Exhibitions Ch. 04


"Or you could let me try." She took her own small bite of the éclair, grinning around it as she sank her teeth in. Her laughter at his grimace nearly choked her, and some of the custard was pushed onto her chin.

Van laughed watching her try to reach it with her tongue. She finally gave up and used her finger instead. Her smile grew with the idea developing in her imagination.

"You know," she started, "you tasted this off me... maybe I should try it the way you did... see if your theory is correct."

Even as she was speaking, she placed a dab of the sweet filling on his nose. Her eyes were warm and dancing when she brought her face to his and licked his nose clean. "Hmm, not bad, but I think it could be better...."

Without bothering to finish her thought, she picked up her spoon and used the edge to scrape the rest of the custard off her finger. Quickly wiping her finger dry, she reached down to open his pants. Locking her eyes on his, she had his cock out and was stroking it with her soft hand before he could say anything.

It didn't take long for her to bring him back to the full rigidity he'd had while teasing her at the gallery. He watched her, wondering if she really would do what she'd hinted at. When she reached for her spoon and gathered the filling from it, he knew what she was thinking. Feeling the cool, almost liquid texture being spread over his cockhead, he leaned back in his seat, sighing in contentment.

There were times he was surprised by her initiative; she had just added to them.

Anna rearranged herself to be able to lean down and lick the delicate custard from the tip of his cock. He had gasped at the initial chill on his head. When her warm breath wafted over him, immediately followed by her dancing tongue, he sank further into the seat and moaned.

"Enjoying that, are you?" she murmured.

"Very much. In fact, you don't have to stop there."

Laughing, she sat up long enough to pick up the éclair and fork. "Yeah, that's what I thought." Her happy face was glowing with excitement, nerves and lust.

Carefully perforating the pastry lengthwise with the fork, she managed to split it open. Somehow, she was able to get an almost equal amount of filling on each half.

"Impressive," he teased.

"That's nothing."

He smiled, watching her scoop the gooey insides from the shell, then he shuddered just a bit when she smeared a neat line of the stuff along the underside of his rigid cock. "Oh... god, that's... amazing."

"I'm only getting started."

Much like a cat, she flicked the tip of her tongue at the base of his shaft, just above his balls, lapping at the cream she'd deposited. With careful, deliberate motions, she made her way up his cock before finally swirling her tongue around the crown. Once that was gone, she gathered more filling and placed a series of random dots on his cock, watching it twitch with each touch.

When at last she took him into her mouth, she could feel him shudder again in relief and anticipation. She loved knowing she was able to do that -- to give him so much pleasure. Hoping to increase the sensation, she began caressing his balls while kneading his hip. He groaned, but there was something else entering into her consciousness.

From somewhere behind her, she could hear approaching footsteps followed by the voice of the patisserie assistant, starting to ask if they needed anything. Van's hand stroked her hair while he let the young man know they were fine. Her goofball lover then proceeded to carry on a conversation with him which, strangely, caused Anna to stop in place where she giggled around the thick shaft, rather than pull off.

"You okay down there?"

Rising, she laughed. "You're the only man I know who could treat this like an everyday thing."

"If it isn't, it should be." He pulled her to him, hungrily kissing her.

"I think we need to get back to the hotel," she whispered against his mouth. "I need you."

"Then we should leave," he agreed.

For a short time, he kidded with her about taking a scenic route. Instead, they hurried back to their room where they nearly fell to the floor in their efforts to kick their shoes off.

With a giggle, she teased him, "Maybe we should move closer to the window in case Rob is watching again."

"Or we could really give him a show and call your new friend, Gisele."

Having finally managed to get his shirt unbuttoned, she was pulling the tails from his pants. "Would you like to do that?" she wondered, nuzzling his chest. "Do you want to play with her?"

"It isn't for me, Anna," he murmured into her fragrant hair, "it would be completely for you. She wanted to play with you."

"I don't know about that. Remember, she thought you were hot."

"I seriously doubt that." His lips brushed the tender skin below her ear and the vibrations from his lowered voice rolled through her body. "I know that's how you translated it, but she was flirting with you... and you were flirting right back."

