Exit 16A


Jen left work, and got in her car for the long drive home. Her route took her on the tollway, and then she usually took a local road home. She did have the option of staying on the tollway, but tried to stay on the local roads to save the toll money.Her mind wandered as she got on the tollway about her chat conversation with Dan. She and Dan had been chatting often since she signed up for the new social network site her friend told her about. She and Dan seemed to have a lot in common, and she found their chats enjoyable. In one of their recent chats, Dan told her he lived off the the tollway. It was an exit fairly close to her house. He told her it would be fun if she made a wrong turn, and came over to his house. He also told her what he would like to do to her if she indeed made that exit. So it was these naughty, adulterous thoughts in her mind today as she drove.

Dan was sitting around being bored then all of a sudden his cell phone rings . Wondering who would be calling him the # was blocked he answers and says hello. Then he hears the most sweetest voice saying,

"Hiya Dan this is Jen I just got off the tollway, I will be at your house in minutes".

Dan couldn't believe it within minutes he was going to be meeting the lady he so desired and wanted. The minutes seemed like hours as he waited for her. Dan paced the house frantically. Should he jump in the shower? Calm down, he thought to himself, as he paced more. Ok, well at least brush your teeth and comb your hair dumbass!

Meanwhile, in the car, Jen put down her cell phone, and tried to breathe normally. Her heart was racing as she was trying to drive normally. She was at a red light around the corner from Dan's house. She searched for, and found a breath mint, sprayed a bit more perfume, and gave a last look at her make- up and hair. She saw his house, and pulled into the driveway and sat for a minute. Jen took a deep breath, got out of her car, and walked to the door and knocked.

At his house, Dan waited and waited. 5 minutes seems like 5 hours! Finally, he hears it the knock he has been waiting for. Opening the door he finally sees her not saying a word he takes her hand and leads her inside. The days of waiting was over as Dan took Jen into his arms and gave her a kiss, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth. He led her into the bedroom, taking Jen into his arms; he needs to feel his lips against her again. Unbuttoning her shirt, he feels it fall to the floor. Dan, his mind racing now, reaches up and unclasps her bra. Dan can't believe he is kissing and undressing Jen. Dan now reaches down and unzips her skirt, leaving Jen in only her panties, before him.

He kissed her again, moving his tongue in and out of her mouth urgently. While he was doing this, his hands moved over her breasts, and played with her nipples, causing them to rise and get hard underneath his fingers. She arched against him, and moaned into his kiss. Her body felt like it was melting under his touch.

Dan moved his mouth to her neck and began nibbling and licking. He scooped her loose hair into his hands. Jen moved her hands against his chest, and finally found the edge of his t-shirt and she was caressing his chest and trying to get him out of his shirt to feel his skin against hers. Her hands were taking Dan's belt off, and unbuttoning his jeans with one push Jen pushed Dan's jeans and underwear to the floor. Dan's hard cock shot out. Reaching for Jen, Dan slowly walked her back until she felt the wall behind her. As Dan lifted her up against the wall his mouth searching out hers, Jen was wrapping her legs around Dan he had to know what it felt like to be inside her tight wet pussy. Moving her underwear to the side Dan lowered Jen onto his rock hard cock. Dan felt the tightness of Jen's pussy. Dan held Jen against the wall as he started reaching under Jen to lightly spank her ass, he knew that he would not fuck her for long as he was wanting to taste Jen. With a great reluctance, Dan lifted Jen off him, and he thought he heard her whimper as he pulled out. Dan slowly slid Jen off as her feet touched the floor he grabbed her hand and lead her to the bed.

Dan kicked off his pants and underwear and slid off Jen's panties. He ran his hands over her soft legs. Jen began to shiver as his hands were on her again. He moved his mouth slowly and torturously along her inner thigh. His hands were cupped on her ass, with his thumbs in the spot where her legs met her pussy. He rubbed the outer labia, teasing her. His mouth was so close to her pussy now. Her body was on fire, and her pussy ached for his touch, and for release. Dan's whole mouth was on her pussy, as he grabbed her towards him. There was release for Jen, as Dan's tongue flickered around her pussy. Dan was covering Jens pussy with his whole mouth flicking his tongue inside and instantly Jen came in Dan's mouth but Dan wanted to make her cum again.

