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From The Terran Colony Archival Research Repositorium (Codex 1335), on the planet of the three moons, as documented in the original sources. Translated from the original ancient texts in the Earth year of 3008:

Bryan liked being an art student and learning how to draw. He'd always enjoyed being around artistic and cultural activities and events, and he wished that there'd be much more of these. The art academy had drawing, painting, sculpture, and holography classes, and all of them were really exciting. Bryan was blond and blue eyed, and in his early twenties.

As long as he remained a student he received a deferment from The Imperium military conscription, and safety from probable assignment to a combat unit of the Space Fleet. He preferred the art community, and he decided to remain in the art environment in The Terran Colony on that world, from then on.

But art school was also expensive, and it would be awhile before his own creations could be good enough, and Imperium approved, to sell and earn him any credits. So he decided to earn some income in the meantime to support himself. The art classes always needed models to pose for the

others to draw. There was especially a shortage of males willing to pose, and he got a job right there doing so.

Bryan always enjoyed viewing the nude and wonderful bodies of the models, although the occasional male ones didn't turn him on at all. But he did love to see the many lovely, curvaceous, and naked females, from all planetary and species backgrounds, and especially the older and more mature and sophisticated ones, who posed for the art classes. They would all come out of the changing room wearing only bathrobes, and wait for the instructor's signal to begin. Bryan could hardly wait, and finally the time would come for the class to begin.

Each female model would remove her robe to reveal her beautiful body. Some of them had exciting tan lines, and some of them had solid suntans. All of the humanoid ones were well formed with nice rounded bottoms, big breasts, and soft triangles of pubic hair between their legs. Some had light, medium, or dark colored hair of various lengths, but one really lovely one had naturally multi-colored hair.

Some had interesting tattoos, some wore rings pierced all over their bodies and even in their vaginal labias. Their breasts and behinds were always bare and beautiful. The best ones were bald and plump, and were his favorites.

They would sit, stand, pose and move around all naked and relaxed in front of all of the students. Some of the males would ignore these lovely naked females, and the others simply drew or painted them as they saw them. But Bryan always loved them!

He would go up to them during breaks and talk to them. He would treat them respectfully and tell them how much he enjoyed them posing, how well they did, and how he hoped that they'd pose again soon for them. He realized that some of the other males in the classes were gay or bi, but he was straight and fully appreciated the females' naked naturalness.

The female models enjoyed posing and having others look at their bodies, and especially the older and more mature ones. Bryan watched how they posed and learned from them what positions to do. They were fairly well paid, and they said that it was easy and fun work to carry them over until something better came along. Besides, they were helping others to learn and improve themselves, and that was rewarding as well.

Bryan hoped that he would look good and do as good a job as they did. He wondered what the others would think about looking at his own

buttocks and genitals. He was soon to find out.

The day came when he was to pose for his very first class. This was a portrait art session, and he kept his clothes on for it. He sat in a comfortable chair for a few hours, with breaks, and got paid to let the other students draw and paint his face and head. Some of them were attractive young females, and they weren't as afraid of him being clothed as they sometimes were of the naked male models in the other classes.

He went home realizing that it was easy and fun, but that it was also going to get much more exciting soon. The very next day there was his first nude modeling class to pose for. This was really going to be what art was all about!

The next day Bryan went to the class early and he waited for the others to arrive. When the Terran female instructor and some females who were students came, Bryan went into the changing room and removed all of his clothing. Then he put on his robe and, his heart beating faster, went back out to the room again. When the lovely instructor was finished talking about the females' assignments, and all of them had arrived and set up, they were ready. Bryan then went up to the posing platform and, taking a deep breath, removed his robe.

He was dizzy with excitement as he realized that there he was, Bryan, up in front of a room full of female strangers, completely naked! All of them, of various species and planetary backgrounds, were looking at him and drawing his body lines. He did some quick gesture poses, and then some longer ones. After awhile he began to relax and feel more comfortable, and he was able to bend and twist for some excellent artistic positions.

The cute young female students were wide eyed and pleased with him, and so was the instructor. She would come over and gently take hold of his arm or leg to pose it "better", and she kept smiling at him. And Bryan was really turned on by it all. The female, Robyna, was a very competent and capable art instructor. She had a Masters degree in Fine Arts, long brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and a remarkably fit and trim figure for a Terran female in her late thirties.

But since the class was filled with immature and unsophisticated younger, and even just teenaged, female students, Bryan didn't get any kind of real arousal. The cute females appreciated a nude male body, with his masculine muscles and frame. But they would be far too frightened if his desire rose up and out towards their various virginities.

Most of the young females only drew his head or body from the waist up anyways. They were usually at least a little embarrassed by an older male's body below the waist. But a few of the older females drew his full frontal nudity, and they really appreciated all that Bryan was showing them. Robyna, when not helping her students, drew near perfect sketches of all of him too. She kept nodding and smiling at him, and he really appreciated her interest and approval.

