Exhibitionist Over The Edge


“ Mac? “ Joy intoned.

“ Yeah, baby. I’m right here! What you want? Some of Mac’s big dick? “ He answered.

“ Later, Mac. Later. What I want you to do now is to look in the night stand drawer and get that tube of K Y jelly out for me. Will you do that? “

Mac stood up, his massive tool swaying and bobbing in front of him, and retrieved the fresh tube.

“ What you want me to do with it, baby doll? You need some on your pussy? “ Mac asked hopefully.

“ Yes! Yes, I need for you to massage lots of it all over my cunt and up inside of my hole. Then put some in the crack of my butt and all on my butt hole. O.K., Mac? Will you do that for me? “ joy whimpered and hoisted her ass even higher.

“ Sure, baby! Glad to! “

Mac thoroughly greased and slickened Joy’s pussy and ass cleft with the greasy K Y, paying special attention to fingering gobs of it up inside her fuck slit and flexing sphincter. When he was finished she thanked him and told him to look in the bottom drawer of the other end table. He did and handed her the two fuck toys she had stashed in there. All of our eyes bulged at what we saw! Two dildo / vibrators of gigantic proportions, both totally covered with thick ridges and bumps. One was at least fifteen inches long and shiny black in color. It was as thick as a man’s wrist and curved upward at an angle so as to hit her “ G “ spot when it was fucked up inside her tender pussy flesh. The other was neon blue and transparent to allow people to see all the little gears and switches that made it squirm and rotate like a demented cobra when turned on. Not quite as thick as the other one, but a couple of inches longer. Both were awesome looking weapons of pussy destruction! Joy held one in each hand and did her magic to get them in position to go to work on her sex. Twisted a little like a pretzel, she didn’t seem to mind as soon as the vibrating, throbbing, squirming heads touched her clit and asshole!

“ Ooooooooohhhhhh, yeah! Uuuummmmm, that feels so good! So good on my wet pussy! Does it look good? Does it look good to you guys? “ Joy intoned.

A chorus of “ Fuck yeah! “ “ Damn straight, baby doll! “ “ Hottest shit I ever seen you little bitch! “ “ Fuck it, baby! Fuck it hard! “ rang out in support of her perverted display. I knew how tight Joy’s pussy was and how tender her asshole was so I thought this must all be for show. No way she could take even half the rubber cock she had slithering around between her legs and cheeks! No fucking way! I had no alternative but to wait, watch, and see….

Joy kept up the pumping motion with her ass, holding one dildo where it sawed up and down between her spread lips and vulva while pressing the thickness and length of the other deep into the greased crack of her backside so the friction of her humping would heat up her sphincter to make it a bit more pliable when the time for penetration came.

Mac had lubed Joy to the max and each pelvic thrust made a soft. liquid squishing sound and us guys could tell that her own juices were flowing heavily again because that old familiar heated musky aroma was rapidly filling the room again. Within minutes of her getting on the bed she had worked up a thick froth of mixed lube and cunt milk. Running so thick a man could drink it out of her with a straw! She grunted and lifted her stomach up a few more inches. She slap slathered the big, bulging head of the black dildo around her slit to open it up and wedged it between her shaved lips. Rolling her hips round and round a few times, then Joy bucked down on the obscenely big head trying to penetrate her precious vulva! Keeping the pressure on, body quaking and straining, Joy gives out a loud grunting moan as her pussy distends to its’ maximum and swallows the first three inches of her plastic lover.


She tensed and flexed over and over again as the pain of partially torn pussy flesh seared her belly. The dildo was still tight in her cunt and she lay quivering with it hanging out of her gaping slit. I was horrified that my hot and slutty woman might have done permanent damage to her little pussy in an attempt to impress us all. But, then again, the sight of her laying there like that-dressed fine, sexy, and slutty, humiliated by the fact that she has surely ruptured her very own pussy meat in a vainglorious attempt to show how far she could go, and now in such pain and discomfort that she is afraid to even attempt to “ unstuff “ herself gives me a feeling of domination. A feeling of power over this one that only minutes ago had us all eating out of the palm of her hand. I could sense it in a couple of the other men also. It would soon infect us all. We eyed one another for a moment, trying to decide what course to take. But really there was no choice once it got this far. I nodded to my companions and went to Joy’s “ aide “. She still wailed from the unbearable pressure being put upon her inner walls and now I could see slight traces of blood mixing in with the seepage running from her still oven like belly.

