tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExhibitionism Discovered Day 01-03

Exhibitionism Discovered Day 01-03


My husband, Rick, was at his company's week long global sales conference being held at a lovely mountain resort, set in forests overlooking a lake. This was the first time that wives were allowed to accompany their husbands to this annual company function. I was very grateful for this, as it gave me a chance to meet some of Rick's international colleagues that he frequently spoke about. It was also a great opportunity for me to get out and relax while Rick was in the conference, and to spend time with him in the evenings.

What I did not anticipate was that I was going to learn more about myself over those few days as well.



The first evening we shared a dinner table with a number of Rick's international colleagues, only one other of whom had also brought their wife along. The company was pleasant and I found it interesting and enjoyable to meet with these people from different countries. As the evening went on, I became more and more aware of Sven, from Sweden, staring at me. He did little to hide the fact that his eyes were roaming all over my body, and I found his attitude rather lecherous.

I tried to avoid eye contact with Sven as he made me feel quite self conscious, but strangely I somehow also felt his attitude was an indirect compliment to me. I did look after my figure, and although I do not have a large bust (a 36B), my tits and tummy were firm and the rest of me in good shape.

As we walked to our room after dinner I spoke to Rick about Sven.

"Oh, don't worry about good old Sven! He isn't married and loves looking at woman, but he is innocent enough."

"It felt like he was undressing me with his eyes -- and he would not stop doing so," I countered, still feeling a bit flustered by the whole experience.

Laughing Rick replied, "Oh I bet Sven would love to see you naked. He is just another hot blooded male that has always had a naughty streak in him. He loves pictures of naked woman and often sends out the best ones to his colleagues on E-mail."

I was still unsure about Sven, but did find the thought that some handsome, unmarried man might want to see me naked a little intriguing. I tried to put the episode behind me, but kept feeling a bit of a thrill when I thought about Sven's lecherous stares. I did not share these feelings with Rick, but we had great sex that night, as I was feeling quite horny.


I had a relaxing day at the pool working on my suntan while the men were at their conference. That evening was a dance function and I dressed up in a snug fitting, low cut dress that ended just above my knees. I knew Rick liked this dress as it showed off my figure, but was not too revealing.

I was a bit put out to find Sven sitting at our table again, but fortunately he was seated on the opposite side. He did not seem to be leering at me this evening, so I had a chance to get a better look at him. He looked like a stereo-typed Swede with blond hair, steely blue eyes and was quite tall. All-in-all he was quite attractive.

Suddenly he saw me looking at him, and he stared straight back. I started blushing for some reason. Sven got up walked around to me and asked me to dance with me. Rick does not like dancing so I was more than happy to have another man fill in for him.

Sven lead us to the far side of the dance floor and held me close right from the first dance. He was quite a bit taller than me and looked right down my cleavage, again not showing any discretion about where his eyes were focused.

"Sally, your husband is a lucky man to have such a sexy wife," Sven said looking me in the eyes (for a change) with his piercing steely blue eyes.

"Thank you for the compliment," I replied, a bit taken aback and not really knowing how to respond.

Sven was a much better dancer than Rick and we enjoyed a number of dances. I was just feeling quite relaxed dancing with Sven when I felt his hands starting to wonder. Soon his hands had drifted all over my butt and down the sides of my thighs. I was about to object when he bent down and whispered in my ear.

"Wow Sally, you have a great body. It feels so nice and firm. I bet you look fantastic with no clothes on."

I was stunned and totally lost for words at the sheer audacity of his comment. Rick's words about Sven the previous night came back to me. And here was Sven hinting that he would like to see me naked!

"Hey - that was just another compliment," Sven said disarmingly, as he clearly noticed my reaction. I looked up at Sven desperately trying to think of something smart to say, and to put him in his place. His blue eyes just stared into mine and he smiled as we moved around the dance floor. Sven must have sensed that I was unsure of how to deal with the situation as his hands continued their caressing. At some stage he looked me in the eyes again, pulled me even closer and then slid a hand up and gave my breast a quick fondle through my dress.

"It feels like you have really nice tits Sally!" he smiled at me.

"NO SVEN!" I hissed at him while pushing his hand away, trying to make my point but not wanting those around us to suspect anything.

He looked down directly at my breasts and smiled again as he noticed my hardened nipples pointing through the dress material.

"I think you enjoy being touched. Let's dance a few more songs."

There was something about Sven that made me stay on the dance floor with him. I was experiencing a strange mix of feelings. I was appalled by Sven's forwardness and forthright comments, but yet was experiencing some sort of exciting thrill from his touch and the directness of his compliments and comments about me.

As we danced Sven's hands continued their wondering ways. I could not bring myself to stopping Sven, and was just grateful that the dance floor was so full that few would notice what was going on. With a final squeeze of both my breasts Sven led us off the dance floor. My nipples were still hard from Sven's stimulating touch, so I quickly excused myself and went to the bathroom to avoid showing everybody my state of arousal.

