Exhibitionist Niece Moves In


"You're right!" She smiles. "See you later."

As soon as Cindy leaves, I go into the bathroom and start the shower. I leave the bathroom door open and I watch Lauren through the frosted class doors as she slides out from under the bed. Her skirt is bunched up around her waist and my cock hardens at the sight of her young, blonde pussy. She sneaks out of our bedroom and I smile as I rinse the soap off my back. Everything is falling into place.

I'm sitting in the living room watching TV when I hear the shower start in the other bathroom. This girl is so damned easy to manipulate.

"Uncle Jim." Lauren calls, after opening the bathroom door about six inches.

"Yes, Lauren." I answer, getting up from the couch.

"I ran out of shampoo." She yells. "Can you get Aunt Cindy's for me from your bathroom, please."

"Sure." I answer, walking down the hall. As I pass the bathroom, the door is still open about six inches and Lauren is standing behind it, peeking out. Glancing in, I catch her reflection in the mirror over the sink. Her full length, naked body is reflected in the mirror as I pass by. My cock jumps, as my eyes travel down the small of her back, tapering into her firm, round ass cheeks and her long shapely legs.

Going into the master bathroom, I get Cindy's shampoo and approach the main bathroom slowly, devouring the image of Lauren's naked body in the mirror.

"Thanks, Uncle Jim." Lauren says, as I hand her the shampoo. Turning away from me, but keeping the door between us, she sets the shampoo on the tile counter behind her. As she turns, the front of her naked body is reflected in the mirror over the sink. She keeps her eyes on the counter, as I admire her pert, young tits with small, round areolas and hard, eraser like nipples. My eyes take in her blonde pubic hair, as it forms a bushy triangle over her mostly hidden pussy lips. She turns back, smiling at the bulge in my shorts, and thanks me again.

"No problem." I stammer, as she closes the door. Damn her! She is so fucking hot! What an amazing body. I adjust my hard cock and go back to the living room to watch TV, but I can't get the image of her sexy, young body out of my mind.

"Uncle Jim." Lauren yells again, after I hear the shower stop.

"What is it, Lauren?" I ask, standing up and heading towards the bathroom.

"I forgot to get a towel." She laughs, opening the door, the same as before.

"No problem." I yell back. Getting towels from the linen closet, I walk to the bathroom door. Lauren is behind the door, just like before. My eyes immediately go the mirror over the sink, but it's fogged up and I can't see a thing.

"Thanks, Uncle Jim." She says, smiling at me like the cat that ate the canary, as I hand her the towels. "I'm sorry to keep making you get up." She says, looking at my crotch before she ducks behind the door, leaving it ajar. The double entendre is not lost on me. With the door open, the mirror starts to clear and I stand there, watching her dry off.

"It's okay." I answer. "I really don't mind at all." I watch as she rubs the towel over her silky smooth skin. When she bends over to dry her legs, her tits hang down deliciously towards the floor. She has to know I'm watching and she's deliberately putting on a show in the slowly clearing mirror. Finally, she wraps the towel around her and I duck into my bedroom, just before she leaves the bathroom.

I'm reading in bed when Cindy gets home. She notices that I'm watching her get undressed and does an impromptu strip tease for me. Dropping her blouse, she turns her back as she unhooks her bra, giving me her most seductive smile over her shoulder. I never tire of seeing my wife's voluptuous body, she has a great ass, still firm and round. When she turns back around, she's holding her lacy, red bra in front of her tits. My eyes drop to her bikini panties and I marvel at her flat stomach and curvy hips just before she drops her bra and shakes her ample tits at me. Pinching her nipples, she sways her hips back and forth. My cock stirs as she pulls her nipples away from her large areolas, stretching them out from her chest. Pinching and twisting her stretched out nipples, she licks her lips and pulls one of her nipples to her mouth, sucking and nibbling it with her teeth. My cock is rock hard as I watch her tease her hard nipples.

She smiles at the tent my cock is making in the sheet, as she hooks her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and turns around. Bending forward, she looks back and winks at me as she slowly rolls her panties down her legs. When they reach the floor, she steps out of them and spreads her legs wide apart. Grabbing her ankles, she smiles at me from between her legs, her hair hanging to the floor. I smile at the beads of moisture visible on her pussy lips as her hands slide up the back of her legs and pull her ass cheeks apart.

