tagIncest/TabooExhibitionist Niece Moves In

Exhibitionist Niece Moves In


"Jesus Christ! Did you see that?" My wife asks in a hushed whisper. "Of course you did. What am I thinking? They were tits and you're a guy." She says, placing her hand in my lap to judge the extent of my awareness. I was very aware!

The tits in question belong to our niece, Lauren, who is staying with us to finish her last semester of college. Her dad accepted a very lucrative promotion, which required the family to move out of state. Rather than transfer during her final semester, and pay out of state tuition, Lauren asked if she could stay with us until the end of the semester. Lauren's mother is my wife's older sister and we get along great with her and her family. We immediately said yes.

Lauren moved in this evening, unpacked her stuff and a few minutes ago, came in to say goodnight. My wife, Cindy, and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, when Lauren walked in wearing only a spaghetti-strap, v-neck pajama top and bikini panties. Lauren, who just turned 21, has long blonde hair and the most beautiful, clear, blue eyes I have ever seen. They are like pools of liquid that you could get lost in if you're not careful. I imagine a lot of the guys in her classes would love to get lost in her eyes or any other part of her killer body.

"I really want to thank you both for letting me stay here." She said, standing next to the couch. Her pert nipples are pushing against the thin material of her top, which barely conceals her firm, round tits.

"You're the best, Aunt Cindy!" She continued, leaning down to give my wife a hug and a kiss on her cheek. My eyes followed the front of her pajama top, falling away from her breasts, as she bent forward. Her entire left breast, down to the edge of her areola, was hanging bare, less than a foot from my face.

"You too, Uncle Jim. Thank you so much!" She smiled, as she turned her body towards me, without straightening up. Her lovely tits swung free, within her loose fitting top, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. My eyes were glued to her bare tits as I returned her hug. Her nipples, resting against the material of her gaping pajama top, were the only part of her tits not visible to me. When she stood up, her top fell back into place, and her taut nipples were again pushing against the flimsy, floral material.

"Well, good night." She said, as my eyes moved down to her crotch, focusing on the blonde pubic hair, visible through her light colored panties.

"You'll be able to hook up my computer tomorrow, won't you Uncle Jim?" Lauren asked as she walked down the hallway to her bedroom. My eyes were locked on her firm, round, panty-clad ass cheeks, swinging back and forth as she walked.

"Uh, sure. I'll need your passwords to set it up." I yelled after her.

"No problem, I'll leave them on the computer table. Thanks." She said, smiling back at us as she entered her bedroom.

"Your theme song, from now on, is: You Can Look But You Better Not Touch!" Cindy laughs, while stroking my hard cock through my shorts. "You liked that, didn't you Jim?" She asks teasingly, while kissing my neck and slipping her hand inside the leg of my shorts. I had put on a pair of loose fitting shorts, sans underwear, and a t-shirt after my shower. Cindy is now massaging my balls and the base of my cock as she teases me about my reaction to our niece's body.

Cindy and I have been married for ten years and have a vibrant sex life; full of role-plays, porn videos and public, risk-taking sex. Before agreeing to let Lauren live with us, we discussed how her presence in the house would affect our spontaneity. We had no idea it would affect it this way.

"Let's take this into the bedroom." I say, nearly panting from Cindy's expert manipulation of my cock and balls.

"Let's not." She whispers, pushing my shorts down and releasing my hard cock. "I think Lauren's in for the night. What do you think?" Cindy asks mischievously, as she scoots away from me and lowers her head to my lap.

"I don't know." I say, sucking in air as Cindy's tongue licks my cockhead. "Do you really want your sister's daughter to see you giving me head in the living room?" Cindy wets her lips and slides them down over my cock, stroking up and down my shaft with her hand. I scoot my ass closer to the edge of the couch to give her better access.

"Do you really want me to stop?" She asks, smiling at me as she comes up for air.

"Hell no!" I say, thrusting my hips up and trying to drive my cock farther into her warm, wet mouth. Without taking her mouth off my throbbing cock, Cindy slides off the couch and onto the floor. Kneeling in front of me, she pulls my shorts the rest of the way off and spreads my knees apart. Cupping my balls in her left hand, she continues pumping me in and out of her mouth with her right hand. My wife's blowjob expertise, coupled with the vision of Lauren's tits, still vivid in my mind, drives me to a quick release.

