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Exploration and Temptation


I'll be back in half an hour, he had said. Just let me scout around, he had said.

Now it was two hours later, and no sign of Hans. More worrying still, the man was normally punctual to a fault.

Ivan peered around the corner of the hallway. There was always something in ruins like this -- orcs, basilisks, wild animals, or something else that would rip out your throat soon as look at you. He and Hans had been making runs like these for the past two years, and they worked well as a team.

Having another pair of eyes, sharper than your own, and a reliable blade to guard your back was invaluable. They typically brought in a third or fourth mercenary for tougher jobs, like the mage sitting back at their camp outside the ruin's entrance. The man had decided not to come looking for the wayward scout, and Ivan couldn't blame him -- traipsing about unknown territory wasn't in the guy's job description.

Ivan sighed, shifting his grip on the torch he was holding, trying to peer a little further into the gloom. There was the chalk mark on the wall -- Hans had been this way. Ivan followed the narrow hallway a short distance, keeping his back to the wall as he moved and eyeing the pair of ancient wooden doors on the other side of the hall; Hans wouldn't have checked them while he scouted.

There, stairs down. Had the man not scouted the other wing of the first floor? That seemed a little off, but maybe he'd planned to take care of it on his way back. Ivan hesitated for a moment, rechecked the chalk markings, and began making his way down the crumbling stone stairs. His friend was down here somewhere, damn it. Maybe he was pinned down, taking shelter from some marauding beast, or even captured. Ivan wasn't going to just leave him to die on his own.

The next floor opened into an expansive gallery, barely illuminated by the sickly green glow of magelights that had weathered the passage of time. Carvings of shapely men and women adorned each of the pillars. Once, they might have offered an elegant viewing space for exhibiting the vast array of paintings on display, but these had been claimed long ago by mildew and decay. Ivan tried to imagine the place, courtiers of some long lost kingdom drinking and mingling in the vast, silent chamber, now a shadowy sepulcher clinging to the faded remnants of an ancient civilization.

There were eight different exits from the room, but after brief survey by torchlight Ivan was able to find his friend's chalk markings on the far left doorway. He began moving through the hallway, noticed that one of the doors had rusted off its hinges, and risked a look inside. Bedchambers, it seemed, perhaps for guests; the rooms were too large and lavishly decorated to have been a servants' quarters.

Ivan covered his mouth and nose to avoid a lungful of dust, then continued down the corridor. Light was spilling through the crack in the doorway at the end of the hall; Ivan quickened his pace at first, then forced himself to move slowly. No cause to rush into things, end up with both of them in a bind. If the man was dead -- heavens forbid -- then there was nothing to be done. If he was alive, caution would serve them both better than rushing blindly into the room.

He slipped down the hallway, careful to make as little sound as possible. After reaching the door he knelt to look at the keyhole. Damn, something covering it. Ivan put his ear against the door, straining for a sound. It was quiet, but he could hear a voice, maybe murmuring something. Then a sound -- Hans, it had to be. The seemed in pain, from what he was hearing. Ivan fought to keep his composure. His friend was being tortured, most likely.

Ivan slowly pulled his axe from the loop at his belt, steeling himself for the worst. It would be best to do it quickly and make the most of his ambush. He'd free his friend from whatever creature had imprisoned him, or else die trying. Weapon held white-knuckled in his right hand, Ivan slammed the door open with his left and stepped inside.

Hans was there, still alive and seemingly unhurt, but something was wrong. For one thing, the man wasn't wearing any clothes, and his eyes were distant and unfocused. He hadn't even noticed the door crash open. The other thing was that, for some reason, Hans was extremely... aroused. Full mast, rock hard, and intently focused on something just out of Ivan's vision.

Ivan could see black and gold silk cushions and pillows set on the furs covering the floor. Unlike the rest of the ruin, the trappings in this room seemed new and well-maintained. As he watched, Hans stepped forward among the cushions, out of sight.

Why was nothing happening? Was the man poisoned, or maybe ensorcelled? Ivan was nervous. They'd never run into anything like this before, but damn it he had to do something. Hardening his resolve for a second time, Ivan stepped around the corner.

