Expanding Her Horizons


"Hands behind your head." I demanded, reaching out and securing her wrist restraints to the d-rings on her collar with two more clips. She was now quite unable to bring her wrists down and, while the position wasn't painful it certainly wasn't the most comfortable. "Now, before we begin, please take this opportunity to visit the bathroom. If we have to stop the session for a comfort break I will be... displeased."

"Umm, like this?" She asked, wiggling her fingers to emphasis the point.

"Yes, it shouldn't be a problem, after all it's not like you need to dress afterwards." I said, indicating the bathroom door. "Go on, and make sure you shut the door. When you're finished, kneel on the floor, knock on the door and wait for me to come and get you, understand?"

Karen nodded and walked, slowly, towards the bathroom, her balance unsteady thanks to her bondage.

I waited until the door had clicked shut (she had to get on her knees and feel behind her for the door handle to manage that simple exercise, but to her credit she did it quickly) then got to work. From my kit I pulled three metal cylinders and screwed them together. The ends of the resulting pole had an odd spring mounted suction mechanism which, when I placed the pole in the door-frame between bedroom and living area, were pushed inwards then released once the pole was in position, The pole effectively expanded and formed a vacuum seal with the door-frame. The end result was a solid metal bar mounted so securely it was as if it was part of the building itself. I could easily support my entire body weight from the bar without so much as a creak of protest.

Satisfied that it would be more than capable of holding Karen's weight I pulled out some additional items from my case. Two more restraints, several lengths of rope, an assortment of clips, clamps and weights which I carefully laid on a black velvet cloth on a small table just to the right of the door and, finally, a couple of wood blocks maybe six inches tall. Almost as an afterthought I pulled a light leather whip from the case as well as a opaque black box and both items were placed next to the clips. I checked the scene, reviewing my objective in my mind, ensuring everything was in place. I double checked that the cutting tools were in their proper place in my case and that nothing would get in the way if I needed them. Not that I ever have, but I wasn't about to take any chances.

Finally I started walking around the suite, turning off all the lights I could. I heard a knock at the bathroom door and started counting to myself. The only light in the whole suite was now coming from a single dull lamp at the far end of the living area and it leant a subtle, almost menacing air to proceedings. As my count reached fifty I had a sudden thought and pulled a ball gag out of the port-a-perv. I had no idea how loud Karen could be and this was a family hotel after all...

I gave Karen a two hundred count before opening the bathroom door, more than long enough to let her mind drive her crazy over what may be waiting for her on the other side. When I saw her there, kneeling on the floor, head down, hands still restrained behind her neck, it was all I could do not to ravage her right there and then. Instead I reached down inside myself, looking for that mental place where I could watch and wait, letting the dominant part of my personality take over and play for a time.

I reached down, wrapped a hand around the dog clip that secured her wrists together and gently pulled her upright. Once she was standing I clipped a thin silver chain to her collar and wrapped the other end around my hand as I led her towards the doorway. The dim light flicked across the metal bar I'd placed there and I positioned Karen underneath it, standing maybe a foot behind the bar. The doorway was tall and the bar was maybe six inches above her head, if she'd been standing directly underneath it she could maybe have brushed it with a fingertip. I threaded the silver chain through a small ring on top of the bar and left it hanging loosely before her eyes as I reached down and placed the two wooden blocks in front of her feet.

"Stand on the blocks and make sure you're well balanced". A simple command, although one that proved relatively hard to obey as she had to step up onto the blocks with her hands still behind her head. Still, she managed it without falling and took only a few seconds to make the fine adjustments necessary to ensure she had the best balance possible in her confined position.

I didn't say another word as I reached up and unclipped her wrists, freeing her left hand while leaving her right still securely fastened to her collar. I placed her hand on the bar and she immediately grasped it, grateful I suspect for the extra support. Quickly I secured her wrist to the bar with rope, wrapping it around and around, giving as much support as I could and using the cuff itself to provide extra padding and support by threading the rope through the D-ring. Satisfied that everything was secure I repeated the process with her right wrist, leaving her arms spread high above her head, her body stretched tight in its bonds while she balanced on those two small, fragile blocks. Still, for now at least, she was only restrained, no real effort was required on her part to stand where she was. That would soon change.