"Oh fuck!" I whisper, loudly, shooting several loads of cum into my wife's welcoming mouth. Cindy sucks and swallows until my ass settles back down on the couch and my balls are empty. Leaning back and licking her lips, she smiles at me.

"Mmmm. You really came hard! Maybe Lauren should parade around like that all the time." She teases. "Or maybe you just like the idea that she might catch us."

"Maybe you just give great head!" I answer. "Now can we take this into the bedroom?" I ask, sitting up straight. "I'm not quite the exhibitionist you are, and I really want to taste you right now." As I stand up, I swear I hear the click of a door closing. Looking down the hall, I don't see anything.

The next day, I'm in Lauren's room connecting her computer to my wireless network. As promised, she left her passwords on her desk before she went to school. Cindy's at her job at the daycare and I have another couple of hours before I need to start working. I work at home, providing tech support for a large software company. I supplement that with freelance debugging of security software on the side.

I'm somewhat of a voyeur when it comes to working on other people's computers. I like to snoop around and see what web sites they visit, what they've downloaded and generally how they use their computer. Even if Lauren hadn't left her passwords, I'm pretty good at hacking into most software programs.

You can imagine my surprise when I pull up Lauren's deleted browser history and find she frequently visits amateur exhibitionist and voyeurism websites. Rather than visit the sites on her computer, I copy the URLs and e-mail them to myself. Intrigued, I search the rest of her computer for pictures or stories, but find nothing. With an hour left before I have to log on for my tech support gig, I go down to my basement office and use my computer to explore Lauren's websites.

The one she most frequently visits requires a log on and a password. I go back to Lauren's computer and find her log on and password hidden within her windows files. You should never answer yes, when windows asks if you want your password remembered. Back downstairs, I plug in the information and bring up a personalized page within an amateur exhibitionist website. Lauren is known as BBBarbie and has a running blog about her various exhibitionism activites. The BBBarbie, I soon discover stands for a variety of names including BareBreastedBarbie and BareBottomBarbie, depending on the current subject of the blog.

My cock is getting stiff as I read Lauren's blog, and think about how she exposed her tits to me last night. The earliest entry is about a year ago, when her and a girlfriend went to the mall wearing very short skirts, without panties, and spent the afternoon riding the various escalators. She writes how wet they got watching all the men adjust the bulges in their pants, as they followed her and her girlfriend around.

I scan through several entries where she describes teasing one of her college professors. She started with leaning over his desk, asking questions about test material, and just enjoying exposing her braless tits to his unsuspecting eyes. She has an entry for almost everyday and it seems like she was teasing him mercilessly for several weeks. The first month, she writes about exposing her tits to him at least once during every class. She excitedly describes his building discomfort as she starts flashing her panties, from her seat in the second row. Wearing an extremely short skirt, and progressively more revealing panties, she finally ends up giving him an unobstructed view of her bare pussy under her skirt. By the time I get to her description of how she masturbates, thinking about her professor's hard-on, I've got my cock out of my pants, stroking the hell out of it.

It's an interactive blog, where others can leave comments and questions. Many of these comments are suggestions of what to do next or words of encouragement to tease the hell out of these unsuspecting men. I scan down farther and read an entry where several participants debate the finer points of exhibitionism.

VoyGirl: The real trick is to be subtle enough so he thinks he's sneaking peeks at your tits or your ass. If you flaunt it too much, you loose the real essence of great exhibitionism.

BBBarbie: I agree. It works best when he thinks you are innocently unaware of what he's seeing.

Nakd4U: Yeah and I get more turned on by teasing one guy over a long period of time, than I ever got giving a quick flash to strangers.

BBBarbie: You got that right! Taking it slowly, and progressively letting him see more, is such a fucking turn-on, I get wet thinking about it.

VoyGirl: The more he sees, the more he wants to see. I've got my 18 year-old brother going crazy right now trying to see me naked.

BBBarbie: Yeah, my brother has such a perpetual hard-on I almost feel sorry for him. lol

Fuck! What a little prick-tease! I don't have anymore time, so I log off her blog and log onto the tech support site. Throughout the day my thoughts never stray much from my niece and her proclivity for exhibitionism. I wonder if last night was the beginning of her progressively revealing strategy, aimed at me. If so, knowing her plan could make it fun.

