tagNovels and NovellasExploiting Company Secrets Ch. 03

Exploiting Company Secrets Ch. 03


Turned out Tricia was a riddle that wouldn't be solved right away. She acted strange for days after my episode with Nancy, but never said anything and eventually her behavior returned to normal. I half expected that she had heard or seen something that led her to discover what I had done to Nancy. But over time I realized that it was just my paranoia and if anything, she could only have had suspicions.

The paranoia, however, did drive me to start tagging her with electronic surveillance, keeping a closer eye on her activity. I tapped her email and listened to phone conversations, but nothing was discovered that would lead me to think she knew too much. This both relieved and disappointed me.

Tricia was a good assistant, very professional and very organized. She knew my work habits and controlled my office better than any assistant I ever had work for me. I would have hated on one hand, to have her tipped off to my bad behavior which could only cause complications for me right now. On the other hand, it would have been nice to find some reason to have her in the 'hot seat' of my office.

She was 24 years old and still attending college in the evenings. She was also a little tease. While she maintained reasonable standards of dress in the office, her skirts often hung a little low on her hips and her shirts would ride a little high. The stripe of skin, smooth tanned stomach, the glimpse of a petite belly-button, and most of all... the straps of a thong slipping above the top of her skirt, would always make me look twice. She was curvy, not thin and fragile, which accentuated her feminine allure. Nevertheless, she was young and also a direct employee and most of all... free of anything incriminating that I might be able to use to get her in a compromising position.

It had been about 10 days since my interlude with Nancy, and during this time I had raged with conflicting thoughts and personal judgments on my behavior. More and more, however, I was feeling horny. I was spending evenings and even into several nights, in the office looking for 'bad behavior'. My colleagues and team members saw this as a renewed dedication to my job... if they only knew. I would wake each morning with immediate guilt and resolve to make each day different, but by the time I would walk into my office my motivation was to find useful information on people I watched and worked with.

I realized that I had a problem, but didn't think I had become ethically bankrupt just yet, only that I was having a trying period of poor judgment in the face of incredible opportunity and temptation. But a problem it was, as I had stopped trying to develop relationships, sexual or otherwise, using more normal channels. Given the choice to hit the bar scene with friends or scan email for dirt on an unsuspecting associate, I chose the later every time.

During this time I really focused on Tricia, especially for the first few days after my fling with Nancy, but as I mentioned there was nothing for me to use. I continued to watch Melanie, but her behavior was in line and no more noon-time cock jobs. In fact I learned that she was no longer seeing Todd, having broken off the relationship only a few days ago. Nancy was a non issue as well. I watched her carefully and the most remarkable thing in her traffic pattern was an increase in hits to Monster.Com. I was not surprised, having been busted only weeks after starting with our company and then having to pay for her crime with her ass, it would be wise to look for another job. So far, no complicated wrinkles to sort out, instead just the opposite as things seemed to be smoothing out on their own.

Day 11, post Nancy, I was starting to become resigned to the idea that what had happened with Melanie and Nancy might have been a fluke. Could my run of blackmailed sex be over? Perhaps, and maybe I was coming to terms with the sensibility that it was for the better. It was bound to catch up with me at some point, especially if I continued. As I was starting to let all this rationality set in, I scanned an email to Tricia that caught my attention. It contained no dirt on Tricia, however, so there would be no immediate play for her sweet tail, but it did have information that made my previous thoughts of prudence dry up and blow away to the less visited places in my head. Turns out that she and other gossiping assistants had discovered our new marketing intern was doing some night work for a local escort company. How they had learned this was not clear, but there was an interesting conversation occurring amongst the gossips. All of them, (appeared there were about 5 in the email chain), were women. Four of them were expressing their disgust with her behavior and only one was defending her to some degree. Aside from knowing that Misty, (the intern), was an escort, I was getting a kick out of the fact that Tricia was her only supporter.

