tagNovels and NovellasExploration Ch. 02

Exploration Ch. 02


Heavily burdened with shopping bags from various fashion vendors, the girls finally alighted from the Tube at Acton. Once home they dumped the shopping in the kitchen and Debbie proceeded to open a bottle of wine and poured a glass each.

"A thoroughly productive day, I would say." she said as she handed her friend a glass.

Sipping it slowly, savouring the woody taste of the Chilian Merlot, Veronica let the silky wine slide down her throat before agreeing.

After another glass Debbie demanded a fashion show. Veronica, by now desensitised by her friend's constant verbal barrage against her modestly, as well as numbed by the wine, readily agreed.

She promptly took out the red esemble she had bought, turned her back, dropped her jeans and was just about to don the new article when Debbie turned around with yet another glass of wine, having opened another bottle.

"OK, now that you have decent underwear, put them on first and give me those horrible flesh coloured things."

Back still turned, Veronica selected a black lacy number from her new repertoire and changed into it. She put her old underwear on the table and was not surprised to hear the lid of the bin clang doom for the offending underthings while she quickly changed into her new red mini-skirt and blouse.

"That looks bloody gorgeous, girlfriend!" Debbie exclaimed, handing her friend a refill after her little pirouette.

"Try the shoes too."

"Don't you think the bust is too low?" Veronica asked in a peevish tone, already feeling a bit light headed from the wine.

"Bullshit! If I had tits like yours I'd flaunt them." Debbie replied, looking directly at her friend's plunging cleavage.

Veronica blushed, knowing her friend to be bi-sexual. She took the complement for what it was though and decided that she would, in future, accent her assets more.

Outfit followed outfit, until there was only lingerie left. Veronica shielded herself behind the chair, changing into a silky little number half-covering her bottom, edged with fine lace. It was matched by a lovely bustier and she had to ask her friend to do her up.

Dressed up in this alluring manner, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror.

"You look ravishing, now try these on"

As if by magic, Debbie produced a pair of suspenders and thigh high stockings, perfectly matching the pattern and colour of her current attire. She needed some help putting on the suspenders, not having had too much experience with them.

Debbie's hand stayed longer in parts than they should have, but Veronica didn't make anything of this, thinking it must be the alcohol impairing her friend co-ordination, but also, in the back her mind, her inebriated inner voice side said 'let her cop a feel if she wants to. C'mon dare to enjoy the taboo thrill.'

She changed from one set to another, trying every conceivable combination, being naked more than not. She had stopped trying to turn around to conceal her body from her friend and stood proudly, back straight, while Debbie chose new garments for her to try on.

Feeling quite buzzy from the wine and more than a little horny, Veronica finally called an end to the intimate fashion show. Completely unabashed now, she took off the last sexy thong in front of her friend, purposefully making sure that her friend could see her naked nether lips, she bent over to pick up one of the little negligees that was chosen for her. She heard the slight intake of her friend's breath as the felt her outer lips part to reveal the delicate skin of her inner lips, as she stayed bent just a little longer than it took her to decide on a colour. She decided to go for the red and stood up.

Donning the garment with seductively slow moves. She slowly and sensuously straightened, imagining her friend's disappointment. As gravity took the gossamer material it slithered down her back, caressing her soft skin and giving her shivers down her spine. She finally felt the weight of the material settle on her pert bottom. She turned around to face her friend, who was by now just a little red in the face, the look of lust barely disguised on her face.

"Enjoyed the show?"

"Oh yes Dear, you're welcome to give me a repeat performance any time." She replied with an arch smile.

"Time for bath and bed. Do you mind me going first?"

"You go first you dirty girl." Debbie offered, a bit more composed.

Veronica entered the bathroom and proceeded to run herself a bath.

"Debbie!!! Is it cool for me to use some of your bubble bath?!" she called on impulse.

"Go ahead, use the Ylang-Ylang one!" came the reply.

She watched the bubble bath create a gelatinous strand as it poured out of the bottle and dissolved into a bluish foam as it mixed with the warm water pouring from the spout. It was an old bath and would take a long time to fill, but she got undressed anyway, emboldened by the alcohol.

