tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExhibitionism Discovered Day 05

Exhibitionism Discovered Day 05


(... to find out what led up to this erotic episode for Sally first read Exhibitionism Discovered -- Day 1,2 3 and also Day 4...)


Rick got up early to get to his conference. I lay in bed thinking about what an open minded and fantastic husband Rick was. He had not only accepted my experimenting with exhibitionism, but had actually encouraged me to explore more of my erotic side.

It was late morning before I got down to hotel the pool. I had just finished rubbing lotion on myself when 2 men came to sit on the sun loungers right next to me. I immediately recognized the one as being the stranger in the lift the previous day with Sven. He was of average build but quite good looking while his friend was muscular and well built.

The Frenchman obviously recognized me as well and smiled in greeting. He introduced himself as Pierre, and his friend as Marc, who was clearly also French. As we chatted and sipped our drinks the guys subtly looked me up and down, while I returned the compliment. It was as if we were sizing each other up. The guys were quite charming and I enjoyed the interaction with them, establishing that they were there on a short break between business commitments. At some stage Pierre brought up the meeting in the lift the previous day, telling me how good I looked, and that obviously I had been having a fun time. I felt a bit embarrassed but also complimented. Pierre then the spoke to Marc in French, and from the way Marc smiled at me and looked me up and down, it seemed clear that Pierre had explained the meeting in the lift. This left a bit of a sexual tension in the air.

I was not entirely surprised when Sven showed up a little later and came to sit with us. He did not seem to be a very committed conference delegate.

Some polite conversation followed the introductions to each other. It was not long before there were a few more comments on the meeting in the lift and Pierre and Sven emphasizing how sexy I had looked, especially since I was still clutching my underwear in my hands at the time. This led to Sven putting me on the spot yet again.

"So Sally what adventures do you have in mind for today? Have you thought of any more things you want to explore or naughty things to indulge in?" he teased with a naughty smile on his face.

"What adventures and exploring have you been doing?" asked Marc seemingly quite innocently, although it got me blushing.

Before I could change the course of the conversation, Sven quickly chipped in. "Oh Sally likes to be outdoors, and wear as few clothes as possible. She has a great body and has just discovered that she likes to be naughty and show it off. Isn't that right Sally?"

I was furious with Sven and seriously embarrassed, and was totally at a loss for words. How could Sven tell these strange men in my presence, that I enjoyed exhibitionism?

Pierre and Marc must have taken my lack of response as acknowledgement. They started passing comments on what a sexy person I was, and that wouldn't mind being around when I took my clothes off. While it remained embarrassing to be the subject of their comments it sent a bit of a pleasurable tingle through me as well to think that these good looking men wanted to see me naked.

Sven then made his next move. "Well I was about to go exploring the forests with Sally. Would you like to join us? It might be quite exciting," he said, clearly wanting the double meaning to be understood.

"We are leaving in 20 minutes and can drive there in my car. Will you meet us in the lobby?" he checked with the Frenchmen, as he helped me out of the sun lounger.

I was yet again flabbergasted by Sven's approach and attitude of telling me what I was to do next. But yet again I complied, with a mixture of apprehension and excitement. As the other guys left I turned to Sven.

"How could you tell those guys about me? That was seriously embarrassing!!!!"

Sven just chuckled and said, "Now go and get changed quickly into something sexy -- and that you can take off easily. I think you are going have a really naughty afternoon exploring more of your hidden fantasies and desires."

I found myself tingling at the thought of another erotic experience with Sven, but was nervous about his intentions since he had invited the other guys along. Was he going to let them go walking while we had a little fun? I dressed in a flimsy, loose sleeveless blouse, and a contrasting pair of snug fitting shorts. Underneath that I had a sexy lacy bra and a high cut pair of lacy panties. Sven had asked me to dress sexily for him and I knew he would not be disappointed.

Sven and I set off in his car to the forest and agreed to meet Pierre and Marc at the parking lot, since they wanted to go their own way later in the day. On the short drive there Sven started his little tease.

"Are you going to show off your body to Pierre and Marc? I bet you would find that quite exciting."

A bit shocked that Sven may be planning something beyond what I was prepared for, I responded, "Sven I have really enjoyed exploring things with you, but I do not want to do this with other people!"

