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Experience More of Gene


The summer between high school and starting to attend college was rapidly coming to an end. It had been a summer of awakening for me sexually. I had experienced so much and would always be grateful to my teacher.

The summer seemed to pass all too soon as it approached the time I would leave the area and head off to college. I was looking forward to moving to a large Midwest City and the experience of attending college. My girl friend was also going off to college, but she was attending a different school. We seemed to sense that this could be the end of our relationship, but youthful inexperience lead us to believe it would not end.

It seemed like almost every night my girlfriend and I would drive out along the large lake close to town and park. With a lake that runs well over 20 miles long we had a lot of choices where to park. It felt as though we were trying to wear out the back seat of the car that summer. Her sexual skills had become incredible and it just seemed as though neither of us could ever get enough. There were nights when she would climax so many times we would have to skinny dip in the lake to clean up before going back into town.

I was still making the daily trip to the neighboring town to work. The summer had been much hotter and more humid than normal. The weather was great for the farmer's crops, but it was sure uncomfortable for people. It was the same routine, I would get up early and got to the highway and hitch hike to the job. I had actually given up on buying a car for myself, deciding to save the money for college instead.

I had continued to see Gene during the summer and each time just seemed to be more enjoyable. For the past couple of weeks Gene had come to town every weekend. This was fine with me, with all of the new experiences and pleasures I wished it was more often.

The last 2 weeks Gene had a motel room in another town where we would spend the entire day having fun. This was so much better than having sex in Gene's car. The fishing activity on the lake late in the summer had increased so it was not as secluded as it originally was.

It was Saturday and I was waiting for Gene to arrive at the usual spot in the shopping center parking lot. I watched as people came and went from their shopping, not knowing who some of them were, even in a small town. I saw Gene's car pull into the parking lot, he was all smiles as he stopped to let me in.

Gene said, "God, you look great today, how are you?"

I replied, "Thank you, I'm doing great. You look good today."

We drove for some time going to the motel in another town. There was small talk, about all sorts of topics. He told me that he and his wife had met another couple and had sex with them. This was mind blowing at that time. In the small town I was from it probably happened but no one even mentioned such a thing. I found this thought to be so erotic and exciting.

He told me about watching his wife have sex with another man. How she looked when she was having fun with someone else. He would tell me how good the other woman was and what little things she did that he really enjoyed. I could tell seeing his wife have sex with another man was a huge turn on for Gene. I wondered how large the other man must have been, Gene was so well hung. All of this talk put us both in the mood for what was going to happen next.

He pulled into the parking lot of the motel. It was a typical 50's style of motel, several rooms attached in a long row. The parking was right in front of each room. The room was small, had a bed, a couple of night stands, a chair, a TV and a bath. The floor was of asphalt square tile, a common floor covering earlier. With the drapes pulled closed, it was relatively dark in the room. The window air conditioner was working hard, trying to keep the room cool.

Gene shut and locked the door behind him as we looked the room over. He came over to me, hugged me and kissed me. The feel of his tongue touching mine sent a signal to my groin. I could feel his cock was already hard as he held me. I put my arms around him, pulling on as cheeks, forcing him into me. As we continued to kiss, my knees were starting to feel the effect.

We started to undress, throwing our clothes on the floor. Gene pulled the covers on the bed down and we lay on the cool sheets. We continued to kiss, our hands finding each other's cock. I started to stroke Gene's cock, softly letting my hand slide down his shaft, but tightening my grip as I pulled back up toward the head. After a very brief time he asked me to stop, it was driving him crazy and he was close to cumming. He had a lot of pre-cum on the head of his cock. I liked the thought that I was able to do that to him.

Gene started to kiss my nipples, then trailing kisses down my chest to my stomach. All the time he was stroking my cock, fondling my balls and rubbing my thighs. I felt his kisses on the base of my cock, it felt so good. He seemed to enjoy kissing me there, feeling my pubic hair brushing his lips. He held my cock in his hand and put his mouth over the head and slowly went down touching his lips to his hand. He used his tongue to tease the head of my cock, it felt wonderful.

I lay on the bed, my head on the pillow watching Gene as we started to suck my cock with more desire. He held my balls and gently squeezed them as he now paid full attention to sucking my cock. I was soon so close that I pulled his head up and off of my cock. He slid up beside me and we kissed, our cocks touching at this time. We lay there trying to let our excitement come back under control. I loved the feel of his kisses, soft, yet very different than the kiss of a women.

Gene was lying next to me, my cock was still hard and touching the side of his hip. I gently pushed on his shoulder and he turned on to his side, his ass facing me. I ran my fingers along his crack, feeling his muscles tighten with each stroke. As I slid my fingers in his crack I could feel his anus. When I touched his anus he stopped breathing momentarily. I spread his cheeks apart slightly, touching his anus more. I put my finger on it and started to push it inside of him. He started to moan as my finger slid up inside of his ass.

I had my finger all the way inside Gene's ass and started to stroke him with it. This seemed to be something that Gene really enjoyed. He pushed back into me, exposing himself more to me. I knew at that moment that I had to have Gene. I moistened my cock with my saliva and pre-cum. I put the head of my cock on his anus and gently pushed into him. I felt the head go inside, then my shaft started to enter his ass. The feeling was incredible, very tight, hot and seemed to be made to receive a cock.

