tagIncest/TabooExplorations Ch. 02

Explorations Ch. 02


Author's note: Part two of this series. Please read Explorations Ch. 01 to get the background on these characters. FYI, this story contains elements of incest. Thanks for reading.

Part 1 – Expanding Horizons

It was a couple of months after Jessica had lost her virginity to Justin in late April when she received a call from the volleyball coach at the local state university informing her that she was going to receive a scholarship from the school. Jessica had already been accepted into the university and was just waiting on the athletic program to see how much her scholarship would cover. It was a Friday and she knew that her mom was going out on a date and her brother was going to hang out with some of his friends. Since Justin was stuck doing a family night, she decided to call up Mary, one of her volleyball teammates who lived down the street to see if she wanted to do a girls' night.

Mary knocked on the door at 7:00 and Jessica led her into the family room. They ordered pizza and once it arrived, settled in and talked about the scholarship Jessica had received, the excitement of going to college, and of course, boys.

"So Jess, how are things going with Justin?" Mary asked.

Jessica smiled, "Good. He's a sweet guy."

Mary, always a little too curious for some people's taste asked, "So, you told me you've been having sex with him. How is it?"

Jessica settled back on the couch they were sharing, "Pretty good...I mean, very good. He's come a long way since our first time a couple of months ago. One thing I'll say, he's certainly getting really good at licking my pussy. As far as the sex...the fucking...at first he could barely last two minutes, but now he's able to hang a lot longer. But the only time I have an orgasm is when he licks me or rubs my clit. What about you? Are you and Todd having sex?"

Mary hesitated for a moment, "We were. It was alright, but I broke up with him a few days ago."

Jessica put her hand on Mary's leg, "I'm sorry. What happened?"

Mary gave a half smile and looked to the side, "I've been thinking about someone else and I thought it was unfair to string Todd along. Every time we made out I was picturing another guy and it just got tiring after a while...and there's something else." Jessica raised her eyebrows. This was getting interesting.

Mary continued, "You know Stacey Jordan, right?"

Jessica nodded, "Yeah, why?"

Mary took a deep breath and exhaled, "Well, Stacey and I have been doing some running together after her basketball practices and our practices. Well, a couple of weeks ago we went out on a long run. When we got back to the school, we used the locker room showers like we do most of the time."

Jessica leaned forward in her seat, "And?"

Mary continued, "Well, we get undressed, grab our shower stuff from our lockers, and hop in the shower bay. This is when it got...interesting." Jessica could see where this was going, and to her surprise, her body began to respond. She could feel the heat between her legs.

"So we're showering next to each other when Stacey asks me if I could wash her back. I didn't think anything of it so I took her bath sponge that she uses and started lathering her up."

Mary paused. Jessica didn't know if it was for effect or to gather up the courage to finish her story. Mary began again, "So I was washing her back, and after a few seconds she reaches back, puts her hand on my butt, and pulls me toward her."

Jessica interrupted, "Oh my God! What did you do?"

Mary leaned forward, "That's just it. I didn't do anything but stand there. Jess, you have to understand, I love guys, but in that moment...her skin was so soft. My tits were grazing against her back. My stomach was pressed against her ass...she turned her head...our bodies were still touching, and I let her kiss me."

Jessica was drenched between her thighs. "Oh my God. Then what?"

Mary began to blush, "Then...we made out in the shower. Jess, I shit you not, it was fucking hot. Her lips were so soft. She licked my tits so good."

Jessica was involuntarily touching herself through her shorts. She asked, "What did you do?"

Mary smiled, "I went with it. I was like fuck it! So, we were both so charged up we got out of the shower and went over to one of the benches by the lockers. Here's where it gets really fucked up. She licked my pussy."

Jessica pushed her, "Shut up! Are you fucking with me?"

Mary shook her head, "Are you kidding me? Do you really think I would be telling you this if it weren't true? Let me just tell you...Todd had no idea what he was doing down there. This girl blew my fucking mind."

Jessica was almost ready to come right there. "So, did you eat her out?"

Mary shook her head. "I told her I wasn't sure and that my mom was going to be picking me up, which was true. I felt kind of bad. I just wasn't ready for that, you know?"

Jessica sighed, "That's fucking hot. Your secret's safe with me. To tell you the truth, I wish I were there!"