"Pay attention, for I will only say this once." I began, standing in front of her and openly running my eyes over her naked, delightful body. "You have no say in how this session goes from here on. It will end only when I decide to end it. You may, however, be given options as we progress through the session and your response to those choices will either reward or punish you." I paused, letting this new piece of information sink in.

"You may have noticed you're not exactly touching solid ground at the moment. If you move around too much and disturb the blocks, or lose your balance, you will find your entire weight supported by your wrists. If this happens you will have to endure it until your feet come in contact with the ground again. At that point you will have the blocks put back but you will also be punished for making me do this for you. Is this clear?" She nodded, scared now but also turned on beyond her wildest dreams.

"One final thing. You may not talk or cum without my permission from this point on. If you do well and please me you will be granted sexual release tonight. However this is a privilege you must earn, not a right that will be granted regardless of your performance." Again, the quick nod of understanding and then silence as she readied herself for what was to come.

I stepped behind her, not wanting to give her any indication of what I was planning. She kept her eyes forward, her body as relaxed as possible under the circumstances and again I was impressed with her composure. I let her wait for thirty seconds, forty... a minute, the suspense building until I saw her start to fidget very slightly, her body waiting for the sting of the last, the bite of the cane that she knew was coming.

It therefore caught her completely off guard as I let my fingers touch down very lightly on her ribs and started kneading her sides, nails gliding quickly over her flesh as I started, frankly, to tickle the hell out of her. Her whole body went tense and for an instant there was silence, but only for an instance as a great guffaw of laughter was wrenched out of her. She bucked and I felt her legs shift, heard one of the blocks slide against the carpet. I glanced down and saw it had shifted forwards so now she only had her toes against the wood. I slipped one arm around her, holding her in place and stopping any attempt she might have made to move forward and gain a better grip as my right hand explored her skin. God it was smooth, like silk against my questing fingers as they drove upwards, sweeping from side to side over her stomach, laughter pouring freely from her now. Her head was shaking and, as I glanced up at her face, I saw her eyes were screwed shut as she tried to ignore what was going on. Up and up I travelled, moving only a fraction of an inch with each sweep, but that fraction seemed to bring out a more and more desperate response until, at last, my fingers gently grazed the bottom of her breasts.

She shrieked, and I do mean shrieked, with laughter. Her entire body convulsed, well, as far as possible with her hands bound as they were, and in an instant she was off the blocks, suspended only by her wrists and partially by me as I took some of her weight. The laughter became a grunt of pain as her body stretched, her feet hunting around for the safety of the shag-pile beneath them. I stayed where I was, letting my fingers trail lazily back down over stomach, long leisurely strokes that seemed to always culminate in a dive along and into the smooth hollow of her belly button. Each time I did she'd scream in laughter, writhe in her bonds and then scream again, this time in pain as her muscles protested at the sudden movement.

It took maybe five minutes for her body to stretch to the point she could stand on tip toe once more, and I lived up to my word, immediately placing the blocks back under her feet. I gave her a few seconds to catch her breath, admiring the curves of her body as she gasped for air before picking up the leather whip from the table just to her right. I raised it to her eyes, letting her see exactly what was in store for her before stepping behind her once again. To my amusement I noticed she'd thrust her ass out as much as she could in her bonds, clearly anticipating the sting and crack of the whip. Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint her now, would I?

I started her off gently, rotating my wrists so that the lashes caressed her in a constant swish of leather, throwing in the occasional hard crack that would make her groan before resuming the almost-pleasurable gentle caresses of leather against her ass. Gradually I increased the speed of the harder cracks, judging how quickly to progress from the intoxicating groans of pleasure and pain being pulled from Karen's body. Always trying to balance the two, letting her adjust to the pain, letting her body welcome it, begin to need it. At last I was constantly throwing hard cracks at her, the whip turning her ass red, although it wasn't leaving individual marks on her flesh, more a red glow. She was clearly enjoying herself now, arching back into each blow, moaning when the leather touched her skin. She moved a fraction further back...

