tagGay MaleExhibit A

Exhibit A


"Ah~ James, please!"

James growled at the sight of the smaller man currently pressed tight between himself and the cool subway door.


The brunette made an absolutely carnal picture; his mouth agape,a trail of saliva escaping his lips, chest heaving, tears running down his freckled cheeks as he gazed up at his lover with glazed, hooded green eyes.


The blond couldn't stop a groan from escaping his lips and jolted when Oliver used his position to ground his ass back into James' erection. Letting out a hiss, his hands clamped down to prevent the younger man from moving. Oliver whimpered.

"No,Vee. I can't...no,I won't take you here."

The blond wasn't sure of it was Oliver or himself that he was talking to but the brunette seemed to disregard his statement completely, reaching a hand back to roughly palm his lover's growing bulge.James burried his face in the juncture of the mans neck in an effort to mask the groan bursting from his throat. Oliver whimpered louder and, taking advantage of the blond's now less than steady grip, started up a rhythm of ass grinding once again. This time he was met with no resistance.

James had been pushed to his breaking point over the course of the afternoon. Is was date day (yes day, because he truly couldn't get enough of Oliver) and his beautiful husband had been teasing him all day with discrete, coy glances, periodic slaps to his ass, and stolen kisses just one notch under being illegal to perform in a public setting. But it wasnt until they has stpooed at a street vender that things got really challenging.

"Hola, would you like to try one of the strongers aphrodisiacs on the market? Half off!

And of course his hisband said yes.

So now here he was on the metro rushing to get his husband home, who was not helping matters at all, while trying to preserve the innocence of the children a few rows down by not giving in and fucking Oliver into oblivion on the door of the subway. The adults already noticed but couldnt move because ths was the metro....on a Sturday. He groaned again, this time ot of fuatration as his husband writhed against him, mewls falling from his lips.

"Approaching ramp B88"

The blond had never been more happy to hear the auomotised, fenimine voice in his life. The doors opened and James managed to catch the brunnet before he fell face first into thr platform before yanking him through the throng of people fighting to board. How they'd get home, he did not know. They were at least 10 stops from where they needed to be but for tge life of him James just couldn't bring himself to care. He felt their connected arms go taught and loked back to see his mate using his free hand to rub himself furiously, his thighs pressed together desperate for friction. He was staring at james, hand moving faster, face flushed breath coming out in gasps and James could do nothing but stare back. The sound of suprised or disgused exclamations barely registed in his mind. He may have been clapped on the back once or twice, he wasnt really sure. All he was conscious of was surging forward when olivers knees abruptly buckeled and gathering up the smaller man in his arms. He defintly wouldnt last the 10 more stops.

"Please,James. I need you so bad!"

James swept arould the terminal searching for a restroom, purposeful ignoring the stares they were reciving. Oliver had repositioned himself to his legs were crossed around James' torso, his face pressed into the older mans neck as he pressed his lower body into his lover's torso. James needed to find a bathroom.

When he spotted one he practically sprinted towards the door, slaming it open and depositing his babbling husband on the countertop. He heard yelps of suprise but at this point he was beyong caring. The blond practically ripped his mate's shirt off, buttons skidding along the tiled floor, and slammed his lips against his hudbands as his hands explored their prize. The brunette moaned into the kiss, scrambling frantically to unbutton the blonds shirt. Teeth clacked together as James dominated the mouth of the younger, his tounge marking every crevice, sasting the aphrodisiac still lingering of the short man's lips.

"Please, Please Ja-"

In one quick motion the blond had rid Oliver of his pants and undergarments before jaming two fingers into his ass.

Oliver screamed.

His head tilted back, back arched, eyes wide open as his love slowly moved those fingers in and out of him at a brutal pace.

He sobbed, his hands coming up to rake at his husbands back, crying out further when James' hand reached up and swiped across the head of his cock before spreading the pre-come across his entrance as lube. He opened his mouth to moan when another finger was added, his voice getting even louder when his husband, his amazing husband, bend down to harshly bite down on his stiff nipple, his free hand reaching up to play with the other.

He was down right sobbing.

He couldnt speak anymore, didn't notice that there were still people in the bathroom, didnt notice the retreat of the hand from his chest or the soud of a belt dropping to the floor. He could only see the bright brown eyes that stared into his green ones with everything in the world, could only feel the fingers conneting him and his lover, could only hear the sould of his own heartbeat thrumming in his eardrums and the squelch of his deserate hole being abused, smell the scent of sweat and sex and the cologne he bought James for his birtday.

And when the blond bent over him and whispered the swetest of nothings into his ear, Oliver could feel the tears begin to spill out of his eyes. The fingers stopped abruptly and he felt a while bubble in his throat before he, for the millionth time today screamed as he was forcefuly entered, the blonds growl semding a shiver through his own chest.

And he was brutally taken, the blond's balls slapping against his ass. Too overwhelmed to breathe Oliver felt his head lull back before his lover caught him as cradeled the back of his head against his chest as he continued to thrust. He'd lost the ability to make a sound and when the blond hit his prostrate his eyes snaped upen and mouth parted in a soundless orgasm. A few seconds and James movements became jerky and Oliver felt white hot liquid fill his hole before the larger man collapsed on top of him. After a few moments James got up and sliped out of him, a second orgasm roaring through Oliver's body at the feeling of cum escaping from his asshole.

"Hmm, You ok Vee?"

The brunette slumped against his lover and sighed. He could still feel the aphrodisiac buzzing thtough his system, albeit duller for now, and the slight air curent in the bathroom was almost painful against hisoversenstitzed cock.


He felt more that heard James' rumbling laughter and watched as he pulled away to grab a papertowel and wet it under the sink. Turning to the smaller man he slowly began to wipe down his body. Oliver let his head slump against the blonds chest and shuddered when the man washed his asshole, careful. James hummed, content with his work,and began attempting to dress the already half asleep man before getting into his own clothes.

He cradeled the body into his chest, smiling when Oliver snuggled closer and, after a final sweep of the bathroom, walked out with the goal of finding a way home.

He had a felling this wasn't over yet.

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