Expanding Her Horizons


Finally she started to come down, turning off the vibe and lying still. I let the camera linger on her beautiful, sweat drenched form for a long minute before stepping into shot, bending down to kiss her as I started to release her wrists and the picture faded out for good.

Karen jumped as I laid a hand on her hip, undoing the crotch rope and gently pulling it from between her thighs. The extra movement pushed her right to the edge... and left her dangling there by a metaphorical fingertip.

"Oh please, PLEASE, just one more touch, just one more!" she begged.

"Sorry lass, the session is almost over and I did say I wouldn't touch you directly except to do your bondage."

"But I'm so close!"

"Of course, why do you think I gave you the crotch rope? It stimulates like hell but it's almost impossible to come from just that. Oh, and one other thing... if you have any interest at all in attending another session you are not allowed to give yourself any pleasure without my express permission."


"You don't think we just spent the last hour getting you worked up for you to throw it away on a quick fingering did you?"

I saw the curse forming on her lips and watched as she swallowed it unspoken. This was what she'd wanted after all, she just hadn't expected this particular twist.

"Good girl. Now let's get you out of these restraints and into something a little more formal. I don't know about you but I'm starving. The restaurant here is just fantastic."

She didn't talk much as we got ready and walked down to the restaurant. We managed to get a corner booth, dark and secluded, perfect for our needs. We sat close and ordered our drinks (although I insisted she followed my 'no alcohol during or between sessions" rule) taking the opportunity to talk about what she'd just been through.

"So, first question, did you enjoy it?"

"God yes! Jesus, that was just... incredible. I've never been that turned on in my life."

"And what you saw on-screen?"

"I... some of it scared me, I don't know if I could take that, especially the ice, that looked brutal."

"It can be. But remember Rachel's been partaking in this lifestyle for years, she's got a high pain threshold and knows just what her body can take. It's like anything else, you build up to it."

"Did you?"


"Did you build up a tolerance to pain like that or have you always been the dominant one?"

I smiled at her over the top of my glass. "No, I firmly believe you can't be a good dom unless you know what your sub is going through. So yes, I built up my own tolerances, still do actually."

She chose to ignore the last, something else clearly on her mind. "So how did you get started in all this? Another fortunate meeting over a warm iPod?"

I laughed. "Karen, I got involved in this ten years ago, no-one even knew what an mp3 player was then, let alone an iPod".

"Okay, a fortunate meeting over a warm wax cylinder and stylus then?"

I sighed. "You know that mouth of yours is going to get you into real trouble one day."

"I do hope so," she said, and I felt a hand crawl over my thigh and into my lap, massaging my cock under the table. "Come on, one little story?"

"Okay, fine, it can't hurt and it's only fair I guess. Well, it was about ten years ago as I said, I was in the last year of my university course and I got dragged along to a fetish night at the rock society. I hadn't planned to go so had to throw an outfit together at the last minute. Being a tad short on leather and chains I went for a suit, proper pinstripe and everything. It was going well, good music, good friends and then I met her."


"Jennifer Drake. God, she was gorgeous. Mature student officially but only 27 and she'd dressed to kill that night. Leather and lace, thigh high boots, the lot. She had a cloud of admirers around her all night, could have had alcohol poisoning by nine o clock off the free drinks if she'd taken up all the offers."

"So how did you introduce yourself?"

"I didn't, she came up to me. Was wondering why I was in a suit, so I told her it was 'corporate bondage'. She laughed, introduced herself, I managed to tell her my name without tripping over my own tongue and we started talking. It being a fetish night it didn't take long for the topic to swing on to real bondage and one thing lead to another and I ended up back at her flat."

"And then..."

"And then we had a very similar conversation to what we've had today lass. She explained she really lived the life and while she'd be happy to introduce me to it, I had to realise I wouldn't be the same at the end of that night. I admit, even despite her beauty, I almost turned and ran but... but I was curious and, if I'm being honest, still completely inexperienced if you know what I mean."

"Wait a minute, you lost your virginity to a dominatrix?"

