Exhibitionist Niece Moves In


"Lauren, it's 10 o'clock. Time to get up." I call to her, while shaking her shoulders.

"Mmmmm. What?" Lauren mumbles, rubbing her eyes and sitting up. The sheet falls to her waist, revealing her creamy, white mounds and hard, pink nipples. She pretends not to notice as she keeps rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Uh, you said to, uh, wake you up." I stammer, my eyes glued to her luring tits. She opens her eyes and stares at the bulge, my throbbing cock is making in my shorts.

"Oops." She laughs, pulling the sheet up to her chin. "Sorry about that." She says, still staring at my cock. She could be apologizing for letting her sheet drop or for making my cock hard. Not that it matters.

"No, uh, problem." I manage to say, backing out of her room, as her eyes shift to my face. She's smiling at my discomfort as I turn and leave. Fuck! I put my finger to my nose again, breathing in her scent, as I head to my basement office.

"Goodbye, Uncle Jim." Lauren calls from the top of the stairs."

"Goodbye. Have a great day!" I call back, as I log onto my tech support web page and manage to push Lauren from my mind, for only a few minutes at a time, throughout the rest of the day.

I'm logging off for the day, when I hear footsteps above me. Lauren must be home from class. The basement door opens and I catch sight of her shapely legs as she descends the stairs. She is again wearing a very short skirt and a cropped top without a bra. She smiles when she sees me watching her.

"Hi, Uncle Jim. How was your day?" She asks, kissing me on the cheek.

"Good. How about yours?" I ask, keeping my eyes on my computer screen. Lauren moves behind my chair and starts rubbing my shoulders. Her hands feel good, but this time I don't detect her aroma on her fingers. She leans her head down next to mine and her warm breath against my ear makes my cock swell.

"I was awake this morning when you came in my room." She whispers, her lips almost touching my earlobe.

"Oh?" I answer, noncommittally, turning my face toward hers.

"Yeah." She says, brushing her lips against mine. "Your hands felt wonderful, Uncle Jim." She purrs, sliding her left hand from my shoulder and running it across my chest. I loved the way you touched me." She says, moving her body from behind my chair to stand beside me. "You were so gentle and loving." She continues, taking both my hands in hers, she slides them up under her top and presses my palms against her aroused nipples.

Gently squeezing her beckoning tits, I move my hands in a circular motion, teasing her stiffening nipples against my palms. My cock is rock hard and I roll my chair back slightly to get more comfortable. As her breathing quickens, her tits swell in my hands, pressing her hard nipples into my palms.

"Mmmmm. Uncle Jim." She sighs, swinging her leg over my lap and straddling me on the chair. With one hand on either side of my face, she pushes her tongue inside my mouth while rocking back and forth against my hard cock. Pushing her top over her tits, and pulling her against me, I slide my hands under her skirt and cup her bare ass cheeks. She's naked under her skirt and she's rocking her bare pussy against the bulge in my shorts.

Breaking the kiss and locking her eyes on mine, Lauren reaches between us and unfastens my shorts. Raising her ass off of my lap, she pulls my zipper down, and reaches in to release my hard cock. I'm not wearing any underwear, so my cock readily springs forth. She smiles as she rubs the head against her wet pussy lips.

Never breaking eye contact, she hesitates and raises one eyebrow at me. I realize this is it. I'm really going to fuck my niece! I could still stop. I could push her away before I commit incest and violate the trust her parents have put in us. Or could I?

She smiles again, and decides my morale dilemma for me by slowly lowering herself onto my throbbing cock. Oh fuck! She feels so good; so hot, so wet, so velvety soft. Her pussy molds itself around my cock, as she pushes her tongue back inside my mouth.

"Oh god! Uncle Jim!" Lauren cries, as I push my hard cock deeper inside her fiery pussy. Before we have a chance to start a rhythm, the basement door opens.

"You still down here?" Cindy calls from the top of the stairs. Lauren jumps off my lap, pulling her top down over her tits and smoothing her skirt.

"Yeah, we're down here." I yell, zipping my shorts up and turning back towards my computer. Cindy stops halfway down the stairs.

"You two want to go out for Italian tonight?" She asks, her eyes shifting from my lap to Lauren's nipples, hard as steel, poking through her top. "I've got some coupons for that new restaurant downtown."

"Sure, that'd be great, Aunt Cindy." Lauren says, her face still flush.

"Yeah, I'm done here." I answer, shutting down Windows.

"Okay, I'll get changed and be ready in a few minutes." Cindy says, turning to go back up the stairs. As Cindy disappears through the door, Lauren leans down and kisses me hard on the lips.

