tagBDSMExperiments in the Doctor's Lair Ch. 02

Experiments in the Doctor's Lair Ch. 02


(Please read pt1 (posted under title Experiments in the Doctor's Lair)

I awoke again in my nightmare, again in the lab bound to the cold leather of the operating table. The doctor was in the room, "This is Nurse Fiona she will be administering your treatment today."

I looked over and saw a young woman in her early twenties, long blonde hair flowing back over her shoulders. She was wearing a tight small nurse's uniform made of shiny white leather. The short miniskirt showed off Fiona's beautiful slender legs, wrapped in the soft silk of the stockings with the clips just showing beneath the skirt. The zipper down the front of the skirt was pulled low, as the tight leather pushed her large breasts up and out; it gave a good view of the braless skin below. The outfit was topped off with a small shiny nurse's cap complete with red cross. I was quite turned on by this beauty waiting to do who knows what to me and in my naked state I am sure she could tell as my nipples were already standing to attention.

"I think you're all dirty, it's time to clean you up," continued the doctor, I wondered what he meant as he had insisted I showered at least twice a day (presumably due to the camera in the shower). As usual I wish I had never asked.

"Nurse Fiona, prepare the subject for an enema!" Making sure her breasts were pushed as close to my face as possible Fiona gently released a catch on the table and swung it at a slight angle so my head was above my feat, then she removed a small piece of the table, a semi-circle between my legs, and attached a stand to the side of the table.

Meanwhile the doctor brought over the nozzle. "You see this is a special tube, the end will inflate like this." He pumped a small bulb and a balloon just a few inches from the end of the tube inflated, I shuddered as I imagined it growing inside me. "This will make sure that no liquid will escape and the tube will stay securely inside.

"Nurse you may insert the tube." First Fiona got a small amount of lubricant on her finger and gently massaged it on my virgin ring. She lingered just that bit longer than necessary as her finger slid in, then pulled out. To have such a beautiful girl touching this part of me seemed very sensuous and I almost forgot what was about to happen. However I was soon reminded as next she gently pressed the end of the nozzle against my hole and I felt it begin to slip inside.

The tube was quite small so it didn't hurt as the balloon on the nozzle slipped inside and the second balloon came to rest just outside my ring. But that was not all that had to happen. Next the nurse grabbed the bulb controlling the inner balloon and began to pump. I could feel the bulb inside me begin to grow pulling the pipe deep inside me. I couldn't believe it; I was actually liking the feeling of fullness inside my ring, the gentle pressure.

Then she pumped the outer balloon forming a tight seal pushing on both sides. She gently gave both bulbs one last pump so it was secure. "Fetch some warm soapy water nurse, a quart should get her started," Fiona went into a small room off the main room and came back with a bag of water. She connected the bag to the stand and pushed on the tubing.

"Start the flow," commanded the doctor. Nurse turned a small tap and the water started to flow. Suddenly I could feel the warm water flow out of the pipe into my ass. It felt really weird as slowly it started to fill up inside me. The soapy water was working its way up inside. As the bag emptied I felt fuller and fuller. Finally I had the whole amount inside me in felt like I really needed to go badly but wasn't allowed to due to the balloons clamping me tightly shut.

"Nurse refill the bag!" said the doctor almost immediately, "No," I let out a groan, "not more water." as a stomach cramp hit from the warm water already inside. The doctor walked over to an intercom on the wall. "Bring her in." Almost immediately the door opened and a porter brought Laura into the room, she was handcuffed.

Meanwhile the nurse had placed another, this time larger, bag on the stand and connected the tubing up. "Now Laura you are going to make me cum and until you do I will fill your friend up with water, I wonder how much she can take? "

He motioned to the nurse and she turned the tap on but only a little way so I could just feel a small trickle of warm running inside me. Meanwhile the doctor pulled down his pants and the porter pushed Laura's head into his lap. I knew for a fact that the thing Laura hated most was giving head. She turned her head to the side refusing the member in front of her.

"I think you need a little more incentive," again he motioned the nurse and she opened the tap a lot more I let out a groan as more water flooded inside me at a quicker pace. "Please Laura," I cried, "I can't take this for much longer, were his anyway."

"That's right Laura, Listen to your friend," the doctor said in that mock friendly way. I started to cry as the cramps got more regular as I filled up I could feel the water pushing inside me. Slowly Laura looked over at me in obvious pain then took the doctors thick rod into her mouth. "Just make it quick," I pleaded.

Although she hated it Laura was actually quite skilled. She gently licked around his shaft running her tongue up the bottom then up over the head. Then carefully taking it into her mouth she moved her lips sensually down the shaft engulfing almost the whole thing inside. Moving back again, she ran her tongue over the tip. She continued this action, up and down went her lips, smoothly running over his hard member, kneeling in front of him, hands cuffed behind her back. She speeded up her actions as I groaned with the water continuing to flow inside.

Just when I thought I was about to explode, the doc let out a grunt and came in Laura's mouth, "Swallow it!" he commanded. Laura tried to obey but as he kept squirting hot liquid into her mouth some inevitably escaped.

Meanwhile the nurse shut the water off, however this did not relieve the pressure inside me as I had taken nearly the entire second bag. "You failed to swallow all of my gift to you, and as you know that will involve me punishing your friend," panted the doctor as he regained his breath, "However you did a good job just then so she will only have to hold it in for half an hour, think about obeying my orders as you go back to your room. Your friend will be suffering," he gestured over to me on the table squirming and groaning as I tried to relieve the pressure inside me. Then the porter led her away.

"Nurse watch the patient while I go clean up," the doctor spat out before leaving us two alone in the room. When he left the cramps were getting unbearable. I tried hard to push the nozzle from me to release the pressure but the balloon was holding tight.

"I know it hurts but don't you find it so sensual all that pressure inside you?" I looked over as the nurse spoke for the first time. As I listened to her soft reassuring voice (the only one but the doctors I had heard since arriving) I realised it was quite a turn on. The pushing on all walls inside was making me wet. "Here let me help you, I can't disobey doctor's orders but I can make you more comfortable."

Softly she began running her finger up and down my soft outer lips, it felt strange at first to be touched like this by a stranger but it was taking my mind off the pain. Gently she pushed one finger then another inside me exploring around. She began tapping the small membrane between my two holes. This had a very strange effect sending ripples inside me through the water. It was so strange but at the same time deeply sensuous. I was getting very wet.

"There that feels good doesn't it," soothed the nurse, I had to admit it did, and then, gently, she started rubbing my clit with her thumb while still tapping her fingers inside. The feeling was so intense that I started to buck against her fingers. This had the effect of slightly shifting the tube in my arse. The mixture of sensations was amazing, both being full and the strange feelings this woman could then cause, I started to cum and had an extremely powerful orgasm as my body clamped down on the tube and the nurses fingers simultaneously. The feelings wracked my body. Slowly I came down and lay there panting.

"There I said you'd feel better, I bet you can't even feel it now," I had almost completely forgotten about my pain till she reminded me but suddenly remembering how much water I had inside I desperately needed to go. I tried again in vain to squeeze the tube free but couldn't.

After what seemed like an age the doctor returned. "Nice job nurse," He said gesturing at the camera in the room, "You may now release the patient and let her release." The nurse slowly helped me off the table, the pain causing me to fall into her arms. She led me with the tube still inside to a toilet, ordered me to crouch over then released the pressure on the balloons.

Suddenly I was free, all the water gushed out of me, as it did the feeling of relief and emptiness took over and was so powerful I passed out collapsing into the nurse's arms from my ordeal.

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