tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExploration in the Bushes

Exploration in the Bushes

byDana Gallagher©

Dana was sitting at her desk staring into the glaring screen of her computer. She attempted to work, but as she did her eyelids kept drooping and her head began to loll down to her chest. Abruptly her head shot up as if she'd been pinched. She blinked her eyes several times and rubbed them with her fists. She yawned as she stretched her arms out to their full length.

Dana felt so tired. She was falling asleep at work and that was bad, especially when she looked at her computer screen and saw she had written multiple lines of R's all the way across the screen. She knew why she was so tired; she had stayed up late last night watching sappy romance movies on the American Movie Classics channel. You see, Dana was in that state of flux, the one in between the time when one relationship has been dead and buried and the next new budding romance is slow to come along.

The flux is a depressing state as well as a very frustrating one. The depression comes from a lack of human contact and the frustration comes from a lack of sex. Lately, it seemed that she had to keep her brain from thinking of anything sexual because it had been so long since she'd been laid that she would instantly become horny. So last night she'd been up late; the first half of the night was spent watching romantic movies and the other half of the night was spent masturbating because she'd let her mind wander.

Dana knew she couldn't take this much longer; she was the type of person that just needs to be with someone. She wasn't the clingy type; she just weathered things better when she was in a relationship. It didn't help much that she had the most boring job in the whole wide world. She worked at a small law firm on Utica near the hospital. She wasn't a lawyer, instead her job was to write all the legal documents for court or what ever they needed. If you've ever read a legal document, be it a contract or divorce papers, you'd know that they are very wordy and fairly boring to read, so just imagine how boring they can be to write. Dana thought it sucked that she was so good at writing nonsense disguised as legal jargon.

Finally, she was done removing the R's from her computer screen and she got her paperwork back out and proceeded to write up a contract between two people that were going to business together. She'd only just started typing when her lids started to feel heavy once more; she let her eyes drift up to the clock on the wall, knowing that she'd probably be disappointed. Rather surprised, she looked at the clock and found out that it was her lunchtime. She was relieved.

Quickly, she got up and grabbed her purse and suit jacket. She decided to take a walk in the park to wake herself up so she'd be able to conquer the rest of the day. She clocked out and grabbed a quick bran muffin in the lunchroom and then went toward the parking garage.

The heat was near unbearable outside and her car was stifling. Not wanting to ruin her nice suit jacket and blouse with sweat stains she grabbed her running tank top that she left in her car the last time she'd been to the laundry mat. She wished that she also had her bike pants as well, but of course beggars can't be choosers. In the privacy of her car and darkly tinted windows she took off her blouse and also her bra and zipped up the tank top, which had sports bra built inside. She also replaced her heels with a pair of keds she always kept in her car. She knew she wouldn't be able to run with her skirt on, but at least she could walk somewhat comfortably. After placing her mass of shoulder length brown curls into a ponytail, she put her car in gear and drove on to Woodward Flower Park.

When she arrived at the park she saw that quite a lot of people had decided to get out and enjoy the blooming flowers at the park. Dana wasn't concerned about the flowers. She intended to stick to the wooded area of the park which was more secluded and less crowded. When she got out of her car she got some stares from the other visitors of the park. She figured she did look a little odd, this skinny girl with a black and pink zipped up tank top, a short tan skirt, and to top it all off a pair of keds just to complete the look. Oh well, she didn't care. She was going to get some adrenaline pumping so she could stay awake the rest of the day.

She began her hike down into the wooded area. She had an hour and a half for lunch, so she took her time watching the squirrels annoy the dive-bombing birds. The silence of the woods was nice and the whole ambiance helped to awaken all of her senses. She became startled when the silence was suddenly broken by a very throaty female moan.

The sound coming from the bushes intrigued her. Her curiosity got the better of her and she went to the wooded area.

She worked her way through the plant life and followed the sound of the female keening. After working her way through all the different levels of trees and shrubs, she finally found the source of the sound.