“ Please help me! Help me get it out! It is so big! I thought I could take it for you but I can’t! I can’t! Get it out, please! “

All of us went to her and held her down. There was nothing we could possibly do to get this gargantuan piece of fuck rubber out of her clamped down and spasming pussy but pull it out the way it went in. I got the K Y jelly and instructed the others to hold Joy down and hold on. She begged and pleaded and cried, and cried some more but she really knew this was the quickest way out of her problem. The dildo had not budged an inch since she impaled herself upon it, if anything it had been sucked deeper due to the sucking spasms from inside.

“ Hold her, “ I ordered. Joy thrashed and the dildo bobbed and danced a bizarre “ cunt dance “ with her every move. I gobbed the K Y all over her crotch and finally took hold of the length still protruding from her.

“ You’re going to tear me apart! Please don’t do it! PLEASE!!! “ Were Joy’s last words on the matter.

Eight strong hands held her in position while I twisted first left, then right, and pulled easily outward. It gave a bit and she groaned but with just one more tug the obscene invader popped free. A river of fuck spunk poured forth from her still gaping cunt lips but there was very little blood mixed in with that sweet nectar. We released her and she tried to get up off the bed.

“ Oh, my! I…I think I am …going to be sick…” Joy half gagged. “ Gotta go to the bathroom…..just a minute…”

I grabbed her by the arm and held her fast on the mattress.” We know what you need and we are going to give it to you right now.” I told her with a little menace in my voice. First thing you’re going to do is suck Mac’s cock! Suck it all the way down to his balls to get it ready to fuck that cunt of yours! “

Joy glared at the huge slab of black meat dangling between Mac’s legs and trembled. Watching hung black men in xxx movies, especially when they were fucking white women full of their gigantic cocks, always turned her on to the max but now that it was showtime and she was the star attraction the thought of choking down that much cock then having her pussy ( or, Dear God, her asshole! ) pounded unmercifully by it didn’t appeal to her very much at all!

“ No! I won’t do it! I just want to use my toys and you all watch me…I don’t want to be fucked!”

“ That didn’t seem to be the case an hour ago when you had one in your mouth and the rest pumping your cunt! “ I replied. “ Get over here Mac and give her a taste of that big radiator hose! I know she really wants it because of the way she has been looking at it all night. Come on over here, damn it! “

When Mac stood beside the bed with his hanging tool inches from Joy’s lips, Joey knelt behind her and buried his face against her pussy and bulging asshole.

“ oooooooooaaaaaaannnnnnnnn,” She whined at the sensation of having her clit sucked once more. “ soooooooo goooooooood! Soooooooooo hotttttt on my pussyyyyyyy!”

Mac arched his hips toward her face and Carl began fingering her asshole. It was too much, as she knew it would be, and she leaned forward. Mac’s cock was so long and thick that he had to hold it up to her mouth for her to suck for several minutes until it became fully hard. While her mouth was busy working that black shaft the rest of her new lovers were busy behind her fighting for a position to suck her throbbing asshole or run a tongue up in her pussy. I watched awhile until I was certain Mac was up to full hard then I made some changes in the arrangements.

I told Mac to get on his back with his big, cunt busting tool up for riding and I got the others to help me manhandle Joy into position above him. The thoughts of being stuffed full of this monstrous black cock and fucked deeply and unmercifully beyond anything she could ever imagine had her so hot that the liquids were literally dripping and running from the opened lips of her pussy. But still she was a little reluctant to begin being impaled so she needed all the “ encouragement “ we could offer. Massaging her big nipples, rubbing her ass and swollen clitoris, and finally easing her down until the big, helmet shaped, bulbous cock head pressed against her vulva.

“ Come on, Baby! Fuck down on that big cock. You know you want it, don’t you? “ I coaxed my quivering woman.

“ Oh, yes! Yesss! But, but I’ll have to go slow! It’s so damned big! It will hurt me! Let me take it slow and easy…if I can even do that! “Joy hissed between clenched teeth. With that she took control and placed her palms on Mac’s hairy chest for balance. Round and round she squirmed her hips to get his shaft started between her pussy lips. Her big, heavy hanging titties made slow circles in Mac’s face. While he held his tool upright for her to pump, Joy finally arched her back and pushed her cunt onto the offered slab of fuck meat and four thick inches slipped up into her belly!

“ Oooooooohhhhhhhh, Goooooddddddd!!!” Joy grunted and squealed as she felt the inner flesh of her precious pussy stretch wide. “ Gaaaawwwwwwdddddd Damnnnn! It’s so thick! Uuuuummmmmnnnnn, yeah! Yeah! Oh, yessssssssss!!! “

I stepped back and stroked my rock hard erection as I admired the way Joy fucked, pumped, and rode Mac’s monster cock! Her lips were obscenely stretched and gaped but the thick flow of fuck milk still oozed from inside her to soak both her sex and Mac’s cock and sperm laden balls. A sheen of perspiration soon broke out on her brow and chest as she diligently worked to open herself up for more cock. Carl was rubbing, kneading, and squeezing the flesh of her hot ass and eased a finger up to her bulging asshole and slipped it inside. Joy jerked, groaned, then began pumping even harder!