... and her foot slipped on the block, kicking it forward, leaving her balanced on the remaining block. She shrieked with surprise, her pleasure overridden by the sudden wrench on her shoulder as her weight shifted. Her left leg stretched forward, trying to hook the rouge block with her toes and exposing her glistening pussy. In a heartbeat I switched my swing, the whip coming from underneath her now and slapping wetly into her pussy. Her knees buckled at the rush of pain and pleasure and she slipped backwards, hanging from her wrists once more, tears of frustrations leaking from closed eyes as she knew now how long she'd need to wait for her body to reach the ground. However I was more interested in her feet, specifically her exposed soles as she thrashed, reaching for the ground with every fiber of her being.

She screamed as the whip cracked against her soles, again not hard enough to leave marks but more than enough for her to feel it and a warm red glow to start spreading over her skin. For the next five minutes I threw blow after blow against her helpless soles and, every time she managed to flex out of the way, sending the whip up to caress her pussy.

By the time her feet touched the ground she was sobbing openly from the pain and frustration, Her pussy had to be on fire by now, and it wasn't about to get better any time soon. I slid the blocks under her feet again, although now she wasn't so keen to place her full weight on her burning soles. I walked around to face her, laying the whip down on the floor at her feet and taking the opportunity to kiss her thighs as I straightened up. I reached over and pulled a silk cloth from my case, raised it to her face and gently wiped the tears from her cheeks. Next I raised a glass of water to her lips and let her take several sips until she eased back from the glass and gave me the smallest of nods. Again I found myself marveling at the strength of this woman, the way she pulled her strength together and pulled herself back under control.

I reached over and picked up two clamps from the table and raised them to her horrified gaze. They were the same sharp-toothed alligator clips she'd seen Rachel endure in the video and she knew what they'd done to a far more experienced sub than her.

"I said you would have choices to make pet, and here is the first. You know what these will do to you if attached to your flesh." Karen nodded, eyes wide. "Then you may choose which decoration to wear, these... or these" I held up another clamp, flat and rubber coated, far less painful that the alligator clips. "However if you choose the clamps rather than the clips you will have to wear three rather than two." As I said this I leant forward and let the cold of the alligator clip lightly touch first one nipple then the other. Karen moaned and arched towards the clip. "Two or three, your choice". Still she didn't answer and I reached forward, pinching her nipple between thumb and forefinger, gently twisting it as she groaned and tried not to pull away for fear of losing her balance. "Two...or...three?" I repeated, twisting harder with each word.

"T..Three" she groaned, eyes fluttering closed against the pain I was causing. Instantly I released her and, with an evil smile, brought my mouth to her right tit and licked gently, teasing her nipple until it was so hard it could have cut glass. Then, mouth still positioned over her breast, warm breath washing over her flesh, I brought the clamp up, eased it into position and gently let it close. There was a hiss of breath from Karen as the pressure built and her hands clenched into fists as she struggled to adjust. As soon as I heard her breathing return to normal I shifted to her left breast and repeated the process, leaving her standing precariously on the blocks, both nipple firmly clamped, the silver chain connecting the clamps tight and the third clamp dangling by its chain just above her pussy.

I reached down and took the third clamp in my fingers, twirling it slowly and waited for her to focus on me. Once she did I knelt down in front of her, stretching slightly to place my mouth directly in line with that sweet, dripping pussy. I reached forward and caressed her flesh, felt her groan and arch into my palm. Without a moment's hesitation I moved forward, taking her clit between my lips and teasing it from its hood. Sucking and nibbling at that sensitive flesh I gave a series of subtle tugs on the third clamp, its chain pulling at the clamps already attached to her nipples. Her eyes fluttered closed, and I could feel her muscles tense as she neared climax. A few more seconds and she was right on the edge, breath shallow, eyelids flickering, every muscle tight, her skin on fire... and a scream as I brought the clamp over her clit and let it snap closed.