During break time he put his robe back on again, and walked around to look at their drawings of him. This was when he most noticed the differences in their attitudes about human figure drawing in art. But Bryan also found that the few older female students, who were more sophisticated and mature, sketched the details of his genitalia, and in accurate scale. Bryan was well proportioned anyways, and he was tall and muscle bound, and these more mature females really made him out to be a Terran male!

After class Bryan went back and got changed into his street clothes. As he was leaving the lovely art instructor came up to him.

She asked him, "Would you willing to pose for me in my own private studio? The other artists and I are always looking for nude models, especially males, and especially such attractive males as you are. We can draw each other nude, and we do, whenever we need female forms, but male models are rare here. We will even pay you double!"

And, of course, he instantly replied, "I agree!"

They exchanged names and communication numbers, and they made initial plans for him to visit them soon after. Bryan posed for one more class at the school, where he kept on most of his clothes, and they sketched close views of his bare hands and feet. Classes were over for that week, and he was thus free for whatever would occur that, as usual, three day weekend.

That Saturn's Day afternoon Bryan went to the dwelling address that he'd been given. The place was a huge and elegant old Imperium style unit, which the divorced Robyna had received from her ex-husband as a part of the settlement when he'd left her to return to the Andronmedan system.

Bryan was very impressed with it.

He was welcomed in by Robyna, and other older female art instructors whom he'd met at the Life Drawing art classes, and he was shown around the dwelling and studio. He noticed that the bedroom had a large double bed with a mirror on the ceiling overhead. The art studio room was big and comfortable, with skylight windows in the ceiling and roof. Their work stands were already set up, and sketch books or painting canvases already in place. They were just as excited to have him there to pose for them as he was!

There were a half dozen female artists there, all in their thirties and forties. They wore shorts and flimsy tops, and they took their shoes and socks off to be more comfortable.

They put on soft music, and asked him, "Are you ready?"

They were single or divorced, and their bodies and figures were still beautiful and desirable.

Bryan, a typical visually orientated male, enjoyed looking at them. He quickly stripped off all of his clothes, and they gasped and smiled as they admired his strong and handsome naked features and body in their own studio. He found that he really loved being an exhibitionist for these admiring older females, and that this was the way art should really be. He got into poses for them and they began to draw or paint his body, depending upon what kind of materials or media they were using.

One of them, a Casseopean, always positioned herself so that she could get the best view of Bryan's entire Terran body, and also work on foreshortening techniques to make her drawings the most anatomically accurate.

After awhile Bryan began to relax and really enjoy himself. When they took breaks he stayed nude for them, and they talked with him and showed him their works. Some of these were really good, and the best ones were depictions of other handsome and muscular younger male models such as himself. Many were from other planetary systems, and although basically humanoid, had the additional limbs, eyes, ears, etc. of their species.

They asked him, "Would you be willing to pose nude with a female model?"

And, of course, he said, "Yes I certainly would!"

It was wonderful to be naked and on display for these partially clothed and admiring mature and sophisticated women. Bryan was really pleased with himself, and he was excited as he could be. These females were certainly much more interesting to talk to and be with than any of the younger little ones that he'd known had been. He was very impressed.

As the modeling session went on they asked him, "Can you do a more 'exotic' pose?"

And he said, "I will try."

They wanted him on his back on the bed, and they all agreed that this was a perfect way to pose. These ones were experienced and sensuous artistic types, and they had all had many interactions with naked males before. But they were all now in real awe at the beauty and power of Bryan's

fully displayed bod. The females all depicted him perfectly.

Bryan was invited to remain with them for dinner and Colony wine drinks, and he also remained naked for their continued pleasure. They gave him the promised double payment, and in credits right to his own personal account.

And they asked him, "Would you be willing to pose again this evening?"

He said, "I would!"

And they enjoyed their meal. Then they set up again in the studio, and a Pegususian female model arrived. Her name was Jynna, and she was young and no haired, with lovely bright eyes and an ample quad chest. She was soft and sensuous, and she enjoyed posing naked for both males and females to view. No young thing, she was in her early thirties, and her body was plump and perfect. An excellent female form for the art world to record.

Jynna removed all of her clothing, and she went up to Bryan and they began posing together. The artists told Jynna all about Bryan's BIG show for them that afternoon, and Jynna smiled at him and laughed.

After a few poses, the females began to request more intimate positions, and the two naked models began to move right up against each other. Both of them were well aroused, and this was allowed and encouraged by the females for maximum artistic erotic effect.

Bryan enjoyed being seen and being with her. They really hit it off well with one another, and with the artists there. Finally they began to massage and hug each other's nude bods, and Bryan got the most turned on that he had ever been. Jynna was breathing hard and her four nipples and areolas were inflamed by his hands caressing them.

The females drew quickly, and all of them were aroused with the nicely warm moistness mature females were capable of. Bryan could see the true excitement in their eyes as they hurried to complete their artworks.

Then they asked the naked models to, "Please lay down on the bed together, and pose as if you two are having sex acts."

Jynna began to caress Bryan's body, and he began to do the same back to her. They did this for awhile, and then got into another pose. This one was a wonderfully intimate position, where they each kissed for a prolonged period with their hungry mouths. Jynna began sighing, and the females really became excited. They all began to breathe and sigh heavily at the visual delight of these two nude and gorgeous models on total display for them.