She trembled at the slight friction caused when the soft fabric of her dress brushed over her nipples on its way to the floor. In the blink of an eye, she was standing naked before him.

The lovers remained still for a moment, simply allowing their hands to enjoy the feel of the other's skin. Wanting more, he drew her body to his, wrapping his arms around her and covering her mouth with a hungry kiss. At her sigh, he held her tighter, losing himself in the sweet caresses of her tongue on his and the gentle pressure of her hands on his back. He shifted to trail kisses along her jaw and down the graceful column of her throat.

"Van," she whispered, a question in her tone.

"Yes?" The short word was muffled by the fact that his mouth was exploring her collarbone.

There was the briefest hesitation before she asked, "Do you want for us to call Gisele?"

Curious, he left her shoulders to look into her green eyes. Seeing their apprehension, he reached to stroke her hair. "What do you mean?"

She took a steeling breath and dove in. "Do you want to see me with her?"

Stunned, he paused. "Do you want to be with her? Or... do you think that's what I want?"

"I'm not sure what you want."

Chuckling softly, he murmured while dropping little love bites on the sides of her neck. "Anna, sweet Anna... I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do. I want you to... be happy."

His attentions sent a shiver through her body. "I am happy," she sighed. "I just thought...."

"I know what you were thinking." One strong hand drifted up her ribs to cup her breast. "If you don't want —"

"No," she decided. "It isn't that she wasn't a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'd all get along, but... okay, now you're just trying to distract me."

He was licking the soft, fragrant valley between her breasts. "Oh, please continue," he teased. Instead of relenting, he kissed his way to a nipple and grinned at her resultant gasp.

After a few nibbles, he asked her again about Gisele. "Remember, I'm only bringing it up because you seemed to be having a lot of fun flirting with her."

Sighing briefly she thought before saying, "I understand that. Anything that might happen with her would be by my choice." She caressed his shoulders while she spoke, hoping that would help get her point across. "The thing is... you and I really don't get to see each other that much. Sue me if it's selfish, but I just don't want to share you."

With one hand holding his chin, she tilted his view up to her eyes. "Baby, I want the time we have together to be for us. We can call her, but only to let her know that we're thinking of her and if we're up here again, we'd like to see her."

"I can live with that." He stood and gently kissed the tip of her nose before returning his attentions to her tight, rosy nipples.

"That feels good, babe."

"That's why I do it," he chuckled. "Now, what were you saying?"

"I don't remember," she sighed, looking down her body to see him pull up. "Why are you stopping?"

He glanced around, acting like something was wrong.

"What is it?" A bit of worry crept into her voice.

She watched him move about the room, looking for something. Why he wasn't still raising her temperature by caressing her breasts, she wasn't sure. Not knowing what he was seeking, she couldn't help.

"Ah," he held up a little white bag, "here it is."

The bag looked vaguely familiar, but his next words took any memory of it out of her head.

"You know, I think we've got some new neighbors... and Rob might like another show." His eyes were glowing with mischief. "Do you think the balcony table will be big enough for you, Anna?"

Her jaw dropped, but she recovered quickly and laughed. "You just really can't get enough of showing off, can you."

"We've been over this, sexy lady. Between the two of us, all anyone wants to see is you. So..." he waved in the general direction of the door, as if he were a butler showing her the way to go, "is the table out there big enough for you to lie across?"

"What's in the bag?"

"I didn't get to finish my dessert," he shrugged.


"Éclair a la Anna... al fresco."

Before she knew it, he had taken the cushions from one of the chairs and she was stretched out over them on their balcony's mid-size table. He stood near her hip, calmly watching her giggle at the ridiculous situation. After a few minutes of her laughter, he held up the pastry bag and removed the éclair he'd requested as a take-out item.

"You see," he told her, "when I told you that having one of these with you was a dream of mine, I didn't mention that I had a rather specific idea of how I wanted to... enjoy it."

She felt a chill of excitement run through her body.

He stood still, savoring the moment. The whisper of a warm breeze floated over her body, raising goosebumps and further tightening her already taut nipples. How would it feel to be that wind and touch her so completely, he wondered.