In a small clearing, surrounded on all sides by foliage, was a man and a woman. Dana stopped dead in her tracks and then backed up slightly so she wouldn't be seen.

There was really no chance of them seeing her since the couple was otherwise engaged. Dana watched this couple sharing an intimate moment at the park.

The woman was gorgeous with long blonde hair splayed out on their multicolored quilt. Her body was amazing, the perfect c sized breasts with lovely dark nipples, a firm tummy, and long slender legs. She was on the quilt with her legs spread open and her obvious lover diligently licking away at her sweet spot.

Dana couldn't see much of the man, since his head was buried between the woman's thighs, though what she could see of him was pleasing with dark brown hair and a very muscular backside.

Dana saw the woman begin to massage the plentiful tissue of her breasts just as the man's licking attentions caused her to begin to shake. Dana felt herself become increasingly aroused as she watched the couple. Actually, the minute she happened upon the couple she had become aroused, and now she was so wet her underwear was soaked.

The scene was so erotic that she just needed to touch herself. She looked around her area of this grove of plant life and didn't think she could be seen by anyone. She quietly worked herself back a bit until she was up against the trunk of a really large sycamore. She could see the couple fairly clearly, but they could not she her.

Feeling confident that no could see her, she decided to become nearly as naked as the woman she was watching. Knowing that she would have to return to work and she didn't want to mess up her underwear or skirt, she took each off and carefully placed them on a branch of a young tree nearby. Leaning against her sycamore tree with her bottom half nude. She unzipped her jogging tank top and released her diminutive breasts.

The thrill of being naked in public excited her further, which also made her understand how the couple seemed to be highly aroused to a sort of an urgent degree. The fresh air felt wondrous on her naked flesh and caused her nipples to become rock hard.

Dana began to massage her breasts, which were somewhat smaller than the other woman's. She ran her palms over each erect nipple. She held back a moan caused by an added urgency from her pussy as she felt her wetness increase enough to begin dripping down her leg.

She continued to play with her breasts, pulling on the nipples as hard as she could stand it. She watched the woman begin to do the same thing, as if they were on the same wavelength.

Dana began to lust for the woman, wishing that she, and not the man, was buried between her long legs. Actually, she was attracted to both the man and the woman and she wished that she could join them and be a part of the sexual electricity they were producing.

Of course, there was a certain forbidden excitement to be had by watching them enjoy each other, which could be ruined by revealing herself. As she let her hand travel down between her legs, she parted her folds and began to rub herself. She saw the woman convulse once more from her lover's tongue and as she shook there was a definite squirt expelled from the woman's pussy, which the man caught beautifully in his mouth.

Dana was proud at the fact she could ejaculate, but it was truly amazing to watch another woman do this. Dana continued to pinch her nipples as her other hand worked diligently between her lower lips.

She felt how wet she'd become since her fingers were completely coated in her juices. She found her hole and pushed a finger up and inside herself. She pushed the fingers in and out as she watched the man get continually sprayed by the woman's cum.

Dana pushed her fingers in and out of herself faster and faster. She pulled her fingers out of her hole and ran them up the length of her sex until she found her clit and then rubbed vigorously on her hardened bud. With her spare hand she twisted and pulled on her nipple. Abruptly, and with a shocking force, her orgasm exploded. Her feminine juices came gushing out just as the woman had done.

Dana watched as the man pulled himself out between the woman's legs. She saw an electric connection between them when their eyes met; it communicated love, passion, and ultimate desire.

Dana continued to lightly rub herself as she watched the man come up to the woman and give her a very long and loving kiss, full with her wetness all over his chin, mouth, and lips. Dana wanted to be a part of what they were feeling so she took her own hand out from between her legs and put her fingers to and then into her mouth. She tasted herself and licked her fingers clean of all her juices, with the sweet water taste that many men in her life had thought was delicious, though too bad they hadn't stayed in her life.

