tagSci-Fi & FantasyExploration Scout Ch. 1

Exploration Scout Ch. 1


The ship rocked underneath her, as she fought to regain control. Her thoughts raced as her fingers flew over the control panel, trying to get her scout ship back to normal. Where in the hell did this meteor shower come from? Nothing showed on her scopes, then bam! There it was, rocks everywhere!

She grimaced as another meteor bounced off of the ship's hull. Even with its hardened molycirc armor, it wouldn't take much more of this punishment before something vital broke. Hell, it wasn't a warship, just an exploratory scout!

The air circulation system was going full blast and still she found herself sweating. Her skinsuit was soaked through, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her large breasts heaved with her exertion and her hardened nipples were like spear points in the fabric. She could feel the moisture between her thighs soaking through the suit. Nothing like a little fear to get the juices flowing, she thought.

Another crash shook the ship. Her fingers raced like lightning across the board as she dodged another set of meteors. Red lights started blossoming like evil flowers on the warning panel.

"Shit!" she snapped as the ship bucked again. "Looks like I need to find someplace to set her down and fix this crap!"

Her scope showed an opening in the storm and she didn't hesitate. The little scout ship twisted and shot out through the shower. After a few minutes of dodging light rocks, she found herself in the clear. She checked the scope and saw a planet just .5 light hours away. Looking at the instruments, she saw that the ship should hold together long enough to for her to get there. She set the course and locked it in. The ship would fly itself and let her know when she reached orbit.

Unlocking the command chair, she got up and headed towards her miniscule quarters. Scout ships were designed for exploring the deepest reaches of space. Living quarters, while furnished nicely, were on the sparse side. The majority of the ship was comprised of her drives, weapon and sensor packages. Her tough armor was what had enabled her to make through the meteor shower with what little damage she had.

The lights came on as she crossed into her cabin. She started peeling off the saturated skinsuit as she walked into the head. Her reflection looked back from the full-length mirror on the bulkhead. Taking a long look at herself, she turned right, then left. She frowned a little, why was anyone's guess. Her body would and had made men look twice. While she was on the somewhat tall side, her auburn hair and engaging smile caught men's attention. Also her large, heavy breast probably didn't hurt anything, she thought wryly. Her body was smooth, with no hair for safety purposes, as the skinsuits were tight and designed to help in null-gee situations. Her ass was firm and jiggled a little as she turned. She caught herself smiling.

"Damn!" she said to herself. "I'm so turned on and no one to help me out!"

Steam issued out from the shower stall as she turned on the water. At least the recycler was still working. A good hot shower was just what she needed. Or maybe a good cold shower! She could feel the familiar ache deep inside her. "Damn these long trips!" she thought.

The hot water cascaded over her skin as she stepped under its flow. The feel of the water sliding down over her nipples caused her to groan. She turned towards the faucet and her nipples hardened, tightening under the spray. She raised her hands and cupped her breasts. The heavy weight in her hands felt good, but not as good as when she reached up and started pinching her large swollen nipples. Her pussy spasmed from the signals her nipples were sending through her body. She twisted and pulled her nipples some more, letting the force of the water hit the tips. She jerked as her juices flowed freely and the first of her orgasms shook her.

The force of her orgasm caused her to step back and arch her spine. When she did step back, her knee hit the lower water controls. This caused a blast of water to shoot up and out, hitting her squarely in her crotch. When the water hit her pussy, she froze, her body locked in position. Her eyes were closed tightly as the water crashed on her clitoris. Waves of pleasure washed over her as the water massaged her little button. Her vaginal lips felt as if someone's tongue was caressing the outer and inner folds, making her love juice pour out of her.

She released one nipple and slipped her hand down her body. Her skin was electric under her touch and the water's spray. A loud gasp issued from her lips as her fingers found her soaked cunt. She lowly traced her pussy as the water-jet continued to beat on her clit. Playing with herself, love juice coated her fingers and then was washed away by the water, only to go through the cycle again. Her whole body felt on fire as orgasm after orgasm washed over her body. When she finally slid two fingers inside of her, she felt like she would be ripped in half by the force of a pleasurable tidal wave!

Her moans filled the ship as she plunged her fingers in and out, in and out, riding the crest of her orgasms. Her body rocked as the intense rush came and went, over and over. Finally, her knees weak and her body spent, she stopped stroking herself and leaned against the shower's wall. The steam swirled around her as she smiled contentedly.

"Well" she said out loud. "I guess that will have to hold me for now!"

Laughing to herself, she started finished her shower. Her body still jerked occasionally from her masturbation episode. Especially when she lathered up her pussy and nipples. Still smiling, she rinsed off and opened the door.

Just as she stepped out of the stall, she heard a loud bang and the ship lurched to the side. As she slipped in the water, she fell, striking her head on the stall's door. A bright light flared behind her eyes and then blackness took her.

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