tagIncest/TabooExplorations Ch. 01

Explorations Ch. 01


Author's Note: I took a long break from this story - partly because of life circumstances and partly because the story went to a place I hadn't prepared for; I'm ready to begin writing these characters again, and most importantly, I know how I want it to end. So, a new beginning was required!


* * * *

Part 1 -- Discoveries

Jessica was in her bed, the door to her room ajar, letting in a batch of light from the hallway. She looked over at her clock; it was almost midnight. She had gone to bed at ten, but was awoken by a noise from somewhere in the house. She couldn't quite make it out, but it was fairly consistent and it kept her from falling back asleep.

Jessica started to get frustrated. It had been a long week. She had started volleyball practice, and as a senior and the new captain of the team, her responsibilities to go along with the usual pressures of being a high school senior were wearing her out. She was looking forward to a big season in the hopes of getting at least a partial scholarship.

Jessica's mom had been out on a date that evening. It was her fourth date with a guy she had met at work. Jessica closed her eyes, and again a noise forced her eyes open in frustration. "What is that?" She rolled her eyes and pushed back the covers. It seemed to be coming from downstairs. She couldn't make out any words so she slowly made her way down the hallway to the staircase. As she stepped softly down the stairs, the sounds got louder and more distinct. It was definitely her mother's voice. As she got to the bottom of the stairs, she hugged the wall, listening intently. It was coming from the family room around the corner, and it was the sound of her mother moaning.

At first Jessica wasn't sure what to make of it. Her mind began to race with possibilities, and the one that kept coming to mind startled and excited her. The next sound she heard answered the question.

"Keep going...yeah, right there...put a finger in me...yes...fuck, just like that."

There was little doubt what was happening just around the corner from where Jessica stood. Unable to look around the corner and unable to force herself back upstairs, Jessica just stood there as the almost unintelligible sounds of her mother having sex assaulted her ears. It was deafening.

"God, faster...just like that...fuck!" Her mom's moans turned into squeals, her breathing became more shallow and quickened. Jessica could hear her let out a guttural moan, muffled by something, perhaps a pillow.

Several seconds passed before Jessica heard her mom speak. "God, Brian, that was incredible."

The next voice Jessica heard was a man's. "Damn, Amy, that was so hot." She could hear some rustling and a zipper.

Her mom replied, "I think it's your turn, don't you."

The next thing Jessica heard was the man moaning with pleasure. "Oh my God, your mouth feels so good...yesss."

Jessica knew she wouldn't be able to go back upstairs until she at least took a quick look to see exactly what was going on. She knew she would regret it either way, so she slowly edged her eyes around the corner. What she saw flooded her mind with an avalanche of feelings and thoughts -- first surprise, then disbelief, and then she felt something quite different -- a heat between her thighs that left her flush. There in front of her she saw the back of a man, his pants around his ankles. His hand was holding her mother's long, dark hair in a ponytail. Her mother was on her knees in front of him. She had her hands wrapped around his butt for support as Jessica could see her head bobbing up and down. It was mesmerizing and insane at the same time. She was watching her mother give a man a blowjob. Jessica stood there for another minute before she realized she was pushing her luck and should get back upstairs. The thought of sleep was completely out of the question at this point. She just lay in her bed conflicted, her body hot, her pussy burning from the arousing scene that had played out in front of her.

Jessica had several friends who had given their boyfriends blowjobs, and a few of her friends talked about how they had lost their virginity. Jessica, on the other hand had not let any boy get past touching her breasts. When she had reached puberty, her mother had discussed the "birds and the bees" with her. She had basically said that making love is something two adults do when they love each other very much. She talked about the dangers of getting diseases and of getting pregnant. Her mom stressed to her this last point, stating that although she would never take back giving birth to her and Danny, she wished it had happened when she was a little older. Her main point was that Jessica should at least wait until she was in college before engaging in sex, and it should be with someone she cared about. As curious as she was, she respected her mother's warnings. That was when she was 13. Now 18, Jessica's body had blossomed, as did her curiosity.

About a half hour passed before Jessica heard someone coming up the stairs. It had to be her mother and it seemed she was alone. Jessica tried to sleep, but the image of the ponytail bouncing up and down kept flashing through her mind. Soon her brain had turned the image to the side, filling in the details with her imagination, which at this point seemed to be out of control.