"God! You are amazing!" I say, throwing the sheet off, as an invitation to join me on the bed. She crawls up between my legs, licks my cock briefly then straddles my hips, cradling my hard cock between her wet pussy lips.

"Anything interesting happen while I was gone?" She asks, rocking her hips back and forth and gliding her pussy lips up and down the length of my cock.

"Just her entire naked body on display for me." I answer." She's a natural blonde, by the way." I describe the shampoo and towel incidents, while pushing my cock up against my wife's slick pussy lips. I don't mention her hiding under the bed. By the time I'm done telling her what happened, I'm bucking frantically, trying to get my cock inside Cindy's slippery, hot pussy.

"What that girl needs is a hard cock shoved up her cunt!" Cindy says, moving her hips back and grasping my cock with her hand. "Look at this, I've got one right here!" She pushes my cockhead against her pussy lips and lowers herself onto it.

"What are you saying?" I ask, thrusting my cock up into her hot, juicy hole. I wonder if I'm misinterpreting what she means, as we pick up a rhythm and Cindy leans her hands on my chest to balance herself.

"What do you think I'm saying? I think she's asking for it. She deserves... a good... hard... fuck!" Cindy accentuates each word with a hard slam of her pussy down around my cock. We forego conversation as the urgency of our lovemaking overtakes us. The image that Cindy just planted in my brain sends erotic messages to my cock and I'm bucking wildly under Cindy's frantic onslaught. She's riding me for all she's worth and her tits are bouncing wildly on her chest. I catch one in each hand and squeeze them, pinching and twisting her bright red nipples.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Cindy moans, jouncing three more times before she slams down hard, clamping her pussy around my rigid cock. That triggers my release and I jerkily spew hot cum inside her pulsating pussy. Collapsing on my chest, she gulps air into her lungs, as the aftershocks of her orgasm quiver through her body.

"Do you really want me to fuck Lauren?" I ask, stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head.

"I think it's exactly what she needs." Cindy says, looking at me. "When I was her age, teasing men just like she is, the last thing I wanted was for one of them to fuck me. That would have scared the shit out of me." She smiles at the incredulous look on my face. "It's not like I'm giving you a distasteful chore." She says with a twinkle in her eye.

"You are perverted." I laugh. "But I'm not sure how to go about getting her to let me fuck her. Any ideas?"

"Let me think about it." She says, resting her head back on my chest. "God, I'd love to watch when you do it." I fall asleep, my head filled with images of Cindy feeding my hard cock into Lauren's pussy.

The next morning, I anxiously boot up my computer and navigate to Lauren's blog.

BBBarbie: You won't believe what happened! I was hiding under the bed to get a look at my uncle's cock as he came out of the shower, when my aunt came home. He stripped her clothes off and ate her pussy, while I watched. They have mirrored closet doors and I could see and hear everything. Then, she sucked him off and the whole time, she was teasing him about how turned on he was from thinking about me! She was talking about my tits, my ass and my pussy and telling him to imagine I was sucking him off. She was using me to get him off harder! Is that amazing or what?

VoyGirl: Damn! That is unbelievable! You saw his cock, right? What's the verdict?

BBBarbie: It looks delicious... And I heard my aunt tell him he was a great cunt lapper... can you believe it? It must be true, she was squirming around on the bed and moaning so loud. I fingered my pussy and came almost at the same time she did.

VoyGirl: You're going to do it with him, aren't you?

BBBarbie: Haven't decided yet... maybe. Anyway, my aunt had a meeting, leaving us home alone. I took a shower and I asked my uncle to bring me shampoo and then a towel. I stood behind the door, but turned so he could see my whole body in the mirror. You should have seen his bulge, even after he'd just gotten a blowjob!

They banter back and forth a bit more and Lauren says she's getting hot and needs to go to bed and masturbate. My cock is rock solid as I send another prompt directly to her e-mail.

HippieGirl: It sounds like you made some real progress, but you're still just looking and masturbating. The wife is something else. You realize she just gave you permission to fuck her husband, don't you? You need to find a subtle way to move it from looking to touching. I once teased my brother into taking action by asking him to wake me at a certain time, and then I pretended to be hard to wake up. I made sure I was naked and uncovered when he came to wake me. Once he thought I wouldn't wake up, his hands were all over me. Figure out your own approach.

