tagFetishExplorations Ch. 02

Explorations Ch. 02


My name is Billie Thorndyke. I wrote last time about how my friend, Fred, opened up a side of me of which I was not aware. He placed me on the bed with my ass in the air and spanked me! I had received a few swats when I was growing up, but never a real spanking.

I thought I had finished the story but things went from mildly different to pretty strange. Oh, nothing bad happened. It's just that...well; I'll just stop talking about it and tell the whole thing. I left off with...


"Hello?" his voice sounded good to me.

"Hi. Would tonight be a good time?" I asked.

"Tonight would be perfect, Mindy," he replied. "Be here at 7:00." The line went dead. I got hot. I knew what I'd done. I had surrendered to him. It felt good to me. My pussy -- and my ass -- were already tingling in anticipation. Controlled or not, I was determined to get fucked before dawn.


I had already replaced the phone in its cradle and turned away when Fred's words echoed in my mind. 'Mindy'? Who the hell is Mindy? I almost picked up the phone to call him back. Then I decided he must have thought I was someone else. I hadn't identified myself. I just shrugged and decided to wait until that night. It did make me wonder if he had other women on the same string I was now hooked on. The thought made me uncomfortable.

I moved through my Saturday activities almost without conscious effort. I bought groceries, did the laundry and vacuumed the carpets. I took out the trash and collapsed on the couch with a nap on my mind. If I was lucky I'd be up late that night.

Thinking about the night ahead, however, was what kept pushing sleep away. Finally I just gave up and clicked on the TV. I found some old movie and was soon feeling my eyelids getting heavy. I guess it was about 4:00 when the phone rang. I was tempted to just let the machine take a message but I got to my feet and caught it just as my recorded greeting started.

"Hello?" I said. At first there was silence. It went on a second or two and I was just about to give up and hang up. But...

"Uh...Billie? It was you who called me, wasn't it?" Fred sounded confused. I decided to play it out.

"Who is this?" I felt a grin coming on. If Fred had gotten his women mixed up there might be an advantage to playing dumb. I wasn't sure what it might be yet, but I would think of something.

"It's Fred...come on, Billie, you did call me earlier, didn't you." It wasn't quite a question.

"Oh...Fred. Well I have been thinking about you some in the last couple of days. How are you doing?" I could picture his frown and I struggled to maintain the ruse.

"Um...I'm fine. I know you said not to call you but I really did think it was you who called. How are you doing?"

I decided to give up the game. I hadn't been able to come up with any better advantage than simply letting him know I'd caught his faux pas. "Oh, I'm great. I'm just sitting here chatting with my friend, Mindy." The silence stretched out and I couldn't help grinning. "You know, it's the weirdest thing. Mindy says she knows a Fred Bonham who drives a blue compact just like yours. Isn't that strange?"

How could he not have caught on yet? He stumbled around and tried to think of a way to reply. I couldn't help it any more. I just laughed and told him it was all a joke.

"But who is this Mindy? Don't tell me I've got competition." In truth, Fred and I hadn't made any commitment to exclusivity. We were still at the stage where, even though I used birth control and we'd given mutual assurances that we were disease free, he had still used a condom when we did have sex.

"Well, it was just a slip of the tongue, Billie. I used to date a woman named Mindy. In fact you remind me a bit of her. I haven't dated anyone else since we broke it off. I guess it was just habit. I haven't seen her since just after Christmas."

That was a surprise to me. If what he'd just said was the truth, he had gone ten months without dating. Even I hadn't gone that long after Jack was transferred to Florida. "Well, don't worry about it. I might scream out another man's name sometime. I guess you just owe me one." Then I had a thought. "Is it still okay to get together tonight, or are you still pining for Mindy?" I guess I was feeling devilish. Fred let out a heavy sigh.

"No, I was still expecting you tonight. If you still want to come, that is." I let the implied connotation slide.

"Oh yeah. I...uh...kinda miss feeling you next to me." I was still too shy about the whole spanking thing to ask him for it. Maybe when we were naked and ready, but not over the phone.

"Great! That's what I was hoping you felt. I feel the same way," he said. He sounded sincere, but what can you tell over the phone? After a couple more words we hung up. I decided a nap was out of the question by then. Since we'd said seven o'clock, I decided I should eat something before I went over.