"We'll continue this later." I say, grazing my hand up her inner thigh. Lauren spreads her legs as my hand brushes against her pussy lips. I part her moist lips and slip my thumb inside her sopping wet pussy.

"Ohhhh, Uncle Jim!" Lauren moans, leaning her hand on my shoulder and humping against my thumb. I squeeze her ass cheeks with my other hand.

"We'd better get upstairs." I say, pulling my thumb from her wet pussy and standing up. I smile as I put my thumb in my mouth and suck on her juices. Pulling her to me, I kiss her hard, pressing my throbbing cock against her aroused pussy mound.

"You guys ready?" Cindy calls from the top of the stairs.

"I'll say we are!" I whisper to Lauren. As we ascend the stairs, I slip my hand under Lauren's skirt, squeezing her bare ass cheeks on each step. I can't wait to tell Cindy how things have progressed.

"So, what did I interrupt in the basement?" Cindy asks later, as we're getting ready for bed. After dinner, we walked around downtown, window-shopping. We got home a few minutes ago and Lauren went straight to her room.

"Lauren had just settled herself on my hard cock when you called downstairs." I answer, lying naked on the bed. I'm on my back with my semi-erect cock pointing toward the headboard. "Would you like to know what she tastes like?" I ask, holding my cock in my hand and offering it to her.

"You were really fucking her?" She asks, crawling up on the bed between my legs.

"Not exactly. Mmmmm." I moan, as Cindy devours my cock in one quick suck. "We, uh, she had just sat down on it when you interrupted us. We hadn't even moved yet. Your timing was perfect." I add, closing my eyes, while Cindy slides her lips up and down my fully aroused cock.

"Yum." Cindy says, pulling her mouth off my cock, but continuing to glide her hand up and down my shaft. "You taste like pussy!" She laughs. "Tell me how it happened." She says, as she feeds my cock back into her warm, wet mouth.

I explain everything, beginning with going into Lauren's room to wake her up and finding her naked with her fingers in her pussy. By the time I'm done describing our basement encounter, I'm frantically bucking my ass off the bed, humping my cock into my wife's talented mouth. She's teasing my balls, sucking my cock and flicking her tongue along the sensitive underside of my shaft. I erupt, jerkily, shooting huge, goopy streams of cum into her mouth. She sucks and swallows until I am fully spent and I lie back on my pillow trying to catch my breath.

"Was she tight?" Cindy asks, as she lightly teases my cock with her tongue. "What did her pussy feel like, wrapped around your hard cock?"

"She was very tight." I answer, enjoying the slow, tantalizing tongue moving up and down my spent shaft. "Her pussy was like a hot, velvet glove, molded around my cock." I say, closing my eyes and reliving the feeling. "As soon as I was inside of her, she hungrily shoved her tongue in my mouth." I tell her, my cock reviving quickly from the memory of Lauren and from Cindy's expert licks and nibbles. "She has such a teenage body, I felt like I was back in high school again." I laugh.

"Getting caught by mom, huh?" Cindy asks, laughing with me.

"Yeah, something like that." I say, pushing my recovered cock against Cindy's moist lips. "Except my mom, never got me off or encouraged me to described all the details to her."

"Too bad." Cindy laughs, kissing her way up my body until she's straddling my hard cock. "I'm not sure how favorably I'll compare to your tight, new friend, but I don't care right now. You've gotten me so fucking horny talking about her and leaving her taste on your cock." Cindy slides her pussy down around my cock and I feel like I'm in heaven. She's not as tight as Lauren, but her pussy muscles grip my cock like only an experienced lover can do.

"Oh fuck! Baby, you are the best!" I moan, grabbing her ample tits and squeezing while I push my cock deeper inside her hot pussy.

"Am I velvety enough for you?" Cindy teases as she rolls her hips and massages my cock with her pussy muscles.

"Oh fuck velvety!" I cry. "What you do to me is beyond comparing to our young exhibitionist niece." Cindy sets the pace and I hump my ass off the bed, matching my strokes to her rhythm.

"Suck my nipples!" Cindy begs, as she leans forward dangling her tits in my face. I comply, sucking her right tit into my mouth and nibbling on her hard nipple.

"Bite it!" Cindy cries. "Make it hurt, Jim!" She pleads. I sink my teeth into her erect nipple, twisting my head side to side, the way she likes it, as I flick my tongue over the tip. She's riding the entire length of my shaft as I switch to her other nipple and do the same thing.