He froze. It wasn't just a monster. It was so much worse.

There was a woman lounging amongst the pillows. Her long dark hair was spread in a halo around her, framing her stunningly beautiful face. Her hands were slender and graceful, a delicate black bracelet on each wrist. A white silk loincloth hung between her thick, creamy thighs. Each large, perfectly round beast was draped with a narrow length of white silk hung from a choker around her neck, the plump mounds of her nipples teasing through the fabric.

It was her breasts that caught Ivan's attention -- he hardly noticed the slender black tail, or the curved horns pushing through her hair. The full, firm breasts were almost too large for her slender frame, their soft pinkness ill-concealed by her thin garment. Each slight movement of her body caused them to jiggle hypnotically. He watched, spellbound, as she ran her hand slowly down her chest beneath the fabric, lingering for a moment to circle her nipple before continuing down the curve of her hips. He found he was fondling himself through his pants, erection straining against his trousers as he watched the display of otherworldly eroticism. His axe clattered to the floor, forgotten.

Several minutes later, Ivan became dimly aware that Hans was also in the room, kneeling before the woman. One of her delicate hands was pressed against his stomach while her plump lips kissed and teased his cock, taking the swollen purple head into her mouth and stroking his glans with her tongue. Hans moaned faintly, overwhelmed with ecstasy as he came, and the woman carefully swallowed each creamy spasm. Hans' erection was unhindered by his ejaculation; if anything, he seemed more aroused than before.

Ivan watched as the woman put her hand on the back of Hans' neck and guided him down, lifting her loincloth as she drew him to her. She pressed his face between her thighs, wrapping her legs around his body and pulling him against her. Hans was lapping eagerly, grinding his dribbling cock into the pillows as she stroked his hair and neck. "Good pet," she exhaled breathily.

The woman looked up, noticing Ivan seemingly for the first time, and smiled warmly. He realized, half in horror, that he had pulled down his pants and was slowly stroking himself. He wasn't sure when that had happened, but it felt incredible. The sensuous curves of her full, perfect breasts were all he could see, all he could think about. Part of him whispered, far in the back of his mind, that something was wrong, that he was in danger. He slowed for a moment, trying to break his gaze, and found he could not. Cold panic blossomed in his mind, spreading down to his stomach.

"Did you come to save your friend?" the woman asked. Her voice was sultry, languid, each word dripping with sex.

Ivan's throat was dry, and he trembled slightly as he spoke. "Um. Yeah." He felt a little more lucid, but was finding it difficult to focus his thoughts.

She smiled, revealing a pair of elongated canines. "He's preoccupied at the moment, I'm afraid," she said. "You can ask him, of course, but he might be difficult to persuade."

Ivan licked his lips, scrambling for what he should say. "Hans? We, uh. We need to go. Time to leave, buddy." His voice came out frail and uncertain. Hans made no sign that he'd heard.

"Aww," she pouted. "It seems your friend doesn't want to leave." She ran her fingers through the man's hair, petting him like a dog.

Ivan knew his friend was lost to whatever enchantment the creature had laid on him. There would be time to mourn him later, though -- now he needed to escape. He forced himself to focus, gathering the willpower he'd need to break free.

"Perhaps you'd like to stay as well," the woman purred, eyeing him predatorily. "It would be lovely to have another playmate."

"No, I couldn't," Ivan said, trying to persuade himself. "I mean. Well."

The woman smiled, running her tongue around her plump, kissable lips. "Such a shame," she said.

Ivan nodded shakily, eyes still lingering on her body. This was his moment. He could tear himself away and run.

The woman had leaned back a little, propping herself up with her hands and jutting her chest towards him. She began to gently sway her breasts back and forth. The soft, jiggling curves of her perfect body were mesmerizing.

"It's too bad," she murmured. "Such a thick, delicious cock." Her eyes flicked from her chest to Ivan, who was now staring entranced. "Men often enjoy watching me, you know. Especially my big, beautiful titties." She pulled aside the silken fabric, revealing the pink swell of her areolae. "So easy to just watch them sway, back and forth."

The woman sighed, pouting her lips. "But you have to go, of course."

Ivan remained spellbound, unable to move or break his gaze.