Steam filled the room as she admired her own body in the mirror. She felt she had an adequate body: well-formed legs, roundish buttocks tapered in to her waist, then tapering out again to accommodate her 36C bust. Her nipples were rosy read, hardening from her increased arousal, standing about as thick around as her thumb and as long as the nail.

She conceded that it was not a lack of self-esteem that kept her away from sexual satisfaction, but rather a series of bad experiences with the wrong men. The emotional trauma that was connected to any of her sexual liaisons led to her denying her sexual nature and putting all her energy into her work. It was only now that she realized that the sexual energy wasn't all that well channelled, because she started to feel that she had 2 years of pent up horneyness just begging to be released.

She lifted her leg up onto the bath's edge and looked at here newly bared pubic mound. She could hardly remember how it looked as a girl, before she started growing hair 'down there', but she was sure that it didn't look like this. Her outer lips were puffy and slightly pink, like a very light blush. The tips of her inner lips peaked out between, much darker in colour.

She traced her freshly smooth skin, just above her slit, softly with one finger, delighting in the silken feeling. Her fingers felt electric on her skin and she started feeling light-headed. Her hand moved down surreptitiously and she looked into the mirror as her reflection moved the hand lower still, caressing the engorged slit. Her inner lips felt rubbery, yet slick, belying her intense arousal. It was a novel feeling and she felt it was worth the pain of the waxing.

Her hand moved lower still, caressing her perineum and circling around to caress the rose bud of her sphincter. She rarely touched herself there with bare fingers, but she had to feel the silky smoothness. She slowly caressed the tightly knotted hole, the bud of her anus puckering, as if wanting to swallow the inquisitive visitor. Her breath quickened and she saw the Veronica in the mirror's breasts go rosy as her chest flushed, the nipples looking as hard as diamonds.

Realising suddenly where she was, she stopped her intimate self-caressing as remembering that she hadn't closed the door completely, she closed the taps, blaming her light-headedness on the steam.

The heady scent of Ylang-Ylang permeated her senses as she slowly and luxuriously lowered herself into the mass of bubbles. She felt them caressing her now sensitive skin, freshly rid of any protecting hair. It was an indescribable feeling and she promised herself some quality time with the shower head on a later occasion.

She soaked for about ten minutes, then stood up and scrubbed herself clean, taking special, more gentle, care with her pussy and ass. The mirror now only showed a blur, being fogged up, so she was not temped to tease her lustful doppelganger again. She sank down into the bath again, rinsing the soap off. She washed her hair with fragrant Patchouli shampoo.

After enjoying the liquid cocoon for just a few hedonistic minutes longer, she reluctantly got out and dried herself with a fluffy bath sheet. The soft material felt more coarse against her lips than her finger, but the towel had it own allure, being soft and rich in texture.

Remembering herself once again, she quickly donned her new red teddy and opened the door.

Debbie was in the lounge and saw a red clothed nymphet walking through a billow of steam. It disturbed her that her long time friend and flat mate could ignite such a feeling in her loins. She imagined this was why she was being extra bossy with her friend, trying to mask her increasing desire, not wanting to estrange her friend by her taboo desires.

"Your turn now."

"Thanks Doll."

Debbie was already naked by the time she went into the bathroom, giving Veronica a good look of her luscious buttocks, swishing from side to side as she glided into the door. "Only fair to return the favour." She said, her head turning back to catch Veronica taking in her feminine curves.

Veronica blushed, wondering if her friend now thought she was also interested in women, but was reassured when Debbie uttered a tingling laugh. She watched TV for a few minutes, but found it way too boring and decided to call it a night. She walked to the bathroom door, wanting to say good night to her friend.

The door was slightly ajar. As she walked closer, her footsteps muffled by the lush carpet, she heard a faint moan coming from within. She walked closer and peered in.

The bathroom was arranged in such a manner that the person in the bath had their head away from the door and cannot see anyone by the door, since there is a cupboard blocking their view.

The bubbles were now long gone and she saw her friend's hand caressing her own silky smooth mound with one hand while slowly pumping two fingers of the other hand in and out of her hole.