He started to moan deeply, his breathing was actually shallow and fast. He kept saying "Yes, yes, fuck me."

This turned me on even more and I was now completely inside of Gene. This was such a awesome feeling. He was tight, tighter than the pussy I had. I started to fuck him and he was working with me, moving back and forth, even side to side slightly. He started to roll over onto his stomach and I moved with him, keeping my cock inside of him. He was on his stomach and started to raise his ass for me. I moved between his legs and let him get up on his knees, giving me his entire ass. I could know feel my balls swing into his ass as I would thrust my cock deep inside of him. This was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I continued to fuck him, now harder as it just felt so good. I could feel myself getting so close. I told him, "Gene, I'm going to cum in your ass."

All he could get out was to say, "Yes."

I felt my stomach tighten and my groin felt as though it was going to explode. I felt the first spurt shoot into Gene's ass, then more and more. It felt as though I was never going to stop cumming. I had never experienced a climax like that in my life.

As I was shooting my load into Gene, he was moaning and thrusting his ass around. We had stopped and I was laying on his back, my cock now going limp inside of him. I felt it slide out of his as, as though it had pressure pushing it out. I rolled off of him and lay beside him, just trying to catch my breath. When he turned over onto his back I realized that he had come while I was fucking him. He had his cum all over his stomach and his cock was now limp.

I got up and went into the bath to clean up, washing my cock off. The warm water on my cock felt good after the intense pleasure I had just had. I stood there, wash cloth in hand and I was now thinking about what we might do next.

I went back out and got on the bed as Gene got up to clean himself off. When he came back we lay beside each other. Our hands were gently touching each other.

Gene said, "I love the way you fucked me, I couldn't help myself, I shot my load while you were inside me."

All I could think of was how wonderful this was and how I felt about satisfying him like that. I kissed him on his chest and took his cock in my hand, feeling it start to rise and harden. I ran my fingers around the head, feeling how it rose and spread from his shaft. I went down and licked the head, slowly letting my lips surround his head. I slid down his shaft, letting his cock go down my throat. I started to suck Gene's cock. I enjoyed his cock, the size, the softness, the feel of it in my mouth. I could feel his hands on the back of my head as I would move up and down on his cock.

After a couple of minutes of me sucking his cock, he pulled me up to him, kissing me on the lips. He moved on top of me, pushing my legs up onto his shoulders. I could feel the tip of his cock touching my ass as he positioned himself. I pulled on my legs, trying to expose myself to him more. I felt the head of his cock pushing inside of me, then more of his cock. I started to thrust into him, enjoying the feel of being fucked. I felt his balls slapping me with each thrust. I tried to move in sync with him, squeezing his cock with each thrust.

I was surprised, in just a few minutes I could feel Gene tense and the feel of his cock convulsing as he shot his load inside of me. The look on his face, the contortion of pleasure on it as he came was wonderful.

Gene lay beside me catching his breath. He said, "We will have to do something really special one of these days, something different."

I wasn't sure what he meant with that, but I didn't dwell on it.

He was already licking my shaft and with his thumb pressing on my pee hole I was not inclined to give his statement much thought at that time. I felt the wetness and warmth of his mouth on my cock. I just closed my eyes and let my emotions be in control. I loved the feeling I got from Gene sucking my cock, it was maybe the best sex I had ever had. He knew just how to pressure it, how to tease the head, it all came together as a wonderful experience. His cheeks would slide up and down, just the right touch, very wet, yet the pressure was perfect.

It didn't' take long and I could feel my groin tighten, the feel of urgency in the pit of my stomach. I knew I was going to cum. I told Gene, "God, I'm going to cum."

All he did was continue sucking me, but moaned when I told him I was so close.

I could felt it, the feeling in the head of my cock, then the first spurt shooting from it, then another and another. I felt as though my groin was being compressed, the intense pressure as I came. Gene was trying to get every drop from me, I could feel his tongue teasing pee hole, looking for more. He continued sucking, my cock was so sensitive it made me jerk with his sucking. He soon let up, letting me lie back and try to recover. We lay there for several minutes, nothing said, but the breathing was noticeable as we both tried to relax and calm down. The room was cool, but Gene's body touching mine was hot.

Gene said, "I know it won't be long before you leave for college, I would like to plan a very nice, fun surprise for you the next time we get together."

Now I was really curious about what he had in mind. I tried to get some hint of what he had in mind, but he was not parting with any information.

We got dressed and left the motel, heading back to the small town I lived in. I think we were both well sated and relaxed as we drove out of the motel. The conversation was the usual, still focusing on sex and how great it is.

Gene asked "Could I meet him again next Saturday?"

I answered "Of course, I'd love too."

As I got out of the car and watched him drive off I was more curious than ever what he had in mind for something special. I had to resign to the fact that I would have to wait. I was going to enjoy this day, the great sex we had just had and the feeling of Gene's cum still up inside my ass.

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