Bryan and Jynna had both had sexy experiences with females and males respectively, but never in front of an audience. This was the most exciting experience anyone could ever hope for! They both continued to caress and kiss the body and mouth they each had been experiencing. The artists cheered and applauded, and as the evening modeling session finally ended everyone was well pleased.

Bryan said goodbye to everyone, and the partially clothed older females all hugged and caressed his naked body before allowing him to get dressed. Robyna gave him a kiss on his lips as well, just like on old Earth in the ancient era, and she looked deeply into his eyes as she smiled farewell at him. Bryan went home to his tiny dwelling unit, happy and blissfully contented.

There was much about the art life that he would have yet to learn about, but he would certainly learn. He also received the payment credits from the art academy, and so he had enough money to stop the financial down slide that he had been headed for. It was easy earnings, and truly tremendous fun. He got to show off for females to admire, and he even got to have some sexy experiences with some of them. No stupid childlike little females either. These were wonderful and desirable grown up adult females. This was really art!

Bryan had a nice warm sonic bath, and he went to bed nude. The Maffei satin sheets felt good, and he would sleep completely naked from then on. He also began to Solar Star ray bathe nude out on his balcony, which was blocked from others' views. Finally he began to contact other artists and places to see if they needed any male models, and some of them certainly did.

Bryan began to build himself up a network of modeling jobs, ones to contact, and he also decided to make himself available for hologram classes as well. Being a nude male model was an exciting life, and he certainly had the looks and body for it, especially being a Terran.

He soon got a call from Robyna, who was also a holographer, to visit her in her private studio. The female had been truly impressed with Bryan and his extra special talents at achieving just the right erotic effect, all for art's sake. Bryan went to her stylish dwelling, and the lovely instructor greeted him warmly.

Then Robyna took Bryan into her back room. There she had a special studio set up, and this was for more exotic sessions. She had already set it up with a cloth covered couch, lights, and a scenic backdrop. Bryan was very impressed, and he felt his heart pounding faster. This was even more exciting than the art classes!

The hologram artist Robyna had Bryan undress, and she began to personally handle his naked body to get him into the proper poses. Bryan found that he truly enjoyed being on display, being touched, and being directed by this clothed beautiful female. The artistically mature Robyna was direct yet gentle, and she was always interested in getting the maximum effect from her model's body. Bryan liked the holographic camera recording off at him, and the attention and the pleasing he gave to the female taking all those pictures of him.

And after a short break the female told him, "Now we can begin the REAL session!"

Robyna began to re-arrange Bryan for the deliberate point of her own personal fantasies. She began to rub warm lotion on his naked muscular body, and the feel of her soft feminine hands on his bare skin was fantastic! He certainly got aroused, especially as her dozen nimble fingers worked their way over every part of him. Bryan began to sigh and breathe heavily, and he closed his eyes to fantasize about what was happening to him. The holographer got back up and began filming away with her imager. This was exactly what she wanted.

Then Robyna continued to gently massage Bryan's nude body, and he soon became saturated with the oil. The lights glistened off of him, and the holograms were perfect because of this. The female's hands had felt absolutely incredible Bryan had found, and he could see Robyna smiling,

well pleased and contented, at him. Then the session was over, and she invited Bryan to remain with her for awhile to enjoy some snacks and drinks. He decided to remain nude for her, and Robyna certainly appreciated his lack of inhibition, as well as his wonderfully naked Terran male body.

Later Bryan got dried and dressed, and as he left she handed him a receipt with his extra credits on it. She hugged and kissed him goodbye, rubbing her full breasts against him. Bryan left the session realizing that it had earned him a nice amount of pay, and that it had certainly been well worth it. Soon his images would be hologrammed and be displayed on the sets of Robyna's art and holographic studio. He really liked that, and he hoped that he could continue on with his personal interaction with her.

She had said to him, "You are my favorite male model now."

And she had also invited him back again for more posing sessions, dinners, and "more involvement."

Bryan's next phase of development was to go to the entertainment places that featured exotic dancers. Most of them were for males to view little naked teenaged females. But some of them were for a wider variety of clientele. Bryan found the perfect one for him. It was an exclusive

club like place which offered muscular male dancers for the viewing pleasures of an all female audience. Bryan was invited by the two middle aged Piscesian females, owner and manager, to come and audition, and he eagerly went.

He arrived at the place and was welcomed in. He was shown around, and told all about the club and its best features. There were chairs and tables all set up, and the stage was well lit with lights. The club members were also allowed to bring their hologrammers to make images of the male dancers while they performed. There was also audience participation and complete hands on experiencing of the performers permitted. The owner and the manager both always wanted the very best of catering to the desires and expectations of the humanoid female club members.

There were no arrivals yet, since it was early in the afternoon, but they set up the stage for him to try out anyways. They put on the lights and began the loud heavy beat dance music. Bryan got up on the stage and began to dance for the few females who were there. He was very excited at being there and performing like this. His heart was really pounding at the thrill of being watched while he was dancing.

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