She had never seen another woman do this before, so she watched, transfixed. She did not realise that she had moved closer and accidentally pushed the door. The hand moved slower still, spreading the lips wide, revealing an engorged clit to her view.

"Like what you see?"

She jumped, feeling embarrassed for being caught at her voyeuristic endeavour.

"Uuuuhm" she stuttered.

"Don't worry love" all of us girls need a bit of release every now and then and I'm not ashamed of it. You're welcome to watch if you want!"

She could hear the naughtily smile in her friend's voice and instantly relaxed.

"No, it alright, you enjoy yourself. Good night."

"Good night!"

She saw the fingers resume their sensuous motion as she turned down the corridor, going to her room.

She lay in bed, her light already off, suddenly not tired any more. The house was hot, so she only had a sheet covering her.

She caressed the soft silky material of her teddy, rubbing her hand slowly and sensuously over the surface of the material. She started with the thin little straps, her fingers running along them, rolling it between her fingers, until it met the body of the red little number.

Her fingers trailed the hem of the nightdress, running around to the other strap. Meeting this other end of the neckline, her hand flattened, as if of its own accord, and lightly brushed the rise of her breasts, her fingertips tracing the now wide area between her breasts, flattened slightly by gravity.

Her returning desire creeped up on her like a thief in the night and the luxurious exploration of satin gave way to her ultimate, if hidden, goal. She could feel the smooth material's friction against her hard nipples. It was exhilarating.

Electric, erotic tingles shot from her nipples, down to her belly, igniting a the bale-fire, sending secondary fire down to her clit, which felt like it was throbbing in sympathy to the hard little nubs, tipping her inflamed mounds. She could feel her nether lips distending, becoming moist with the dew of her desire.

She now had two hands roaming her chest, each thumb and index finger, encircling a hard nipple between them. She applied a little pressure and gasped at the liquid intensity of the pleasure, adding to the flame inside her. She slowly rolled her nipples, her back arching involuntarily to meet her fingers all the better. The pleasure becoming too much, she reduced the constant pressure, her left hand sinuously snaking down to rub over the bale-fire she created.

Goose-bumps followed her left hand, while her right hand remained, roaming her chest, arching erotic electricity from nipple to nipple, circling a breast here, rubbing an erogenous zone there, but constantly, relentlessly stimulating her chest area.

Her left hand reached down and she jumped as she felt her pouty lips through the material. She felt like two persons, at once removed from the person suddenly gasping, but also fully appreciating the pleasure coursing though the core of her being.

She did not often masturbate, as she has always tried to tone down her sexual feelings for fear of becoming frustrated by not getting proper cock-induced release. She didn't own any sex toys and it had been more than a year since her last orgasm. Her wine fogged mind rationalised her actions by assuring her that it was high time for at least one more. She wanted to be more sexual, who better to start the transformation that she herself. Who know her body better than she herself?

She fell into her self-pleasuring with the gusto of a famine victim at a charity buffet lunch.

She bit down on her pillow to stifle her moans as her left hand pulled up the skimpy material just enough for her right hand to touch her bare flesh. Veronica was fascinated by the now nude pubic area, exploring herself as if for the first time. Her fingers felt tantalisingly foreign, rubbing her now sensitive mound, above her puffy pussy lips. She traced her fingers all around, for now avoiding her lips, cocking her leg to trace the inner thigh and stroke her perineum, proceeding to her tight little dark rose.

She once again stroked all around her hole, exploring the area, in this instance actually for the first time and was amazed at the electrifying feeling that was transferred through the rest of her body. She felt like the grid of a newly fired up nuclear power station, one node activating switches for distribution to the next, forming a matrix of intense pleasure, with the area behind her clit, deep inside her cunt, her g-spot the reactor.

Her stomach fluttered, deluded butterflies on speed, with the 'wrongness' of exploring this forbidden area as her finger traced her anus with featherlike tenderness. Her hand made its return journey, caressing the plane of her bare perineum, the now sensitive area responding as an erogenous zone should, with scintillating pleasure.

