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Exhausted by Hubby Ch. 04


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A lot of authors post the first chapter of a story and tell you that there are more to come. Just to be different, I decided to post the final chapter of this story first. The other chapters will follow, in some sequence yet to be determined.

Many thanks to Muse33 for creating the audio version of this story.

I was exhausted. I'd had as much as I could take. He helped me off of the futon. My muscles were aching and I needed him to hold me up. He slid his arms under mine and wrapped them around me. That felt good and I lay my head on his chest, content to go to sleep right there (the fact that I was standing up didn't seem to matter for some reason).

He, of course, had other ideas. Unfortunately, I'm too heavy for him to just carry into the bedroom, but the guest room is the next one down the hall so it wasn't much of a walk. He helped me get there and put me under the covers. I relaxed. It's incredible how good it feels to lay back and not have to expend any amount of energy. The afterglow was in full force. The mattress tilted slightly as he sat down on the edge of the bed. I was in a daze, half awake/half asleep.

Somewhere along the way, my PJ top had come off. Maybe he took it off of me as he helped me into bed, I don't know. All I know is that I was naked. I opened my eyes and realized that there were several candles lit in the room, and then noticed the smell of vanilla. He was looking down at me and admiring my body. It sent a shiver through me. I stretched and quivered. Then, his hand pressed lightly on my “V”. I arched a little. It felt good.

"Ready?" he asked.

"I don't actually need to do anything, do I?" His smile answered my question. He descended on me. We were now face to face with his body pressed lightly against mine. He had most of his weight on his elbows. I barely had enough energy to reach up with my fingers and touch his hips. His forearms slid under me and his hands gripped my shoulders from underneath. His lips were about two inches away and every other part of his body was touching me very gently.

I could feel the head as it pressed against my still elevated mound. It slipped in just a small fraction, just enough to part me but not enough to enter. My legs instinctively opened and my knees bent slightly. They seemed to have energy all their own. I was lined up, secured in place and ready for the taking.

He kissed me very softly, his tongue opening my upper lips the same way his shaft was opening the lower. My feet dug in and my hips rose a little more, taking him inside just a little. The sting in my bottom and thighs burned and excited me. I reached for him and took more. Now the head was inside me, but motionless except for his lips and tongue, barely exploring me. His arms were pressing my breasts together and compressing them into his chest.

He broke the kiss. I opened my eyes and his face was right there. "This is for me," he said. I smiled. That meant that I was going to get it really good. It's funny how doing it for his own pleasure makes it so good for me too. Part of it is that he gets bigger and fills me more and part of it is just a matter of gusto.

"I'm all yours."

In one fluid motion, he pressed all of his weight on me, entered me, kissed me, pulled my shoulders down, invaded my mouth with his tongue and kept going. The weight of his thrust rocked my hips up and opened me wider. My knees and legs met him, giving him an anvil for his hammer. He filled me... and then he went deeper... and deeper... I gasped as he went past the dead end and into the tight, deep recesses of my secret cave. He didn't belong there. My body flinched; the pressure was intense, but I wanted it. I pushed harder to drive him deeper still, now feeling the lump against my lower bottom.

One more thrust from him and the knob clicked in place. I squeezed, bearing down hard to keep him there. He groaned. He felt it. His tongue was filling my mouth, trying to reach the same place from the other end. My arms encircled him and I held on, completely lifting myself off of the bed. He stayed there for an eternity, expanding, pulsing slowly enjoying a long visit.

His tongue withdrew, but only his tongue. His lips lifted just a fraction to break the kiss, while the rest of him was inside of me. From somewhere, I heard him whisper, "I got off about an hour ago. It's going to take a lot of work to do it again so soon." Some part of me that could actually move smiled and jumped for joy. The giddy feeling returned.

I took a deep breath and squeezed my arms tighter, afraid to fall off. His arms wrapped me tighter still... and then he started... slamming in and out like a jackhammer over and over and over and over. He went faster and faster. Then I stared coming. The whole lower half of my body squeezed in unison like a bear crushing its prey to death.