I stood back and watched as her body flexed, seemingly out of her control. Caught between the throes of passion and the waves of pain searing every nerve ending she was right on the edge of the biggest orgasm she'd ever felt... yet the pain was blocking it and even as the shock and fire from the clamp faded it seemed to take the stimulation that had pushed her so close with it, pain receding with pleasure. Somehow she managed to maintain her balance, although only just. I almost felt sorry for what I was about to do but banished such thoughts. Mercy was, whether she knew it or not at that moment, one thing she really didn't want from me.

Reaching up I pulled the thin silver chain that was attached to her collar tight through the ring on the bar, just enough to pull her collar up a little. The chain hung around her waist and I gathered it up, snaking it around the chains connecting the clamps and tying it tight, effectively connecting the clamps to her collar. "I suggest you not lose your balance, or you'll find your own weight pulling on those clamps." I whispered in her ear, running my hands in a caress over her body. Over her stomach, over her tits, across her shoulders and up her outstretched arms to her fingertips. Then slowly, oh so slowly, back down the insides of her arms, a different touch now, tickling gently and sending shivers through her ravaged body. Each shiver brought renewed pain from the clamps but that pain seemed to radiate outward, meet the next shiver and rebound inwards, a wave of pleasure ending in her very core just before the next wave of pain would hit her.

Further down I travelled, my touch getting more insistent now, faster and harder as I reached her armpits. My fingers swirled into those hairless hollows, poking and wriggling as Karen started to giggle and twitch. The pain grew worse as her body moved more and more rapidly, dancing to the touch of my fingertips as I slid downwards, kneading her ribs and sweeping my nails across the flat washboard of her stomach. Her resolve broke and laughter spilled forth from her lips, a fabulous sound of delight, desire and desperation as she started to realise I had no intention of stopping my explorations.

I hovered my hands over her waist, fingertips gently tracing the curve of her hips and waiting for her to focus on me. Her eyes met mine and went wide, her head shook from side to side and I saw the words form on her lips, desperate to say something, anything, to make me relent. I never gave her the opportunity, digging my fingers into her sides, fingers flicking madly over her flesh.

Karen howled, a sound that struck straight into my soul as she dissolved into laughter. She bounced on her feet, moving from one to the other, the pain from the clamps almost a comfort now, feeding her passion and desire. I placed one hand just above her pussy and with the lightest of touches feathered my fingers down either side of her mound. She gave a great gasp and convulsed away from my hand, incredibly ticklish in that one spot, and her feet skidded out from underneath her. The bonds on her wrists held her firm and she came to a jerking, jarring halt, her nipples and clit pulled taught by the clamps and the chain that connected them to her collar. Her scream was high pitched, pain firmly overtaking pleasure once more as she hung there, helpless, exposed, vulnerable... and wonderful.

"Karen." One word, that's all I had to say, and she forced her lips closed, her eyes meeting mine. "One choice, the next time your feet touch the floor this session will be over. If you wish to cum I will make you but only I will decide when your feet finally touch the floor, Yes or no?"

"YES!" and in that one word she put a lifetime of begging, desperate now for release.

I reached over and picked up the ball gag, quickly sliding the red rubber past her teeth and buckling it around her head. Then, the box was opened and Karen's eyes almost popped out of her head as she saw the vibrator. It was large, certainly larger than she may have chosen if she had the option, but more importantly it had a small extension that was designed to vibrate her clit. In her current state it would not only do that but also vibrate the clamps and chains as well. Still, she had no choice now and as I approached her she held her legs wide, somehow managing to thrust her hips forward in her eagerness. I didn't waste time, rolled the vibe around her pussy to lubricate it with her own juices then slid it into her, her body accepting it easily even as she groaned into the gag as her pussy stretched to allow it inside her. I positioned the clit stimulator and, almost as an afterthought, took what little slack remained in the chain from clit clamp to the chain connecting her tit clamped and wrapped it around the vibe. Without any more warning I flicked the vibrator on full strength.

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