She watched as the man perched himself atop of her. Her legs spread wide to allow him entrance. The woman placed her arm between them and grabbed on to his member and guided him into her dripping hole. The feeling of entrance must have been nearly too much to handle because the man let out a forceful grunt. Dana suddenly longed for the feeling of a nice firm cock between her legs. She started to wish that she'd brought along her gel dildo she'd named Bruno, so that she could at least simulate the feeling the woman was receiving. Instead, all she had was her fingers so she used them for all they were worth.

She watched the man thrust in and out of the woman with all his strength as her fingers found their way back to her moist center. The whole time the man was pushing himself in and out of the woman their eyes never lost contact, as if by looking away all would be lost and they would find out their love was just a fading dream.

Being a part of this and seeing the love between these two brought Dana to new levels of pleasure and she started to see within herself a possibility of love like theirs, if only the right man were to come along. Her fingers moved with each of the man's thrusts and she felt herself being overtaken by another orgasm. Her body shook against the sycamore and she felt like she might just topple the massive tree with her convulsions. If her uncontrollable shaking didn't kill the tree perhaps her continuous watering with her bodily juices might do the trick.

Finally it seemed that the man took one last hard thrust deep inside the beautiful woman and his whole body seemed to tense as a great and powerful orgasm was released out of him and into her. Dana climaxed in unison with the couple, all three bodies exploding into orgasmic bliss.

She continued to lightly rub as she watched the couple, curious as to what they might do next. They were so erotic together that it would be impossible for them to be done with their sexual adventure. The man pulled himself slowly out of the woman and she gave off an expression of slight sorrow because they were now two again instead of one entity joined.

The man stood over the woman and she immediately jumped up on her knees. The man turned slightly so that Dana now had a view of him. He was model gorgeous. No wonder these two people were together; they could put all of Hollywood to shame with their natural looks.

The man had dark brown hair, straight and combed back, with an ever so slight widows peak. He was chiseled from his face all the way down and tanned to a nice brown, nearly looking as if he might have a bit of Hispanic in his heritage. She watched his rippling muscles and the expression of love and devotion on his face. She saw the equally amazing woman grab his flaccid cock and begin to stroke it with her hand, all the while she looking at him with a pleased, submissive expression plastered to her face.

Dana began to rub herself hard as she watched the woman place his now hardening cock into her mouth. It had been ages since Dana had showed a man her extensive tongue talents. She missed the sounds of her lover as she took him to the edge and back using only her tongue. She missed the feeling of a nice hard cock pulsating in her mouth and the feeling of his hot cum sliding down her throat.

She watched the woman's head go back and forth, showing her desire to please her man. Dana rubbed faster as the woman's head moved faster and faster. She watched as the man could hardly stand up straight as the feeling of her lips caused him to sway with each sucking stroke of her full lips. The man looked near climax as Dana too felt herself nearing orgasm once more; this time it felt like the sonic boom, the orgasm of all orgasms.

She saw the man grab a hold of the woman's head and push himself deep into her mouth, his body quaking as his seed exploded into her mouth with her catching every last drop. The man made an animal like roar as his orgasmic release overtook his whole form.

"Ah! I love you Shauna! I love you so much!" roared the man as the woman sucked every bit of cum out of his member.

That was it for Dana her orgasm exploded with such a force that she saw stars. Her body was overcome and with one arm she held on to the tree for dear life as her other hand worked furiously at her pussy. She could no longer hold herself back and as her juices came pouring out she let out her own animal-like roar. She opened her eyes long enough to see that she'd startled the couple and they were now scrambling to gather clothing and run out of the woods, now scared of being seen.

She continued to rub herself since the orgasm hadn't abated as of yet and she continued to shake with the ultimate release. Her pussy muscles pushed and contracted continuously as her juices constantly gushed out of her.

Finally, she felt the orgasm begin its slow ebb until it was regretfully over. She pulled her wet hand from her lower lips and, leaning back against the tree, she let out a slow sigh. She caught her breath and quickly gave her nipples an extra tweak.