Tricia was only half-heartedly on Misty's side. She seemed more annoyed that the other four were being so quick to judge. I was impressed with Tricia's liberal defense, even if only for the sake of the debate, but more impressed that Tricia was willing to have an open mind and consider the circumstances in which Misty found herself. (Misty had been a struggling college student living on the meager salary we offered her as in intern. Economics had placed Misty in the position to look for work elsewhere). Eventually, however, their conversation bored me and I was already working to track down Misty's wild side in my own digital way.

It took a couple days, during which Misty conducted her business without use of our company's computers or anything else that I could digitally control, but I finally found a crack to wedge open. Frustrating as it was at first, I maintained my motivation by learning more about the intern of my current focus. She was a brilliant woman, with good grades and plenty of motivation. She was from a large family with little money, so she had made her way through college on scholarships and hard work. She was nearing her degree and escort work was putting food on the table, and then some.

The spoils of her night-job were actually excessive. Her car recently upgraded to a used 3-series BMW, her clothes sported labels such as Prada and D&G, but her success was also breeding recklessness. As I watched I learned her skills when 'on-call' were in high demand and that she was very good at what she did. Her service booked her for 3 to 4 calls a night, but she only worked 2 or 3 nights a week. They constantly begged for more time from her, but she had the upper hand and had negotiated larger percentages for herself. Most of this I gleaned from simply browsing the escort company's web site, but a couple easy hacks gave me more information as I snuck on their servers. Still, without something incriminating in the office, she would be off limits to me. I kept looking.

Her talents were along the lines of playing the naughty, yet naive school girl, the teenager next door, the innocent farm girl gone bad. She was 23 years old but looked all of 17. She was experienced like few others, but looked as raw as a choir girl. She expertly combined this physical appearance of purity with pale white skin that was deliciously accentuated by perky B-cup breasts and very long black hair and deep hazel eyes. She was all natural, home grown American pie. She had apparently learned the part very well, and knew how to market and sell her natural assets. Like I said, she was brilliant.

Was she brilliant enough to stay clear of my network borders and alarms? Perhaps not. Her escort service provided most of the web-presence required for their girls, but email was still something she used to communicate with her regular clients. While she tried to use clever keywords and avoid the obvious terms that anyone might pick up on, I finally found a pattern of emails from local ISP's, with email usersnames that were too cliché' to overlook. The tone of the messages and the combination of terms came together and I learned her lingo, and eventually started lodging my own email requests of the lovely Misty.

Justifiably cautious at first, she ignored my emails or simply asked me to go through the agency. But I insisted that I was a friend of one of her regulars and she finally gave in as I tempted her with large tips for her services. She finally agreed to meet me in a public place for a formal introduction. We agreed to meet at a bookstore with a café on the facing street where we could discretely, but with the comfort of a popular public spot, make further arrangements. She was also adamant that if we did make future plans, they had to be booked through her escort service. She did not moonlight on them, apparently.

Busy as her schedule was, our meeting could not take place for another couple days and that meant well over 2 weeks would have passed since my encounter with Nancy by the time I met with Misty. A short period of time in relative terms, but for me it felt like a lifetime. It was amazing for me to realize that I was actually maintaining two completely different thought patterns, in parallel. On my right shoulder sat the little angel telling me to be good, making me resign to stay clear of further forced seductions and that time would heal the wounds and guilt I felt. On my left shoulder was the demon that made me lustful in my domain of control, to see how far I could assert my influence and to enjoy the eventual spoils of such victories. The devil was winning this battle, at least this round, since it was easier to justify what I was attempting to do when the subject of the hunt was an escort. She did this kind of thing for money, right? Were her ethics and morals any more admirable than mine? But the right shoulder would jump in to keep me cognizant of the fact I was attempting to force her hand, take away the decision she would otherwise have. I moved forward on blinding lustful desire alone.

