tagLoving WivesExpanding the Circle Ch. 04

Expanding the Circle Ch. 04


My friends have told me that it’s difficult to tell the sequence of my stories, so I’m adding a number to the title that will put them in the correct order. These are fiction. I hope you will continue to enjoy them. There will be another in the “Linda” series (true stories) posted in April. Thanks for taking the time to read them and I appreciate your feedback


“I was just a kid,” Sheila explained to me. We were lying in the enormous bed once more, having changed the cum-soaked sheets. Sheila was twirling one finger in my pubic hair as I stroked hers. Glen, still delighted at the opportunity to slide into Lucy’s welcoming cunt, was busy once again bringing her to the height of enjoyment while Sheila and I rested from our latest coupling. “My daddy was fucking me more often than my boyfriends, and that was just a bit too much,” she chuckled. “I have to admit I was a bit of a round heels even in those days, so I knew it was time to strike out on my own and see if I could live down my reputation in some other place. Texas is big, but it can be pretty small if you have the reputation of being a “bad girl.”

“Anyway, I wound up in Amarillo. No money, no job, nothing Glen had just taken over the company from his mother when we met. He liked my looks and I like what it sounded like he was going to do with the company, so he hired me. I worked in his office and that was how we got started going together. We worked so well as a team that he told me he wanted to marry me just to make sure we kept working together.”

“Obviously that wasn’t the real reason he wanted to marry he. We had been sleeping together for six months before he told his mother he was going to marry me and took a week vacation. We headed for Mexico and spent a week on the beach down there.” Sheila laughed and added, “I didn’t get to see much of it. He had me on my back all the time. All I knew was it was the best sex I’d ever had and I realized that he really loved me. I knew by then that I loved him too.”

“To make a long story short, that was twenty three years ago. His mother died after we had been married only a couple of years and Glen inherited the company. Our daughter is our only child. Both of us realized we were cut out for each other as well as working as partners. There just wasn’t time for more children. We were working so hard, there wasn’t time for much more than that. When we had some problems finding people to work for us and we didn’t have a lot of money to hire them, I told Glen I knew one way we could get them and told them what I planned to do. He didn’t want me to, but realized we couldn’t compete otherwise.”

“Lets face it, there aren’t many men who will pass up a little nooky waved under their nose and so, when I told the people the side benefits they would have working for us, most of them hired on for next to nothing. I made sure that we got some very hunky looking guys who were also very smart, then hired single girls, who were just as smart, to work for us for the opportunity to meet and play with them. It worked like a charm. Today we have only three who married outside the company and we’ve convinced them that we need to keep everyone on the same page, so that’s the way it is. Anyone who wants a piece of ass in this company doesn’t have to look far at all.”

She laughed. I couldn’t believe this. I knew from my own experience as a headhunter that this was a solid company with no personnel turnover. Now I was finding out why. She was smiling when she added, “Now that you know our secret, we’ll have to kill you.”

That scared the heck out of me. I knew these people had a reputation for doing exactly what they said they would do in the community. Now, having learned just how tightly they were connected to the powers that be, I had to wonder if they really would do such a thing because I now knew too much.

Sheila roared with laughter. “Damn, Larry, I wish you could see your face! I think you really believed me for a minute there.”

Glen, hearing the burst of laughter, rolled over from his side. .He had been fucking my wife from behind and, as he rolled he took her with him. So now he laid there, my wife, with her body turned away from him, but his cock still wedged in her tight pussy.

Sheila gave him a short explanation for her outburst. I don’t know if Glen paid any attention to it or not. Lucy must have been close when Glen had turned her over, because now she was sitting on his hips, facing his feet, slowly working herself up and down his cock. He closed his eyes and groaned when she leaned more toward his feet and increased the speed of her vertical gyrations. I could see the flush extending from her neck to her sides as she peaked and then, with a gasp, enjoyed a violent orgasm. She literally screwed herself down on Glen’s weapon and sat, shuddering and jerking as the spasms slowly faded.