She trembled when the breeze passed, so he placed a hand just above her mound. "Relax, beautiful," he murmured. "It won't be long." He leaned over to kiss the base of the throat then smiled. "I've been wanting to try this for a long time."

"Are they...." she whispered.

"Are they, what, Anna? You'll have to speak up so I can hear you." His grin let her know he was teasing, mostly.

Blushing, she cleared her throat before asking, "Are they watching us, baby?"

"Do you want them to?"

"Maybe." She managed to sound coy.

"You're becoming quite the little exhibitionist."

"If I am, it's because you bring it out in me."

"Then why don't we see how far you want to go tonight."

Her only answer was a gasp and a smile, followed by a long sigh.

Bending down, he gave her a deeply passionate yet tender kiss. When he again stood straight, Van held up the éclair. Never taking his gaze from her face, he swiped his finger over the chocolate frosting, removing a small portion of it.

"You know," he told her, "the little bit of this that I had before was really good. I just think it would be better if it tasted more like you."

He took his time painting the deepening rose tint of her nipples with the chocolate. By the time he'd removed the frosting from the pastry, he'd dabbed it down her sternum, around her navel and along the creases of her thighs.

"Yeah, that should do," he breathed, examining his work carefully, making sure everything was just as he wanted.

Her body continued to quiver with excitement and anticipation. She knew well how his imagination ran and was curious what he intended with the rest of his éclair.

Before doing anything else, he put the pastry aside. It would be needed later. With a warm smile, he kissed his flame-haired lover, silently assuring her that she was going to enjoy the remainder of the evening. Then, not giving her time to respond, he started very slowly licking the frosting from the nipple closest to him.

"So far... I was right," he declared. "At least the chocolate tastes better with you."

He moved over her torso, licking and sucking chocolate from her body without an apparent pattern. Anna closed her eyes, wanting to let his movements be a surprise, and allowed herself to float on the incredible sensations his mouth inspired. She could feel her desire working overtime as another breeze danced across her slick folds.

Through her mental fog, she could hear his whisper. "Well babe, you got your wish... we have our audience."

"Tell me," she breathed, not wanting to risk taking herself out of the moment by looking.

Snickering, he glanced over the railing. "We seem to have the couple in the corner and the single woman across the way." He walked around the table to stand between her legs, gently spreading them wider. "Oh, and your buddy Rob is at his window, too."

"What are they doing?" she moaned; a long, low sound that caused his already rigid cock to jerk in response.

"No, you'll either have to look or use your imagination. I'm going to be busy."

She heard the scrape of a chair moving on the tiles of the balcony and realized he was sitting between her splayed legs. Her body shuddered again while she whimpered in spite of herself.

Caressing the insides of her thighs with slow circles, Van took the time to watch her body. He could see the clear evidence of where he'd been; large, uneven wet patches left on her smooth skin, caused by his removal of the chocolate stains. There were even a few traces where he might have sucked on her just a little too hard, but it would be tricky for her to see the small raspberry forming on the underside of one of her full breasts.

His gaze swept down her body, seeing it shiver in anticipation rather than from the cold or from fear. Knowing that she was excited about what they were doing relaxed him. Leaving one hand on her thigh, he drew his fingers over her light landing strip, spreading them when he got to her slit. He didn't want to touch her just yet.

Instead, he leaned in to kiss and nibble his way from the side of her knee to the middle of her thigh. Alternating between her legs, he heard her moan, feigning complaint, but it had no effect on his actions. That wasn't to say that it didn't affect him, it simply didn't change how he intended to proceed with the passionate woman spread out in front of him.

He took his time with her lean thighs, getting them nearly as wet as he'd left her upper body. Letting his hands wander over her hips and waist, he found little ways to distract her long enough to start licking the chocolate he'd left along the creases where her thighs joined her torso.

There was something magical about the way her pale skin twitched for him. Interestingly, he was also noticing that her intrinsic scent increased not only through his proximity to her glistening pussy, but apparently there was a connection between those fragrant juices and how much she quivered. Yet rather than explore that, he decided he was more interested in seeing just how much she changed the flavor of the éclair.