Now she was picturing her mother's lips wrapped around the man's cock. Her imagination used images from porn she had seen with her friends to give detail and motion to the scenario. Her mom was running her lips along the underside of the man's dick. She took the head into her mouth and sucked hard on it while stroking the shaft with her hand. She then pushed his length all the way down to the back of her throat, sliding back to just the head, and then down all the way again. Without even thinking, Jessica's right hand began to touch her breasts while her other hand glided down her trim body and reached under her panties. The man put his hands on the back of her mom's head as her mother picked up the pace. Up and down she went on his cock, Jessica's hand matching her mom's rhythm stroke for stroke as she rubbed her clit. Her breath quickened as her mom sucked and stroked the man's dick until (just like in the movies) she pulled his cock out of her mouth and stroked it with her hand until the man shot his cum all over her face. Jessica moaned as her own orgasm reached its climax and she bucked against her hot hand, her body awash in the overwhelming feeling that cascaded through her body.

The next morning, Jessica awoke to the smell of breakfast being cooked. She made her way downstairs and into the kitchen. Her mother was at the stove and turned around.

"Good morning, Jess. Did you have a good night's sleep?"

Jessica hesitated for a moment. All she could see was her mom's ponytail bobbing up and down. After a few seconds of silence, she responded, "Yeah, pretty good. How was your date?"

Amy smiled, "It was fun. We just went out to dinner and went dancing for a little while and then he dropped me off."

Jessica filled in the blanks in her mind...then he licked my pussy until I had an amazing orgasm. After that, I took his cock in my mouth and he shot a huge load all over my face, just like in the porno movies you and your friends watch when I'm not around.

As Jessica sat down at the table, her brother Dan came downstairs. Jessica wondered if her brother had heard the same thing she did last night.

Her mom saw Dan come through the doorway. "Hey Danny. How was your night?"

Dan looked up at his mom, "Fine. What's for breakfast?"

Amy brought two plates to the table. "Eggs over easy, bacon and toast; just like you two like it."

The three of them made small talk as they ate. Jessica looked over at her mom as she took a piece of bacon and placed it in her mouth, the same mouth Jessica had seen take a man's cock the night before. She knew it was natural for her mom to have sex; the fact that she actually saw her mother doing it just freaked her out a little. But what excited her was the feeling she felt last night. She had masturbated before, but she had never felt such strong sensations. She had never felt an orgasm so powerful and she knew she wanted to feel that again.

Part 2 -- Experimentation

A couple months had passed since that night of sexual initiation for Jessica. During that time, she had masturbated every night that she could, trying to recapture the sensations she had felt that night. It always felt good, but she didn't always achieve her goal. It was a time of self-exploration and learning about her body and its needs. She tried masturbating in different positions -- on her back, on her knees with her ass in the air, standing in front of her full-length mirror, and in the shower. It was then she learned about the versatility of a good shower head. The Tanners had a massage shower head, which could be changed to different speeds. One of Jessica's most explosive orgasms had come during one of these sessions.

She was also experimenting more with her current boyfriend, Justin. He was her age and also a virgin. A couple weeks after she witnessed her mother having sex, she let Justin take off her shirt and bra and play her breasts. A novice, he needed constant instruction on what felt good to her. "Lick right there," Jessica urged him. "Pinch my nipple...mmm, that's good. Now lick it quickly...that's right. Suck on it hard." Jessica drew in a deep breath. "That's a good boy," she said as she placed her hand on the back of his head. "Do you want to feel what I felt," she asked with a slight smile. Justin didn't say anything as she lifted off his shirt. They were in the woods in back of Justin's house.

Jessica pushed him against a nearby tree and started circling her tongue around his left nipple. She tried to picture what would feel good to her and then do it to her boyfriend. She quickly flicked her tongue over his now hard nipple and then lightly pinched the other one. "That feels so good," Justin moaned. Jessica smiled to herself with pride and then covered his other nipple with her mouth, this time lightly scraping her teeth over the sensitive area before flattening out her tongue and lapping at it. "Do that again...I liked that," Justin said as he reluctantly reached out to cup Jessica's firm tit in his hand. She complied, and the two 18 year-old novices continued experimenting for another 20 minutes before going home for the night.

