Explanation to the Sorority Ch. 02


"Tomorrow will be very exciting for me, Scott. I'm really looking forward to it." She smiled, turned and left, the door clicking shut behind her.

* * *

Knock-knock. "Room service." Knock-knock.

I was out of the shower, toweling off in the bathroom after what started purposefully as a cold-water, stinging cascade but quickly became a relaxing, hot shower. I needed that to calm me down after waking this morning from a dream in which my hard cock was buried in Karelle's pussy while Nya fucked me in the ass with her strap-on. Leaking wet-dream fluid and not wanting to lose any potential ability for complete and rapid recovery after the first of what I hoped would be at least two Karelle-induced ejaculations today, I went straight to the bathroom from the bed, erection bobbing. I sat on the john long enough for my hard-on to diminish to a point allowing me to urinate before stepping into the shower.

I hadn't ordered room service.


Towel wrapped around my torso, I cracked open the door.

"Maybe you have the wrong room. I didn't order room service," I said to a pretty hotel employee. She was holding a tray on which sat a bowl of fresh, cut-up fruit.

"Room 3015. Scott Gooding, correct?"

"Yes, but---"

"A Ms. Matthews sent this up for you." She nodded toward the fruit.

"Oh. Yes, then please come in."

The young woman came in and placed the tray on the desk next to the window. She began rearranging the few things I'd pulled from my satchel the night before that weren't now on the bathroom countertop, in order to put the bowl, utensils, and a napkin on the desk.

Turning toward me (and I was standing awkwardly, towel around me and obviously having just emerged from the shower), she reached into her pocket and pulled out a note card embossed with the hotel's logo on the front. She handed it to me, but then stayed where she was instead of leaving.

This was odd. I opened the card. It was from Karelle.

"Scott, you may want a bite or two before our brunch. Enjoy the fruit. They find the absolute best fresh strawberries in the area. The young lady is waiting for you to give her whatever towel or sheet or blanket you have concealing your gorgeous cock from her view. When you do, you will be completely naked in front of her. That is as I have planned. Knowing you are doing it for me will make me hot and wet for you. ---Karelle"

The young woman waited.

Frozen in place, I re-read the card. I glanced nervously at the room service attendant in front of me.

The young woman stood there. Waiting.

I unwrapped the towel from around my waist and let it drop to the floor. Swallowing hard and feeling the warmth of the embarrassed blush I knew was rushing up my neck to my face, I bent down to pick up the towel and hand it to the attractive young lady in front of me.

She took the towel from me but still didn't leave. Looking up and down at me as I stood nude in front of her, she pulled a cell phone from a different pocket, flipped it open and punched auto-dial.

"Yes, he is naked in front of me, Ms. Matthews," she said into the phone. "Yes, I will tell him." She held the phone away from her mouth slightly and said, "Turn around for me, Mr. Gooding."

Karelle was teasing me again. Using another woman to tease me in absentia. She knew this would turn me on.

"Ms. Matthews directs that you lean forward, place your hands on your knees, and arch your back. She says you will know well the position she describes."

Karelle, you minx!

"Yes, ma'am. He has a very nice ass. Yes, I will tell him to wiggle it for me."

The young woman so directed. I complied.

"Stand up, Mr. Gooding, and approach me." Still on the phone with Karelle, the girl waited for me to walk toward her.

"Thank you, Ms. Matthews. I truly appreciate the opportunity to fondle his balls."

My cock started its ascent from semi-rigidity to full hardness. The girl reached her hand toward my crotch and cupped my balls.

"Yes, that seems to be the case. I would guess that he hasn't masturbated since he came for you last night."

Karelle had sent the girl to ensure I had followed her directions.

"Yes, ma'am."

The young woman snapped the phone shut, my testicles still in her hand. Looking at me, she said, "Ms. Matthews told me what you did last night."

Releasing my balls, she walked to the door and left.

* * *

The fruit was good and just the right amount to tide me over until brunch. At 10:34 I was lounging on the bed, watching TV.

Knock-knock. "Room service." Knock-knock.

Expecting the girl who had brought the fruit, I brazenly opened the door, completely naked.

It was an elderly hotel maid. Her shocked expression told me I had erred not only in my assumption about who was behind the door, but also about what effect my nudity would have.

Dropping my clothes and shoes, she fled down the hall.