Tracing the tips of her fingers around her moistening entrance, she quite literally took the plunge, but only one digit deep. Revelling in the filled feeling, she caressed the entrance to her inner sanctum, exploring the threshold of Eros. Her fingers slipped out, trailing her desire and returned again to caressing her labia majora. They were even more engorged now and she felt the heightened sensitivity that the engorged blood vessels brought her, not having to feed the follicles of her pubic hair. She shuddered slightly as her index finger brushed past the hood of her clitoris. Abandoning its exploration of the gentle swell of her breasts and the stony nipples that crested them, her other hand joined its twin in the cleft of her desire.

While her right hand softly pinched an outer lip and ran up an down its length, her left softly pulled her inner lips.

She felt possessed, as if an incubus had taken possession of her will, since had never tried this before. It was enticingly different. The new feeling of utter nakedness that the Brazillian wax had left her wanton, caused her to explore herself as if anew. Every fold was a new discovery, every discovery adding to the intensity of the next. Her desire was like a daredevil free-climbing mountaineer, recklessly almost running up the face of the cliff of her desire.

She knew that at some stage she would lose control, fall into the oblivion of the inevitable.

Her hands switched places, the left hand now stroking, pulling and softly pinching the accompanying puffy lip, the right hand not pulling her inner lips so much as starting to tentatively explore the cave of her inner sanctum, like a first time spelunker, cautious of the unknown.

And it really was unknown. She had never felt like this before, never known the levels of lust she was apparently able to climb to and she instinctively knew that she was but at the beginning, like the middle finger of her right hand.

The lip pulling hand gathered some lubrication, which was now flowing freely from her well, on its way back towards her puckered anus. She took a shuddering breath as her index finger pressed against the bud. By now her legs had pulled up to her tummy, her legs wide spread, allowing access to newly discovered delight. She faintly felt, as if though another body, the sheet slide off her body.

She felt the hem of her nightdress gathered above her breasts and faintly thought that her door was half open.

She was far past caring though and lifting her back and for a split second took her hands away from their duties all but ripped the flimsy material off her, almost tearing it in the frenzy of pulling it over her head.

Her hand returned to their respective activities without conscious thought from her, the briefly neglected areas once again subjected to the insidious manipulation.

From the corner of her eye the saw a silhouette appear in the door, her eyes drawn there by the change in light. She was way past caring now, almost wishing her friend to come in and ravish her, but also scared witless by the idea. Through slitted eyes she watched the silouette of Debbie intently stare at her erotic ministrations, softly illuminated by the glow of the hall light. She did not stop due to this uninvited spectator, for her lust now far outweighed her shame, modesty and all those other useless conventions of her upbringing. Her life was simple at this moment, her being condensed to pleasure and the hands that brought them.

She was at once disappointed and relived that Debbie did not come in, but the fleeting thought was swept in the now-torrential river of her desire.

She felt utterly free, unashamedly pleasuring herself, naked and splayed open, hands and eyes roaming over every visible inch of her skin. The sheet covering her had slipped off at some stage, leaving her open to the scrutiny of her voyeur. She felt deliciously slutty, displaying her most intimate parts is such an obscene fashion. Her excitement leapt as she spread herself as wide as possible, giving her friend a better view.

Time faded in a blur of pleasure, sexual energy coursing through her body, her erogenous zones humming in harmony with her lust. The palm of her hand, by now soaked in the viscous secretion of her self-stimulation, brushed against her clit, the shy little nubbin now boldly parading outside its protective sheath.

Her eyes snapped open with this surprising friction, as she let out an involuntary gasp and she once again took in the silhouette in the doorway. Her eyes having accustomed to the lower level of light, now registered her friends hand in her own crotch.


Debbie was frantically rubbing herself through her panties, the hem of her champagne nighty pooled around her undulating wrist. The area around her writhing hand was a dark beige against the colour of her matching panties. Her fingers slid over the satiny cloth, spreading the sinful stain further, ever more advertising her dark desire. Her eyes were focussed solely on her masturbating friend's groin, her left hand mirroring her sensual ministrations. She thought her squirming friend was too far lost in her own world to notice her, but even if she could, would she not have objected by now. She suspected that she had been espied by now, but stayed as still as possible. She breathed softly and shallowly, her hand the only movement.

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