After dinner, Jessica was still aroused from the afternoon. She needed to come so badly. She went up to her room, closed the door, and checked to see if Justin was online. He was and Jessica sent him an IM:

Jessica: R U there?

Justin: I'm here. What's up?

Jessica: I had fun today.

Justin: Me 2. U were incredible.

Jessica: Thx, baby. I'm so hot RT now just thinking about it.

Justin: Me 2. I wish I could see U 2nite.

Jessica: We can still play. Do U want to play with me?

Justin: What do you have in mind?

Jessica: Lock your bedroom door.

Justin: I'm back.

Jessica: What are you wearing right now? Tell me every detail.

Justin: I'm wearing a white T-shirt, faded blue jeans, and my converse hi-tops. What R U wearing?

Jessica: I have on a red tank top with a black bra, a pair of black jeans, and black panties.

Justin: U must look so hot!

Jessica: I do:-) Take off your shirt, Justin. Show me those nipples I sucked on.

Justin: It's off.

Jessica: That's a good boy. I'm taking off my tank top and my bra. Do U like what U see?

Justin: You are so beautiful.

Jessica: Does it make U horny to picture me caressing my tits and pinching my nipples?

Justin: Yes!

Jessica: R U rubbing your dick for me? Do U want some motivation? I'm taking off my jeans...

Justin: Me 2. I'm rubbing myself through my boxers.

Jessica: I'm slipping my hand under my panties. Do you wish it was your hand?

Justin: God, yes!!

Jessica: Take out that dick. I want to see U touch yourself while I rub my pussy.

Justin: I am so hard RT now!

Jessica: I'm so wet. I'm sticking a finger inside me. I'm imagining it's your finger. Finger me, Justin!

Justin: Oh my God, Jess. I feel like I'm going to explode!!!!

Jessica: I'm close, baby...wait for me.

Justin: I'll try.

Jessica: Fuck, I just came so hard for U. Go ahead and make yourself come. You have my permission to come all over my tits.

Justin: Damn. That was fuckin' crazy. I blew a huge load.

Jessica: That's my good boy. Good night.

Justin: Goodnight.

That night, Jessica lay in bed thinking about her IM session with Justin. It made her hot to think of how naughty they were right under their parents' noses. She also had a revelation. She loved the fact that she made her boyfriend come without even touching him or even being in the same room as him. She liked the power that came with that realization. This was something she would have to explore further.

Over the next month, Jessica and Justin continued their sexual explorations, having IM sessions and, on a couple of occasions having phone sex. Each time, Jessica took charge, making Justin do things he had never even dreamed of doing. Jessica thought it was time to up the stakes. She wasn't ready to completely give up her virginity, but her mind kept flashing back to the scene that had played out in front of her, watching her mother suck that guy's cock. She wanted to feel what it was like to have someone lick her pussy and she desperately wanted to feel the power of taking Justin's cock in her mouth. She knew he would fall all over himself if she brought it up. She was ready. She just needed to wait for an opportunity.

Jessica's opportunity came that weekend when Justin wanted to take her out on a date. Perfect, she thought to herself. I'll seduce him in his parent's car. She smiled at the thought and picked out what she was going to wear. They were supposed be going to dinner and a movie. Jessica had other plans -- dinner for sure, but the movie would have to wait for another time. She stood in front of her mirror, fresh out of the shower and naked, admiring her body. At 5-10, she was tall like her mom; she had her mother's long, dark hair and olive complexion; and she had breasts that had continued to bloom, growing larger than her mother's ample size. She put on a black bra and a pair of matching panties, slipped on a denim skirt, a red top, and a pair of red sandals she loved because they were both comfortable and showed off her well-manicured feet.

It was 6:00 when Justin pulled up in his parent's sedan and honked the horn. "Mom, I'm on my way out."

Amy came into the foyer. "What time is the movie again?"

"We're doing to dinner at one of the Italian restaurant near the theater; the movie starts at 8:00."

Her mom reminded her, "Remember, be walking through that door no later than 10:30."

Jessica smiled, "Got it, mom."