"Put yourself in the position of a young man looking for the best possible 'how I lost it' story. Short of saying you managed to bang Cindy Crawford in a night of drug-fueled passion, can you think of a better tale?" I paused for a minute to help Karen clean up the remains of her drink that she'd just sprayed across the table thanks to an ill-advised gulp at the moment of my punch-line.

"So what was it like?"

"It was... terrible and fantastic. Terrifying and intoxicating. She was magnificent, fire and ice, calm and storm all in one. She introduced me slowly, tied me up and teased me, played my body like it was a finely tuned instrument. I'd told her I wasn't exactly... experienced and she made sure that the first time she made me cum she did it by fucking me senseless. Afterwards I found out just how rare that was, a kindness she VERY rarely bestows on anyone, let alone someone she'd just met."

Another pause and I could feel the flood of memories rushing back across the years. "She stretched me out, whipped me, burnt me, froze me. Did things to my cock that convinced me my first time would be my ONLY time."

"Like what!" Karen interrupted, her voice dripping desire as she dug her hand through the fabric of my trousers to grip me tighter.

"Well, just as an example, in our last session that weekend she took an alligator clip like the ones you saw in that video, sucked my cock until I was about ready to explode then put that clip right on the tip of my cock, holding it closed."

Karen didn't say anything but her eyes were wide, hell she was practically panting at the scene I was describing.

"Then she kept on with her handjob, every single stroke was agony but still, somehow she got me to cum. Then, while I was just starting to come down, she took that clip off, turned it slightly, and let it snap shut with the inner jaw actually inside my cock."

"Oh my god" Karen whispered and I knew then that somehow, someday, she was going to want to get the chance to do that same thing to me. I also knew that if she asked, and if I was satisfied with her progress as a sub, I'd be happy to let her.

"She told me afterwards she managed to milk another cum out of me like that but to be honest I really don't remember it. I didn't pass out exactly but I kind of... went away for a while. Weird experience and nothing I'd care to repeat."

"Anyway, the weekend passed and at the end of it we went our separate ways. We had another few sessions over the next couple of years whenever we could catch up, and the last session we had was the first time I had the chance to try my hand at dominating. Gotta say, it's a unique experience trying to be a dom for someone that strong, that much in control. She makes me look like a rank amateur in that department."

"So did that first session change you as she said it would?"

"Oh yes. I learnt more about myself in those three nights than I did in the four years I was at uni."

"If I may ask, what exactly did you learn?"

"I learnt... it's hard to put into words. I learnt about my limits, but also that there was more strength in me than I ever dreamt. I learnt about control, of power and how it applies more to yourself than to anyone else you'll meet in your life. I learnt respect for the limits of yourself and others and, most importantly, I realised just what it means to trust someone so deeply that you'll surrender to them completely, put yourself entirely in their hands. That's what love is you know, trust and respect on a level you never experience in your daily life."

We sat in silence for a moment, Karen absorbing my words and applying them to her own situation, wondering if she was ready for that experience.

"Jennifer taught me something else as well, how to guide someone through that processes. She eased me into it, never gave me anything that was truly beyond me. And at the end of that weekend she gave me a piece of advice that I think was worth more than everything else put together. She told me: Go home and find some way of describing what you feel right now. Put it to paper, whether it's your words or someone else's, because you will never feel quite this way again and when you need to remember exactly what you feel right now at some point in the far flung future you'll need some link from that moment to this."

At that moment the waiter arrived with our meals and we waited for him to deposit the plates and refill our glasses. Finally we were alone again and Karen turned to me once more. "So what words did you pick?"

I hesitated, this I'd never told anyone else before and it was such an intimate part of myself I wasn't sure I wanted to let it go. What if it sounded corny, or worse, conceited? Oh well, too late now really.