I went to the fridge and -- in spite of having shopped that day -- didn't see anything that really appealed to me. I wanted something quick and easy...and light. I didn't want to feel logy and overstuffed later. I decided on a salad but I didn't want to make one. It was off to the neighborhood fast food joint...

I pressed Fred's bell at ten minutes before seven. I hate being late for anything. I had bathed and shaved everywhere appropriate. I thought I looked pretty fair and hoped he would, too.

His face brightened when he opened the door. He looked me over and smiled. "You look great, Billie. Come on in." He opened the door and stepped back. I turned before passing him and we kissed. He pushed the door closed while our tongues were still entwined.

He took my hand and led me into the living room. There was quiet music playing -- a piano instrumental. Candles gave the room a romantic glow. I sat on the couch and Fred sat next to me. It felt like he was seducing me but we already had been intimate, so we both knew why I was there. Nevertheless, it was nice.

Fred poured me a glass of wine and picked a cracker from the tray on the coffee table. Besides crackers, he'd laid out two kinds of cheese and a creamy dip of some kind. I took a slice of cheese and sat back. "So tell me what you've been up to the last week," I asked him.

He told me some of what he'd been working on -- he was a graphic artist -- and I listened while I looked him over. He had admitted to being forty three but he looked younger. He was wearing a pair of soft looking well-worn jeans and a button down casual shirt (untucked). He looked great to me.

I watched his mouth move as he talked. Oh, I really was paying attention to the words, all my observation took only a second. I couldn't help recalling how those lips felt on my nipples and between my thighs. I smiled inside when I thought about the surprise I had for him.

"...so I just told the client I felt he'd do better going to another firm. I don't let a client dictate things like that." He stopped and sipped his wine.

"Sure," I said, "I understand completely." I stood up and slipped out of the sweater I'd worn over my top. "I'm sure you have plenty of clients who are happy with the way you do things." I tossed the sweater on an easy chair and kicked off my shoes. Fred watched me getting comfortable.

"Don't stop now," he said. I grinned at him and went back to sit in his lap.

"Oh no, it isn't going to be that easy, buddy. You're going to do some of the work." I slipped my fingers between the buttons of his shirt. The thick mat of hair that covered his chest fascinated me. I tugged at a tuft of it and he winced. I kissed him softly. Then I put my lips to his ear.

"Oh, poor Freddy...a little pain shouldn't bother a guy who is so good at dishing it out." He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed more seriously then. I unbuttoned three buttons and pushed the shirt open. I broke the kiss and moved so that I could suck his bared nipple into my mouth.

His hands weren't idle either. He caressed my shoulders and back. When I reached his nipple, he reached my ass. His hiss of breath harmonized with my low moan. I nibbled; he squeezed and gave my butt a light swat. I raised my head and we kissed again. Then I stood up, gripping his hand. We moved toward the hallway and the bedroom.

We made short work of our clothes and mounted the bed. Our lips and hands were everywhere. When Fred discovered my hairless pussy he gave a delighted gasp. "I was planning on doing that for you tonight, Billie! You took all the fun out of it."

"From what some of my friends have told me, the fun hasn't started yet," I told him. It was true. Other women swore that hairless sex was ten times better than hairy sex. It's even better they said when both partners are shaved. I had my hopes up.

We tumbled around, kissing, biting and stroking. Maybe it was my newly shaved pussy. Or it may have been the spanking he gave me the last time. Whatever the cause, our inhibitions had flown and we were now giving full rein to our oral side. Fred was the most oral man I'd ever had the great pleasure of knowing.

He kissed me from head to toe, skipping over the most obvious places for a while. He kissed and licked my hip and my side. When he reached my arm he simply lifted it out of the way and sent a thrill through me by flattening his tongue in the hollow of my armpit. My pussy was dripping and it hadn't been touched yet.

His mouth moved back down my body and he lifted my leg. He kissed the sole of my foot before sliding his tongue between each one of my toes. His eyes were locked onto mine as he sucked first one and then two and three toes into his warm wet mouth. I writhed with the unfamiliar pleasures he was bestowing on me. He was careful not to tickle it. I was amazed at the way my body was responding to this new kink.

