tagBDSMExpanding the Boss's Horizons

Expanding the Boss's Horizons


As the months went by, Bryan and Jodi were able to continue their affair despite not working together anymore. Each time they got together was just as hot as the last. They fucked in every possible position and every possible place until they collapsed from exhaustion.

One afternoon, after a particularly intense session, they were laying together on her bed. Jodi was absently rubbing Bryan's chest and he was rubbing his hand up and down her side. Jodi suddenly got a rather wicked idea. She propped herself up on her elbow and looked at Bryan.

"One of the things that attracted you to me in the first place was my different, uh, interests in the bedroom, right?" she queried.

"Of course! Some of the stories that I had heard about you - man - they gave me some nice masturbation fantasies," he replied, grinning from ear to ear.

"Then it would be safe to assume that you are interested in trying some things out? Do you trust me?"

"Yes, I would very much enjoy trying some things out and to a point I trust you. After all, you are fucking a married man." He smiled at her as he said the last part.

"True. But would you trust me in terms of experimenting? That whatever I set up would be for our mutual pleasure?"

"Um, yeah, I guess I would."

"Excellent. You're off this Saturday, correct? Tell your wife that you'll be playing golf all day. Be here by noon. Don't be late. Use your key to get in. That's all I will tell you," Jodi said with a wink as she began to nibble at his neck and rub his cock.

"Sounds intriguing! My wife is actually going to be working on Saturday, but I'll tell her that I'm golfing anyway, just to cover my bases."

As he said this, Bryan reached over and pulled Jodi on top of him, wrapping her in an embrace and smothering her in a passionate kiss. His hands ran up and down her back, ending up on her ass, kneading and squeezing each cheek. He pulled them a little farther apart, slid her up and back while at the same time shifting himself ever so slightly so that his cock slipped inside of her. Jodi let out a low moan as she felt that familiar feeling of Bryan's cock in her pussy.

She placed her hands on his chest and sat upright on his cock, moaning loudly at the deeper penetration. She began to rock slowly back and forth, savoring each sensation his cock was bringing to her body. Bryan moved his hands from her ass up to her breasts and began kneading them, tweaking each nipple. Jodi moaned louder still, loving the feel of his hands on her body. She began to move faster on his cock, but Bryan stopped her. He pulled her up to a squatting position and slightly towards him.

From this angle he started pistoning hard in and out of her pussy, hitting her clit each time. Jodi began to shudder as her impending orgasm began to grip her body. Bryan moved a hand to her pussy and rubbed her clit while holding his cock deep inside of her. Jodi began to buck against his hand and cock. She screamed out his name as her orgasm over took her, her pussy squeezing tight around his cock. As she began to come down, Bryan started pounding her pussy again, not hold back his own orgasm. Jodi screamed in pleasure again a few minutes later as Bryan came inside of her. Then she collapsed on top of him, spent.

"Wow. Save something for Saturday! Now you'd better go so that I can start planning."

"You aren't going to tell me anything except to be here by noon? C'mon, tell me what's going to happen!" He pleaded with her as he got up from the bed and began to get dressed.

"As much as it turns me on to see you bed, you'll just have to trust me that it will be well worth the wait," Jodi replied as she leaned in and gave him a deep kiss.

Bryan pulled away from her, breathless from the kiss. He simply looked at Jodi with her wicked little grin, and left the room.

Jodi spent the next several days making some plans for Saturday. If Bryan called her or wanted to get together, she simply told him she was busy or said "Saturday" and hung up. She wanted him to me practically crazy with lust by the time he got to her apartment on Saturday. If the strain in his voice each time he called was any indication, he was definitely going to be!

When Saturday finally arrived, Jodi was up earlier than usual. She sent Bryan a text message to reminding him to not be late. After doing a few little things around the apartment, she began to get ready. She showered and took extra care to make sure her shaved pussy was extra smooth. After the shower, she put on her adjustable nipple rings and tightened them almost all the way. A chill went up her spine, making her weak in the knees, partly from anticipation and partly from the sensations hitting her nipples. After she recovered, she prepared the bed, checking that the cuffs on each corner were tied securely. She also set out her collection of vibrators, plugs, and feathers, along with her blindfold and ball gag. She decided these would be enough for the afternoon. Depending on how things went, they could shop together for some other things.

Next, she prepared herself. She picked out from the back of her closet her black leather corset, her black lace garter belt, some fishnet stockings, and a pair of kick-ass patent leather heels. She lit some candles in the living room and around the bedroom, keeping on close to the bed for use if Bryan wanted. At about ten minutes til noon, Jodi started to arrange herself on the bed. She put the blindfold on her head, but before pulling it down, she placed her legs in the cuffs, then one arm. As she laid down to put on the other arm cuff, she pulled the blindfold down. As she finished this, she heard Bryan's key in the door. Right on time. She smiled.