"It was a poem, well, part of a poem actually, by Alfred Tennyson: Though we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are. One equal temper of heroic hearts made weak by time and fate, but strong in will. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

She looked at me for a long moment and I'd swear I saw tears in her eyes. Then she leant in and kissed me, wrapping her arms around me and I returned the embrace (and kiss) willingly. "I'm so glad I met you," she whispered in my ear. When that embrace ended we both sat in silence, eating as quickly as we could while maintaining a semblance of dignity, both focused only on getting back to our room for her second session, a session which now there was no doubt she would agree to endure. That said, despite the urgency that hung over us in an almost-visible wave I insisted we stay and talk for a little after finishing the main course, both of us sipping at our drinks as we engaged in small talk that was almost torture in and of itself. I swear I could smell her arousal, and I was sure she was thinking the same thing, as we chatted about work, about plans for the next couple of weeks, about the weather, about anything that didn't involve our planned activities for the rest of the night. Eventually I called a halt by asking for the cheque and, despite my best efforts, my hands were shaking from excitement so much it took two goes to pull my credit card from the depths of my wallet.

Our room seemed somehow different when we arrived back, and not just because the meal had flushed the last remnants of travel fatigue from our systems. Everywhere I looked I could see possibilities for restraint and training of my new, and now very eager, submissive. So many options, it really is remarkable how easily the most innocent of rooms can transform into a dungeon of horrors when you really put your mind to it. The contents of my case beckoned and I could feel my hands itching to get to work but, for now at least, I had to exercise some restraint. Karen was putting herself in my hands after all, and that gave me a duty to ensure her safety and semi-comfort, especially as this was her first true experience with this sort of play.

"Have a look at this," I said to her, walking over to my case and flicking open the catches. The front of the case swung down flat, as did the sides, revealing a treasure trove of bondage equipment that brought a gasp from Karen's lips and a gleam to her eyes as she surveyed her immediate future.

"It's called a port-a-perv" I explained, and saw her try to hide a laugh at the somewhat pretentious name. "A good friend of mine introduced me to the concept about five years ago now, and we spent some time working out how to fit the maximum amount of equipment into one case. Some of the tricks in here wouldn't look out of place in a James Bond film."

"Do you expect me to talk?" Karen asked, in a really poor Sean Connery impression.

"More scream actually, although we may have to do something about that as well. Now pay attention 007, I do not want to have to repeat myself." I pointed at a selection of ropes, arranged in ascending order of thickness. "Rope bondage, as you've briefly experienced and certainly seen, offers almost unlimited possibilities and can be extremely tough on a sub if the dom decides to make it so. In my kit I usually carry a mix of three different types. The red rope is hemp, it's relatively comfortable against the skin although it's also a little scratchy so if you've got sensitive skin it can itch. The green is a synthetic, a little more comfortable but it can also easily give rope burns if moved too quickly. The blue is silk, parachute rope actually, and it's easily the most comfortable. As such it tends to be used for finishing work and that means it's the most likely to be causing you the most discomfort. Understand?"

She nodded "Yes, but, ummm, why are you telling me this?"

"Two reasons. One, I want you to have a basic understanding of some of the equipment you may be dealing with and two... " I paused, letting the tension build between us "... we've both only just eaten and it's not a good idea to do a bondage scene on a full stomach." She laughed at that and I continued the lecture.

"Take this," I passed her a steel ring with a screw fixing sticking out like a spike. "If I want to secure you anywhere in this room I can simply screw one or more of these into a heavy object and use it as a bracing point. With enough of these you can be secured from so many different points you can be in the middle of the room, nothing else within five feet of you in any direction, and yet be completely helpless. Pass it back." I hadn't had to let her hold it of course, there hadn't been any direct point, but one thing I'd learnt long ago (and under very different circumstances) was that there was nothing quite like the feel and texture of steel, rope, leather, rubber and all the other tools of a dom's trade to get a sub into the moment.