"Oh, but Pierre and Marc would get a real thrill out of seeing your body. You are very sexy. Doesn't it give you some naughty pleasure knowing that you are turning on some guys?"

I couldn't deny that it did give me a bit of a kick, but I was very unsure of being the source of erotic thrills for some guys I did not really know, and told Sven so. But, as in the past, just Sven's suggestion of being naughty had got me thinking about it, and my nipples got a little hard.

As we stopped in the car park Sven turned to me, leaned across and caressed my breast through my clothes. My nipples hardened even more with this gentle stimulation. It felt good and since there was no other cars or people around I let him continue.

I expressed my feelings. "Oh, Sven that feels really good! I wish Pierre and Marc were not joining us so we could have some more fun."

Continuing his stimulating caresses Sven said, "Let's keep the excitement going. I want you to take your bra off, so that the other guys can see outline of your tits and nipples through your blouse while we are in the forest. That will give you a little thrill and will certainly keep the guys interested."

I hesitated, not sure that this was what I wanted. I knew I would enjoy the naughty thrill, but also knew I would be tempting the other guys, since my blouse was rather flimsy and would not hide much. I was still undecided when Sven told me to hurry up and do it as he could hear their car approaching. If I did not take off my bra immediately I might have to do so in front of them. I quickly unclipped the bra and slipped it off without undoing the blouse.

I stepped out of the car just as Pierre and Marc stopped next to our car. My nipples were still a bit hard from Sven's touch, which made them even more visible through the flimsy blouse.

"You look great Sally. A fantastic outfit for our forest walk," Pierre commented as he looked me up and down, with his eyes stopping at my breasts. Marc added his compliments as he also gazed at me with little subtlety. Their comments and approving looks gave me a quite a thrill and I felt pleased that I had taken my bra off. I really did get a kick out of men's reactions to seeing my tits.

We set off along the forest path with Sven leading, carrying a picnic blanket and basket. Pierre and Marc walked beside me and regularly passed comments on how sexy I looked. The comments and their poorly disguised glances at my breasts sent little pleasurable thrills through me. My nipples were hard partly from the thrill and partly from the cool forest air. We had only been walking a few minutes when Sven stopped and turned to me, with his mischievous smile.

"Sally, you have teased the guys with your see-through top. I think you should let them see your tits properly. You know that you would also find it exciting. Would you like to be naughty and take off your blouse?"

I stood there, torn between the anxiousness of being with relative strangers, but also knowing I would get an erotic thrill if I exposed myself. The smiles and expectant look on the guy's three faces made up my mind for me. Trying not to look at any of them I undid my blouse. As I got to the last button Sven told me to stop.

"I would like to take off your top Sally."

Sven stepped in behind me, put his arms around me and slowly parted my blouse, till it was hanging each side of my breasts. Both Pierre and Marc let out a deep erotic sigh at the sight of my firm 36B tits, tipped with very erect nipples. Sven then slid his hands up and gently squeezed my tits and nipples. It felt incredibly erotic being fondled with two men standing right there watching. Involuntarily a soft moan escaped my lips as the erotic thrill and the pleasure of the fondling sent a ripple through my body. I couldn't help noticing bulges developing in both Pierre and Marc's shorts.

"WOW!! You are very, very sexy Sally. You have beautiful tits," Marc commented, his eyes fixed on my exposed breasts.

I was glad that Sven suggested that we continue our walk. At least it brought a bit of relief to the sexual tension. As we set off I realized that I would be walking topless through the forest. I quickly dismissed any concern, since we had been the only cars in the car park, and I rather enjoyed the sense of freedom and naughty eroticism.

We walked a little way before Sven lead us to a little clearing in the forest, a short way off the path. He opened up the picnic blanket, spread it out in the small patch of sun that came through the trees and then produced a bottle of chilled wine from the bag he had been carrying. The guys took off their shirts to also benefit from the warm sun. We all sat down as Sven poured us each a glass.

"I think your gorgeous tits should be celebrated with a glass of wine," he announced.

Pierre, Marc and Sven sat around me openly looking at my exposed tits as we sipped the wine. Pierre then spoke to Marc in French before telling me that the two of them would like to give me a French treat. I glanced at Sven for some clues on what to expect, but since he offered none, I shrugged my shoulders in acceptance.