She heard his footsteps in the living room then down the hall. Jodi felt herself getting wet as she heard his sharp intake of breath at the sight in front of him. Jodi was tied spread eagle on the bed and blindfolded. She let him take in the view for a few moments before speaking to him.

"I can tell that you like what you see. This afternoon is yours for experimentation. It is the first step. Slowly I'll introduce some more things to you, but for now, you are in control. Use the things next to the bed, and let's have some fun."

Bryan just stood there, alternately staring at Jodi and the items next to the bed. His excitement began to grow with the realization that she was totally trusting him to bring her pleasure without knowing exactly what he was going to do next. He watched her as he undressed and saw a slight smile cross her face at the sound of his zipper coming down and pants falling to the floor. He sat on the edge of the bed and ran his hands over her body, first up one leg, then down the other, using a light, sensual touch, but avoiding her pussy. Jodi moaned and writhed against her bonds. Bryan's hands found their way to her breasts and flicked the nipples, already hard and sensitive because of the tight nipple rings that she had put on earlier. She arched her back and cried out, and Bryan just watched her, smiling at the pleasure he was bringing her with just his touch.

He leaned over and picked up the feather off of the bedside table. He ran it along her face and neck. He watched the goose bumps rise on her skin and leaned in to kiss her. He parted her lips with his tongue and slowly snaked it inside of her mouth. Jodi instantly responded, wrapping her tongue around his and sucking on it like a little cock. She arched herself up, longing for more contact with him. Bryan moved back, leaving just them attached at their mouths. He reached behind her arching body and unhooked the corset, which left her in just her garter, fishnets, and heels, still spread eagle on the bed. He broke the kiss and began teasing her with the feather again, trailing it across her sensitive nipples and down her body. He brushed the feather down her stomach, almost to her pussy before stopping, watching Jodi arch her back, trying to get contact.

After one more pass up and down her body, Bryan put the feather aside and looked at Jodi again. Her pussy was glistening wet, and her breathing was very shallow. He grabbed another toy from the table and moved between her legs. Jodi gasped as she heard the hum of her vibrator and then stiffened with anticipation. But the contact from the vibrator didn't come. Rather, Bryan gently raised her ass off the bed and licked her pussy from top to bottom. Jodi shuddered and moaned at the sensations, even more so when he stopped at her clit, flicking it several times with his tongue before stopping. Jodi writhed on the bed, her hips bucking, seeking his mouth on her pussy once again. She didn't get that either.

Instead, Bryan took the vibrator and placed it on her thigh, watching her shiver under the vibrations. Ever so slowly, he moved the toy up her leg towards her pussy. He gently touched the tip on her clit and Jodi cried out, her pussy flooding with moisture as her climax was so close they could both sense it. Just as quickly, he pulled it away, letting her come down a bit before inserting the vibrator into her. He turned the speed up all the way, and began to slowly pull it in and out of her. Jodi once again arched her back and began bucking her hips in rhythm with Bryan's motions. He leaned in and began sucking on her clit as he fucked the toy in and out of her pussy. That was too much and Jodi cried out his name over and over again as her pussy spasmed in orgasm.

Bryan continued fucking her with the vibrator until she came down from her orgasm. He then removed the toy and positioned himself above her, his rock hard cock right at the entrance to her pussy. He leaned in and kissed her deeply again, their tongues twisting around each other while he slowly inched his cock inside of her. She groaned into his mouth, loving the feeling of his cock inside of her. He began pumping slowly in and out of her pussy, driving her slowly back to the top of her peak. He broke the kiss and just watched her as he fucked her, her body arching and meeting his every thrust, her head moving from side to side, and her breathing coming faster and shallower the more he moved inside of her. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock as her second orgasm neared. He quickened his pace and took her over the edge as his orgasm hit, the two of them screaming out together before collapsing. Bryan slowly withdrew from inside of her, but did not let her loose from her bonds. He had all afternoon and planned on using it!