"Oh yes!" She yells, pulling her pussy lips all the way to the tip of my cock before slamming back down around it. She's setting a frenetic pace as I assault her hard nipples with my teeth. Leaning further forward, she pulls my teeth from her nipples, pressing her tits into my chest, as she rocks uncontrollably. Reaching behind her, I cup her ass cheeks for a second before striking each one with a loud, hard smack.

"Oh fuck yes! Spank my ass!" Cindy pants, as she pulls herself more tightly against me. A few more smacks and she's shaking violently.

"I'm cumming! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Goddamn! Keep spanking me!" Cindy yells, clamping her pussy tightly around my hard cock. I slap her a few more times as she shivers and shakes through a tumultuous orgasm. Collapsing against my chest, her quivering pussy pulsating around my hard, throbbing cock.

"You haven't cum yet, have you?" Cindy asks, gently rocking her body on my hard cock.

"Huh uh." I shake my head. "I'm sure you'll fix that after you've rested a minute." I smile. "You are hedonic!" I say. "Do you want some lotion on your ass before we continue?" I ask.

"Not yet." Cindy answers. "I want you to spank me some more and then fuck my ass." She says, lifting her head and smiling at me. "You think Lauren is tight! I'll show you tight!"

And she does. Laying her across my lap, her juices soaking my thighs, I spank her bottom until it's glowing red. Applying moisturizing lotion to her hot ass cheeks, I lubricate her asshole, eliciting moans when I insert my finger and twist it around. Positioning herself on all fours, at the edge of the bed and relaxing her sphincter, she eagerly welcomes my hard cock into her tight puckered asshole. We haven't done this in a while and she is extremely tight, as I slide my hard cock all the way into her lubricated ass.

"Ohhhh yeah!" She moans, as my balls slap against her pussy lips. With my hands on her hips, pulling her towards me, I pump my hard cock in and out of her tight ass. She's fingering her clit, and pushing back against me, as I increase the speed of my strokes. As her tight ass convulses around my cock, I shoot my built up load deep inside of her. We collapse together on the bed, my cock buried inside her ass, both of us gasping for air.

"Tight enough?" She asks, as I ease my cock from her ass and lie beside her.

"Fuck yes!" I answer. "Rolling her towards me and kissing her passionately. "You've got no competition from anyone, with your pussy, your ass or your mouth." I reassure her. "Have I missed any orifices?" I laugh.

"I don't think so." She answers. "She tastes pretty good though, doesn't she?" Cindy asks.

"Not as good as you." I answer.

"I'm not looking for compliments, Jim." She sighs. "I'm not trying to compete with Lauren, I'm just commenting that she tastes good." She kisses me on the lips. "You're not going to be jealous when I get off with her are you?" She asks.

"Not as long as I'm there to watch." I answer, honestly. "I love you, Cindy! You are the most wonderful wife in the entire fucking world!"

"Tomorrow's a big day." She says, kissing me again. "Let's get some sleep, so we're up for it."

"I'll be up for it, don't worry." I laugh, kissing her and rolling over. Fuck, if everything goes well, two amazingly sexy women will be sharing my bed with me tomorrow night. I drift off to sleep dreaming about Lauren and Cindy eating each other to orgasms before sharing my dick between them.

The next morning, Cindy and Lauren are both gone by the time I get up. I eat some cereal and log onto Lauren's blog.

BBBarbie: I was so close to fucking my uncle! In fact, I had his large cock inside me and was just starting to move when my Aunt came home. Thank god, we didn't get caught. I had asked him to wake me in the morning. When he came in, I pretended I was asleep. I was naked except for bikini panties and I had two fingers in my pussy. When I didn't wake up right away, his hands were all over me. I was so wet, I got myself off in the shower before I went to school.

VoyGirl: Did he put his cock in you while he thought you were asleep?????

BBBarbie: No, that was later when I got home from school. We were the only ones home. I started massaging his shoulders and whispered that I had been awake the whole time he was touching me. We kissed and then he started playing with my tits and I opened his shorts and took out his gorgeous cock! I slid it up inside me and started kissing him again as I got used to his size. That's when my Aunt came home! He said we'd continue later. I stayed wet all night hoping he'd find a way to sneak into my bedroom, but he didn't.

VoyGirl: Wow! So is tomorrow the big day?

BBBarbie: I hope so! I'm so fucking horny! When I get home from school tomorrow, I hope. We usually have a couple of hours before my Aunt gets home. That should be plenty.

VoyGirl: Details! What's his cock like?

BBBarbie: It looked really big, but it fit perfectly. I felt full, but not uncomfortably. It all happened so fast, I barely got a look at it. I'm hoping tomorrow to be able to give it some special attention.