Finally, after giving my other foot to the same treatment, he pushed my legs apart and let his hands slide slowly toward the hairless vee waiting -- and aching for his attention -- at their junction. I arched my back and he lowered his face...and stopped just an inch before making contact. He inhaled deeply and I felt his hot breath wash over my engorged and parting labia.

He kissed me lightly and I expected the next feeling would be his tongue. Again he surprised me. He rose up and took my ankles in his hands and flipped me over onto my belly! He landed on top of me and kissed the nape of my neck. He didn't let his full weight crush me -- though at that point I wouldn't have cared -- but held some of it off with his arms planted either side of my shoulders.

He nuzzled in my hair and brought his lips to the join between my neck and shoulder. He kissed me and then he opened his mouth and bit down -- hard. I was so far gone by then I nearly came then and there from the animalistic gesture. He was letting me know that he was taking possession of my body and my sex the way a tomcat does with his slutty tabby in heat. Well, I was in heat! I loved it! I wailed out loud.

His cock was pressed hard against the crack of my ass. I rocked my hips up into him and flexed my muscles to try to hold it there. God, I was hot! Fred rose up again and sat straddling my thighs. I tried to get up but he pressed a hand into the small of my back. He swatted me hard. I stopped struggling.

He dismounted, spread my legs wide apart and told me to wait there. Thinking, 'wait here'? I started to turn over but he stopped me with a command. "I said WAIT THERE! I mean right there in that position." I obeyed. I was covered with sweat and I began to cool as he opened a drawer. I might have turned my head to see what he was doing but I played the game his way. Not knowing what was coming was part of the thrill. I'd submit for now, but I'd have his hard cock stuffed deep into me at some point before I left there.

His weight returned to the bed and he stroked my ass tenderly. "I want you to stay exactly where you are and don't look at me." His hand left my butt and it was replaced by a light tickling -- something -- that was totally unfamiliar to me. Then with a slight sting, he slapped the thing across my ass.

He let it stroke across me again and then he slapped it over me again. The tendrils wrapped over my hip and left little bites where they ended. Then I knew what it was! He was flogging me! I sucked in a breath as another stroke landed, this time the ends curved down under one of my butt cheeks and nearly struck my pussy. I shivered with the thought of what that pain might feel like. Biting my lower lip, I parted my legs a little bit wider.

He gave me several harder crossways strokes before again turning the flail so it wrapped down and under. The stroke was lighter than the others and that time several of the tips did hit my dripping pussy lips and the sting went deep. I was very conscious of the fact that there was no hair to take part of the sting out. I was doubly glad I'd shaved then. He stopped and told me I could look at him.

I turned my head and saw the punisher lying between us on the coverlet. The handle was of braided leather, ending in a knob with a loop. The other end of the handle split into a whole bunch of leather strips about the same thickness as a leather shoelace. I had expected the ends of these to be knotted or tipped with something but they just ended. Fred knelt just beyond, grinning down at me.

"Get up and pile the pillows up like last time, Billie," Fred instructed. I wanted to please him. I wanted to feel that wonderful pain again. I did as he said. Then without being told I stretched over them. I gathered the coverlet and blanket under it into a small hump in which I could bury my face during the session.

But Fred had other plans. He told me to turn across the bed. He knelt at my head and lifted it by the hair. My face came up and he thrust his hips forward. His cock was red and angry looking -- and it looked delicious! I opened my mouth and he pushed half his length into it. He picked up the flogger and said, "Spread your legs wide again, Billie. He moved his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth. I opened my legs as wide as I could.

He whirled the whip around and it whistled through the air before it landed right down the crack of my ass and wrapped into my crotch. All of its little leather tongues licked my pussy. It was a light stroke but it still stung. I sucked and writhed as he continued to whip me. My groan of pain/pleasure was transferred to his dick. Most of the time the strokes landed only on my ass and upper thighs. Every four or five, however, he made sure he reached my tender lips. I eagerly obeyed when he told me to use my hands to pull my cheeks apart so he could land a few strokes on my asshole. All the while he fucked my mouth and I sucked and licked him. Saliva was running down my chin and dripping to the bed. I whimpered around his thickness.

