Exhibitionist Sister


"Oh my, you're starting to throb down there," she noted. "Is my little brother in need of relief?"

My heart started pounding. "Well...If you're offering..."

"If you get caught walking around the department store with a raging hard-on, that would be a really big problem for us. So I think it's best if I took care of that for you."

I nodded. "If you insist."

"Of course I do."

My sister dropped to her knees and my heart raced. She yanked the front of my shorts down and my erection was freed. Her fingers felt soft against the skin of my cock when she began to stroke me. Then in a surreal moment, Ashley opened her mouth and took my cock inside of her mouth.

She sucked and slurped on my penis. It felt like a magical jolt was flowing through my body after years of fantasizing about her. Her tongue licked and circled around the swollen head of my cock and it felt amazing.

In the middle of my sister performing oral sex on me, we started hearing footsteps coming inside of the dressing room along with a woman's voice.

'Right this way. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask,' the saleswoman said to a nearby customer, leading her to the next booth.

Ashley looked me in the eyes as she continued sucking me off. She did it more quietly and with less intensity as there was another customer in the other room. We listened to the other customer changing her clothes and my sister winked at me. Not only was she sucking me off, this was also becoming a semi-exhibitionist experience for the both of us.

Her hand quickly & quietly jerked me off and her tongue continued swirling around my head. For the next several minutes, I tried my absolute best to hold in my breathing, and my sister tried her best not to make any lewd sucking or slurping noises. Neither of us wanted to get caught, and that was part of the fun. We could still hear the noises of the woman in other booth changing her clothes.

I moved my lips, saying, "I'm going to cum," without actually making a sound.

A smile grew on her face and she kept on stroking. My cum starting shooting inside of her mouth and I almost had to bite my tongue to keep from moaning out loud. My sister was a real pro at this. Her tongue was sticking out and she caught every single drop. The last thing we needed was for my cum stains to be on her body or on the clothes she was wearing.

After I finished, she stood up and let me watch her swallow my cum with one big gulp.

She put her finger on my lips to signal me to be quiet, then she turned around so that her back was facing me. She quickly undressed, removing the bikini and she changed back to her normal clothes. I almost got hard again seeing her bare back and a quick glimpse of her naked ass.

When it was over, she opened the door and peeked outside. The coast was clear and Ashley signaled for me to follow her lead. But as we left the dressing room, a young female saleswoman caught us and smiled at Ashley.

"Hello," Ashley said to her.

"Hello," the saleswoman replied awkwardly. "Find everything okay?"

"We sure did. He was just helping me decide which bikini to buy."

"Oh, is he your boyfriend?"

"He's my brother," Ashley said with a proud smile.

The saleswoman blushed and it looked like she was at a complete loss for words.


"That was fucking unbelievable," she laughed while I drove us home. "I've never experienced anything like that before in my life. Wow! I can't believe it."

"You're telling me. Holy shit. I almost ran out of there after you told her that I was your brother."

She was watching me drive and I could tell she was smiling. "You loved it. And I loved being the one to expose you to all this."

"You're so bad. I think I'm going to have to tell mom & dad just how bad you really are. It's the only option I have."

"We're adults now. So we're entitled to do adult things."

Ashley rubbed my leg and unbuckled her seat belt as I drove. Her hand moved to my crotch and she put her head in my lap. After freeing my cock from my shorts, she put it in her mouth and began to suck.


Wednesday morning came and I headed down the stairs for breakfast. The living room and dining area were both unusually quiet. Ashley always made noise whenever she was at home, whether it be with watching tv or talking on the phone. But she was nowhere to be found.

I looked around and saw the sliding door to the backyard was open. She was tanning again. It only took me a split second to decide to head back up the stairs and spy on her through the window.

Ashley was laying topless in the backyard. She was wearing a bikini bottom and she had her thick sun glasses on, but that was it. It was the first time I had ever seen her breasts and they looked beautiful. They were small and perky. Her nipples were bright pink. Even with the sun shining on her body, I could still see the bikini tan lines on her chest. Her body was tanned but her breasts were pale white.

She started rubbing her breasts like she did a few days ago and it was obvious she was teasing her audience. In this case, it was me and our neighbor Mr. Jenkins once again. I noticed him at his balcony gawking at my sister as her breasts were exposed. It looked like he was getting a real eye full and that he hit the jackpot.

Before either of us could satisfy our urges, Ashley got up and used a towel to cover her breasts before heading back inside the house


"Morning Ash..." I said before freezing.

I went downstairs to greet her, as if I hadn't just spied on her in the backyard, and I saw her in the kitchen getting breakfast. Her towel was folded neatly on the counter top. She was pouring orange juice in a cup and she was topless.

"Hey there," she smiled with her perky tits exposed. "You suddenly look wide awake."

"Well yeah, your tits are out," I replied with my eyes still on her chest.

"Quit pretending like you just discovered that. I saw you spying on me from the upstairs window."

"Yeah, but it's a lot different seeing them up close."

She put the juice down and used both hands to caress her small breasts. "You know, you could take a few lessons from our neighbor Mr. Jenkins. Whenever I come home for the summer, he's always on time to see me tan every morning. 8 am sharp, every morning. He's never late and he's always waiting."

Her nipples started to get hard as she pinched them.

"Sounds like you've found someone even creepier than me," I joked.

"Don't you think he deserves a little reward for his dedication?"

"Did you have anything extra in mind?"

Ashley continued playing with her nipples. "I'm incredibly aroused from everything we've done these past few days. Fall semester is starting soon and I won't have anyone to play with. So why don't we put on a show for our horny neighbor? There's a fun benefit for all three of us."

