Exhibition Bound


She lifted herself off my body, and gave my ass a slap, as she got off the bed. I tried to think of who it could have been, but I didn't have much time to think. There was another soft female body on the bed, with more interesting things to come. This new mistress was completely different. Her fingers found my clit and started to rub in circles. With my body in such a position, I was open to anything she wanted. I know she could tell I liked what she was doing. I couldn't conceal that.

Her lips joined in with her fingers, and my hips began moving with her fingers. She made her tongue hard and jabbed it into my wet pussy, while pinching my clit. I thought I would die! What a change that was. And it was so unexpected. God, it was wonderful. And, as quickly as it started, it went back to just her finger rubbing on my clit. She was playing me, and I couldn't get enough. I tried to compose myself, waiting for what would happen next. I didn't have to wait long. That finger on my clit quickly slid into my pussy, and she jabbed it in and out, like a little cock. While doing this, she started spanking me. These weren't light spanks but hard punishing smacks. At first, it startled me, but soon I was getting into it. I loved being controlled by these women. I was their toy to use for their pleasure, whatever they wanted to do.

I began to moan with each smack, and my ass was really starting to sting. Then, that one finger in my pussy was two. Then, there were three. God, I was being taken to the edge again. Soon, I was yelling, "Don't stop! Don't stop!" But, my pleas were only met with chuckles, as the fingers were removed and the spanking stopped. Just that quick.

I heard whispering, then those fingers I loved so much returned. Deeper and deeper they fucked my pussy, and when deep inside me, her thumb roughly rubbed my clit. It seemed like she knew exactly what to do. The whole evening had been that way.

Then, the spanking started again. It wasn't with a hand, but a paddle. It hurt, but because I had been previously spanked by hand, it wasn't too much. Again, I was being taken to the edge. And again, I was loving the ride. I was moaning from her hand. My moaning was almost as loud as the sounds of the paddle hitting my ass.

I didn't know it, but I began to wiggle against her hand, twisting and jerking, wanting it deeper and harder. Then, again it all stopped. I yelled "NO!" I wanted to cum! But, what I wanted was not what was to happen.

The bar my legs were bound to was unhooked from the head of the bed, and for a short time, I was allowed to relax on the bed. Then, I was quickly flipped over, as if I was a human pancake, and I landed back on the bed. But, there was now a large pillow under me, and my ass was up high in the air. The bar holding my legs was secured to the bottom of the bed, and I was again unable to accomplish more than a slight wiggle. And now, I was securely tied, and my ass was a perfect target.

Someone got on the bed again, but in front of me. Between my tightly stretched arms, right in front of my head. I could smell the masculine smells of this person. So, it wasn't Holly or Sue. And, the cock now poking my face wasn't a strap-on. This one was real. It had a smooth velvet texture, and it was hot against my cheek. I opened my mouth, offering my throat to its advances. It accepted my invitation and slid past my lips. I gave only a little resistance. I wanted to feel it as it went all the way down.

Strong masculine hands grabbed the sides of my head and soon this strong cock was taking my mouth. In the position I was in, my throat was open, and he took advantage of it. Thrust after thrust, I gulped it down, wrapping my tongue around it, when I could. He liked this, because he groaned and grabbed handfuls of my hair for leverage. It was nice being taken this way. And, this cock was hot and rock hard.

Although I was getting into it, there was another person getting on the bed. This person got behind me, between my spread legs. I felt fingers exploring my pussy until they found my clit. It was extra sensitive and I wiggled in reaction to the touch. My response got a giggle from the group. Then the fingers left me, but came back with my vibrator. I hadn't realized Bill would tell them where it was. My vibrator is like a big hard cock. It is flesh color, and even has veins and a bulging head. With two speeds, it is a wonderful toy for singular enjoyment. I hadn't ever thought of it for more than that.

But, my mind was quickly changing. The vibrator was finding all of my special spots, and my hands weren't controlling it. It was like a large vibrating man behind me. Different and interesting sensations, for sure. I couldn't wait for what would be next.

Wow! It was then turned to high speed, and I nearly jumped out of my bonds. I thought it was already on high. My eyes fluttered, as the cock in my mouth kept going. My mouth was busy, and my pussy was getting busy. Yes, again my body was being used by more than one person.

The person behind me held the vibrator on my clit, and raked her fingernails across my sore ass. I then knew it was a female. She plunged her fingers inside my pussy, but quickly pulled them out. She slapped my ass, hard. She raked her fingernails across my ass again. Then she plunged her fingers into my pussy again. She dropped the vibrator and slapped my ass hard with her other hand, as she kept finger fucking my pussy.