"Now, for today we are going to go with something a little more simple than this. We'll start with these." I pulled a pair of blood red leather cuffs from the case, each lined with black velvet. " Put your hands out in front of you, palms up." She did as she was told and I secured the cuffs around her wrists, pulling them tight enough that they wouldn't move, though not so tight I was worried about circulation. Each cuff had a d-ring attached and I secured them together with a dog clip. "Here's something special I designed just for this purpose." I said as I clipped the cuffs together. "Normally dog clips have to have the release catches taped over to prevent subs freeing themselves but I never liked that. Too hard to release in an emergency. So here we have a double catch so to release you squeeze both catches together then press this button on the opposite side. Simple, quick and impossible to do while restrained. Go ahead, try it." She did, and to my complete surprise... couldn't come within a country mile of releasing herself. Again, it wasn't a task that had any real purpose other than to bring her into the experience by highlighting her vulnerability but at that it succeeded perfectly.

"Now, most importantly, is this." I pulled out the same collar she'd worn earlier and clipped it around her throat. "While you are wearing this you belong to me. Completely. Your body, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, your very soul. All of it, under my control. Oh, I know you don't feel like that right now but trust me, you'll find out this is the truth soon enough." She said nothing, clearly thinking I was overstating the case somewhat, but she'd learn otherwise very quickly. I checked the clock, almost an hour had passed since we'd finished eating, good enough.

"Now, strip for me." I commanded, and she almost leapt to obey. "No rush," I chuckled, almost under my breath as I sank onto the sofa. "You have five minutes. Exactly five minutes and you will be naked at the end of those five minutes and not a second sooner or later." She nodded and proceeded to put on the most devastating striptease I'd ever imagined. Her blouse was unbuttoned almost immediately and, thankfully for her, she wore no bra beneath it. She still had the problem of getting it past the handcuffs but she decided to leave that on hold for now, instead flipping her head forward so that her dark red hair fell forward like a curtain, half hiding her breasts and silky smooth skin. As she swayed to her own private beat her hair shifted revealing tantalizing glimpses of flesh quicker than the eye could follow (or at least it seemed).

She turned her back on me, twisting her head to throw a smouldering glance over her shoulder before bending forward, her short black skirt almost riding up high enough to give a glimpse of her ass as she started slowly rolling down those sheer black hose. Her legs were pressed together and she worked the hose down her legs quickly until it looked like she was simply wearing black socks. Then she spun on one foot, collapsing to the ground almost in slow motion, ending up on her back, legs held up above her and still pressed tightly together. She flexed her knees and brought her feet together until she was in the lotus position (although she was still lying on her back rather than sitting on her legs), hooked her fingers around the hose and flicked them off before bringing her legs together once more and rocking forward, swiveling round until she was on all fours facing me.

She crawled forward, eyes locked on mine, pausing only to unhook her skirt before continuing. She wriggled her ass and with every slow, sensual move towards me it slid a little further off her hips until, just as her head was practically in my lap, she gave an extra shake and it dropped away, leaving just her shirt to cover her. Her bound wrists crawled over me, placing themselves on my thighs as she raised her now naked thighs up and sat on me, legs spread, wiggling and grinding. I could feel the heat radiating off her body, smell her scent as it rose to meet me. The clock showed she had thirty seconds to go as she pressed against me, half turning so my hands were on her back, my fingers wrapping around the silk of her unbuttoned blouse. Her hands found my crotch and began massaging my cock through the fabric of my trousers, starting fast then rapidly getting faster. I grunted as I felt my own need for release building, unable to find any way to tell her to stop with her overpowering presence so close. The clock showed just five seconds left...

and Karen took a single deep breath, wrapped her hands around my balls and squeezed harder than I'd have thought possible. Pain radiated through me and I yanked away from her at the same time she pulled back and away from me (thankfully having already released my balls). There was a ripping sound...

And she stood there in front of me, naked, right on time as the remnants of her blouse hung from my hands. I eyed her for a moment and saw a mix of triumph, pride and fear on her face. The fear I was sure was a result of what she'd just done to me, but I really couldn't complain. I rose to face her. "Very impressive, very impressive indeed. Your actions were... questionable at the end but you didn't actually break any rules so I must congratulate you." She beamed at the compliment and I smiled to myself, wondering if she realised how much her reaction gave away about her desires. "As I don't have to punish you for failing in your task, we can move on to the next stage immediately and for that I thank you." The smile faded a little as nerves came back to her.

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