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Sorry for my English. But you'll enjoy this factual story.

Every thing started a very hot summer day ten months ago.

It was almost my home arrival time. My wife had just come out from the shower. So she was naked. The doorbell rang. She thought it was I. She opened the door. Surprise!!! It was not I. He was the teenager son of our neighbor. Both of them were shocked. She could not move. His eyes were all paralyzed over her beautiful naked body. Then she was the first person to realize the strange situation. She excused and suddenly shut the door on his face. He did not believe in his eyes what he saw.

Five minutes later she called him up to ask what he wanted. She also excused for her unintentional appearance. He told her that he had come to borrow some cookies for their German Shepard dog, because he had no time to go to buy. She invited him to give some cookies. She had put on a jogging short and a T-shirt without bra. She gave some cookies to him and she let him watch her long naked legs and nipples from the wet T-shirt. He thanked and went away. I’m sure it was too much for his feeling to see my wife naked and then with a provocative sexy dress.

When I came home she told me what happened. She confessed that after closing the door she felt very horny. She felt some hot wetness in her pussy. It was her first exhibition for a foreigner. She told me that then she decided to go on the same game with the poor innocent boy. That’s why she dressed like that and called him to flash, partially. She added that after returning his house she was sure he played with his young and horny dick even before feeding the dog. She returned to the bathroom and fingered her wet pussy for a while and probably at the same time he was beating his dick in his bathroom. After telling her story she kissed me and pulled me to the bedroom. Believe or not believe she raped me. She fucked me as if she had never fucked before.

A week later she voluntarily opened the door half naked to a delivery boy. This time it was not accidental. She let him to watch her naked tits without any shirt or bra and long legs with the same jogging short. When he left she again fingered her pussy. She told me what happened and then attacked me to fuck again. We fucked like rabbits. She told me that she was very excited to display her naked body to some other guys. It was a kind of medicine for her sex desire.

Within a month she became a first class exhibitionist. In every occasion not only visitors to our house but also in the supermarkets, department stores she displayed her tits or pussy partially to the some, generally, foreigners. She artificially created several occasions to display herself. Even she fingered herself in an empty park after flashing. One day she displayed one of her tits and then her pussy to a sailor from a visiting submarine. He was sunbathing in the park. He accepted it as an open check and went to sit with her. Five minutes later he put his hand on her knee and slowly moved up to her pussy. While fingering her recently shaved pussy, he pulled out his horny dick from his uniform. He let her hold his dick. It was an interesting deal of sex barter between them. They played with each other’s sex organs. The sailor pulled down her head over his dick. She licked, sucked and milked out his dick. After unloading his semen to her mouth he asked her to fuck with the same hard on but she said no. That evening on the sofa she described to me what and how happened with the sailor on a bank of the park. We repeated same scene, I fingered her pussy she sucked my dick and swallowed my semen. But I could not go on to fuck her pussy.

Next day she went to the park and same time hoping to find the sailor, again. He was not there. She pulled up her miniskirt as if she was sunning and time-to-time displayed her pussy for the passers-by. As usual she finger fucked her pussy in the park before returning home. But, when she was leaving she saw the sailor coming to the park. She was excited. She noticed that he was looking for her around. He was excited and felt happy when he saw my horny wife. They said hello to each other. They sat on a bank. The sailor held her waist and pulled her face to him. They kissed. One of his hands was over her breast. She stopped him. She asked him not to do anything there. She suggested him to go a hotel or home. They came home. He fucked her twice. She told me what happened that day. We also fucked twice. The sailor fucked her almost everyday while his ship was in the harbor. Last day he brought his body, as well. She did a strip show for them before fucking. She told me that it was not a strip tease. It was a kind of making love with an invisible man. First, they fucked her one by one and then together. That evening without telling anything she just did the same show to me and we fucked twice. But she said “No, something missing.” I did not understand what she meant.

Following evening when I went home the teenager son was at home. They were chatting. She had a transparent blouse and denim short that was not covering her ass. She kissed me. The young guy was drinking beer. She gave me my JD on the rocks. She left us for a while. We started to chat about his school. Ten minutes later there was a soft music on the set. She turned off some lights in the living room. She had changed her dress. She started for a strip show. Time to time she asked help of the boy to take off her clothes. She danced on his laps when he took off her bra. She was touching her hard nipples to his face. He was shocked. He was not sure he was dreaming or in real life. Suddenly she pulled his hand and put her beautiful naked tits and then she kissed him. He was almost cross-eyed in order to see what was my reaction. I told him to go on while I was playing with my dick over my trousers. She started to strip him at the same time. Five minutes later she held our hands and led us to the bedroom. First she let him fuck her. It was a snapshot fucking for him. Then she fucked me. After filling her pussy with my come, I rested for a while. But they continued to fuck. I joined them during his third round. I was fucking her pussy she was sucking his dick. She said, “You see nothing missing today. It was like the sailors day! I like to fill up my two holes.” Then he fucked her ass and she sucked my dick. He left after midnight. The poor boy probably did not finish his homework that night.