Reliving her description of the shower incident has me horny as hell. It's hard to concentrate throughout the day as I try to solve computer problems. Only a couple of the problems are challenging enough to distract me from thinking about Lauren's body. A meeting at a client's office keeps me tied up until dinnertime, so I'm not home when Lauren and Cindy get home. Dinner is uneventful and Lauren goes out with some friends afterwards.

"I have an idea." Cindy says, as soon as Lauren is out of the house. She's over by the DVD player, inserting a movie. "You know how we've talked about a threesome, but never had the nerve to approach anyone?" She pushes play and her favorite threesome video comes on.

"You're thinking of Lauren for a threesome?" I ask, my cock hardening at the thought.

"Why not?" Cindy says, kneeling on the couch next to me and unbuttoning my shirt. "She isn't shy about her body around either of us." She says, tossing my shirt aside and opening my pants. "I think she'd be perfect." Cindy continues, pulling my pants off my feet. Kneeling between my legs, she lowers her head towards my rigid cock. "Wouldn't you like to see us eating each other?" She asks, taking a long lick of my cock. "Wouldn't you like to have two women doing that to you?" Nodding her head towards the TV, where two women are sharing a blowjob, taking turns licking and sucking the guy's cock and balls.

"Fuck yes!" I moan as Cindy slowly glides her lips down my saliva-coated shaft. Leaning back, I watch the video, imagining the two women as Lauren and Cindy while enjoying my wife's expertise on my cock. Cindy keeps her hands and mouth active on my balls and my cock, almost giving me the sensation of two people. I close my eyes and let my imagination run with it, building the tension in my balls. She sucks my balls while gliding her hand up and down my slick cock, and then sucks my cock back into her mouth, while caressing my balls with her fingertips.

"Oh fuck!" I moan, as my cock explodes into the back of Cindy's throat. I jerk my hips against her mouth as she sucks and swallows multiple loads of cum.

"Mmmm. I guess you like my idea." Cindy smiles, as she finishes cleaning up my cock with her mouth. Quickly shedding her clothes, she joins me on the couch, leaning back and spreading her legs. "Lauren's not here, so I guess you're stuck with the chore of eating my wet pussy." She says, as the video progresses to a daisy chain of eating and sucking.

"I've always been good at getting my chores done!" I answer, diving into her muff and plunging my tongue into her hot, slithery hole. Closing my eyes, images of Lauren's blonde pussy fill my head as I tongue fuck my wife. Cindy grabs handfuls of my hair, pulling me tightly against her, and bucking her pussy into my face. As I suck her clit into my mouth, I wonder if she has a plan to get Lauren to agree to a threesome.

"Ohhhhhhh! God!" Cindy screams, as her orgasm shakes her body and she clamps her legs around my head. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She yells, as the vibrations roll through her and she trembles against my face. Her fingers are entwined in my hair and she pulls hard one last time, before releasing her grip and loosening her legs. I gulp air like a drowning man, before lapping up her thick, flowing juice.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, Jim!" Cindy cries, pulling me up on top of her. She has one leg over the back of the couch and one foot on the floor, inviting me into her wide-open, dripping pussy. My recovered cock slides right into her drenched hole and she thrusts her ass off the couch to meet my rapid strokes.

"Yes! Fuck me fast and hard!" Cindy yells, as I pummel her enflamed pussy with my jackhammering rhythm. She cups her hands around my ass cheeks pulling me into her and encouraging my rapid pace. On the video, one girl is straddling the others face, while the guy slams his cock into her ass. Visions of us doing that with Lauren, mixed with the urgency of our lovemaking, push me over the top.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! I'm cumming again!" Cindy moans, digging her nails into my ass cheeks, just as I shoot my load deep inside her hot pussy. Clenching her pussy muscles around my cock, she maintains her grip on my ass, while shivering through wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Collapsing on her chest, I thrust my tongue in her mouth, kissing her passionately, while our bodies struggle to recover from our intense coupling.

"Do you think you can handle two of us?" Cindy asks, smiling, as our breathing returns to normal.

"Do you think she'll agree to it?" I ask, never doubting that I can handle it.

"If you can seduce her into fucking you, I think I can turn it into a threesome." Cindy smiles, kissing me on the lips. Cindy explains her plan to me and it actually sounds feasible. All I have to do is get Lauren to fuck me. It's a good thing I'm already working on it.

Cindy and I go to bed before Lauren gets home. The next morning, there's a note from Cindy on the kitchen counter.

