Exhibition Den


Ted groaned loudly, discharging his load into his hands with great force. He leaned back when he was finished and groaned at the large mess he had made. It never failed. Each and every time he looked at exhibitionist porn, it turned him on like nothing else. He would always cum what seemed like twice as hard as normal. Walking into his bathroom to take a shower, he couldn't help but wonder how much better it would be if he did it for real. The thought of jacking off where everyone could see him both turned him on and nearly paralyzed him at the same time. Like most people, he was very self-conscious about his body and didn't know if he could ever do it.

After he finished his shower, Ted walked back over to the computer, deciding to check his e-mail. Opening the browser, a new message at the top of his inbox intrigued him. It said "From a Friend -- Your Deepest Wish." Most messages like this were spam of course but Ted could feel that this one was special. He clicked on the letter and opened it. It read 'Come to 127 Elm Street tonight at 9 and all your dreams will come true.' Ted frowned, unsure what to think. What kind of e-mail could this be? His dreams coming true? He shook his head, almost laughing at himself. He closed the e-mail with a laugh but didn't delete it.

All throughout the day, Ted's mind kept wondering back to the message. He eventually jacked off to exhibition porn again but it only calmed him for about an hour. Being a curious man, he couldn't help himself but want to go to the address he had been sent. At 9:00, he found himself in front of the building, wondering if he should go inside. His curiosity again got the better of him and he opened the door, wondering down the stairs just inside.

He reached a hallway that split into two paths, left and right. A sign hanged in the crossroads, pointing each way with a description. The left arrow had the word 'Participants' under it and the right had the word 'Spectators.' Ted stared at the sign with a frown on his face. The message hadn't said anything about this. What should he do? Upon hearing the door from up the stairs open and close again, he quickly chose the right path. Another door soon became the only option and he stepped through it.

The room was very dark but Ted could make out people standing around. No one even bothered to glance at him as he entered and he simply blended into the crowd, keeping to the back. After a few minutes of waiting, lights snapped on. Ted covered his face, blinded by the sudden light. When he regained his vision, he looked around and gasped at what he saw. Several glass rooms were scattered about the room. In each room was a naked person, some men and some women. Each of them had started masturbating, obviously turned on by the people watching them.

Ted simply sat and watched for awhile, dumbfounded by the spectacle. He hadn't seen anything so elaborate before and it was definitely turning him on. A very attractive blonde woman looked at him and must have noticed something on his face. "You're new here, aren't you?"

Jumping a little, Ted nodded. "Yeah. What is this place?"

She smiled at him. "It's called the Exhibition Den. A bunch of people come here each night. You pick your path and the ones that choose to participate go into these rooms. They then get to have everyone watch them as they cum. Pretty hot, huh?"

"Y-Yeah," Ted replied with a nervous chuckle. He looked around again, unable to tear his gaze away for long. Each person seemed to be at different states of arousal, some maybe even getting close.

The woman spoke up again. "So, do you think you'd ever participate?" Her grin was so wide it seemed to split her face.

"I-I-I don't know. It seems like it would be hard, seeing everyone see you like that."

"That's the best part. The glass rooms are one-way glass. You can't see anyone. You just know that everyone is watching you. It leads to some pretty amazing orgasms, trust me."

Ted's eyes widened. "You've done it?"

"Of course." She got closer. "Let me know the next time you're coming and maybe I'll give you a show." Ted wanted to move away but she grabbed his arm. "Oooh, look. That woman's about to cum!"

One of the rooms closest to the pair had a young redhead that was sweating profusely. As she started to cum, her voice piped through the room. The blonde next to Ted added, "They pipe the sound into the room sometimes, so we can hear them orgasm." Load moans echoed throughout the room as the woman came, on display for each and every person.

Ted remained silent for the rest of the night, waiting as each and every person in the room came in turn. Afterwards, the lights dimmed again and everyone started to leave. As Ted started to walk out, the blonde grabbed his arm, "Hope you enjoyed yourself, honey. Make sure to come again." Ted watched as she walked out and left himself.