Jodi was exhausted after her two orgasms and wanted to be set free, but she knew that it was up to him. She wanted to give him the power and control, and she knew he would take it. She heard his breathing start to regulate and knew that something else was going to happen. She didn't have long to wait because she felt Bryan move and reach across her to the table of toys once again. A few moments passed and then she felt a cold sensation against her pussy. Whatever it was, Bryan simply rubbed it up and down her pussy a few times, then moved it away. Then she felt his fingers replacing the toy, rubbing up and down her fingers, then moving down toward her other opening. He slowly inserted one, then two fingers into her ass, loosening it up. Jodi relaxed a little as she felt his tongue on her clit, getting her back up and ready for whatever was going to happen. Then the cold sensation was back, pressing at the entrance to her ass. Jodi smiled. It was her favorite plug and she loved the sensations it gave her. Bryan slowly eased the plug into her ass and Jodi moaned and bucked into it, making it slide in faster..

Bryan moved back and just looked at the sight, trying to figure out where to go next. He wanted to try all the toys and see how many orgasms he could give her, but he also knew that this was some sort of test because she had never been so quiet, outside of the orgasms, before. He looked at the table and there were only two things left: a dildo and her whip. He knew she liked to be spanked but wasn't sure how to do that with Jodi in her current position.

"Jodi, I am going to untie you, but only because I want you to turn over." He was surprised at the firmness in his own voice, and Jodi was impressed. He untied her arms and legs and she turned over. Once she was in a nice position, ass up in the air with the plug still firmly in place, Bryan retied Jodi to the bed. He grabbed the whip from the table and hit her gently on the ass. This got basically no reaction from her. He hit her a bit harder and she moaned a little and wiggled her ass at him. He hit her harder yet, at an angle so that he also hit the plug in her ass. Jodi's moan became lower and more filled with lust. One more hit the same way and Bryan stopped. He could see her pussy gleaming again and knew it was ready for more.

Bryan picked up the dildo from the table and without warning or teasing, slid it into her pussy. He knew that she loved the sensation of being filled up and he began fucking her pussy with the dildo. Jodi moaned and moved in time with the toy and didn't notice that Bryan somehow slid underneath her, his cock a few inches from her face. He continued fucking her pussy with the toy while gently pushing the plug on every other stroke, giving her continuous sensations. She put her head down and found his cock waiting there. She wasted no time in engulfing his cock with her mouth, devouring it like she hadn't tasted it in weeks. Every time she moaned around his cock, it sent a sensation through him and he fucked her pussy harder with the toy and bucked his hips up into her face. She came faster than either of them expected, moving her face faster on his cock as she screamed in her throat. Despite a big orgasm only a short while ago, Bryan came again, shooting down her throat. She swallowed all of it and then released his cock from her mouth. Bryan let the dildo slide out of her pussy and put it aside. He took the plug out of her ass and she moaned at the empty feeling. Bryan slid out from underneath her and untied her from her bonds. They lay there on the bed, content not to talk while they both regained their strength.

Jodi was happy at how Bryan took control, but she wanted one last time before they cleaned up and he went home. She began kissing his neck and rubbing his chest. She slowly kissed her way down to his chest, then rolled herself over on top of him. He was content to lay there and let her take control for a while. She began rubbing her pussy on his cock, waiting for it to respond. Bryan reached up and began kneading her breasts, releasing each nipple from the ring on it and sucking and licking each turn. His cock began to respond and she reached behind her and guided it inside of her. She slowly rocked back and forth on it, enjoying the sensations it always brought to her. He reached up and pulled her into a passionate kiss and embrace while continuing to fuck her slowly. He snaked one hand between them and slowly traced circles around her clit. She shuddered, feeling yet another orgasm approaching. She'd never been able to cum so much and so quickly, but this was not a usual afternoon!

Slowly she broke the kiss and sat back upright on his cock, still rocking back and forth. His fingers were still on her clit, putting pressure on it while rubbing circles. She leaned back and grabbed onto his legs and from this angle he was hitting her as deep as ever. She moved faster, no longer able to hold her orgasm back. As he continued working her clit, her pussy began to tighten around his cock. Bryan wasn't sure he could muster a full orgasm, but her pussy felt so good and always squeezed him so tight that he just let the sensations take over. She cried out at the same time he let out a low moan and they both collapsed, spent from the afternoon of pleasure.

After they both regained their composure, he looked at the clock.

"I had better get going. My wife will be home soon and I should be there when she gets back."

"Hope you enjoyed 'golfing' today. Now I have another question for you."

"Well, if it is anything like the questions that led to this, I'll go ahead and say yes!" He leaned in and gave her a deep kiss.

Jodi broke the kiss and smiled at him. "Well, listen to the suggestion first before you say anything. I don't want you to agree to something you'll regret."

"Impossible! Whatever it is, set it up. Just let me know when and where!"

"Wow. Okay then. I'll set things up, but just so you know, you and I may not be the only ones here next time." She said with a twinkle in her eye as she helped him out the door.

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