VoyGirl: Sounds deliciously incestuous! Gotta go for now. Details tomorrow, okay?

BBBarbie: You got it!

I send her a private message from HippieGirl to lay the groundwork for a threesome.

HippieGirl: Hey BBBarbie, wow, you're on your way! Once he's fucked you, you own him! I used to wait until a guy was addicted to my pussy and then start exerting subtle control. Like, please, please don't fuck your wife tonight; I want to feel like you're all mine for just one day. When he insisted he had to fuck her, I'd beg him to sneak me in to watch. You may be able to take this where I never could; I always thought the ultimate control would be to get him to include me in a threesome with his wife. The way your aunt is using you to get him off, it may be possible. Think about it. That would be the ultimate control. Keep me posted.

I log off her blog and log onto the tech support web site, my mind whirling with erotic images of Lauren and Cindy.

Cindy comes home early to put our plan in place. She is going to stay in our bedroom, out of sight until the right moment.

When Lauren gets home, she comes straight down to the basement without taking time to change. She's wearing loose shorts and a halter-top, with her bra straps showing.

"Hey Uncle Jim." She greets me, kissing me on the lips and running her hand up my thigh.

"Hey yourself!" I answered, squeezing her ass cheeks through her shorts. "God! I could hardly wait for you to get home today." I tell her.

"Me too." She whispers, squeezing my growing erection through my shorts.

"I've just got to finish this e-mail and log off. Why don't you go up to your room and get comfortable, I'll be there in a minute." I say, kissing her lips again and giving her ass one more squeeze.

"Sounds great." She smiles. "I'll be very comfortable by the time you get there. Don't be long."

"I'll be right there!" I assure her, logging off the computer. I dial Cindy's cell phone and she answers on the first ring. She had set it to vibrate before Lauren got home.

"She's on her way to her room. When I join her, I'll leave the door open a few inches." I turn the phone off without waiting for her to answer. We aren't taking the chance that Lauren might hear her voice from the bedroom. I give Lauren a few minutes and then climb the stairs to join her.

"Wow!" I exhale, as I enter Lauren's room. She's lying on her back, completely naked, smiling at me. I drop my clothes on the floor and sit beside her on the bed, staring at her perfect body.

"You are so beautiful." I whisper, reverently, as my eyes travel the length of her body, memorizing every curve. I lean down and suck her left nipple into my mouth, while I run hand across her stomach and rest my palm on her triangular blonde patch. Since our plan requires her to be in a heightened state of arousal, Cindy and I agreed that I wouldn't eat her just yet, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to taste her delicious juices. While nibbling on her erect nipple, I part her wet pussy lips and slide two fingers up inside of her

"Oh Uncle Jim!" Lauren moans, pulling her knees up off the bed and spreading her legs wider. Winding her fingers through my hair, she pulls my face tighter against her soft tit. Her pussy is soaking wet and instead of finger-fucking her, I use my fingers to scoop up a gob of her juices. Raising my head from her nipple, I suck my fingers into my mouth, savoring her taste.

"I want to continue where we left off yesterday." I tell her, as her fingers close around my hard cock. "Your pussy was like a tight, velvet glove around my cock. I can't wait to recapture that feeling." I say, looking directly into her eyes, like she did in mine the day before.

Kneeling between her legs and positioning my throbbing cock against her glistening pussy lips, I lower my body onto hers. She pulls her knees up and spreads her legs to give me greater access. As her hard nipples brush my chest, and I push my tongue into her welcoming mouth, my cock glides into her anxious, hot pussy.

"Oh god! Oh fuck!" Lauren cries and I can't help but agree with her sentiments. Her pussy is so hot, wet and quivering that I'm afraid I'll blow my load right now! I hold perfectly still for a minute as we continue to kiss feverishly. Lauren starts the rhythm, humping her ass off the bed and rocking my body on top of her. I pick it up quickly and start thrusting into her enflamed pussy.

"Oh God! Uncle Jim!" Lauren moans, digging her nails into my back.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Cindy's voice booms through the room as she pushes open the door. "Get off of her!" Cindy yells, pulling me by my waist and disengaging me from Lauren's soggy pussy. "Get the fuck out of here! I'll deal with you later!" She yells, pushing me towards the door. I pull the door behind me, leaving enough space to see and hear what happens in the bedroom. Cindy is sitting on the bed and has gathered Lauren's naked body into her arms. I'm standing in the hallway, my hard cock dripping pussy juice on the carpeting.

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