Amy hugged her daughter, "Alright, have a good time."

Justin must have been getting etiquette lessons from his father because he was waiting outside her door to open it for her. He closed it when she was in and went around and got in the driver's seat. Jessica decided to use that very formal and thoughtful gesture as a starting point for her seduction. "I liked that you opened the door for me. It shows that you're thoughtful of my needs," she said with a smile. "Does it make your feel good to serve my needs?" This time she spoke with a hint of mischief.

"Of course, Jess. A good boyfriend is supposed to make his girl happy, right?" Justin put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway and into the street.

Jessica smiled at him and put her hand on his leg as he drove into town. As they approached the restaurant, Jessica said, "Keep going. I want to take you someplace before we eat."

Justin looked over at her, "OK, what's up?"

She squeezed his thigh. "At the next light make a right...now make your next left...at the stop sign take a left." They were in a residential neighborhood just a few blocks from the restaurant, but out of the way in an area Jessica knew was safe. She had him pull to the curb in between two lampposts so they were parked in the dark spot between the lights.

Justin looked over at his girlfriend who was smiling at him. "What are you up to?"

Jessica unbuckled her seatbelt, and leaned over and kissed him. As she explored his mouth with her tongue, she reached down and undid his seatbelt. She pulled back from his lips and whispered in his ear, "You know how you said a good boyfriend is supposed to make his girl happy?"

Justin replied in a hoarse voice, "Yeah."

She whispered again, "Have you ever licked a girl's pussy before?"

Justin smiled nervously, "No...do you want me to do that to you?"

Jessica climbed into the back and patted the seat next to her, "Come here, baby. I'll show you what to do. I've never had anyone do it to me, but I think I'll know what I like." Justin almost killed himself climbing into the backseat.

"Kiss me," Jessica said. After several minutes of kissing and fondling each other Jessica pulled up her skirt so it was bunched around her waist. Justin stared in disbelief and amazement at Jessica's long, tanned, and toned legs that led to a pair of black panties covering the object of his desires. Jessica had been playing this scenario out in her head for quite some time and had a good idea of what she would like to have happen. She closed her eyes, played the movie in her head, and directed Justin to match the script in her mind.

"Take my leg and hold onto the ankle...now kiss my leg starting at the calf...that's nice. Now slowly move up my leg...mmm...use your tongue on my thigh, almost like you're kissing me." Justin made his way up to the edge of her panties and could smell her scent for the first time. He paused, put his face inches from her pussy, and took in a deep breath. "Do you like my scent?"

Justin looked up, "It's incredible. It's so strong, it's making my dick hard."

Jessica smiled, "Don't worry. I'll take care of that later. Do the same thing to my other leg." Justin obeyed and licked and kissed his way up to her panties again. "Good. Now, caress my pussy through the panties with your fingers...mmm, that makes me so hot. Can you feel how hot I am?"

Justin answered in a whisper, "Yes."

Jessica played with her nipples through her top. "Kiss it softly. Oh, that feels really good. Keep going. God, your mouth feels so hot on my pussy. Do you want to see it?" Justin nodded.

Jessica reached down and pushed her panties to her knees, Justin taking them off the rest of the way. Once they were off, Justin stared at Jessica's womanhood. Above her pussy was a patch of black hair. The lips were framed by a light trim of pubic hair. Justin was mesmerized. Her pussy was so small; the lips were puffy and slightly parted.

"First," Jessica said, "I want you to lick along my inner thigh." She guided him to the spot. "Right there. Ohhh...that feels so nice, Justin. Do the other side. That's good, baby. I need you to lick my pussy now." Jessica reached down and pulled her lips apart for him so he could have unfettered access. "Lick the outside first, lightly. Oh my God, that feels so good. Other side...yes. See the little clit on top? It's very sensitive so go slowly and lightly." Justin licked his way up to her clit and lapped at it slowly. Jessica's reactions told him he was on the right track.

After several minutes with Jessica moaning and instructing him to go faster or slower, she told him to wet his index finger and slowly work it into her pussy. "Oh my God...ooo...easy, baby. Go back and forth, going deeper each time. Now lick my clit while you do that." Jessica yelled out.

"Did I hurt you," Justin asked a little apprehensive.

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