When I got back to the table Sven was telling Rick how he enjoyed dancing with me. I did not want this to go far so I quickly changed the subject by asking Sven about his office in Sweden. He got the message and smiled at me locking my eyes again with that cold blue stare. As the evening was coming to a close and the band announced that they would play their 3 last numbers. Sven immediately asked me to dance again.

"You obviously enjoyed it, so let's dance again," Sven said with a naughty smile as he came up to me.

Sven's comment put me on the spot. I clearly could not decline in front of the others at the table without resorting to some feeble excuse. Sven headed straight for the middle of the floor where we could not be seen from the tables. As the music started his hands began their caressing again. I was again torn between feeling used and feeling quite a thrill. Sven leaned into me and started talking quietly so that others wouldn't hear.

"Sally you are so sexy, and I think your body likes being touched. Does it feel good when I touch you?" he asked as he gently fondled my arse with one hand and gave my breast a quick squeeze with the other.

He looked me straight in the eyes again as if challenging me to deny the message that my hard nipples were sending out. Still a bit embarrassed at my body's reactions, I just nodded my head, not able to bring myself to actually telling him he was right.

Sven smiled knowingly and continued talking the sexy talk and caressing. Just as I thought this was going a bit far, the band announced that last song. I felt relieved that I would be out of this predicament soon. This dance was a slow dance and Sven pulled me close.

"Do you like showing your body to other men Sally? Does it excite you to show them your tits?"

I did not respond. Sven really was pushing the boundaries now, and I continued the mental struggle of distaste versus being enthralled by his audacity. No other man had ever talked so openly to me before.

"Sven, I do NOT show off my body to other men!!" I responded hoping to sound quite emphatic.

"Oh I think it would really excite you. Tomorrow night you will show me your tits and enjoy the erotic thrill!" Sven said looking down at me with a completely serious expression.

Just then the music ended and as we separated I smiled back at Sven.

"You will not get that lucky Sven. Tonight things went far enough."

I decided I would just avoid Sven the next evening as I had no intention of him seeing my tits or being with him in place private enough for any exhibitionist displays.

Sven had turned me on quite notably, to the extent that I did not really care that Rick noticed my erect nipples when I returned to the table. Rick did not say anything but it was clear that he noticed my nipples.

As we were having fantastic sex that night, Rick commented that Sven must have said something naughty to me to have got me as horny as I was. I told him about Sven's wondering hands and his forward comments about my tits and sexy body and acknowledged that it had turned me on to some extent. I did not say anything about Sven wanting to see my tits, as I was knew this would not happen. Rick just smiled at me and said he hoped that I had not felt offended by Sven, but was pleased that I seemed to get some thrill out of it.


The next day as I lay next to the pool, I could not get Sven's comments out of my mind. I had always been discrete with my body, but here he was suggesting that I would get a thrill out of showing it off. The more I thought about flashing my tits the more I wondered what it would feel like. Would men get turned on by seeing my tits? The thought of this sent a pleasurable twitch through my body. I tried to think of other things, but my mind kept drifting back to what it would be like to expose myself to other men. The more I thought about it the harder my nipples became and I even started to get moist between my legs.

Hell, what had Sven got into my mind? I decided to leave the pool and go for a long walk to provide some distraction.

When I got back to hotel it was clear from all the people standing around that the conference had finished for the day. I made my way to the lift and found Sven getting in with me. I didn't know whether to feel nervous or pleased to see him. Being Sven he openly looked me up and down and obviously enjoyed my outfit of tight shorts and halter neck top. As he stepped out of the lift at his floor, he looked back at me.

"Sally, you just reminded me how sexy you are. Remember that you want to show me your tits tonight."

I was left flabbergasted as the doors closed. I had never said or insinuated that I was going to show him my tits, let alone out of my free choice. As I walked down the passage to my room that strange feeling of being affronted yet excited came back to me. Sven had just triggered all the thoughts of exhibitionism again that I had managed to exorcise on my walk.

Rick was already in the room and told me to have a quick shower and get changed as all the delegates were going to a nearby restaurant for a meal that night. I was pleased to get out of the hotel environment as I had started to associate it with Sven, and his comments. I needed things to normalize.

I showered and quickly slipped on the lacy, see through underwear that Rick really likes before pulling on a strappy dress. Rick gave me an approving kiss as we made our way down to the lobby.

I was relieved that Sven was not on our bus and that I did not see him at the restaurant. At least he was not at our table. There was also no dancing floor so I felt safe from Sven for that night. The restaurant was superb and I was feeling very relaxed after the great food and wine. Rick had just moved off to the bar with some colleagues for some after-dinner drinks when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"You look gorgeous again Sally. A great outfit for taking off to show me your tits," Sven said softly into my ear.

There were still a few other people at the tables and I blushed furiously, even though I was sure they had not heard Sven over the general buzz of talking. Just the sheer brashness of Sven's approach and his comment made my nipples harden.

Sven knew he had me in a dilemma, and spoke loud enough for the others at the table to hear.

"Shall we continue our chat here or shall we go outside for a breath of fresh air?"

Clearly I could not continue with this topic at the table, so again Sven left me with little option. I followed him outdoors where he then led me around the side of the restaurant.