Lauren gets home before Cindy, and I hear her coming down the stairs, just as I'm logging off from work. I watch her descend the last few steps, and am rewarded with the sight of her braless tits bouncing inside a pink, cropped blouse. There is plenty of bare skin between the bottom of the blouse and her low slung, white shorts. I feel my cock stir as she walks over to me.

"Hi Uncle Jim." She smiles. "Did you get a chance to hook up my computer?" She leans down for a kiss and her scoop neck blouse falls away from her chest, giving me an eyeful of her smooth, hanging tits. Once again, I can't quite see her nipples. She must practice this in a mirror, to know exactly how much she's revealing. I do my best to act indifferent to her display.

"Yes, it's all set to go." I tell her, turning back to my computer. "How was your day?"

"School is school." She laughs. "It wasn't any better or any worse than any other day." She moves around into my field of vision again. "How was your day, Uncle Jim?"

"The same." I tell her, looking at her clear, blue eyes, pretending I'm not interested in her sexy young body or her revealing outfit. "A few challenging calls, but mostly clueless people who shouldn't be allowed near a computer." I click the mouse a few times, not really doing anything, and then stand up.

"I'm done down here for today." I tell her. "Let's go upstairs and see what Aunt Cindy has planned for dinner." I lead the way up the stairs. As much as I'd like to follow her firm ass, in those tight shorts, as she walks up the stairs, I'm not giving in to her game. All day long I've thought about my niece's teasing and I realize that she gets off on the guys' reactions. I think I can turn the tables on her if I don't react in the predicted manner. By not reacting, I hope to drive her toward more daring actions. I'm playing hard to get, if you will.

Dinner is uneventful and Lauren joins Cindy and I in the living room to watch TV afterwards. She's still wearing the same outfit she had on in the basement, and her shorts are stretched lightly across her firm, round ass cheeks, as she lies on her stomach in front of the TV. I concentrate on the TV shows, completely ignoring her, as she periodically wiggles around, changing positions.

"Is it okay if I take my shower, now?" She asks, twisting around towards us, so that a considerable amount of bare breast is 'accidentally' visible from our vantage point on the couch.

"Sure, honey." Cindy answers, smiling at me. I keep staring at the TV screen, seemingly oblivious to her display.

"Damn, she might as well be naked, as much as that outfit conceals." Cindy says, after Lauren leaves the room. "How are you doing?" She asks, teasingly, running her hand over my crotch. My cock immediately springs to life, causing Cindy to laugh. "That's what I thought."

"I think she really likes to tease." I say, cautiously, not wanting to disclose my snooping on the website to Cindy. "I'm trying not to give her the satisfaction of reacting to her."

"You're not trying very hard!" She laughs, pulling my cock out and stroking it up and down, as we hear the shower start. "She reminds me a lot of myself, at that age." Cindy says, as she leans her head down towards my lap. "I used to get so wet, knowing the affect I was having on older guys."

"Older guys!" I retort. "I'm only 36! That hardly constitutes an older guy!" I laugh. But Cindy doesn't answer, she's too busy sucking the head of my hard cock into her mouth.

I lean back and enjoy the relief that I've been anxious for all day. Closing my eyes, I picture Lauren kneeling between my legs, her perfect tits bouncing, as she bobs her head up and down on my cock. I visualize her naked body, as I think about her blog entries and how she teased her poor professor. As I shoot my load into my wife's skillful mouth, I get an idea on how to really turn the tables on Lauren.

"Mmmmm." Cindy is licking her lips and moving her body over mine. "Now, maybe you won't react so quickly to her hard, young, body when she comes out of the shower." Cindy straddles me, pushing her tongue in my mouth and rocking against my spent cock.

"Put your fingers in me." She whispers, pulling her shorts to the side and revealing her glistening, wet pussy lips. "I'd rather it was your tongue, but I know what a prude you are about doing that in the living room, with Lauren down the hall." I slide two fingers into her slick, hot pussy and pump them in and out as we continue kissing.

"I love what you did with your tongue last night." Cindy moans into my ear, as I rub my thumb across her engorged clit. "The way you kept teasing my clit was amazing. It kept me on the edge, right at the peak, for what seemed like hours." She's bucking against my hand, squeezing her pussy muscles around my fingers, when we hear the shower stop.

