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Experiencing Oral


This story is of my discovery and my first time with a dildo in my mouth and my first experience sucking a man's dick. Yes, this story is true and yes, the names have probably been changed (lol). All subjects are well over 18.

Feedback is certainly welcomed, I will answer any questions as I see them. Enjoy, JJ.


The question has been asked "what was your first experience". I was an avowed hetero man till I was 47 years old. Now I identify as bi because of the incidents that started here. If you have read my other stories you will know that I have enjoyed wearing panties under my clothes for many years.

I had been watching a bit of Internet porn, mostly blowjob, anal and shemale. I have enjoyed receiving blowjobs and sliding my cock into a nice tight hole since I got old enough to get them. I was an occasional visitor to some of the bookstores and had received a couple anonymous blows from both women and men and enjoyed them all. I am your average 50 year old married white man. 6 feet tall and 225 pounds with a fat cock a little over 6 inches.

I was talking with my girlfriend Jennifer one night via messenger while I was at work and revealed to her that I was curious about giving blowjobs. I grilled her on why she does them (she really likes sucking cock and would rather swallow a load than fuck) and she described the pleasure she derives from filling her throat and swallowing a heavy load(we had a relatively open relationship and she sucked a lot of dick with my approval). The talk got me so hard I pulled out my cock and relieved myself within minutes.

Over the next week I researched a ton of blowjobs and came to the conclusion that I would definitely like to try giving one.

I went to the local adult store and I bought an 8 inch real feel dildo and started experimenting with it. I bought it and got out to my truck where I took it out of the package and laid it in my lap. I pulled away and drove one handed while exploring the feel in my hand.

It was about a mile down the road when the urge overwhelmed me and I brought it to my mouth and started licking the head of that silky toy. I slid the head into my mouth and instantly felt the pleasure of it filling my mouth. Oh wow, fuck, it felt great in my mouth. I made it about 4 miles from the store and pulled into a local city park that was empty. I parked while sucking on the head of that cock. The minute the truck was parked I started running that fabulous dildo deeper into my mouth. The stretch of my lips around my soft invader (it was about 4 inches around), the feel of it sliding over my tongue, the full feeling as it approached the back of my mouth! Oh, fuck. I could barely contain my new found feelings, I wondered why I had waited so long for this experience. My cock was so hard it was straining against my shorts and I was leaking pre-cum that was soaking through the fabric. I could feel the pre-cum puddling in my panties and totally soaking them. I played with that dildo, sliding it in and out of my mouth and just to the top of my throat, triggering my gag and pulling back. Oh how fucking great it felt. I tilted my head back and increased the speed and force of penetration and slid a hand under my shirt to tweak a nipple. As my finger and thumb pinched my nipple my other hand shoved that fucker balls deep, into the top of my throat and I came so hard that I thought I was going to pass out!

Oh, fuck, it was so fucking good! I had surprised myself by taking it balls deep in my frenzy and now, with my head thrown back, continued to shove that sweet, soft feeling hardness down my throat as far as possible, feeling my throat bulge with the size of it, watching my throat bulge in the rear view mirror. My cock was so spent and I had a pool of cum in my groin, my shorts and panties were soaked! The feeling was so very intense and memorable that I am hard and soaking my lace panties while sitting here writing this 5 years later.

I left the park with that cock lodged in my mouth and drove home through town sliding it in and out of my mouth, at times pushing it to my throat and holding it there while I drove with both hands or manipulated controls. I'm still curious what the other drivers thought of the guy driving around with a dildo hanging out of his mouth, lol.

This particular dildo had a suction cup base and I made good use of it. I'd put it on the door at waist level and get on my knees and practice sucking it and taking it down. I'd take it in the shower and stick it to the wall and drive that fucker down my throat. I got to where I could take its full length, bend the balls back and take it so far in I could close my lips around them. The feeling of my mouth and throat being so full turned my crank. I liked the feeling of my throat during and after stretching to fit that dildo in. I liked the slightly bruised feeling of my lips after a forceful mouth fuck with it.

I was hooked on mouth fucking this dildo. My girlfriend joined in, fucking my mouth with it and forcefeeding it to me. Her mouth would work on my cock and I would cum so hard that she said it felt like I had opened up a hose in her throat.

The inevitable day came when she came home on a Friday night and said we were hosting friends on Saturday.

Saturday broke with her waking me up with her lips wrapped around my cock and teasing my lips with my dildo. I opened up and we fucked each others mouths while I shoved my fingers in her pussy and rubbed her to an orgasm as I blew my load down her throat.

We spent the morning making a luncheon and around noon the bell rang. Frank(a coworker of Jennifer's whom we had shared Jen with in the past) came in with a couple bottles of wine. We all greeted and proceeded to have lunch. We moved into the family room and cracked some wine and after a couple drinks, Jen walked over to Frank and started rubbing up and down him, kissing his neck and lips and letting him reach under her top and play with her 32B titties. He peeled her top off and I was admiring the view with a growing hard on, anticipating a session of dp and getting my cock into her tight ass.

She got down to her panties and got Frank naked sitting on the couch. She started working her oral magic on his hard cock. Frank was 6 foot 2 and about 240 pounds, dark haired with nice chest hair and a trimmed crotch and a 7 inch medium thick cock. Jen motioned me over and I started rubbing my hard cock into the crack of her ass.