He moved his mouth to Jens clit grabbed her clit between his teeth flicking it with his tongue and sucking with his lips, Jen was moaning never knowing a passion like this before. Dan was attacking Jen's clit with passion and then he felt Jen trembling as she came in his mouth again. He started moving his mouth up Jen's body, licking and sucking on the way up holding Jen's cum in his mouth. Dan finally reached Jen's mouth and Dan leaned in to kiss her and share Jen's cum with her. She had a hand on his rigid cock, lining it up for entry into her. As his hard cock entered, she moaned, drinking in her juices that Dan was sharing with her. That was a sensation she had never experienced before, and it was very erotic. She was breathless as she moved her hips beneath him, matching him thrust for thrust. She wrapped her legs around his back, and then bent her legs forward a bit so she could grab her feet. She felt Dan enter her deeper, and his thrusts became faster and more urgent. Dan could feel his cum rising from within, the passion was unreal thrusting hard inside Jen he looked down at her face and could see the enjoyment in her eyes, he knew he couldn't last much longer and right at that moment he felt Jen's pussy clamping onto his cock and felt a warm rush of juices as she was cumming. Dan didn't hold back any longer, his cum came shooting out as Dan started cumming deep inside her pussy, he felt her nails on her his back as he laid forward to give her a kiss, Jen pushed him over she started licking and sucking moving down Dan's body. Jen reached Dan's semi- hard cock and slowly took him in to her mouth cleaning off their juices with the intent of getting Dan hard so she could ride him.

She took her time, licking his shaft slowly, up and down. She stopped to take his balls in her mouth, tasting their mingled juices that had dripped down. Her hands teased his cock while she licked him. She wanted to give her as much pleasure as he had given her. She put his cock back in her mouth and played with his balls. Jen could hear Dan moaning and he was touching her hair. It was then that she abruptly stopped, and got on top of Dan and slid his cock all the way in her pussy.

She rode him slowly and torturously, and Dan grabbed her hips to try and fuck her faster, but she brushed him off. As quickly as she got on his cock, she got off, and filler her mouth once again with his hard cock. Dan was shocked when Jen got up off his cock. Jen slowly sucked his cock into her mouth. As good as getting head from Jen was, Dan wanted back into that sweet wet pussy. He wanted Jen on top too, he wanted to be able to tease and please her at the same time. Jen had other plans though, she wanted to taste Dan's cum she hungered for it. Jen was going from the base of Dan's cock to the very tip flicking her tongue into the slit each time she got to the top. Dan knew he wouldn't last much longer. Jen was sucking his cock better then he has ever had. Dan felt his cum rising from within. Dan now knew that Jen was gonna get his cum in her mouth. Dan was moaning and gritting his teeth trying not to cum, but Jen was just too good. Jen was at the very top of his cock as he finally erupted into her mouth. Dan couldn't believe that amount of cum he shot out, he has never shot that much before! He thought his cum would never stop. It was like time was standing still. Dan could feel Jen still sucking on the head of his cock trying to get the very last drop of cum from his cock. Jen finally released his cock from her mouth she pulled her head up and swallowed, but his cum was running from the corners of her mouth. Dan watched as Jen took her right index finger and scooped his cum back into her mouth. With an evil smile on her face, Jen started moving back towards Dan.

She straddled his chest, her mouth still had some of cum in it. Using what cum she did not swallow, she put her fingers back in her mouth and rubbed the cum on her nipples. Dan could not touch her since she was on his arms. Feeling her wet pussy rubbing on his chest, and seeing her play with her nipples right in front of him was so fucking hot! She leaned in towards him to kiss him, and that is when he made his move. He sat up and rolled, and she ended up under him once again.

He leaned in and began to lick her nipples and her breasts. He tasted an intoxicating aroma of his cum mingled with her juices. He alternated between circling around her breasts, squeezing them. He licked and sucked on her nipples. Jen was writhing and grabbing his shoulders. She could not believe that she was so turned on again so quickly. She could feel the excitement building in her.

.....to be continued

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