“ That’s so good! So good up in my pussy, guys! Does it look good? Does it look hot fucking me full? “

We all grunted our agreement and appreciation as she arched her ass high, giving a full view of the splayed lips of her dripping vulva. Groaning at the invasion of another couple of inches, Joy fucked herself farther down onto Mac’s thick, throbbing fuck tool.

“ Unnnnggggggghhhhhh!!! Ooohhhhuuuunnnngggggg!!! “ Dear God I’ve never had this much…been this full…so much fucking cock up in me…ooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!! “

Almost paralyzed with the painful stretching of her tender cunt flesh, Joy just sat there with seven inches of super sized black cock pumped up inside her lilly white pussy. Goose bumps sprang out all over her body and her nipples were so hard they looked painful, sticking outward over an inch. Joey put his mouth to good use on her engorged boobs and Carl slipped another finger up her ass. I could barely hold my cum load as I watched her sphincter flex and bulge to swallow his probing digits and Mac’s black meat give her pussy something it never ever expected!

“ Fuck fire you hot little bitch! I can’t stand no more of this teasing! Ol’ Mac wants to do some fuckin’! You hold on now while I fuck that little pussy of yours awhile! “ Mac told my over-the-edge wife. Wrapping both hands around her waist he secured a tight grip on her.

“ No! Oh, no! Not now! No! I can’t! Let me…let me ride it…please!!! “ Joy begged to no avail as Mac’s hips bucked upward sharply. So tightly packed and soundly stuffed was her fuck tunnel that even with a hard stroke like he gave, only three more inches plowed inside her tortured womb. This, none the less, made her howl with pleasure/ pain and she could only sit there, impaled on that monstrously huge, chocolate colored cock and take the fucking Mac dished out! With him pumping and hunching, trying desperately to get all the way up inside Joy’s belly, she began wailing softly and whining whenever he pressed against her womb or cervix. She got loud enough that I feared someone in the adjoining rooms might overhear. I told one of her fuck buddies to go around in front of her and put a cock in her mouth to shut her up before someone called downstairs. Two guys jumped at the chance and she immediately had a mouthful of hard dick to suck and another right in her face awaiting its’ turn in her gullet. Things were really shaping up to suit me and my long held fantasy so I sat down to watch, jerk, drink, and snort while Joy’s new hung friends gave her the fuck thrashing of a lifetime!

Her big red lips soon were sucking frantically from one cock to the other. Her eyes were closed most of the time but when she opened her eyelids occasionally her eyeballs were rolled partially back in their sockets. Her shaved pussy eventually was forced to stretch and open up for Mac’s foot long tool and he was pump fucking her with long, steady, gut deep strokes that had to be rearranging all the organs up in her belly-cervix, womb, fallopian tubes, everything inside her. Her straining cunt and tortured fuck meat deep inside still gushed fuck milk in a steady flow. It churned into a froth between her and Mac. Streams of spit and oozing precum ran from her lips and bathed the tanned flesh of her swaying breasts. And all the while Carl was behind her, fingering her asshole, making that brown sphincter open and flex, close and suck on two- three-then four fingers as Joy lost herself in total slutty abandon. A woman totally fucked down and loving every minute and inch of it!!!

Carl finally decided it was time to get a taste of my perverted ladies now loosened asshole and positioned himself behind her with his dick laying in the greasy crack of her hot, pumping ass. He pumped it back and forth a few times in her crack before pressing the head firmly up against Joy’s puckering sphincter. She definitely noticed his attention and whirled her head around to look at what was taking place between her soaked cheeks.

“ I…I…I don’t…think…I can take it…Not two at…two at once! God, you’ll split me open! I’m so full now I feel like I’m about to gag! Please… don’t…not…not right now! “