Still not explaining anything, Pierre and Marc came and sat either side of me. They took a sip of their cold wine and without warning they both leaned down and took a nipple in their mouth. With their lips forming a seal around my nipples they let the cold wine in their mouths come into contact with my excited nipples.

"OHHHHHHH!! My god!" I exclaimed as a wave of pure sensuality flowed from my nipples through my body.

"Wow -- that is an incredibly erotic experience," I answered in reply to their question about whether I enjoyed the sensation. Seeing the thrill it gave me they repeated the warm lips and cold wine on my nipples a few times. This got me really buzzing and they knew it.

Pierre and Marc eased me down onto my back and started more intense fondling of my tits and sucking of my nipples. It felt amazing to have two guys giving my tits such superb attention at the same time. I was groaning with pure pleasure and my eyes closed in ecstasy. The thrilling sensations increased as I felt a hand caress my inner thigh and slowly move up to my crotch. Whoever it was then proceeded to gently rub my pussy through my shorts making my pussy even more moist.

"Sally, I guess by now you are feeling so naughty that you really want to show Pierre and Marc your pussy. You should stand up and get undressed for them, so they can enjoy the sight of you completely naked," I heard Sven say.

I was incredibly turned on and the prospect of the erotic thrill of stripping completely naked for these "strangers" made me get up without hesitation. I faced Pierre and Marc as I unzipped my shorts and slid them off. I let them briefly enjoy the sight of me standing there in only my see-through lacy panties, before I slid these down to my ankles as well. As I straightened up, letting them see my neatly trimmed bush I also parted my legs so that they could see my wet pussy lips. The highly charged atmosphere and the wantonness of my own behavior made me shiver with pleasure.

Marc just groaned with lust, while Pierre stated bluntly, "Fuuuuck -- you are a sexy woman!!"

With that Pierre took my hands and lay me down again. He eased my legs apart, kneeling between them and without ceremony lent down and started licking my pussy and clit. I was already so turned on that I started moaning with pleasure instantly.

"Ohhhh -- yes Pierre, that feels so good. Please don't stop," I encouraged Pierre.

Marc and Sven were not going to be left out and each quickly took a nipple in their mouth. It was the most incredible sensation having a man licking my pussy, while two others were working on my nipples. With these three erotic zones each being given such gorgeous attention simultaneously, the waves of erotic pleasure just rolled over me. I was moaning, grunting and my body shuddering. I was in erotic heaven.

I could feel a huge orgasm approaching. I think the guys knew it and they intensified their stimulation. Pierre then sucked on my clit and plunged 2 fingers right up my cunt. My body just let go in a tidal wave of orgasm.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!. OHHHHH FUUUUCCK. GIVE IT TO ME" I yelled as wave after wave of indescribable pleasure ran through me.

I bucked and shuddered with pleasure. The guys all slowly stopped what they were doing as my orgasm started subsiding. As I lay there getting my breath back I thanked each of the guys for the most incredible orgasm they had just given me.

After a while Sven looked at me and said, "Pierre and Marc are both looking quite restrained in their clothes. I think you should help them take off their shorts and make them more comfortable."

Sven helped me onto my knees. Pierre and Marc were standing directly in front of me with huge bulges in their shorts. By now I was very curious to see what they had to show. I moved to Pierre first and hooked my fingers inside the band of his shorts and eased them down. I had to help the front part over his bulging cock. It sprang out. My face was inches from it and I could not miss how thick and hard it seemed. He also had very large balls. I slid his shorts all the way down and let him step out of them.

As I straightened up my face was again right at cock level. I had not seen very many real cocks before and could not resist cupping his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. It felt very erotic caressing this strangers cock and balls with the other guys watching. Instinctively I moved my mouth over the head of his cock and starting slowly licking and sucking it. Pierre let out a deep sigh of pleasure, giving me a real thrill knowing that I could turn this man on.

Just as I was really getting into pleasuring Pierre, Sven told me to stop and give Marc a chance as well. Once again I ended up at face level with a cock. Marc's cock was a bit thinner but longer than Pierre's. Variety is the (highly pleasurable) spice of life I thought to myself as I dipped my mouth over Marc's cock. With that Pierre moved closer and took my one hand and placed it on his raging hard cock.