She would either report the incident to hotel management, or she would share it in hushed tones and giggles with the cadre of maids at the hotel. I could only hope for the latter.

Hastily gathering my clothes and shoes as I stretched through the doorway, I retreated into the safety of the room, finally able to get dressed.

The only thing is, my briefs weren't included.

* * *

Knock-knock. "Scott?" Knock-knock.

It was 11 AM. I recognized Karelle's voice.

Relieved, I opened the door. She and Nya were standing in the hall.

"We're ready to treat you to brunch, Scott," Karelle said. "You're going to need your nourishment to be ready for the rest of the day," she said, smiling at me as though she were talking about a trip to the beach or to the ballpark. Nya wore her own smile along with the snug jeans of the night before but with a different top.

We walked toward the elevator as Karelle said to Nya, "I sent one of the prettier, younger hotel employees up to Scott's room this morning with a bowl of fruit. He continued to prove his eagerness to submit to our desires by displaying himself to the young lady while she fondled his balls."

Nya's shocked expression quickly softened. In a husky voice, she said, "I don't believe I've held his balls myself. I envy that hotel employee."

This would be a very long morning and brunch, it was clear. Karelle and Nya were clearly going to tease me unmercifully in advance of my surrender to Nya in front of the rest of the girls.

When we were in the elevator and Karelle had punched the button for the floor where one of the hotel's restaurants was located, I said, "It's a bit uncomfortable without any underwear."

Nya looked at Karelle and smiled, just a bit, before looking down at the floor.

"You had leaked into your briefs last night to the degree that they really weren't wearable, Scott," Karelle said as the elevator began its descent.

"But if you keep teasing me, I'll leak right through my slacks for everyone to see."

"Then you better find a way to avoid that," said Karelle, "because Nya and I have every intention of enjoying ourselves. After all, you're here to explain why all of this excites you. Tell Nya why the teasing makes you hard."

The elevator doors slid open. An older couple smiled as they waited for us to exit into the lobby.

"Scott?" said Karelle as we walked across the lobby toward the restaurant.

Good grief! She expected me to say this to Nya right out in the open. I walked close to Nya to try to minimize the volume I'd have to produce during my explanation.

"It's just incredibly exciting to hear a woman tease me sexually with her words and questions because I believe she's arousing herself in the process. For the woman to be hot and taking charge of teasing me to make herself even hornier is a huge turn-on."

I was nervously looking around, trying to ensure no one in the lobby was close enough to hear what I saying to Nya as we walked to the restaurant.

"Good morning, folks. Three in your party?" The hostess held an armful of menus inside leather covers.

"Yes," said Karelle, "and could we have one of your circular booths, please?"

It figured that Karelle would be familiar with this expensive hotel and its restaurants. Class begets class.

"Right this way."

After settling into the booth -- Nya slid in first and Karelle motioned me in after her -- I was seated with the two women on either side of me. The circular booth was underneath a sort of gauzy tent, matching the vaguely mid-Eastern decor of the restaurant. Backing up to a wall, and with the tent-like covering over us, we were seated in what had obviously been designed to be a private eating area.

Without hesitation, the two of them scooted next to me, much closer than the table settings in the booth indicated were the normal seating positions for the diners. Karelle, seated to my left, slid her right hand onto my thigh underneath the table.

"We'll let you have a few moments to look over the menus before your waitress comes to take your order. Before Stephanie arrives, shall I have one of our attendants bring you all ice water?" The hostess had a slightly puzzled look on her face, no doubt caused by the huddle she saw in front of her. Karelle was non-plussed.

"Yes, ice water would be nice. And could the attendant also bring some of your wonderful croissants? I know we'd like to nibble on them as we consider what else we'll want for brunch." Karelle smiled at the hostess.

"Certainly. We'll get those out quickly."

As the hostess walked away, Nya put a hand on my other thigh. Karelle turned to me and said, "In truth, Scott, I did rinse out the cute little briefs I bought for you, and they're quite dry in my suite right now." Nya's hand slid to my crotch. "But it's a convenient ruse, don't you think, that I said your briefs were in no condition to be worn." Nya carefully, slowly began unhooking my belt. "Now, you have nothing on underneath your slacks. That makes it so much easier to pull your cock out underneath this table so we can play with it during brunch."