During Mary's story, Jessica, who was touching herself right in front of her friend, started looking at Mary differently. She was really cute. She was about three inches shorter than Jessica, had shoulder length blonde hair and fair skin. She had small perky breasts and a tight ass. Jessica was not just touching herself from the story; she was touching herself from picturing her friend naked. She was so turned on that when Mary finished, Jessica leaned forward and took Mary's hand.

Mary had noticed Jessica touching herself as she recounted what had happened. She thought it was sexy how Jess slowly rubbed herself without even realizing what she was doing. She could feel her body begin to heat up and she felt her panties dampen. When Jessica took her hand, Mary jumped at first, but then let her guide her fingers to her mouth. Jessica parted her lips and slipped Mary's middle finger between her lips. Their eyes were locked on each other the whole time. Jessica took Mary's index finger in her mouth, sliding her lips up and down its length. Jessica pulled her friend toward her; their lips were inches apart, and they could feel the heat from each other's skin. Jessica put her hand on the back of Mary's neck and pulled her in for a tentative kiss. Once she tasted how sweet Mary was, she parted her lips and penetrated her mouth with her tongue. Jessica sat up and pulled Mary on top of her so that she was on her lap, straddling her. Jessica was beside herself. She hadn't felt like this since the night she sucked Justin's cock for the first time. She lifted off Mary's shirt to reveal her bare skin and pert little tits. Jessica kissed her fully, took a handful of hair and gently pulled her head back as she kissed and licked her way down her neck to her left tit. The only sounds in the room were heavy breathing and moaning. Both knew what each other wanted. Both knew they were going to get it.

Jessica led Mary upstairs to her bedroom and pushed her gently back on the bed, falling on top her, their legs entwined. Mary pulled off Jessica's shirt and unhooked her bra to reveal her large, round tits. "Fuck me, your breasts are perfect," she said and took one in her mouth.

Jessica moved to the side and positioned her tits above Mary's mouth, feeding them to her. She then slid her hand down Mary's body, unbuttoned her shorts and yanked them down with one hand to reveal a pair of red lace panties. "You naughty girl," Jessica said with a smile.

Mary took Jessica's other tit in her mouth and sucked and licked her hard nipple while Jessica rubbed Mary's pussy through the lace of her panties. "I'm your naughty little girl tonight," Mary said in response and pulled off Jessica's shorts.

Jessica reached down and pulled off Mary's panties, kissing and licking up one leg then down the other. She brought her face down to Mary's completely bald pussy. "You are a little slut," she mused. She took in Mary's musky scent, which made her clit feel like it was on fire.

Jessica tentatively stuck out her tongue and licked Mary's outer lips, savoring the taste. "Mmm...that feels so good," Mary moaned. Jessica licked from just below her clit down to the edge of Mary's butt-hole in one long, slow motion. "Fuck, Jess, lick my kitty." Jessica swung her leg so that her pussy was positioned above Mary's mouth in a 69. Mary grabbed a hold of her friend's ass, spread her pussy lips with her thumbs, and took a long lick.

Dan turned the doorknob to the front door and walked through. He went into the family room expecting to see Jessica and her friend, Mary. They must be upstairs, he thought. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottled water and made his way up the stairs. He was about to yell to Jess that he was home when he heard, "Fuck, Jess, lick my kitty." Dan froze. The door to his sister's room had a small crack and he went up to it and looked through. His cock instantly sprang to attention. There in front of him was his sister and her friend in a 69, each lapping at each other's pussy. It was a wet dream come true.

Dan reached down and stroked his cock through his pants as the two girls made love to each other. Jessica was fingering Mary and licking her clit. Mary was jabbing her tongue in and out of his sister's cunt. "Yeah, baby, fuck me with your tongue," Jessica urged. Dan reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, pulled out his cock and stroked it as he stared at the scene playing out in front of him. Mary came first, her pelvis bucking, her moans loud and hoarse. Jessica was out of control, mashing her pussy into Mary's face. Her mouth was open, her eyes clamped shut, her back straightened, and she shuddered with such force that she yelled into Mary's thigh before collapsing on top of her. Dan took this as his cue to go to his room. He waited five minutes before closing his door loud enough for them to hear, hoping they would think he had just come home. He then proceeded to jack off like he never had before.