She looked longingly to the clearing for the couple, only to find it deserted. She decided it was time to start heading back to work. Looking at her watch she knew if she left now she'd probably make it back with ten minutes to spare so she could get straightened up.

She noticed how sticky and wet her thighs were and decided against replacing the panties. She grabbed her skirt and started to pull it back on her hips, but just then she got her own scare. She heard a male grunt from somewhere in the woods. She looked over her shoulder, knowing it couldn't be the couple back for more. She knew the sound had come from somewhere ahead of her. Could there be that someone had been watching her as she pleasured herself?

With the idea planted in her head she was convinced and became rather scared. She haphazardly pulled her skirt up and grabbed her keds and took off like a bat out of hell. She couldn't be sure in what direction the sound had came from so she just ran straight ahead. As she was running through the brush, it was impossible to keep and eye on where she was running and to attempt to zip up her tank top at the same time. That's when she came crashing into the object of her startle.

The two people crashed into each other with such a force that the man had fallen to the ground, with the woman he was watching standing over him. The man hadn't realized that a grunt had came from his mouth and so he hadn't been ready when the woman he was watching had taken off at a dead run. He had been going through his own orgasm with cock in hand the minute he saw her heading toward him and he had no time to prepare his stance against her charge.

Dana looked down at her running victim. He was good looking, more her type than the model guy that was with the model gal she was watching. He had long hair for a guy, nearly shoulder length but not quite; it had a slight wave to it and had a light brown color. She stared speechless for a minute at his disheveled appearance, hair all messed up and shirt and tie all catawampus. She looked lower and saw his pants down around his ankles along with his underwear, his lower half fully exposed to her view. She gave a look over her shoulder and saw that he had seen a full view of her sycamore tree, though no view of the clearing where the couple had been.

Realization struck her like a tidal wave. This man had been masturbating to the sight of her masturbating without any sight of the erotic couple that had caused her to delve into her own urges. She was struck frozen for a moment; the thought of someone having no control because of a view of her was an immediate turn on and a shock to her senses. She had never imagined that someone would have to masturbate upon seeing her pleasure herself.

She willed herself to move and turned back around. The guy was saying something, but she couldn't be sure what, probably some kind of excuse as to why he was watching her, forgetful of the fact she shouldn't have been nearly nude in the park either. She caught a look down at herself, her jogging tank top only clasped at the bottom and her breasts fully exposed, her skirt hiked up on one side showing off one toned thigh and probably a bit of ass in the back. Next she took a look at the panties balled up in her fist.

Finally, she registered the man who had grown silent at her personal inspection. He was staring at everything she had just noticed about her appearance, his eyes explored every inch of her, her breasts, the exposed thigh, and the balled up panties. She noticed his exposed half and he noticed where her eyes were going, his cock was standing straight up in full erection even though there was obvious splooge in his hand. She had gotten him back up to full erection just by standing there, even after he'd masturbated himself to climax.

Dana thought back to her wish of a nice cock to fill her pussy, the though bringing back a new desire. Plus, his reaction to her nearly naked form made her horny as well. The burning need to feel a nice hard cock inside her once more filled her thoughts and dumped out everything else.

She walked over to the man; he cringed a little as if he thought she was going to attempt to beat the hell out of him. She straddled his middle and his expression changed to one of total amazement. She raised up her skirt and he snuck a quick up close peek at her nicely shave pussy. When she grabbed his hard member he jumped, as if he didn't believe this was actually happening. Dana actually didn't believe she was really doing this; it was all a part of her park fantasy dreamed up while asleep at her computer at work.

She took a hold of his cock and guided it into her moist, tight hole. She pushed herself down on him and heard him give off the same grunt she'd heard only moments ago from her side of the bushes. His hands came up and fully unclasped the jogging tank and pulled it from her shoulders. He brought himself up to rest on his elbows, and he took one of her breasts into his mouth. Though somewhat small, in Dana's opinion, they were at least a mouth full. His tongue twirled and swirled over her nipple.

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