I had been inside the bookstore for 30 minutes prior to our meeting, in a vantage point that allowed me to scan the café terrace and stay well hidden at the same time. She arrived promptly and sat at the far south end of the terrace, just as we arranged. She faced away from the bookstore entrance, so my approach would be unnoticed until the last second, but I seriously doubted she would recognize me regardless, as we never worked together in the office place. I stepped outside and towards the table, and was nearly sitting opposite of her before she looked up to acknowledge me.

Her initial look was a pleasant smile, followed by a quick hello and a very professional handshake. She then furrowed her brows as she inspected me in more detail, as though she recognized my face but could not place it in context. I had no interest in confusing her and made a quick introduction of myself and just where she had seen me before.

Once she learned who I was, her face was a little more nervous, but without learning the real reason for our meeting, she was doing a good job of continuing the discussion without appearing too flustered. She readily admitted that she tried to avoid connecting her night job with people in her life otherwise, be they from work or elsewhere. I couldn't blame her, but she was then suddenly curious about who had referred her services to me. The alleged connection between one of her regulars and myself was fake, of course, and I told her so.

In the course of the next 3 minutes, I discussed how I had discovered her night job and how her use of company email and messaging systems was a violation of our company's policy. I hid the details she didn't need to know, like the gossiping administrative assistants and such, but elaborated on the details of the policy that involved termination. Misty made great money as an escort, but could not afford to lose the internship at our company, it would affect her college work, recommendations to future employers, and possibly delay her graduation. Even with all of that at stake, she still surprised me after I finished outlaying her violations and their potential consequences.

"So you set up this meeting to confront me?" she asked. "You're not interested in a date?"

Remarkable, I thought. Does she feel like I am wasting her time? Maybe I have over estimated the priority she placed on her internship. Could she be more interested in an hour of work at $400 per, than her long term career prospects? I was almost stunned out of my game plan. Almost... but not entirely.

"Oh, I am interested in a date," I answered her finally.

"That's what I thought," she smiled in return. "I could smell your intentions as soon as you started talking about termination. Why else would you confront me here, and not at the office?" she continued.

Damn, the girl was smarter that I gave her credit for and I realized I might be out of luck on this one. Worse, perhaps, I might even be even busted. How did I not see this coming, and think through this potential scenario. I was starting to sweat, and Misty noticed and worked me some more."

"I can't believe your going to do this" she said calmly. "You're really a pig, aren't you?"

Her rhetorical question stung me, and reopened the guilt carved wounds on my conscious. I considered apologizing and letting it be, just walking away and hoping nothing more would grow out of this mess I had made. We both sat in silence for several more seconds while I contemplated my retreat and she considered her options.

"Well, I guess you got me," she said with some disdain, but bailing me out just the same. "You're gonna force this issue I suppose."

Her face was blank face but maintained an air of composure, although I could see she was not pleased with the options she faced. I was breathing easier as at least the option of leaving and turning me in was not a part her current mindset. Her professionalism, all around, carried the conversation further.

"I can't fit you in tonight," she continued. "I have a regular tonight and he pays for 3 hours, so we will have to arrange this for tomorrow," she finished.

Despite her apparent control of a situation I thought I was in charge of, I gathered myself mentally now that my prize was at hand.

"Here is my address," I offered as I handed her my card with my home address on the back. "If you can make it around nine, that would be great."

"Fine," was all she could say as she put my card in her purse and turned to leave. She turned back before taking a step, however, and asked, "Is this a one time thing, or are you going to make me pay for this indefinitely?"

I was a little hurt by her implication that I would milk this for all I could, but how could I blame her? Given what she knew of me thus far, I was scum and not to be trusted.

"No, you make tomorrow night memorable and I will drop the subject forever," I promised.

She starred at me for a second or two, perhaps trying to gauge the level of my sincerity but then again simply said, "Fine."