Uncle Jim, Got home late, blowing off first class. Please wake me at 10 o'clock. Thanks, Lauren

It's 9:20, Cindy's already at work. I check Lauren's blog, but she didn't write anything when she got home last night. My cock is hard already, imagining what I'm going to find when I open Lauren's door at 10 o'clock. She is taking every suggestion I give her. I think about ways to suggest a threesome, planting the seed for Cindy's plan to work.

At 9:45, I can't wait any longer. I walk down the hall and quietly open Lauren's bedroom door. I suck in my breath and my heart races, as my eyes take in the vision lying before me. I expected her to be naked and uncovered. I didn't expect this! I stand in the doorway, slowly taking deep breaths and willing my heart to slow down.

Lauren is indeed uncovered, lying on her back on the bed. Her head is on her pillow, her eyes are closed and her blonde hair is cascading down around her shoulders. Her perfect tits are lying on her chest, their weight pulling them slightly to the sides, creating an enticingly, curvy valley between them. Her right arm extends down across her flat stomach and her hand disappears inside her blue bikini panties. This is what caused me to lose my breath. Her shapely legs are spread apart and her fingers appear to be inside her pussy.

I take two tentative steps into her bedroom, my eyes never leaving her divine body. I know she's not asleep, yet I have to maintain the illusion that I'm trying not to wake her. I carefully sit on the edge of the bed and slowly run my eyes up and down her body. He nipples are erect, poking out at a slight angle from the top of her tits. Her areolas are smaller than Cindy's, but the perfect size for Lauren's tits. I watch her tits rise and fall with her gentle breathing. Looking at her eyes, I can barely make out the slit she's peeking through to see what I'm going to do.

"Lauren." I call to her. "Lauren." I repeat a little louder, not expecting an answer.

I lay my hand on her stomach and pretend to watch for her reaction. I know she won't react, but I have to continue the charade. Her flesh is smooth and warm. My cock hardens even more, creating an obvious tent in my shorts. I slowly skim my hand over her ribs and lightly cup her left breast. I want to suck her hard nipples, but I control myself, as I gently cup her right breast with my other hand. There is a huge difference between a quick glimpse in a mirror and sitting next to someone with your hands on her tits. They are warm, soft and pliable, as I enjoy the feel of them swelling in my hands, with each breath she takes. I squeeze ever so lightly, disrupting the perfect sphere and pushing her nipples out slightly. When I release them, they spring back to their perfect circular shape.

I turn my attention to her blue bikini panties. Knowing I'm being watched, I lean my face down to within an inch of her pussy and breathe in deeply. Her familiar scent is intoxicating and I wish I could drink from her loving cup. With her legs spread, the thin material of her moist panties is stretched tightly, clearly outlining the back of her hand. Peering closely I can see that two of her fingers are inside her pussy.

I slip one finger of each hand into the waistband of her panties and slowly peel them down over her hand. Her palm is resting against her mound and her middle two fingers are inside her pussy. Blonde pubic hair is curling around the sides of her hand and between her fingers. Her wet pussy lips are glistening around her two inserted fingers. I want so badly to replace them with my tongue, but I know I can't... not yet! Shifting my hard cock into a more comfortable position, I lightly wrap my hand around hers. Very gradually, holding my breath, I withdraw her fingers from her slick pussy, while watching her face with my eyes.

When her fingers are fully extracted from her pussy, I gently lay her hand on the bed beside her. Her slightly swollen pussy lips are wide open and juice is slowing dripping down her ass. She must have gotten herself off just before I came in her bedroom. With my finger, I skim a drop of her juice as it drips out and bring it to my lips. Running my tongue across my fingertip, I get my first taste of my niece's delectable pussy. Closing my eyes, I savor the taste and then can't resist just a little more. Knowing that she isn't asleep and I don't really have to be concerned with waking her, I gently run my finger the length of her pussy lips, coating it with her hot juice. A low moan escapes her lips, but she doesn't wake up. Holding my finger under my nose for a minute, I again breathe in her fragrant aroma, before sucking the juice from it. I'm so fucking hard, I feel like I could cum in my shorts without even touching myself.

Reluctantly, I roll her panties up over her mouthwatering pussy, covering her sexy blonde patch. Grabbing the edge of her sheet, I slowly pull it over her tantalizing body, laying it across her neck and shoulders. Leaning over the bed, I grip one shoulder with my hand and gently shake her. I'm not even trying to hide my erection.

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