Back at home, Ted plopped into bed, still hard from what he had just witnessed. Images of the different people passed through his mind, their orgasms each sticking out to him if he wished. He freed his cock from his pants and stroked violently as he remembered the night and soon exploded all over himself. With a content sigh, he rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up and moved his arm, brushing the dried cum on his chest. Like a flash, the memories of last night came to him again, making his cock twitch in remembrance. Ted rolled out of bed and hopped into the shower. The events of last night kept coming back to him as he cleaned, forcing him to once again jack himself off. All throughout the day, he kept thinking to himself. Thoughts of the Exhibition Den kept popping up, desires to go again and instead be a participant. These thoughts drove him to the crossroads again and he chose the left path this time.

He entered a small room, with five people inside. Three of them were naked, obviously participants for the night. The other two were dressed in fine suits. One of the suited men led the three out another door as the second man turned towards Ted. He nodded and said, "Hello sir. Is this your first time as a participant?"

Ted's mouth was too dry to answer him so the best he could manage was a nod.

The suited man smiled a very gentle smile. "It's quite simple, sir. Simply take your clothes off here and place them over here." He pointed to an area of the room. "My friend will be back in a second and take you to a room. When the lights come on, simply do what you wish. After everyone finished, we'll come back and lead you out." The man stood completely silent when he finished.

Ted moved over to the corner of the room and slowly disrobed. He wasn't really that nervous about being naked in front of the man but it was still a bit undignified to pull off his underwear and walk back over. The door opened again and the other suited man waved him through. Ted followed him silently, the suited man quietly leading him to a box. A door opened and Ted was waved inside. He obeyed and walked in, the door shutting behind him.

He remembered that there was a chair in the middle of the room and found his way to it in the dark, sitting down. It was completely silent and dark but Ted knew that a few dozen people were outside, waiting for the show to start. His cock was obviously excited as it started to rise, aching to be touched. Ted waited for the lights to come on, not wanting to miss a moment of the action.

Finally, after several minutes, the lights snapped on. Ted could see every inch of the room he was in, a bed also in the corner, mostly for the female participants. He knew he should begin as that was what the people had come to see. The lights coming on had slightly paralyzed him, staying his hand from what it ached to do. With a deep breath and a steeling of the mind, Ted's hand reached down and grasped his cock.

Once he had started stroking, it became easier by the minute. Every second of jacking off felt unbelievable, knowing that maybe a hundred eyes were focused on his every move. He spread his legs wider, giving a better view to anyone who may be watching. Grunts of pleasure began to come from his mouth, something he had never done before. His stroking quickly increased and he had to make a serious effort to slow himself down. The sensations were too great to want them to end so soon.

After about ten minutes, he couldn't take it anymore. Waves of pleasure hammered his body, driving his head back and causing him to scream with passion. Every spurt from his cock made him moan, his body tensing with the paradise his body had entered. With a gasp, Ted went limp, his body almost completely spent. Heavy breaths wracked his body as his brain tried to come down from the nirvana it had just experienced. Ted's eyes swept the room and he noticed the amazing distance he had ejaculated. The wall of the chamber was about five feet away and he could see a glob of his cum on it, probably from the first spasm.

For the rest of the time, he simply sat still and smiled. He barely even noticed the lights dimming at first, with his eyes closed, but snapped them open when the door opened. The man was back again and handed him a towel. "Wipe yourself off with this and leave it in the room, please." Ted did as he asked, cleaning the remnants of his orgasm from his cock and balls. The man led him back to the room with his clothes and let him get dressed before showing him the exit.

Ted started walking home, a wide grin still on his face. He knew he had discovered something special, something he would be doing most, if not all, the nights of the week. Thoughts raced through his mind as he strolled home. The most prominent one was I wonder what else I can do...

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