Since then she did several strip shows to him and his friends, too. She continued to flash herself the electricians, pizza guys, and neighbors, passers-by in the parks. One year later after that first accident we became members of several swinging clubs. But I’m really tired. So most of the time she went alone to those clubs. She always returned home very late. Even recently some Friday or Saturday nights, she did not come back. She became a real striptease addict. Striptease is her life.

Last month, my bachelor boss asked me to see him in his office. The first time he asked me to go to his office. When I walked in he asked me to sit. Then he took some pictures from his drawer. Before showing the pictures he told me that he fucked several women and hot wives, but he had never fucked a hot wife like the woman in the pictures. He handed over the pictures to me. The woman in the pictures was my wife. Several guys, including my boss were fucking her in different positions. I was upset. I was blushed. I did not understand why he showed me those pictures. Then he explained the reason. He wanted to fuck her with me not with the foreigners. He was obsessed to fuck her while I was watching or fucking her together. So he invited us for the dinner following Friday night. He is 42 years old. My wife is 29 and I’m 34. I told him to ask my wife. I did not believe when he said she already accepted the invitation.

Following Friday we went his home. He served Champaign. We had wonderful dinner. After the dinner he danced with her. He asked her to do a special strip show for us not usual one in the clubs. When she threw away one of her shoes, she also took off one of our shoes. She was stripping herself and then us. At the end when she was completely naked we were also naked. Then we carried her to his bed. He asked a coin and asked me “head or tail”. I won the head he won the tail. She sucked my dick he fucked her pussy. After unloading our dicks to her mouth and pussy he served Campaign again on the bed. We spent all weekend in his house. We fucked her one by one and also together during the 48 hours. I was tired but he was not. He fucked three times more than I screwed her. Sunday evening we returned home.

Ten days ago he called me again. He said he was going to have three businessmen from Tokyo. He wanted to show a big hospitality for the guests in order to get a good contract. He decided to give a special dinner at his home Friday evening. He invited my wife and I for the dinner, too. I had no chance to say no, because she had already accepted. We went early to his house before arrival of the guests. She had a suitcase with her. I asked her what she had in it. She said big surprise. He kissed my wife and served Champaign again. He begged her to do her best strip show for the Japanese guests. One hour later the guests arrived with an athletic black guy. He introduced himself as the guide and guard of the guests. The boss served Champaign and caviars to everybody. The eyes of the guests were on my hot wife’s long legs under her super miniskirt. I was sure that moment they’d suggest my boss to forget the dinner and start to fuck her right away. They were really impatient. They were stripping and fucking her with their eyes. The hard on of the black guy was already obvious. Time-to-time they were accidentally touching their hands to her ass or legs or tits. We finished the dinner very quickly. They rejected the service of the boss’ French cognacs. The big boss of the guests asked my wife if she could dance. My boss told him to be patient. He said she would dance for everybody. He signaled to her get ready for the show. She stood up and went to the next room.

Twenty minutes later my boss turned off some lights in the living room. He put the CD of Mendelssohn’s wedding march. From the darkness my wife slowly walked in with her white wedding dress. She was walking as a new bride to marry in front of a priest in the church. Boss approached and held her arm as if he was accompanying father of the bride. They walked together for a while around the coffee table. He stopped in front of the Japanese boss. Boss told him to stand up. He stood up and held her hand. Boss said a few words in Japanese. I did not understand. He lifted up her white veil and looked her face first than me. The other Japanese told him something I did not understand, either. But the black guy told that he had to kiss him. He kissed her lips. They walked around the coffee table, again. She asked him to help to unbutton her dress. He unbuttoned all with shaky hands. Then step-by-step she started to strip herself and the Japanese guy, at the same time. When they were completely naked, all other people were playing with their guns. She escorted him to the bedroom. They walked hand by hand, again. Almost 45 minutes later she came down and took another Japanese to the bedroom. The second Japanese also came down without putting his costume on. Then she fucked every guest one by one. Before me she fucked the black guide. While I was fucking her she told me it was the best day of her life. After me the door of the bedroom kept open. Whoever wanted to fuck her they screwed her. Once the three Japanese fucked her mouth, ass and pussy. My boss, black guy and I watched them. After them the black guy, my boss and I filled her three holes. The black guy had a huge dick and even the all-Japanese guys touched it and laughed afterwards. (By the way they invited him to Tokyo after their visit.) The kitchen was full of foods and drinks. All of us spent the weekend in the house of my boss. His house was like a nudist camp.

When we reached the Sunday evening she was really exhausted. Even, she was not able to put her dress on. After the guests left my boss and I helped her dressing. She spent four days in the bed. Next day after the guests left the city, my boss called me to see him in his office again. He thanked my wife and me for our assistance for his hospitality to his Japanese customers. He had signed a good contract with them. He gave me a check. It was written 5 thousand dollars on it. He told me that was mine. He showed me another check written 25 thousand dollars. He said he’d give it to my wife when she visits him in her bedroom again. He also gave an envelope. It was written in Japanese. I opened it. There were two first class round trip tickets to Tokyo. They were named one for me and the second one for my wife as their guests. I’m sure she’d like it, because she had never been in Tokyo, yet.

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