He had to be feeling that. He moaned louder. My convulsions continued along with his battering ram slamming into me, bruising me somewhere I'm sure. His pace slowed; my orgasm paused as he shifted gears; his strokes lengthened; the feeling became even more intense; my orgasm started up again.

If I'd had any breath or any room in my mouth, I would have screamed. As it was, he did the screaming for me. My whole head was filled with the sound. I became light-headed and floated within my body, sampling all of the sensations and noting them one by one. Somewhere along the way, I felt my legs splay even farther and my feet went up in the air.

I vaguely remembered something about breathing and that it was important for some reason. Ah, I'll deal with that later, I thought; right now I'm getting fucked. The orgasm flowed through the rest of my body. Every inch of skin on my scalp and arms tingled and quivered. His mouth released me briefly and I gasped for air three or four times. Ooooo, air, it tasted good... back to the kissing, his tongue and lips filled and sealed me again and still the fucking continued, now back to high speed.

His screams turned deafening, still inside my head. He slammed harder and harder, faster and faster, trying so very hard to come... he couldn't...

Another change in tempo... longer strokes, I'm still coming, by the way, fingernails digging into my back, my chest pushing up harder, he moaned again... another breathing break... the long strokes continued... he was frustrated... he sped up, keeping the long strokes; there was a lot of friction now; it felt like he was going to start a fire... I dug my fingernails hard into his back, drawing a line alongside his spine from his neck to his tailbone... he screamed and fucked even harder and faster... that did it... I'm still coming, by the way...

Over the edge... his point of no return... another release for my mouth, more gasps, the cry of a suffering soul released to salvation... was that me or him? The tongue re-invades, the lips re-seal and more thrusts... his voice now angry and violent in my head... victory... the spoils of war... claiming of his prize... shivering, throbbing, probing and wet sloppy squirting of a fire hose inside my lower body... I'm still coming, by the way...

That moment lasts another eternity.

His lips release; his tongue exits, I drink more air, feeling the full hit of the drug: Oxygen, it's a wonderful thing... another orgasm... or maybe the same one...

His body collapses, flat on top of me, he groans in intense pleasure, something about loving me or something... whatever... I'll figure it out later... Splat. He's drooling... No... giggle... he's licking my face. Oh, God I love him... I should tell him that some time when I have a moment...

For a brief moment, the practical side of me kicks in. Are all of my limbs still attached? Yup... Am I breathing? Yup... Am I leaking anywhere? Nope... OK, the rest can wait... and... by the way... I'm still coming... and... he's still inside me, still throbbing...

I lick back, tasting his face, his cheek, his neck, biting his neck; it tastes good. He yelps. Who cares? I wrap my arms back around him and throw him on his side. We face each other and kiss. My face is wet.

"I'm sorry I didn't make you come," he says. I hit him, hard, somewhere on the arm I think. In my mind, I try to decide if it was, still is, actually, one long orgasm or three separate ones with little spaces between. He tweaks my nipple, hard. I yelp. Oh, yeah, something about my not getting an orgasm... idiot... I use my fist to stamp an invisible "seal of approval" on his chest. That reassures him that I did find the experience satisfactory, despite the apparent lack of enthusiasm (get real).

We start tickling each other and grabbing whatever is handy, licking things when we can, anything to make the feeling even more intense. I'm wheezing, still gasping for breath... wait a minute, I didn't know I was gasping in the first place... I start coughing. He stops tickling and rolls me all the way to my tummy. I get up on my elbows and gasp for breath as he rubs my back... then fondles my bottom... and tickles my thighs. I laugh, then collapse, grabbing the pillow, kicking my knee to the side away from him.

The blankets arrange themselves over me. I'm nice and comfy. The smell of candle wax is in the air. The room is dark. Time must have passed or something. My husband snuggles behind me (I assume that's him). I must be on my side. Yeah, that's it; I'm on my side. I cry a little; happy tears. My bottom still hurts... it hurts real good! Hell, it's the best we've had in... maybe... two months...

There's a wet, slippery erection prying its way between my wet slippery thighs. It slides its way upward between my cheeks and slides around a little. I laugh inwardly. If it can find it's way in, it can have me while I sleep. The last thing I remember is saying the words, "I'm five minutes pregnant." It's wishful thinking, but... who knows.

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