That set Sheila off again. She went from twining her fingers in my hair to sucking me again. That is one talented woman. Just the feeling of her lips closing behind the helmeted head of my cock was enough to send me thrusting deep into her mouth. She twirled instantly until she was kneeling between my thighs, her head bobbing up and down like one of the oil rigs out there, driving me wild as I tried to push my cock deep into her throat. It didn’t take much effort. Sheila knew all about deep throat and I felt the muscles of her throat stroking my cock as I watched in utter fascination. Her full breasts swung up and down the length of her chest as she stroked faster and faster. I saw Glen’s hand go between her thighs and knew he was adding more fuel to the fire. He had two fingers, and then three inside her cunt as her hips bobbed up and down almost as fast as her head. I think we must have both reached orgasm at the same time. I saw Glen’s fingers covered with her juices just as I felt that first hard blast of cum erupting into her throat. I swear her eyes crossed as she swallowed and swallowed, then swallowed some more. Her head thrust forward taking me so deeply in her throat I could see the bulge of my cock and feel the muscles of her throat when she swallowed. I had never been given a head job like that in my life, and I thought both Lucy and Adriana were the best I had ever had – at least until now.

Only when she had sucked me dry, squeezed my nuts to get as much more out of me as she could and then licked my ultra sensitive fuck pole until nothing was left did she raise her head, then slide over to lay beside me again. I pulled her close and gave her my most passionate version of a French kiss. I could taste my own sperm in her mouth, but I wanted to let her know how much I had appreciated that thrilling climax.

As our breathing slowed, I took one breast in my mouth and gently sucked the swollen nipple, feeling her fingers comb through my hair as I suckled her.

“What do you think, Glen?” Sheila asked her husband as he was slowly lapping the last of my wife’s juices from her swollen labia, to her utter delight. Her fingers were tangled in his hair urging him to continue, but he managed to raise his head just enough to say “Sure” before Lucy pulled him back down to her muff.

Sheila’s and I were lying almost cheek to cheek with me suckling those luscious tits of hers when she whispered in my ear.

“Would you like to work for us, Larry? Mark said you might be interested. We can offer at least what you make now and some fringe benefits like these as often as you like.”

What an offer! Could I refuse? Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought something like this even happened, let alone to me. Even the thought of having this lovely lady sucking my dick like she just had done was enough to sell me. I just wondered how Lucy would feel about it. I could see her hips bucking against Glen’s mouth as she washed his face with her juices. Judging from the enjoyment she was getting out of this, I thought I knew her answer, but I still wanted to talk to her about it.

“You don’t have to answer right now, sweetheart. Just keep doing what you’re doing while an old woman enjoys it. As soon as Glen gets finished with Lucy, we’ll let you two go home and think about it. Just remember the fringe benefits,” she chuckled, using one hand to pull me tighter to her breast.

It was mid-day before Lucy and I got back to our own house. Both of us were as tired as if we had worked hard all day, but it didn’t keep us from fucking each other unmercifully as we rehashed what had happened in the last 24 hours. We gave it up when Lucy told me that her pussy was sore from all the fucking and eating she had enjoyed, including our own just concluded enjoyment of each other. She laid, her legs spread wide, cum flowing from her like a river, holding my withered cock as we slept the afternoon away.

The ringing phone woke us in our dark bedroom. It was already dark. We had slept almost eight hours. I mumbled a hello then heard Adriana’s voice, laughing, as she called me a ‘sleepy head’.

“Did you two enjoy yourselves yesterday? I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you about them before, but Glen made me promise not to. He also told me that if you two fucked them like Mark told Sheila, that you had a place in their company if you wanted it.” She was still laughing, but then turned serious for a moment. “Are you going to take it? I sure hope so. I can guarantee you’ll have more fun than you could ever dream of. That whole company is a hotbed of swingers.”

My head was still foggy from sleep, but I got the gist of the questions and comments. I admitted that I had thoroughly enjoyed being with her and Sheila. Lucy was awake by now. She had rolled over into the still wet puddle of cum that we had left in the bed, made a face, and then crawled up close enough behind me that she could hear Adriana too.

“I don’t know if my poor pussy could stand another get together like that, “she said into the open line. “Between Mark and Glen, I don’t know which one fucked me the hardest, then old hot shot here had to do me again when we got home. I may never recover!”