He landed several very hard strokes on my ass, timing them to the speed of his thrusts. My neck was aching and the hair he still held felt like it was being ripped from the back of my head. Then he grunted and dropped the whip. He released my hair and held the sides of my head with both hands. He gave one last thrust, nearly gagging me, and erupted into my mouth and throat. I didn't even have to swallow; he was so deep in my throat.

His whole body was trembling as his throbbing ebbed. He let go of my head and withdrew his cock. I swallowed the last drops of his semen and rolled from my perch. My crotch and ass tingled from the punishment. It was a different feeling than the first spanking had left me with. Fred collapsed beside me and pulled me to him. He hugged me and kissed me tenderly.

His hands stroked my back and he nuzzled my ear. "Thank you, Billie," he whispered.

"Thank you, Fred," I whispered back. In the back of my mind I realized he had yet to fuck me again. We had all night, I told myself. For now I would let him rest. But I was determined to be in charge of the next round. I raised my head and watched his face. When his breath evened out and deepened, I knew he had gone to sleep. I smiled at his peaceful expression and closed my eyes.

When I woke I looked at the clock. We'd been asleep nearly an hour. My throat was dry and it clicked when I tried to swallow. I pushed Fred's heavy arm from my waist and slipped off the bed. I walked naked to the kitchen and drew a tall glass of water. I finished it and refilled the glass to take back to the bedroom.

Fred was not on the bed. Then I heard him in the bathroom. I redirected my steps in that direction. The door was open and he stood emptying his bladder noisily into the toilet. His broad shoulders above his narrow waist and hips looked beautiful to me. His ass flexed as he ejected the last squirts of urine. He flushed and turned around. When his eyes found the glass in my hand he asked, "Is that for me?"

"It is if you want it," I answered. He did. But he only drank half of it and handed it back to me. I took it back to the bed and left it on the nightstand. I lowered myself onto the bed -- right side up this time. Fred joined me. He pushed my hair back behind my ears and looked at me as if he was searching for something on my face. "What is it?" I asked him.

"Nothing," he said. "I'm just looking at you. I want to memorize your face." I chuckled.

"It sounds like you're going somewhere -- or I am," I said, suddenly wondering if it were true.

"Nope," he said, kissing the tip of my nose. "I just enjoy looking."

I rolled out of his embrace and rose to my hands and knees. "Well, memorize this," I told him and slipped down to again take his penis into my mouth. I liked the residual tang of his urine. I liked the way he felt in my mouth. Soft, it was easy to envelop the whole thing. I liked it. I liked the way it felt all soft and squishy when I pressed it against the roof of my mouth. That didn't last long, though, because he immediately started to harden again.

When he was good and erect, I straddled him. I held his cock up and swiveled my hips around, smearing the end with my secretions. Then I centered it and began to take it into my body. I sometimes can only wonder in awe about sex. The idea of taking a part of another person's body into my own is amazing to me at those times.

The meshing and merging of our bodies felt so perfect. Those parts of us were created for this purpose and it was so good to use them this way. I rode Fred a long time. He was in no hurry, after all. I reached my peak three times before he got serious. Sitting up, he pushed me back between his spread legs. Without pulling out of me, he managed to double his legs back and rise to his knees.

He lifted my legs (giving my toes another token kiss and suck) and placed them on his shoulders. He held my hips firmly and began to thrust. He was slamming into me, slapping his hips against my thighs and butt, when I came again. He joined me that time and groaned as the throbbing washed through him. We crested the rise and slipped slowly down the other side.

He gave each of my nipples a kiss and slipped free of me. We crawled under the rumpled and sperm and pussy spattered sheets. That time we slept the rest of the night.

Sunday morning we showered together. I offered to shave Fred's pubic hair. He smiled and told me to go ahead. I took my time and made a pretty good job of it. The balls were the hardest part, but he helped by stretching the skin tight for the razor strokes. He decided he liked the way it made his cock look bigger. I wanted to try out the new feeling right away but Fred said he was too hungry.

After we dried off and dressed we went out for breakfast and the Sunday paper. Back at his place we scattered the various sections over the carpet as we went through them, sharing and discussing things like an old married couple. We had both been through marriages -- Fred had two behind him to my one -- and it felt comfortable spending the day that way again. Spending a Sunday morning that way is one of the few good memories I carry from my married days.

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