Nya giggled. She was getting much more insistent with the belt buckle. Looking quickly around the restaurant, she reached her other hand underneath the table and finished unbuckling my belt, opening it. Karelle's fingers were at the button of my slacks, deftly making quick work of the task so that only my zipper was now keeping my slacks closed.

The women returned their hands to the table, opening their menus.

"Now, Scott," said Karelle, "unzip."

I've described the alcove we were in. No one would be able to walk behind me. But the table was large enough that the server would have to lean over it to place our plates in front of us. Would that afford a view of my naked cock?

I blushed a deep red, I know.

Perusing the menu, Karelle said, "Scott?"

That stomach-clenched feeling I've described before as one of the most powerfully alluring aspects of sex play with a knowledgeable woman? The fear that you can't do what she's just said, but you want to more than anything? The surrender you have to make, the hard swallow accompanying the decision that your pleasure----and the woman's---- depends on your compliance?

Take all of that and multiply it by being in a hotel restaurant as you consider exposing your naked cock underneath the tabletop so two---not one, but two---beautiful women can toy with you, and you will understand why I did what Karelle directed.

Nya's eyes widened when her hand moved to my crotch and touched my naked cock. "This is so-o-o-o-o hot," she whispered.

"I do enjoy this particular tease a great deal," said Karelle, still looking at the menu. "I've only found a couple of guys with the guts to go through with it, though," she said thoughtfully, laying the menu down. Turning to look at me, she said, "One, in spite of his exposure, turned out to be less-than-inspiring with his tongue." Nya had encircled my cock with her fingers, testing my hardness. "The other, though," Karelle smiled dreamily, "not only licked me deliciously, he also followed directions extremely well when I told him to back up against me as the way to slide my strap-on inside his ass and then fuck himself on my strap-on with a back-and-forth motion as a I held completely still, enjoying the sight of the dildo going in and out of his asshole."

Nya's hand on my naked cock. Karelle's tortuously arousing description. The intoxicating presence of these two women, one a novice at the hands of her mentor, and me as the sextoy being shared by both of them.

I was rock-hard beneath the table, throbbing under Nya's feathery caress.

Drawing her hand away as the server approached, Nya whispered, "I'm getting wet."

"Hello. My name is Stephanie. Please let me know anything I can do to serve you today," smiled the girl.

Mentally I screamed, Put me out of my misery and give me an orgasm! in response to Stephanie's statement, my naked cock bobbing and pulsing underneath the table.

"Thank you, Stephanie," said Karelle. "I think we're ready to order. It's our treat for our guest this morning." Turning to me and smiling, she asked, "What would you like, Scott?"

Put me out of my misery and give me an orgasm! The involuntary mental command issued itself again in my brain.

I cleared my throat. Stammering, I said, "Omelette, a, um, spinach omelette would be good." I croaked it out, still trying to come down from the intensity of Nya's tease at Karelle 's command.

Stephanie looked at me quizzically. "Is everything all right? Would you like more water?"

I saw both Nya and Karelle smile into their opened menus.

"No, thanks. I'm fine. Just a little hoarse." And I took a sip of the water.

"I'll have your strawberries and cream along with an omelette myself," said Karelle. "Make mine spinach, too." She handed the server her menu along with mine.

"I want something pretty light," said Nya. "I'll be working out not too long from now," she sidled against me, adjusting herself in her seat to emphasize what "workout" meant, "so why don't I go with some scrambled eggs for energy and complex carbs for endurance---say, some wheat toast and jam?"

Handing her menu to the waitress gave her the opportunity to drop one hand underneath the table. I knew what was coming.

"Excellent. I'll get this right out for you," said Stephanie, turning on her heels and heading to the kitchen.

"Karelle, Nya," I moaned, "please don't tease me like this. I'll come if you continue this, and I don't want to come. I want to reserve my orgasm for your pleasure, Nya," I said, turning to the black girl, "when you fuck me."

Karelle reached under the table to fondle my hard cock. "You are saying all the right things, Scott. You left off, though, that another reason you don't want us to do this is because it will cause you to leak, and without any briefs on, everyone in the restaurant will see a wet spot on the crotch of your trousers when we leave." With that, she slid her hand up my shaft to the head of my dick, which was (as you can guess) beaded with a droplet of pre-cum. She drew a fingertip across it in a motion designed to transfer the bead of liquid to her finger. Then she withdrew her hand, holding it in front of her as she turned to look at me.