She turned and walked away, this time not looking back. I watched her quick paced walk until she was no longer visible. Her figure was stunning, her innocent facade was very well developed and I even found myself seduced by her air of virtue that trailed her like fog as she walked away. I stood to leave, but my cock was stiff – I hadn't even noticed, so I sat back down and finished my coffee while I relaxed.

The next day was bound to be a nervous one for both Misty and myself, so I called in absent and took a personal day. No need for us to bump into each other in the hallway or otherwise have added uncomfortable tension. Never mind that such encounters afterward would be even more anxious, but I solved my problems one at a time, as they arose. Besides, I wanted to make some special arrangements for the evening, arrangements that would surprise Misty even further.

I went online and browsed the website of Misty's escort service. There was a cute blonde that was available for groups or single dates that I found particularly attractive, so I called the service hoping she would be available tonight. I was in luck, and I booked her, (her name was April), for three hours starting at 8pm. Her rate was not as high as Misty's, but three hours was still going to set me back a $1000, probably more after tips. I made more money than I could spend by myself, however, and I couldn't think of a better way to use some of it. Moreover, I knew that to get my way this evening would take much more than a $1000.

I spent the rest of the day trying to avoid thoughts of tonight, keeping myself busy with work around the house and a trip to the gym. This strategy didn't really work, though, as I thought of nothing but Misty and April. I showered and made sure the house was clean, stopped by the liquor store to pick up some expensive wine that I liked, and then waited patiently for my first visitor.

April arrived a little late, but apologized and said she would make it up with an extra ½ hour at the end. I was instantly hard when she slipped out of her light jean-jacket and had on nothing but a mini skirt which covered a white thong, her C cup breast hanging free. Her shoes were left by the front door.

I offered her a glass of wine and then explained what was going to occur tonight. I knew she was ok being with other women, having asked about that when I called the service to setup the date. The rest of my request was going to surprise her, however. First, I wanted to fuck her without a condom. I knew this would be a tough point for her to give in on, but after a few minutes of pleading, and an extra $2k in cash, she finally agreed. With the cash still in her hand I had her lay back onto my couch and I undressed.

I didn't even take off her panties or skirt, instead just slipped the thin silk of her thong to one side. I then sucked on her clit and tongued her hole until it was wet enough for three of my fingers, which sloshed easily in and out of her cunt. As I have mentioned before, I love to eat pussy and hers was no exception. I considered staying there until she came, to enjoy her hairless cunt and equally clean ass, but I reminded myself of my plan for the evening and discontinued.

I mounted her and slipped my cock into her easily, again with her panties simply held to one side by my hand. By 8:45 she was breathing hard and playfully asking for me to fuck her. I banged away for another minute or so and then exploded deep inside her. I pressed in deeper as my balls drained into her pussy and then pulled out slowly. Her hole gapped for a few seconds after I exited, with spindles of cum trailing from my penis to her labia. Her pussy walls quickly collapsed together, however, trapping my seed in her womb. I fixed her panties again so that they covered her wet gash and filled her in on the rest of my plan.

She was reluctant to hide in a closet and watch me fuck another escort, but another $1000 changed her mind and I assumed the rest of the plan to be obvious but elaborated anyway as I instructed her to come join us on the bed after I finished with the second girl. By 9:00pm April was tucked away in my walk-in closet, with a bottle of wine and a decent view from behind slightly opened French doors. Misty, prompt as before, rang the bell at 9:01.

Misty was stunningly beautiful, and tonight she outdid herself with a plaid skit that was about 3 inches too short for any respectable Catholic school, topped with a white blouse and no bra. Her hair hung free and bounced around her shoulders. Her calves were irresistible, propped up by her modest heels. Being a true professional, she smiled as she walked in the door and kissed me gently on my lips, hers parted just enough for me to smell her cinnamon sweet breath. No wonder she was the prize of her escort service! My dick, not yet 20 minutes from earlier work, was already pulsing in excitement.

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