That earned a laugh from Adriana. Lucy took the phone from my hand as I struggled up into a sitting position. “I don’t know, we haven’t discussed it yet,” she responded to what Adriana had said that I missed. She looked at me, then laughed, “But I’m going to guess that the answer will be ‘yes’. He told me he wants to see Glen fuck me again, but he wants time to watch. And he certainly was boffing Sheila, wasn’t he?”

Hearing only one side of the conversation wasn’t all that great, but I got the distinct impression that Adriana was quite happy with my talents too. Lucy was giggling constantly as I got out of bed and headed for the shower. “We’ll call you as soon as we get ourselves together,” she promised before hanging up the phone.

“I guess you heard enough to figure out what was going on,” she said, sliding in behind me in the shower. Her breasts were pressed tightly against my back. “Adriana wants us to call them when you decide whether you want to work for Glen and Sheila’s company.” A pause, then a nudge as she elbowed me out of the way to get some of the hot water on her own bare body. “Move over, water hog,” she giggled, turning her back to the stream of water.

I already had the soap in hand, so I used it to begin lathering her front. I kissed her then began soaping her body. There was a pause when I reached her breasts and took special efforts to cover them completely – too bad soap doesn’t taste as good as it smells!

I worked my way lower and used a little more intelligence this time, still I got awfully soggy as the warm water ran from my forehead down over the thin strip of muff Lucy had just over her mons, but my tongue never noticed it. I felt Lucy’s hands behind my head, pulling me closer to that beautiful taste treat as she spread her legs until she could get one foot on the raised edge of the shower stall.

“Gently,” I heard her whisper, “I’m still sore from the workout you guys gave me. If we’re going to keep this going at this pace, I’m going to have to get toughened up. It just feels too good to let you stop, but please be gentle with me.”

I did what I could, as gently as I could and was rewarded with the taste of my wife’s juices once more. She was gasping and pulling me tight to that delightful pussy. I found her clit and inhaled it sharply between my lips then began running my tongue over it until I felt her sag, then push me away.

“Enough, junior,” she laughed. “You enjoy that way too much, and I’m too sore to keep it up, but thank you anyway.” Her hand reached between us as I stood, and I felt her gently grip my flaccid cock. “H-m-m, looks like he’s pretty well pooped too. Right?” I had to admit she was correct even though I would have loved to have fucked her again. The spirit was willing –hell, it was anxious, but the flesh was VERY weak.

We talked for hours once we were cleaned up and actually in clothes again.

“I didn’t know this was going to happen when we accepted the invitation from Mark and Adriana,” I told Lucy. “Maybe I got us in over our heads,” I sighed, waiting for a reaction from Lucy.

“Are you sorry it happened?” she asked directly.

“No, but I didn’t expect this to happen when I told you that I wanted you to fuck other guys.”

“Does it bother you that Mark fucked me and now Glen too?”

“Frankly, no,” I told her with what I hoped was a disarming smile. “In fact, I loved it.” I reached over and pulled her close, kissing that sweet little up-turned nose of hers. To me, she was more beautiful than ever before. Sex has a way of making a woman almost glow and she had certainly had her share of it yesterday and this morning.

“I did too, she admitted, hugging me tightly. “I thought you were crazy or something when you told me you wanted Mark to fuck me again. And when you accepted the invitation to Glen and Sheila’s, I knew you were. Adriana told me while we were with them at the reunion that she and Mark were swinging. I kind of blew it remembering how she was in school, but when Mark fucked me again, it was like rekindling a fire. You may have turned your wife into a slut.”

“Unh, unh,” I said, shaking my head. “You may love sex, but no one could ever call you a slut without getting their head bashed in.” I kissed her again. “But we’re not answering the question. Do we take Glen’s offer or not. You know he’s going to want to fuck you again if I go to work for him.”

“Well, that wouldn’t be so bad,” she drawled with a smile. “That old man really knows how to use that tool of his to please a lady.”


“So take it if you want. I certainly have no reason to object.” She giggled and added, “Judging from what we’ve seen so far, it might be fun.”

That did it. I was sold. Not only was my wife fucking Mark again, but I wanted to see Glen screw her again too. Of course having Adriana and Sheila didn’t influence my decision – not much! I put in the call to Mark and told him that I was going to accept. He told me he was very glad and that they wanted another meeting with us soon. We left it more or less at that. Then I called Glen.

