tagIncest/TabooExperiments for My Mom

Experiments for My Mom


This story begins in my room. Like almost every other night, I sat in front of my laptop, shorts snugged up against my balls. Right hand on the mouse and my left on my dick. This is what guys are left to do. My earphones on, I got off to a couple of lovely ladies going down on one another. It's up there with the grade A material, I think; lesbian porn.

This particular video of choice was one of my all-time favorites. Two blondes doing just about anything and everything bar the torture or scat. Scissoring, dildoing, even making good use of the strap-on and taking it to the point of anal. They were arguably the most beautiful blondes you would see that weren't involved with the business on some professional level.

But they're not who this story is about. No, it's about two women a lot closer to home. Like, literally inside this home. My mother and sister. And I watched the porno before me imagining it to be them. Most guys would know mental turn-ons belittle physical ones. I don't get off to what I'm looking at, but rather to what I'm thinking. Mental images always win. And boy did I have some images of my sister to help me. Actually, more like genuine memories.

We've hooked up twice, and as wrong as incest is, it never went beyond a blowjob. And to make it an easier to swallow (pun not intended), Serena was heavily influenced by her good friend vodka on both occasions. Nevertheless, I was sober in those times, and apparently her hangovers were so heavy a burden that she has no memory of them whatsoever.

So there I was, an average-looking guy on a not-so-average night. Tonight was special. Why? Because oh, my fucking God, my mother seriously ate my cum. No joke. But we didn't have sex or anything. We were rooms apart, and I'll explain all soon, but first a little introduction.

Many could have guessed by now that we're a family down in the Southern parts of America. Taboo such as incest is made a joke of around here, and it's a stereotype, but that doesn't mean we're all up for it. It doesn't mean we're all hillbillies, or touchy feely and open-minded around one another. In fact, ever since my dad left three years ago, this household's been like a volcano on the verge on eruption. At least to me it has. I've held in so much sexual tension and awkwardness around both my mom and sister that I need to jerk it out on a daily basis.

I was 18 when my father left and that's when I noticed my mother. She became a lot looser around the house with him gone. It was refreshing for the first few months, but then her countless boyfriends and one-night stands came. No son should have to lay restless in his bed at night as his mom screamed and shouted her way to orgasm. But given that was the reality and that I'd be forced to become accustomed to her slutty, obscene ways, I figured I'd make the best of it. Her cries of joy were soon what I whacked off to. Yes, it was fucked up, but I'd much rather masturbate to a reality than some fake-ass moaning on a low-budget porno movie.

My mom is a MILF, there's no way around it. Talking celebrities, I'd match her up as a Kate Beckinsale look-alike. And I'm not exaggerating her resemblance, or boasting about it, but dead-set, I have a hot mom. And she didn't just give herself up to the average Joe. Her two or three one-nighters a week were more often than not with businessmen. Jerks that owned the latest cars, or jerks that were so egocentric that they were borderline homosexuals... those kinds of guys.

As lousy a mother as she may sound, she was actually a very good one. Done all the domestic duties -- cooking, cleaning, and washing; all that stuff -- and worked full-time, five days a week at the local paper company.

But enough with the "prologue"... I want to explain why my dick exploded harder tonight than any time before in my life. Why and how my own mother actually ate my cum.

Living in a cluttered house with two women has never been easy. And when your life is so consumed with internet porn, you don't see them as your mother and sister anymore. Instead, you see them as potential sex buddies. And adding to that, women you want because of the taboo. Because they share your DNA.

It's just me and mom at the house this weekend, so I decided to show courage and take some real initiative. I had wanted mom sexually ever since she and dad split. Ever since she had been the cock-loving whore she hid from everyday society. We had been home alone together plenty of times over that period, but this weekend was to be different. With Serena off out of town, I was keen to test the waters. That meant baiting my mother and seeing what she'd do.

I printed off a 6x4" glossy photograph of a mother/son fantasy couple. The couple had not the slightest resemblance, but that wasn't a necessity for this setup... this masterful plan, if you will. All that mattered was the distinct portrayal of their age gap, akin to me and my mom.