"Are you ready, baby?" he whispered, barely raising his lips from the side of her pussy. When no verbal response came, he decided to take her quiet gasp as agreement.

Without moving his face from between her thighs, he reached for the éclair. The hand still on her body had been performing a slow massage of her mound. Once he was holding the bare pastry, he slid his other hand along her smooth outer lips.

Carefully spreading them, he extended his tongue and traced the edges of her inner lips with the lightest pressure he could manage and still allow her to feel him. He made a full circuit of her slit before flicking under her clit to watch her jump. Unable to resist, he slid his tongue into her juicy treasure for a quick taste while she whimpered for want of more from him.

"You're so good," he murmured.

"Baby, please, I need you," she gasped.

"I'm not finished."

She'd forgotten about the éclair until she felt it brushing across her engorged and dripping pussy. Since he was already holding her open, it was easy enough to slip the rounded end of the pastry into her well. It felt different, obviously not as firm, but there was a pressure and she gasped at the shallow penetration.

His intention wasn't to fuck her that way; what he wanted was to get some of her flavor to mix with the cake. He watched her juices darken the end before pulling it out and taking a bite. "Mmm, that's delicious, Anna, just like I knew it would be."

In the patisserie, his plan had been to bring her back to the hotel and decorate her body with the custard before licking her clean, much as she'd done to him already. Having her spread out before him — glistening, quivering and incredibly fragrant — he couldn't deny his desire any longer. He dropped the éclair and sat between her long legs to breathe in her intoxicating aroma until his nose was twitching, wanting to nuzzle her dewy folds.

He was in heaven.

In his mind, her lips were made for playful nibbling; so he did just that. Up one side and down the other, he tugged at them, flicking his tongue over them and slowly torturing her with furtive penetrations. He wanted simply to hold her hips and plant his mouth over her pussy in order to drink to his heart's content.

She rolled her hips to his mouth, but he withdrew just far enough to place a series of gentle bites on her inner thighs. The pale flesh twitched at the light pressure of his teeth, and he watched in fascination before tracing the faint marks with his tongue.

While her hips twitched, he held a thumb to her gleaming lips, wetting it with her copious juices. Wanting to remind her of what she'd refused at the gallery earlier that night, he resumed nibbling and sucking on her inner thighs and let his thumb wander to circle her tiny star before easing it in to the first knuckle.

The moan that followed echoed around the courtyard.

With his other hand, he curled two fingers into the roof of her sex, all the while sucking hard on the apex of her slit. He never stopped squeezing her ass, holding it in place. His goal was to make her hips dance. He smiled against her clit when her lovely hips rolled to his mouth, seeming desperate to keep his devilish fingers inside.

She came with a cry, soaking his hand and flooding his mouth with the tangy sweetness that was uniquely hers.

While she rode out the orgasm, he relaxed but left his mouth and hand in place. The way her clit pulsed against his tongue sent vibrations directly to his cock, aching and still trapped in his slacks. He felt her thighs flex around his head before they stilled, and she sighed.


Her whisper came to him on the wind. He watched her hand clench weakly, signaling her desire for him. She was gasping in quiet breaths until he took her hand. Squeezing his fingers as he raised hers for a soft kiss, she smiled.

"Do you want this," he asked.


From his vantage point between her bent knees, Van opened his pants and let them fall. The sound of the fabric whispering down his thighs made her lick her lips in an unexpected show of nerves.

He noticed and stepped forward. His throbbing shaft bumped against her as it came to rest on her mound. "Anna," he breathed.

She knew what he was asking, but wasn't sure how to reassure him. On instinct, her arm rose languidly, her hand reaching for him. When she spoke, her quiet voice was full of longing.

"Yes... please, I need you. Oh, god, I need you, Van."

Lining himself up with the shining pink of her inviting entrance, he slowly pressed in. He couldn't help but watch while her pussy swallowed his steel cock. Once he was seated, he bent over her supine form and kissed her.

She wrapped her long legs around his hips, pulling him further into her warmth. Their tongues tangled in a desperate dance, each wanting to please the other, while their hands roamed heated skin.

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