I continued my blowjob on Marc while slowly stroking Pierre's cock. I was getting really turned on again myself. I had never before been with 2 naked men, let alone pleasuring both of them simultaneously. I was getting a real thrill from the satisfied grunts and groans that were coming from the 2 guys.

I started alternating which guy got the blowjob and which the hand job. As I sensed them getting closer to orgasm I felt Sven move in next to me and start caressing my pussy and tits. As he stimulated me I worked harder on Pierre and Marc's cocks. I had my mouth on Pierre's cock as he started to shudder. Sven put his hand behind my head so that I could not move away when Pierre shot his load.

"AHHHHHHHHHH. SUCK IT BABY!!!" Pierre shouted as he exploded. I swallowed loads of salty tasting cum as Sven kept my head in place.

The eroticism just kept building. Here I was taking a guy's cum in my mouth while stroking another one's cock, with a third guy fondling me and rubbing my clit. I was getting very worked up and loving every second on it.

As Pierre's softening cock slipped from my mouth Marc made sure that he was going to get the same treatment. This time I did not need Sven's encouragement as I wanted to taste Marc's cum as well and compare it with Pierre's. I kept my mouth firmly attached to Marc's cock as he started cumming.

Marc shoved his cock deep into my mouth as he started squirting. He just groaned and groaned and groaned in pleasure as I sucked him dry. I could not believe how much cum he squirted out.

As I released his cock he sank to his knees and sat next to Pierre. It made me feel really good to see how satisfied they looked. Both of them gave me a huge smile of appreciation. I had so enjoyed bringing Pierre and Marc to orgasm that I had temporarily forgotten about Sven.

As I leaned back and licked my lips clean, Sven slid a hand down my thigh and slipped a finger up my dripping pussy.

"Sally would you like the erotic thrill of yet another level of exhibitionism?" he asked with a naughty smile on his face.

"Go on Sven, what do have in mind now?" I replied, already feeling as thrilling shiver going through me. I was very turned on, and Sven was working me up even further with his fingering of my pussy.

"Do you want me to fuck you in front of these guys?"

I was dumbstruck, but enthralled. The erotic magnitude of what he was suggesting was overwhelming. The erotic vision of Sven's cock plunging into my pussy while 2 men watched made my body shudder with excitement.

I had never planned on being fucked by Sven but the sheer desire again took control. My body was totally ready for a good fuck, and my husband had encouraged me to enjoy sex with another man.

I did not reply to Sven but just lay back and spread my legs. It was amazingly exciting to not only succumb to Sven like this in front of the other guys, but also to openly offer him my pussy by spreading my legs so wantonly. I did not know when Sven had got naked but he approached me with his long dick sticking straight out.

It just felt so erotic lying there with splayed legs waiting for this man to penetrate me. I was dying to be fucked and groaned in anticipation as Sven lubricated his cock with my ample pussy juices before pressing the head of his cock against my pussy lips.

Sven teased me. "Tell me what you want Sally?"

"Oh God -- just fuck me please Sven!" I exclaimed desperate for that overwhelming pleasure of having his cock sink into me.

In one measured lunge Sven pushed his cock right up me.

"OHHHHH. That's feels amazing," I groaned from the release of finally getting what my body needed. I was reminded just how erotic and satisfying it felt each time I had got a new cock up me before I got married. This was the first such thrill I had in years.

Sven fucked me hard and fast as I splayed my legs as wide as they would go. I was receiving huge satisfaction and stimulation from his deep penetration. I was hoping that I was not going to cum much quicker than him. He must have been thinking the same as he pulled out, and asked me to change position.

Sven got me onto my hands and knees facing Pierre and Marc, then moved in behind me and immediately slipped his cock right back into my pussy. Looking straight into the faces of the other two guys I let out a huge groan of pleasure. I noticed then that both Pierre and Marc had rigid cocks again and they were stroking themselves as they watched the erotic sight in front of them.

I could not believe how thrilling it felt to be in this submissive sex position, being fucked from behind by one man while being watched by 2 others who were pleasuring themselves. Soon Sven and I were fucking furiously, and Pierre and Marc hands were moving faster and faster. I was panting and very close to orgasm. I was on such an erotic high that I just could not wait any longer and reached between my legs to rub my clit.

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