After a quiet dinner with the woman about to eat my seed, I worked through the fail-safe setup to the plan. With the freshly-printed photo in my pocket, I made my way into the bathroom just as casually as I would any other night. I lay the photo on the basin counter as I had my shower. A smirk stuck to my face all the while, because if the best possible result came from this plan of mine, there would be no way of twisting it.

Turning the shower knobs anti-clockwise, the water eased off to a drip. As I stepped out, it was part of two of Operation Dirty Mom. Getting to it, I jerked my semi-boner as I closed my eyes and pictured my mom's face on Lela Star's body. Whipping up the photo in my left hand, I leant my head back, feeling my dick advance to the next degree. Having spent a large part of the day jacking off but restraining to empty my load, I knew full well this was going to be a substantial dumping. And as I felt climax coming in the pit of my stomach, I cupped the photo around the head of my cock.

Grunting through my teeth, I made sure the photo took the full wrath of my gooey deposit. Manoeuvring the print so all the cum met at its center, I laid it face-up on the bin's pile of rubbish. Good thing it was full, and even better that it had no lid, otherwise the photo would go unnoticed. I glanced at it with satisfaction, before moving onto the next step until the ball was out of my court. If you haven't caught on, I planted the cum-ridden photo there intentionally for my mother to find. So to ensure she didn't miss it, I would have to make waste out of something. What better object than her favourite shampoo -- the one she can't go without. Making my way back to the shower, I reached in, grabbed the bottle and unscrewed the cap. Turning the basin tap on, I turned the bottle upside down and watched the content make its way down the drain. With Phase 3 complete, I returned the now empty shampoo bottle. At inspection, she would chuck it out. And that's when she would see the photo and inspect closer.

I dried off, got dressed, and made my way into the lounge. Mom was lying back on the couch watching TV, getting up as she heard me come in. We more or less had routine shower times, so she always went after me.

"Your move, mom," I said to myself as she closed the bathroom door.

Making myself comfortable on the couch, I bit my nails with anxiety. I was thrilled to find if this whole plan would work or not. Flicking over to the adult channels, I got rock hard thinking about mom licking off my cum in there. About her admiring the mother and son photo, and thinking about me as my seed smeared her chin.

Glancing at the wall clock, it read 8:15. She would normally be out any second now, so I flicked the channel back to whatever crappy station she'd had it on. But a couple minutes passed, and either she had slipped in the shower and knocked herself out or my little study had been a success. She was never over-time with her showers.

Sure enough, the bathroom door opened, albeit five minutes late, and I snuck a peep of her minimal cleavage that the towel around her left. As soon as I heard her bedroom door close at the hallway's end, I sprung up off the sofa and raced into the bathroom. My heart pounded fast, eager to see my findings, of which you are all aware. Indeed, she had eaten my cum. Looking down at the photo, I noticed its position slightly ajar to where I left it, as the empty shampoo bottle lay nearby. My thick, white fluid was nowhere to be seen. The photo had glossy finish, so the cum couldn't have just soaked into it. I had to take a minute to process it. My mom had my cum down her throat at this very instant. And she very well knew it was my cum; it couldn't have been anyone else's. The woman couldn't resist. She wouldn't have had any idea it was all a setup. Must have thought I'd left the photo there without thinking.

I returned to my room still in awe. The almighty, "Mom, try my cum!" plan worked. So I sat and watched my porn jerking off to that thought. Where to go from here? I had conducted the first 'test', and being that the results were so promising, I had to continue, didn't I? Who knows how much my mother wants me... or has always wanted me. Perhaps if I plotted some more experiments, her pussy would be mine in no time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All comments and ratings are greatly appreciated.

Drop in to say what you did or didn't like about the debut chapter or anything you'd like to see in future for the story. I'm always up for suggestions, and feedback makes or breaks my motivation, so if you dig it, let me know. =) Thanks!

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