She took her mouth off Frank's cock and said, "no, come up here". She pulled me down next to her and said that this was the next step.

She took Frank in deep and then swirled her tongue around the head of his dick as I watched in anticipation but with a little trepidation. I knew this was the next natural step in my oral desire and so was not forced to do it, I just hadn't been forewarned. She pulled off of his rock hard cock and pulled me in for a deep probing tongue kiss. As she pulled me in I could see the wetness of her mouth and as she shoved her tongue in and our lips met I tasted a flavor I knew (from licking my own juices off my fingers and out of her pussy). As our kiss broke, I looked at Frank to see what he made of this.

Frank looked at me and smiled, telling me that Jen had told him what was up and he was happy to be my guinea pig.

Jen then held his cock out and I leaned forward and touched the tip of it with the tip of my tongue. It was slick with precum and the taste had that salty sweet flavor. I pushed his cock up and ran my hands over it, exploring and feeling the contour. I pulled it down and lined it up with my mouth and slowly slid the head into my mouth. Oh, the feeling of that soft spongy hard cock head filling my mouth just past my teeth. I pulled him out and kissed the tip and licked around the head and then slid him back in while sliding my tongue out along the underside of his shaft. I took him to the back of my tongue to test my gag and discovered that it did not happen. I then retreated to just the head, gave it a couple licks, stuck my tongue out and took him to the balls. Again, that euphoria hit me and I swallowed around his shaft, trying to suck it further into my throat. I moved up and down his shaft a dozen times and then pulled him out so I could lick his balls. I took each ball in my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. I licked my way back up to his cock head and looked up into his eyes. I held his gaze as long as I could and again slid that dick into me balls deep. Oh, the feeling! A real, hard, spongy cock filling me as deep and full as it could. The thickness filling my mouth, the head pushing into the top of my throat, making it stretch. My cock was leaking like crazy, I was almost as wet as Jens pussy.

Jen got behind me and whispered her encouragement, telling me how sexy I looked with a cock in my mouth, in my ear while rubbing her tits on my back. She was rubbing her sopping pussy on my heels and her juice was running down my leg.

I looked up at Frank and started to move my face up and down his cock faster, running his head from just inside my lips to balls deep in a smooth rhythm. I wrapped my fingers around his balls and was lightly squeezing them. He took my hint and reached down and grabbed my hair. He asked if I was sure and I nodded yes, not wanting to take that sweet dick out of my mouth. He wrapped his hands in my hair (it wasn't long, but enough to grab) and took over the invasion. He pulled my head up and just rubbed his tip around my lips and then slowly forced his cock between my lips and with a steady pressure, slid it all the way in till my nose was pressed deep into his pelvis. I couldn't believe it but he got even deeper than when I was controlling it. The feeling when his cock head popped into my throat was thrilling.

Jen whispered to just relax and enjoy and slid her hand along my throat to feel the invader. Frank pulled almost out and slid me back down his dick and asked if I was still sure. The only way I could answer was to stick my tongue out and suck him deeper. He smiled and then went to work. He started a continuous up and down movement from his tip just in my mouth to completely buried in my mouth. Fuck, it felt so good. I know my eyes rolled back in my head and Jen said later I was cock drunk, I was drooling around him and my spit was dripping down his ball sack. He picked up his pace slowly with me breathing through my nose in between deep plunges. I was squeezing his balls, Jen was pinching his nipples and mine, and he started plunging that cock in my mouth, his pace speeding to almost a frenzy while I just kept my mouth and throat open and squeezed his balls. I don't know how long it took, but I felt his balls tighten and he shouted and buried his cock so deep I though it would go all the waydown to my belly. It was pulsing and throbbing and swelled to even wider and I could feel him shoot right down my throat. My cock erupted then, gushing my cum out and Jen told me later that she caught it in her hand and rubbed it all over her tits.

He released my head and I slid up enough to get the last shot or so in my mouth. I kept sucking and working him till it felt like my mouth was full and he quit pulsing and his balls relaxed.

Jen pulled me off his cock and buried her tongue in my mouth, swirling his cum around and sucking some out as we snowballed our lovers seed. I liked the taste and the feeling I got from pleasing him and taking his seed.

There was more that day and we did indeed dp Jen and filled her up. I did suck his cock a number of times and he returned the favor over the weekend. This was the incident that taught me that I really like the feeling of my lightly bruised lips from a cock and the little raw, stretched feeling of my mouth and throat.

We would meet on occasion after that weekend and I still look back on it and get hard.

I hope you enjoyed this and again, I look forward to your feedback.


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I loved the story about first time cocksucking. I am in my 60's and I sucked my first cock about 2 years ago during a threesome and then I sucked his cock alone a couple of times after that when his girlfriendmore...

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by Anonymous03/18/18

Sucking a cock for the first time is something you will never forget. The night I sucked my first I actually ended up sucking a total of 5 cocks. Up to that night, I had never even thought of sex withmore...

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by Anonymous11/15/17


A number of years ago I met a man on ‘outpersonals’ site.. he was called Rick and lived in the country 60 km from Perth WA... over the weeks our emails and Skype sessions had turned really hot andmore...

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