Joy pleaded with her Fuck Masters but it fell on deaf ears because all of the visiting Cock Masters were intent on getting off themselves, no matter the price Joy paid. Carl punched his hips forward hard. The head of his 8” popped inside Joy’s ass muscle. She groaned with the certain knowledge she was to be double fucked. Carl grabbed her hips and lunged forward, burying the entire length of his cock in her ass with one mighty stroke. Just as she started to squeal at the painful invasion Joey grabbed her hair and force fed his meat between her ruby red lips and down into her throat. She gagged but dutifully sucked as she was fucked hard in both her pussy and asshole. Slammed back and forth between the men who held her and filled her completely! Sweat ran. Groans and grunts came from everyone as they worked toward their climax. Joy sucked cock until rivulets of snot ran from her flaring nostrils and gobs of saliva poured from the corners of her clamped lips. A cock pumped down her throat at the same time another fucked deep up her ass. Then they withdrew momentarily as Mac bludgeoned his monster meat into her belly, bruising and battering her female organs terribly. Over and over. Again and again. Like a gulping, gasping rag doll battered and fuck slammed until she was lost in a perverse delirium of cocks, heavy hanging balls, fuck juice, and pleasure / pain! Ten minutes. Twenty. Thirty minutes then thirty-five. Joy was now at the threshold of a climax that she knew would be so intense she most likely would faint-or worse! Her bowels were stretched and severely churned up and still pumped full of hard dick. The drumming Mac’s meat had put on her insides had her queasy and sick feeling. And enough precum down her throat to make her think she had swallowed twenty loads! All this made her worry about making quite a mess when she lost control during her orgasm. Even her bladder was sloshing from the drinks she had consumed. Joy wasn’t certain but she thought she had leaked a little piss earlier when Carl went up her from behind and she damn well knew she was full to burst now! But, she knew it was no use to worry about such things because she was completely at the mercy of her new Cum Masters! She closed her eyes and waited for it to hit her with the force of a bullet!

It started as a hard, hot knot deep inside her churning belly that grew more intense by the second. It was painful to start but within a minute or so it exploded outward to completely flood Joy’s abdomen from her stomach, down through her belly, engulfing her super swollen, ultra sensitive clitoris as it pulsed and jerked in its’ own perverse dance of pleasure, crashing into every fiber of her stretched, stuffed, and drooling vulva, and ending up collecting all in and around her obscenely stuffed, bulging asshole before running back up into her stomach to start the journey through her again…and again…and again!!! Joy’s throat constricted to emit a loud, wailing squeal/moan/scream of intense pleasure such as she had never felt before but Joey’s thick meat filled her mouth and the head slipped in and out of her throat as he face fucked her. Only muffled gurgles and gags could be heard from their whore’s climax but it was enough to set all four off into a sperm spraying, cum splattering quadruple orgasm that made my hot assed, big tittied pump bitch go into fits as their thick, massive, steaming hot cum loads began erupting into her tortured orifices! Mac’s super sized fuck shaft grew even thicker and an inch longer when he began pumping her cunt full of black fuck juice and she definitely felt the growth and pulsations as he flooded her deep, deep inside. Carl gripped her ass flesh so tightly as he spewed cum in her loose and churning bowels that it looked like blood would be drawn. Joey smiled when the other two Pump Masters let loose and wickedly said, “ Swallow my load you hot little bitch! If you lose one drop I will stuff it down your throat so far you will be forced to gag it down anyway! SUCK IT!!! “ Joy heard and obeyed like the wanton slut whore she had been transformed into. Gulping, gagging, working her mouth and throat in an attempt to choke Joey’s jizz all down, Joy’s nostrils freely ran snot, her wide open, bulging eyes ran tears of straining determination, and her jaws huffed and bulged obscenely! Three long, rock hard fuck tools rammed, slammed, pumped, and humped all of her orifices unmercifully as wads and ropy gobs of dick juice filled her mouth, pussy, and gaping sphincter to overflowing! Fuck scum oozed from her asshole and ran down to mix with the accumulated cunt seepage and cum overflow from Mac’s heavy orgasm! After swallowing a gullet full of Joey’s cum and being in the middle of a dangerously violent climax, Joy opened her lips wide to gurgle in pitifully obscene pleasure. The semi groans/gurgles coming from her well used mouth and raw throat mixed with the other sounds of hard, violent sex filling our suite: each male’s different moans of lust and excitement as their very guts seemed to pour out into Joy’s fuck battered body, the constant rhythmic “ slap, slap, slap “ of sweaty flesh hitting more sweaty flesh while they all fought desperately to get every last iota of pleasure afforded them, and the wet, sucking, sloshing, almost vile noises coming from Joy’s stretched-and quite possibly ruined-pussy lips and pink meated, inside-out asshole. The mixture of her own heavy flow of cunt milk being churned with a mega massive double load of cock scum was caked to her still pumping and straining body from her navel to her knees and her entire backside was frothy with it. Joy trembled and quaked uncontrollably as her guts twisted and wrenched almost painfully in the throes of a maximum climax! Carl’s softening cock slipped out of Joy’s now gaping and slackened asshole. Immediately a thick, pungent flood of her own ass cream and her ass lover’s ball juice gushed out, followed by a short but loud fart as her straining bowels tried to equalize.

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