"That really would be embarrassing, wouldn't it?"

And she slipped her fingertip into her mouth, savoring the taste of me as she looked me in the eye.

I was mesmerized and couldn't look away from her lustful gaze. Nya squirmed against me. "Oh, god, this is going to soak a wet spot through my panties AND my jeans," she said.

So it went throughout the entire brunch. Once, when Stephanie was leaning over to collect my plate, I almost fainted with embarrassment when Karelle removed the napkin in my lap just as Stephanie was closest to the edge of the table where I sat, hard cock now exposed. If she saw anything, it wasn't apparent in her reaction. She gathered my plate and headed back to the kitchen.

"She almost saw you then, Scott, didn't she?" teased Karelle. Nya saw what Karelle had done.

"It's important, Nya, that if you toy with a man in public, you know exactly how to extract the greatest amount of excitement from the situation," was her simple explanation for her actions. She replaced the napkin, and Nya quickly grabbed my cock.

By now, the continuous leakage of pre-cum produced enough liquid that it oozed down my shaft over Nya's fist. She drew the hand up, trying to direct all the glistening liquid onto her knuckles, then pulled her hand into view.

"Go ahead. He'll get excited seeing you do it," said Karelle, looking at Nya.

Like a cat lapping at a saucer of milk, Nya tasted me for the first time as I watched, my eyes locked on hers as her tongue traveled sensuously over her hand.

Their tease was mind bending!

At that point, I thought things could get no more intense.

I was wrong.

Karelle reached under the table, saying, "I am taking pity on you, Scott. You're being such a good boytoy for us." She again roamed a fingertip across the head of my dick, searching for any lingering moisture there. Coating her fingertip with the small amount of pre-cum that remained, she withdrew her hand and placed it on the table in front of me, one fingertip slick with a small amount of what she'd expertly wiped off the head of my naked cock.

"This is deliciously naughty and nasty, Nya. Watch as Scott will get you REALLY wet."

With that, Karelle advanced her fingertip toward my mouth. I froze.

"Open, Scott. You were so sexy and arousing when you did it last night with your asshole. Open now with your mouth."

"Shit," whispered Nya.

"Scott, this is a personal hot button for me. If you want to turn me on incredibly, suck my finger clean right now."

I closed my eyes, but I opened my mouth. Karelle's finger slid inside, and I sucked it clean. But she didn't withdraw it. "Ummm, that feels good and so sexy," she said, stroking her finger inside my mouth. I opened my eyes to see her watching me suck her finger. "Your mouth is soft and wet and warm, and this feels so sexy, knowing that you just cleaned my fingers of traces of your own arousal."

Nya whispered urgently to Karelle, who was dreamily watching me suck and toy with her finger. "Please, please---can we go now. Karelle, I can't stand it anymore. My clit is throbbing. This is too intense for me to stand. I swear, I'm going to have an orgasm right here."

I continued sucking Karelle's finger.

"Then do, Nya. Just pretend that what you're seeing is exactly the way Scott will suck on your hard nipples very soon."

Nya shuddered next to me. She stiff-armed the table, a muffled gasp coming from her throat. That made my cock twitch. I almost bit down on Karelle's finger with the excitement of knowing that Nya was having an orgasm right next to me.

Karelle grinned and extracted her finger slowly. "You get Nya really excited, Scott. Does that make you hot enough to want to surrender to her the way you did to me last night?"

Stephanie was advancing toward our table with the check.

"Yes. Completely hot and willing for you to fuck me deep and slow and in the best way to give you an orgasm fifty times more intense than the one you just had," I said to Nya quickly in order to get the words out before Stephanie reached earshot. Slumped in contentment against the back of the booth as she looked at me, Nya smiled and licked her lips.

Karelle leaned over and kissed me chastely on the cheek. "Good boy," she whispered as Stephanie arrived at our table.

* * *

Karelle's artful manipulations cleaned me off well enough that the small amount of leakage that escaped as I willed my cock down enough to fit back into my slacks when I zipped up was easy to wipe clean with the napkin. Karelle and Nya thoughtfully ceased their teasing after Stephanie took away Karelle's credit card, and I settled down sufficiently not to have to worry that I'd embarrass myself with an obvious hard-on pressing against a wet spot in the crotch of my trousers as I exited the restaurant.

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