“I accept,” I told him after a short conversation. The offer of salary wasn’t a great deal more than I was making now, but as he reminded me, there were bonuses every year the company increased profits – and they had never had a year without them. “It must be the quality of the people we ask to work for us,” he said in an off-hand compliment. I knew exactly what he meant and told him I was looking forward to meeting others in the company. He laughed and said that there was an all employees meeting scheduled in two weeks. He wanted us to attend, with our wives, of course. It would be at the company lodge, just a few miles from town. “Plan for an overnight stay,” he said before hanging up.

I filled Lucy in, and then began thinking. When this had all started, I had wanted to see Lucy with other men and in just the last day I had seen her take on two. I wondered if this was going to be as common place as Mark and Adriana had made it sound. Despite its overuse, I felt my cock twitch as I thought about it.

“Hello, everyone,” Glen said to the assembled group, “Welcome to the annual All Employees Meeting. We have three new couples that have joined us since last year. I want to introduce them before we get started. First is Kathy and John in finance, then we have Tim and Barbara in administration, and finally Larry and Lucy in program development. Each of us stood as we were introduced, to face the assembled forty other employees. Looking over the assembly, I couldn’t help but be impressed at the relative youth of the group. Glen and Sheila were probably the oldest of all.

There was a short review of the company’s accomplishments during the preceding year, then Glen made the announcement everyone was looking forward to hearing.

“In line with our company profits this year, we are adding a bonus of 10% of your monthly salary. It will be in your check tomorrow. Now, let’s get down to having fun!”

Everyone seemed to know what that meant. At the far end of the lodge, was a buffet of seafood and steaks prepared – ready to enjoy. We stood back at first as everyone came by to shake our hands and welcome us to the company. The last two we met were Sharon and George. They pulled us into line with them at the end, just as Sheila and Glen joined the group.

“I see you’ve already met our daughter and son-in-law,” Glen said, giving her a peck on the cheek and a handshake to his son-in-law. “They live close to Mark and Adriana, so perhaps the six of you will be able to get together sometime down there.”

“How about making it the eight of us, daddy?” Sharon asked. “George is already telling me he wants to fuck mom again, and I’d like to try out our new friends here.”

Sheila, behind them, laughed. “Oh, this is priceless,” she said loudly, “I never get over the look on peoples faces when some of our older employees tell our newest ones that they want to fuck them. Larry here looks like he’s been hit in the face by a salted mackerel.” Sheila was literally bent over, laughing.

I tried to wipe the egg off my face with little success. Finally with a red-faced grin, “I guess I’m just not used to everyone being so open with it. I guess it will take some getting used to.”

“Yeah, at least until you go into one of the offices and someone is screwing someone else on the desk.”

“You mean…..” I started to ask.

“Sure, do you only get horny at home?” Sheila was laughing again. “We do it as the urge hits us, as long as it takes no more than fifteen minutes. Beyond that you have to make up the time in the evening with real work.”

45 minutes or so later, we had finished our meal. We were sitting with George and Sharon. Glen and Sheila had wandered off somewhere else.

“Well, since mom and dad hired you and you know the fun that can occur in the offices, what do you say the four of us get better acquainted.”

“You mean fuck,” I tried to ask as though it was the answer I expected.

“Of course,” Sharon said, “I saw you staring at my tits, are you wondering whether they are real or not?” She was unbuttoning her blouse even as she asked. Then she appeared to remember. Her fingers stopped. “Oh, I forgot you two are friends of Mark and Angelica.”

“That’s Adriana,” I prompted, willing her fingers to start again.

“Oh, right, we’ve only been with them once, so I can’t keep her name straight. But I sure remember Mark,” she said with a grin aimed at Lucy who was already fidgeting. I knew that she had liked the package George appeared to be sporting and I wondered if, in her new-found freedom she would want to be alone with him. “What I meant to say, is if you’ve already set something up with them, then we can see you all later.”

“No, we haven’t any plans yet,” I blurted out. “We saw them going off with one of the other new couples, so we’ll get together with them later maybe.”

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