Exhibitionism with My Stepmom


Every time she leaned forward to place her tiles on the board, I was at the right angle to see down her top. Every time we played Scrabble, I saw her bra, her cleavage, and the round top part of her breasts. I loved that game and my special times with Carol. I always imagined what the rest of breasts looked like, while she sat on my cock naked and bouncing up and down, fucking me, while I reached up and felt her magnificent breasts.

She made me so horny and I spent much of my alone time masturbating, while thinking about her naked or having sex with me. Then, I got the bright idea of flashing her. I wondered what her reaction would be to seeing my cock. I wondered if she'd be offended or excited. I wondered if she'd look away or stare. I wondered if she'd tell my Dad. There was only one way to find out and that was to flash her.

I started taking my showers at night. That way, I could watch TV with Carol, while in my bathrobe with nothing underneath, my much needed excuse to be semi-naked. By the time I was in the living room watching TV with Carol, I could always hear my Dad snoring. We'd have to turn the TV up a bit to drown out the sound of him. He was a heavy sleeper and never woke up, no matter how much noise we made.

I was so excited. I was so nervous. Somehow my horniness overwhelmed my commonsense and sense of decency, and I spread my legs enough for Carol to see a part of me that she had never seen before.

While Carol was sprawled on the couch, I sat across from her. I was positioned perfectly, so that whenever she looked my way, she'd have a clear view between my legs and up my bathrobe. Guys never sit with their legs closed and I made sure I was giving her something to see, before I got brazen enough and gave her plenty to see. I could feel my pulse racing and my heart beating. I was sweating.

Usually quiet when watching a movie, except during commercials, I found her looking over at me more and engaging me more in conversation. Then, instead of me putting on the overhead light on the pretense of looking for something, it was her putting on the overhead light, while pretending to search for something. It was wildly erotic knowing that Carol was doing what I did to her and being as much of a voyeur as I was. Could it be that Carol is horny, too? Does she masturbate over the thoughts of me in the way that I masturbate over the thoughts of her?

The fact that I was showing her my cock and that she was looking to see my cock, always gave me an erection. Afraid she'd tell my Dad, I was scared. I was excited. I was nervous. I felt alive knowing that I was doing something so wickedly wrong. Yet, I couldn't stop myself from flashing my cock to her.

I knew she could see my cock and I knew she was looking. She made me so very horny. Never looking down at my bathrobe, I pretended that I didn't know I was showing and that she could see.

Then, one night, she turned the television off.

"There's nothing on TV," she said looking over at me. "Wanna play Scrabble?"

Scrabble? We never played Scrabble at night. We only played the game during the day. Does this mean, we won't play tomorrow? Yet, so long as I could spend time with Carol, I didn't care what we did, watched TV or played Scrabble. Only, when I started to assume my regular position on the floor, she stopped me and that was when I realized that Scrabble wasn't the only game she wanted to play.

"Stay where you are. I'll sit on the floor. I don't mind," she said raising her hand, as if it was a mini stop sign. "You're always accommodating me. It's my turn to accommodate you," she said with a smile. She was so much prettier when she smiled. She had nice teeth. "Besides, I'm tired of sitting on the couch, my ass is sore," she said rubbing her ass with a laugh.

When she said that and when she did that, rubbed her ass like that, I imagined her lying on her stomach and lifting her nightgown to expose her buttocks, while I massaged her naked ass. I'd gently, carefully, and thoroughly knead her ass cheeks with my hands, before sliding down to massage her shapely thighs, while taking care not to brush by her pussy.

"Oops, sorry, Carol," I imagined apologizing to her. "I didn't mean to brush by your pussy with the side of my hand. Well, since I touched you there already, between your legs, I may as well explore you a bit deeper to give you a full massage, one that has a happy ending."

"Ah, this is better," she said bringing me back from my fantasy.

When she climbed down from the couch and spread her legs to sit on the floor, with the overhead light on, she gave the best view I ever had between her legs. I saw everything. I saw her pussy, this time, I did, I really did.

She had a neatly trimmed bush. Hers was the first pussy I ever saw and I wished that I could see it up closer. I mean, I didn't see the whole thing. I didn't even see her lips. I just saw her bush is all. Only, she surprised me by staying in that position, sitting Indian style with her legs open and her nightgown raised just high enough up her thighs to give me a clear and uninterrupted view over the table of her pubic hair.

I didn't immediately realize her motives in sitting on the floor, but after a while, I suspected them. From her lower vantage point on the floor and with me sitting on the chair, she was at the perfect angle to see up my bathrobe. I fixed my bathrobe, pulling it down to just above my knees, but knowing with my knees apart that it didn't matter. My legs were sufficiently open that she had a clear and uninterrupted view of my quickly growing cock. More than once, I caught her looking. More than once, I caught her staring.

I imagined her hand reaching past the Scrabble tiles and up my bathrobe. I could feel the warmth of her hand surrounding my cock, as she touched me and slowly stroked me. Then, in a fluid movement, she was there kneeling in front of me and in between my legs and pushing my bathrobe aside to stare at the full length of my erection.

"You have such a big cock, Johnny."

"I do?"

"Oh, yes, you do. Your cock is much bigger than your Dad's cock," I imagined her saying. "Did you ever have a blowjob?"

"A blowjob? You mean, when a woman puts my cock in her mouth?"

"Yes. Did anyone ever do that to you?"

"No, never."

"Would you like me to do that to you, now?"


All within an instant, I was imagining all of that.

Her nipples made an impression in her nightgown and I knew that I was arousing her by flashing her my penis. Only, this is where it began and ended. It had to stop. She was married to my Dad.

The next day, I felt like a heel. I felt that I was cheating on my Dad with his wife, even though I didn't do anything other than to look and have her look at me. Still, it was all very erotic, as much as it was innocent, and as much as it was lustfully wicked.

It wasn't much longer after that, after I flashed her my cock and she flashed me her my pussy that she left the house on Christmas day never to return. I always wondered if that day had anything to do with her standing there naked, when I opened her bedroom door on Christmas morning, just as I always wondered if that day I exposed my cock to her and she exposed her pussy to me, had anything with her leaving my Dad.

I always wondered had she stayed, if we would have became lovers. I always wondered, if she loved me as much as I loved her. I guess I'll never know.

Merry Christmas

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