "Um ... oh, yes."

He smiled against her ear lobe. "And do you trust me, Jean? Really?" He pulled back and looked at her, less of that frightening energy in his face as he did. He did not release her arms, but he stared at her braced legs and flushed skin, and she gave her first smile back.

"Yes, Scott. Of course."

His grin spread wide across his normally tense face. His usual cowlick, she noticed, was sticking up in the back of his brown, otherwise immaculately groomed hair. He hadn't combed it down. "Good," he drawled, drawing her close and seizing her breast firmly in his mouth. He then kissed her deeply, restraining her, and she did not bother trying to fight, instead doing her best to draw him close. His desire sang within, mixing with the ecstasy she'd felt from Rogue and her own lust. She let him do what he would with her.

Her mind broke free again when he spun her around, cuffed her wrists together behind her back and pushed her back into the corner. She soon succumbed to his insistent fingers between her legs, offering her body to him before she could think to protest.

She was fully in the moment, pushing her clit into his hand, moaning as his wonderfully wicked mouth sucked down her breasts, when he spoke again. She didn't catch what he said, but she did notice him pulling away, holding her at arm's length, that fiery wave of desire flowing through her from their emotional bond as he distanced his body from hers. "Can you think, Jean?"

It took her a few seconds to come up with a reply. "Of course not!" She just desired him, now. "Please."

"No, no, no." He easily held her against the wall as she tried to rub herself against him. The incongruous sweat pants laid in a pool around his ankles. "We're going to do this my way, for once."

"Oh," she groaned, twisting to get free. "Can't it wait?"

He laughed. "No, Jean. Now. Do you realize that every time you tried to talk to me about having sex, I was in this mental state?"

She frowned and tried to bring herself out of her current sexual stupor. "No..." she murmured, thinking back.

"Well. I was." He forced her back into the corner and kissed her greedily, rubbing his hard warm flesh against hers, robbing her of her mental faculties again. He moved just far enough to whisper, "Every time. Was that fair?"

She whimpered. It wasn't fair what he was doing now ...

"Was it?" His voice cracked through the quiet room, drowning out the low hum of the water jets in the pool.

"No, but ... you ... I felt ..." She snatched at her scattered thoughts, but they flew away from her as he quickly pushed his erection into her aching, gushing slit and then pulled out rapidly.

"I liked it?" he prompted, giving her another quick rub and then holding his lower body away from her, staying in control.

"Yes." She wanted more. Scott should stop now.

He chuckled into her ear. "Yes, I did like your tight, wet little pussy grabbing my cock. I'd have liked it better if you trusted me and talked to me when I could think straight, though." He kissed down her cheek and she shuddered.

"Sorry..." she returned, slowly realizing that her seduction of a few days ago might not have been the world's best decision.

He pressed close again, chilling her back and warming her front, pulling her hips onto his and firmly entering her with his cock again. "Oh, I'm not too angry about it," he mumbled against her mouth. "I just thought it was about time I took control, and we had a talk."

"No more talking?" she pleaded.

"Aw. You don't like it when I talk?" he teased, pushing further into her and getting a small scream for his efforts. He was going deeper into her body than he had before, holding her up against the wall, keeping her helpless and open to whatever he wanted. She panted, trying to hide from herself how much she enjoyed this, this dark side of her beloved, gentle Scott.

"Well?" he demanded, bouncing her faster and faster on his erection, and she let him do whatever he wanted while she tried to remember what he'd asked.

"Um...I love you, and I trust you?" Her head was spinning, her entire lower body tensed, and she screamed again as her muscles released and Scott gave her ass a quick, hard slap.

"That'll do," he gulped out as he worked toward his own orgasm, letting her spin back to earth on her own.

Humming in pleasure, she heard his breathing increase, felt his penis expand inside her, and held him with her legs as he spurted into her. He sighed in pleasure, pulled his pants up, and started walking toward the door unsteadily.

"Wait!" She was still handcuffed and her clothes were destroyed. Surely Scott wouldn't leave her like this?

"Why?" He turned, spreading his arms wide. "You can get out of those cuffs on your own. Besides," he said with his former lusty grin, "I like the way you're dressed."

Her mouth hung open. For once, she was at a loss for words, telepathic and otherwise. He turned and reached the door before she spoke again. "What's gotten you into such an odd mood?"

He opened the door wide. Jean broke the cuffs with her telekinesis and leaped into the water. He laughed, then scanned the locker room. He must have seen no one, because he turned to face her, nearly closing the door. He whispered, "Guess who won the Remy/Rogue bet?"

She started speaking before she began thinking. "Why, Bobby ... did," she faltered, suddenly making connections she hadn't before. Scott? SCOTT? HE had bet on them? And won?

He shook his head slowly, his smile becoming smug. "You understand now, don't you?"

He pretended to tip a non-existent hat to her, then waltzed out the door, leaving it half-open. She caught a thread of thought as he sauntered through the locker room: "...always has another outfit somewhere..."

She sighed, using her telekinesis to first clean away the evidence of their lovemaking, then to fetch clothes for herself. Scott was partly right. She usually had an extra pair of sweats or jogging outfit in her locker down here, but she didn't have underwear. If anyone was outside the mansion and near their room, they probably saw her bra and panties flying past as she concentrated, bringing them into the whirlpool room. She hoped as she worked that she hadn't seized her set that had fit in high school before she'd finished developing, but no longer did. It had happened before, and since then, she'd forgotten to take them out of her underwear drawer.

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