She smiled. "Unless you'd like to stay a little longer."

He let out a groan of assent.

"Good boy," she purred. "And such a stiff, needy cock. Why don't you touch yourself for me, hmm? There you go, that feels better."

Ivan slid his hand up and down his aching shaft, matching the rhythm of her swaying breasts.

"It feel sooo good to stroke for me." Her voice was honeyed temptation, sultry and comforting. "The pleasure is slowly melting your mind, draining your thoughts down into your cock. Soon you won't be able to think about anything but how much you want me, how good it feels to obey.

"Did you know that once you cum for a succubus, you'll become addicted to the pleasure? You'll beg me to drain you, over and over until there's nothing left, a slave to my perfect breasts."

Fear crept back into Ivan's mind, allowing him to think for a moment. What was he doing? But he found he couldn't stop, slowly edging himself closer to orgasm. At some point Hans had collapsed, his breaths shallow and ragged, but that didn't matter anymore. Ivan wanted -- needed -- to keep staring, stroking himself to the goddess before him.

"You're telling yourself that this is wrong," the woman continued. "That you shouldn't just give up." She smiled hungrily. "But it's so difficult to think, isn't it? Your mind, your free will, it's all flowing down into your needy, sensitive cock, full of thick, delicious cum. And your cock belongs to me now, isn't that right?"

She was silent for a while, watching with mild interest as Ivan slowly masturbated. He tried to speed up despite knowing what would happen when he finished, but found he wasn't able to. His hand worked slowly and deliberately, holding him painfully on edge, precum dribbling from the tip.

The succubus smiled lazily. "Is there something you'd like to ask me?"

A moan burbled from Ivan's throat and tears ran from his eyes; they were half glazed over, half wild with panic. He struggled with himself, but his willpower was nonexistent. "Can I cum for you?" he asked, desperation overtaking his fear. "Please. I need to."

"Well," the woman replied, savoring the moment. "I don't know... You were just about to leave, after all. I wouldn't want to distract you."

"No, I, ah..." Ivan was having difficulty forming words. "No I'll, um, stay. I can stay."

"Are you sure?" she asked, batting her eyelashes and feigning innocence. "I was just thinking how hungry I still was, after I finished with your friend. And how nice it would be to have another man I could drain." She smiled prettily. "Do you think you could help me with that?"

Ivan's member twitched eagerly as she spoke. He nodded twice, all semblance of control gone.

The succubus patted the pillow next to her and he moved immediately to stand where she'd motioned. "Mm, such a nice, full cock," she murmured, sitting up. "You can let go, sweetie." As Ivan released his grip she traced her finger around the swollen head, then slid it slowly into her mouth and moaned with delight. Ivan's legs give out at the sound of her voice, collapsing onto the pile of pillows.

The woman was on top of him in a moment, her lithe form pinning him to the ground. Instinct kicked in and he tried to escape, pushing against the ground with his legs in an attempt to free himself. But then her soft, delicate lips found the tip of his cock, and he knew there was no need to struggle. Pleasure surged through him as the warm wetness of her mouth engulfed him, sliding her tongue along the underside and stimulating him beyond control. He came immediately and violently, hips bucking against his captor as the succubus swallowed each load. Ivan was somehow more aroused after she had finished. He whimpered with pleasure as the woman continued to drain him, cumming repeatedly, unable to control his body. She drank him down greedily, relentlessly milking him until he felt weak and exhausted, barely able to keep his eyes open but still painfully erect.

The woman sighed contently, licking her lips and sitting up. She stood, adjusting the silk strands so that they barely concealed her breasts, and looked down at the sleeping man before her. "You just rest, pet," she said, walking unhurriedly towards the door. "I'll be back soon with the friend you left upstairs." She strode silently out of the room, smiling to herself. "It's so nice to have company again."

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Best succubus stories

You honestly have the best succubus stories, you know exactly how to portray them

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No! No! No!

This can’t end here! There has to be more. I’m so, so addicted to her. I must be hers. I happily submit to be engulfed in her desires.


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Yea This is the second one for this chapter but what I want to recommend is that you possibly make the sex scenes last a little longer. It would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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