"Do you think Lauren's clit is as sensitive as mine?" She asks, teasingly. "Do you think she got herself off in the shower?" She whispers and my cock stiffens at the thought of Lauren masturbating, with the portable showerhead pressed against her clit.

Cindy clamps her pussy around my fingers and lets out a long, low moan as her orgasm rolls through her. When the bathroom door opens, she shifts her body sideways and slides off my lap, blocking any view of my fingers in her pussy. I look over Cindy's shoulder and watch Lauren, wrapped in a bath towel, glance at us and turn towards her bedroom. The towel has a strategically placed gap in the back that allows me a clear view of her bare ass cheeks as she walks down the hall. My cock reacts immediately.

"Last night she stayed in her bedroom for about twenty minutes after her shower." Cindy says, pulling my fingers from her pussy and moving back onto my lap. Raising her hips up and pulling her shorts and panties to the side, she impales herself on my fully recovered cock. "I bet we only need about ten minutes." She whispers.

Fuck! Her pussy is so wet and hot, as Cindy starts bouncing up and down. Holding onto the back of the couch, she rides my rigid cock, slamming her enflamed pussy down around it. I lean back and close my eyes, bucking my hips to her frantic rhythm, as my mind focuses on Lauren's tight, young ass swaying down the hall. I reach under Cindy's blouse and cup her tits, pinching her nipples through her bra.

"Oh yeah!" She whispers, panting in my ear. "Play with my tits. Pretend your pinching Lauren's pert, little nipples." She breathes. I unfasten the front clasp of her bra and push the cups to the side. Grabbing her nipples between the thumb and index finger of each hand, I pinch and pull, twisting her hard nipples back and forth.

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuck!" Cindy slams down hard, clenching her pussy muscles around my cock. I let go at the same time, flooding her pussy with my cum. Her tits are heaving up and down in my hands, as we try to catch our breath, our mouths pressed together in a passionate, post orgasmic kiss.

When Lauren's door opens, Cindy disengages herself from my cock and pulls my shorts up in one smooth motion. Our experience with public sex has made her adept at looking innocent in the most bizarre situations. She's sitting next to me on the couch, when Lauren reaches the living room. The lingering smell of sex is not lost on Lauren and I see her smile appreciatively at what must have just happened.

Tonight she's wearing a v-neck, men's t-shirt that barely hangs down to the bottom of her ass cheeks. As she plops down on the couch next to Cindy, her t-shirt rides up, revealing a bare hip. Her nipples are like little bullets, poking at the thin material, on the front of the t-shirt.

"Thanks, Uncle Jim." She says, glancing back and forth between Cindy and I. "The computer works great, I was able to check my e-mail and everything." Her eyes have settled on the wet spot spreading across the front of Cindy's shorts.

"Your Uncle Jim is a man of many talents." Cindy says, seemingly oblivious to Lauren's stare. I'm watching the bottom of her t-shirt, trying to decide if she's wearing any panties. This is just what she wants me to do, I think and I turn my head back to the TV, trying to ignore her.

"Is there anything, you wanted to see?" I ask Lauren, startling her.

"What?" She asks, shifting her body and tucking one leg up under her. I catch a quick glimpse of what looks like a black thong before her t-shirt down settles back down on her lap.

"Is there anything you want to watch on TV?" I ask, realizing the double entendre I presented to her.

"No. I'm going to go on line for bit and then go to bed." She says, kneeling on the couch and leaning over to give Cindy a kiss. I continue watching the TV, ignoring the bare tit display she has designated for me. Standing up, she walks between me and the TV and bends forward to give me a kiss.

"I think we're ready to call it a night too." I say, clicking the TV off and standing up. Since Lauren is in the process of bending forward. just as I'm standing up, her face ends up inches from my crotch. With the TV off I can see the reflection of Lauren's bare ass in the flat TV monitor as she bends forward. The thin black material, disappearing between her ass cheeks, confirms that what I saw earlier was a thong.

Her plan to display her tits thwarted, Lauren stands up with a look of disappointment on her face. I'm not sure if it's because she doesn't get to show me her tits, or because I'm not sporting a hard on. Of course, she doesn't know I just came twice; once in my wife's mouth and once in her pussy. Before she realizes what's happening I wrap my arms around her in a tight embrace, kissing her on the cheek and smashing her hard nipples against my chest.

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