There were no other people about and we were out of any direct light. Sven stood behind me and starting gently caressing my butt and thighs. It felt good, but I was feeling a bit nervous about how I was going to deal with this situation.

"So Sally, did you enjoy last night? I enjoyed touching you and you seemed to get excited."

"Listen Sven, I let you go too far last night. Yes I did enjoy it, but this cannot go any further," I said trying to sound emphatic, but realizing that I wasn't actually that convincing.

"Sally I bet you thought today about showing me your tits," Sven continued as one hand slid down my thigh and the other cupped a breast.

"Yes Sven I did, but I am not going to do that," I said starting to feel that familiar mix of dislike and thrill.

"Sally, I can feel that you are getting excited. Did you get turned on thinking about showing me your sexy tits? I bet you felt a thrill at the thought of being naughty."

"Sven, I can't discuss this with you. We can't do this," I replied feebly, knowing that I had just indirectly admitted to being excited by the thought.

Sven stopped his caresses and stood in front of me. Taking my hands in his he spoke quietly.

"Sally obviously the thought did excite you. If you have never experienced the thrill of showing another man your tits, now is your chance."

The chance to try something erotic really excited me, but I had reservations about exposing myself to Sven, especially standing just outside the restaurant where I could still here the buzz of voices. Sensing my indecision Sven made a move.

"Sally we'll do this slowly so that you can decide to stop anytime. So let's start with you undoing the zipper of your dress," he instructed.

At least I can opt out if I want to I thought, but I was already starting to feel a pleasurable tingle through my body and knew that I probably would go all the way. My hands went to the back of my dress and pulled the zipper down to my waist. An excited shiver ran through me as the cool air hit my exposed back. Sven looked pleased as I stood there waiting on his next instruction.

"Now slip your dress straps off your shoulders and pull your dress down to your waist."

I trembled with growing excitement as I followed his instructions. As my dress came down my see-through lacy white bra was exposed. There I was exposing myself in sexy underwear to Sven. Even in the low light I knew Sven could quite clearly see my nipples getting hard.

"Does that feel exciting Sally to undress for me? Tell me how you feel Sally," Sven prompted, as he stared directly at my tits.

"Yes Sven it does feel exciting" I replied honestly. I was amazed at how erotic it felt to be undressing for this lecherous stranger and letting him see my sexy underwear. Just yesterday I had been found his blatant staring at my clothed body to be quite distasteful, but here I was about to willingly show him my naked tits. The thrill of it sent a shiver down my spine.

"Sally, do want to be really naughty now and take off your bra as well?"

I nodded unable to resist the growing erotic excitement. I looked to Sven for the next instruction. It somehow added to the thrill to have him controlling my strip.

"Tell me why you want to do this naughty thing Sally. Are you getting turned on at the prospect of exposing yourself to another man?"

Sven knew I was not going to stop now. He was teasing me, by getting me to admit that I really wanted him to see my tits.

"YES Sven!! I want to show you my tits. The thought of it is really turning me on. Shall I take my bra off now?" I asked now wanting the thrill of exposing myself.

"Yes Sally but do it slowly, like a sexy strip. I want you to get maximum pleasure out of you being naughty and erotic."

I carefully followed Sven's instruction to pull the straps down, followed by undoing the clasp while holding up the cups, and finally letting the bra drop at my feet.

The full thrill hit me suddenly. My nipples just about turned to rock and my pussy gushed.

"Ahhhhhh!!! God I am turned on," I admitted to Sven. I never thought exposing my tits for to anther man could be so stimulating.

Sven came up to me and fondled my tits and nipples and kissed me full on the lips. I let out a huge moan of pleasure, wanting him to continue touching me.

"You really have gorgeous tits Sally. You should show them off more often. Men will love it -- and you will really turn them on," Sven said as he kneaded my nipples.

He stood back and smiled at me. "I knew you had hidden desires, and I am sure you have more that need exploring. But now we have to get back before Rick comes looking for you. I think you had better go to the ladies room and make yourself cum. Your husband shouldn't see you in this state."

Sven's comments brought me back to reality. That had been immensely exciting and I was desperate for an orgasm, but we were in the real world. I put on my bra and pulled up my dress as Sven again looked lecherously at my body. Somehow this look was now a turn-on, and not as repulsive as it had seemed 2 nights ago. It did not take long to relieve my sexual tension and I was soon back at the table.

Later, when we got to our room Rick said I was looking quite relaxed and radiant, so I must have enjoyed the evening. I felt I had to tell Rick why I had enjoyed the evening so much. Rick listened intently and I could see an excited glint developing in his eyes. When I finished relaying the story Rick stepped up to me and gave me a long open mouthed kiss.

"My oath, you are a sexy woman. You have such a great body and I am happy for you to enjoy it. I am sure that you gave Sven a huge thrill as well. I bet he is having a good wank right now. Now get your clothes off quickly, you have got me so turned on I want to fuck you right now."

I had thought that Rick might be upset by what had happened, and really did not anticipate that he would be turned on by me showing off my tits to another man. I was not complaining as the sex that night was phenomenal.

(...read more about Sally discovering exhibitionism in Exhibitionism Discovered - Day 4)

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