She started wiggling her fingers inside me, rubbing the inside walls of my pussy. God, I loved that. She also picked up the vibrator and it was still humming. She slid it along the inside of my left leg up to my pussy. Then, she rubbed it down my right leg to my knee. Then, she took it back the other way. Each time, it buzzed on my clit for just a second. But, I could feel it on my leg, and know when it was going to be touching my clit. I was in a tormented heaven. I loved the cock in my mouth and the fingers in my pussy.

She removed her fingers again. I could still hear the vibrator, but I couldn't feel it. But, she seemed to be moving around, changing position. Before I knew what was happening, she was laying down under me, right behind the pillow holding me up. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled us together. Her mouth came in contact with my clit and the electricity began. I started humping her mouth and my mouth was getting humped, too. What a team! She was doing great at keeping that tongue of hers busy on my clit, and then she slid it into my pussy.

Shivers went through my body, and I started choking on the cock in my mouth. I guess that was sexy to the man fucking my mouth because soon after that, he came down my throat. He moaned aloud and I could tell it was Barry. For some reason, it turned me on knowing my mouth was full of Barry's cock. My body went out of control and I came all over the face of whoever was licking my clit. She whimpered and gladly lapped it all up. Whew, this was quite a party. I couldn't believe it.

Everybody took a little time to rest, after that. But, I was still tied down. And, it wasn't long before my pussy was twitching again. I was in some state of mind, for sure. I guess I was on some sort of sexual plateau. I guess my body was getting it, and didn't want it to stop. Needless to say, it didn't stop for long. Two got up off the bed, and two more replaced them.

I still didn't know who each woman was, but I figured John was now in front of me. He mashed his stomach up against my face, and I licked circles in the curly hair. He reached down and pinched my nipples, one at a time. But, that wasn't enough. They ached so, and I would have loved for someone to nibble on them. I asked John if he would suck on my titties. His answer was to begin bouncing his hard cock against my face. He nearly flogged me with it, whipping it back and forth, as it smacked my cheeks. Finally, I opened my mouth and he shoved it in. Another cock to suck. John was smaller and thicker than Barry was. Easier to swallow, but harder to keep my mouth open enough. But, I got into it, soon enough. He started to piston into me, and that got me hot.

Somebody got behind me and I felt a hard cock against my ass. I thought I had drained Barry, but I guess he was ready again. He reached down and fingered my clit, and my juices were flowing freely. He grabbed my hips and I felt the head of his cock rubbing my pussy lips. Then he took me. I was in cock heaven. John taking my mouth and Barry in my hot pussy. He leaned forward and bit my shoulder, then licked my neck. "How do you like your party, babe?"

That was Bill's voice! It wasn't Barry. Bill was behind me! He reached around the pillow and grabbed my tits. Oh, that hit home. I sucked on John's cock like it was a chocolate sucker, and Bill fucked my pussy with precision. His body was slapping against my ass, he was fucking me so hard. My bound legs didn't allow me too much room to move, so my body took the brunt of his thrusts.

John was enjoying my excitement of the situation. The hotter I got, the more I sucked on that cock of his. And, it seemed the more I sucked on it, the deeper he tried to ram it into me. Because my hands were bound, I couldn't back away from this ramming. Thank God, it was John, and not Barry. Barry's cock was longer and thinner. It would have gone deep into my throat. John's cock was still difficult to handle, under the circumstances.

I was getting it from both ends. An excited John in front, and a powerful Bill, in back. Then, Bill upped the stakes. He slipped out of my pussy, and quickly shoved that hard cock up my ass. He didn't even break stride. Still being slippery from the strap-on, he had no resistance from my ass. But, I sure felt it. It was like a sexual lightening bolt going through me. Within the first few powerful strokes from Bill, I was cumming. My body tensed and then a rush of spasms seemed to engulf all of my senses. John and Bill were fucking with the same stroke, both thrusting into me at the same time. Bill in my ass and John in my mouth. I couldn't help it. It was just too much. I lost all control and nearly passed out. I think I was in a form of sub space, for a while.

I do remember John pulling his cock out and stroking it until he came all over my face. He was holding my head by my hair with one hand, and aiming his spurting cock at my face, with the other. And, I remember Bill's hands were exploring all over my body as he continued to ram my ass. I think I came all over again, when he moved them up to my tits. I have very sensitive tits and the way he grabbed them made me explode again. I was so involved in my own orgasm, I don't remember if he came or not. I am sure he did, but that was just how powerful mine was.

To this day, I don't know if it was Sue or Holly wearing the strap-on. Because of the blindfold, I imagined both women taking turns. For all I know, that's just how it happened. I still find myself reminiscing about it.

I was sore all over for days, but any soreness also brought back memories of why I was sore. Bill said I would first grimace and then I would smile. I don't doubt it at all. Now, after the pain has gone, I am still smiling.


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