My jaw nearly dropped. "Show? I have no idea what you're talking about, but I have a wonderful feeling that I will."

"Strip. Right now. Get naked for me."


"We don't have all morning. Lately he's been peeking from his window into our kitchen to see me."

"Really? Now that's crossing the line."

"But it got my exhibitionist senses all worked up," she noted. "That blowjob I gave you yesterday is all thanks to him if you really think about it."

I paused for a moment. "It's hard to argue with that logic."

"Then get naked already," she said with her eyebrows raised.

After a deep breath, I realized that there was no point in arguing. Whatever Ashley had planned, I wanted to be a part of it. It was worth it just for another sexual encounter with her. I quickly pulled off my tshirt and threw them to the floor, and then came my shorts and underwear, leaving me naked in front my sister.

"Nice," she said, looking me over.

"I've never felt so objectified in my life," I joked.

"Now you know how women feel sometimes. Well, not me, but in general. Now get over here. I'm pretty sure he's still watching us."

When I walked over to her, she immediately grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me towards her. We kissed, and we kissed hard. It was a lewd and lustful type of a kiss with her tongue swirling around my mouth. Then she ended the kiss.

"So this is your reward for Mr. Jenkins huh?" I asked happily.

"Yep. That is, if you're interested in participating?"

"Of course I am," I smiled. "Now what's next in your dirty little plan?"

A grin appeared on her face. "Well, given that men seem to love sloppy blowjobs so much, I figured I'd suck your cock so that he can watch me be a dirty slut for my brother. Are you up for it?"

"You know I am."

"Good. Now just relax."

She got down on her knees and immediately went to work sucking me off. It wasn't like yesterday where she had to hold back so that we wouldn't get caught. This time it was loud and wet. The suction noises she was making was filling our house with lewd noises. Her mouth was like a vacuum and it was constantly producing saliva.

"Oh god..." I moaned in delight.

"Mmmm....Hmmm..." she moaned back before spitting out my cock. "Don't you love it?"

She put my cock back in her mouth and continued her sucking & slurping. Her head quickly bobbed back and forth like a seasoned pro.

"I love it. You're the best Ashley."

She looked up at me from her knees, and with my cock still in her mouth, she gave me a wink. After a few more minutes of bobbing her head on my cock, she finally stopped and stood back up.

"I've always wanted to have sex in the kitchen," she said as she wiped her mouth with her hand. "You do the honors of picking the spot. Dining table or kitchen counter?"

"Kitchen counter," I grinned. "The dining table is a good option, but it'll probably break from what I plan to do to your body."

She grinned back and pinched my cheek. "You're so smart. Now take off my bottom and put me on the counter to fuck."

Hearing those words were like music to my ears. I was more aroused than I had ever been before. I reached down and yanked her bikini bottom off to get her completely naked. Her crotch had the same bikini tan line as her breasts, where her legs were tanned, but her pubic area was pale white. She was cleanly shaven and I could see her sexy labia.

I lifted up her petite frame and placed her on the kitchen counter where she sat on her ass.

A wave of mixed emotions flowed through me. On one hand, all my hormones and instincts had kicked in and I was ready to fuck the most beautiful naked female I had ever laid on eyes. On the other hand, that person was my own sister. She didn't seem to mind, so neither did I.

Our arms held each other tightly and I used one hand to guide my cock inside of her. Her pussy was soaking wet and ready to be fucked. My cock slid right in and we began having sex for our old perverted neighbor to watch. It was the ultimate exhibitionist act for any person to commit. Ashley's eyes were filled with lust and she was breaking all of the taboos with just one act. She had always been a good person, but she was now overcome with lust and desires.

I fucked her tight pussy as hard as I possibly could, and as hard as our bodies would allow. The hot weather made things even dirtier. Sweat starting forming on our bodies. I could feel her skin sweating against mine, and she could feel the same from me. Beads of sweat starting forming on her face, as did mine. We were each giving in to our carnal lust.

"Oh shit..." she moaned with her eyes nearly rolling back. "This is fucking unbelievable."

Her face started twisting and turning. Her arms clenched me tight, and so did her vaginal muscles. The taboos and sexual desires were too much for both of us and she was on the brink of a powerful orgasm. So was I.

She screamed out loud and she clenched her eyes shut. Her arms and legs squeezed my body. Her vagina and thighs spasmed, and her back violently arched. She squirted on my cock and it was all over the kitchen counter and it spilled to the floor.

I grunted out loud and shot several loads of my cum deep inside of her womb. It was easily the most powerful orgasm of my life, and I assumed it was the same for her.

"Holy shit," I gasped, breathing heavily. "Is this really happening?"

She licked her lips, "That was too good to be a dream."

Ashley turned her head and looked through the window.

"Is he watching?" I asked.

"From the looks of things, he might think he's dreaming. Mr. Jenkins just saw two siblings fuck each others brains out. And we got to experience it first hand."

We let go of each other and she got back to her feet.

"What a crazy experience. I don't know where we go from here. I mean, you're my sister. I'm your brother."

"That's what makes this whole thing so hot. It'll be our secret. You, me, and our voyeuristic neighbor."

"So what next?" I asked.

Ashley dropped to her knees and held my orgasm covered cock in her hand, just inches from her face.

She smiled, "Next we clean up this filthy mess. I'll start with your cock."

The End

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by blackknight31402/02/17

Very hot and sexy.

We all wish we had a sister like this. I bet even the women reading this have the same wish, about their sister.

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by thebug3709/21/16

The Neighbor. . .

. . .assuredly was next to be treated by the neighbor girl he checked out totally in the buff. He got a young girl, she got a five incher from her voyeur neighbor. You, the author, gets five stars. Brothermore...

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