Jessica turned around and kissed Mary softly on the lips, her tongue reaching for Mary's. "That was hot, M. Are you sure you haven't done that before?" she asked with a smile.

Mary brought Jessica down in an embrace, their bodies intertwined. "I think we should - " The sound of a door down the hall interrupted Mary's thought. "What was that?" she asked, a little startled.

Jessica lifted her head, "I think that came from Dan's room. He must have just come home."

Mary glided her hand across her breast, "I have a confession. You know how I said I've been thinking of another guy?"

Jessica nodded, "Yeah."

Mary looked to the door, "Well, for the past few weeks whenever I was sucking Todd's dick, I would close my eyes and imagine it was Dan's."

Mary hoped Jessica wouldn't be mad. Jessica smiled, "Oh really?"

Mary traced her fingers along Jessica's ass, "I can't help it. You have to admit, your brother is good looking."

Jessica thought for a moment. Her brother had grown up, that was for sure. When he had gone through his initial growth spurt, he was gangly and uncoordinated. But as he went through high school and played football as a wide receiver for their team, he had begun to grow into his frame. He was 6-2 with a lean, muscular build. He had short, black hair and a strong angular face. He had gone from an awkward teenager to a handsome young man of 18. "Yeah, he's alright," she said with a smile.

Mary asked, "Is he seeing anybody right now?"

Jessica replied, "Actually, I think he's been going out with Ashley Johnson. You know, one of the cheerleaders."

Mary frowned, "Really? He could do so much better. She's pretty, but she's dumb as a rock. He needs to be with someone like...me."

Jessica leaned in and licked Mary's lips and said, "Well, I'll see if I can make that happen."

Mary smiled, "Really? You'd help me seduce your brother?"

Her friend had a devious smile. "I think if we work together, we can make it happen. But you're going to owe me." Jessica thought for a moment. "The first thing we need to do is soften him up."

Mary asked, "How are going to do that?"

Jessica leaned in and kissed her, "Leave that to me."

Part 2 – Consequences

The next morning, Jessica told Mary that she would broach the subject with her brother sometime the coming week. She had no intention of doing any such thing; that would be making it too easy. Instead, she decided that she needed to do some research. Their mother was going to a four-day conference for work the following week between Wednesday and Saturday. Amy told the siblings she would be back Sunday afternoon. That, Jessica decided, was when she would put her plan into action.

Tuesday night Jessica, dressed in a pair of hot pants and a tank top that accentuated her ass and large tits, knocked on Dan's bedroom door.

"Come in," he said, still typing on his computer keyboard.

Jessica walked in and smiled. "Hey, brother. Whatcha up to?"

Dan looked up from his computer and did a double take. "Um...nothing...just doing some email. What are you doing?"

Jessica noticed that he had, not so smoothly, looked her up and down. She replied, "Just getting ready for bed. But I thought we should have a quick talk about the next few days while mom's away."

Dan raised his eyebrows, "Really, what about?"

Jessica moved over to his desk and leaned against it facing him, her tits towering over her brother. "Well, I think we should work out a little schedule. Having mom away provides us with a great opportunity to not have to sneak around with Justin and Ashley...if you know what I mean."

Dan, no virgin himself since he started seeing Ashley last month, smiled. "Yeah, I know what you mean. What do you have in mind?"

Jessica could feel her pussy begin to throb with excitement. This was going to be too easy. "Well," she started, "Mom's leaving Wednesday morning and coming back Sunday. That gives us four nights that we can have some privacy and have free reign over the house. I take two days, you take two days."

Dan nodded and smiled, "Sounds good. Can I have Wednesday and Friday? Those two days work out better for me."

Jessica nodded, "Sounds good. How about if it's not your day, be out of the house by 7:00 and back by midnight."

Dan replied, "Works for me, Sis. Hey, great idea."

Jessica put her hand on his arm. His skin was hot to the touch. "Have a good night, bro."

Dan replied, "You too." He turned to go back to his computer. As Jessica turned around and left the room, he turned his head to catch Jessica's firm, round ass and long legs walk out the door. He let out a huge breath, shook his head, and went back to what he was doing.

Wednesday night, Jessica went to her brother's room. "Hey, Dan. I'm going to be heading out. So are you picking Ashley up or is she coming over herself?"

Dan had just finished dressing after taking a shower. "I'm going to go pick her up. Her parents know mom's out of town so we're telling them we're going to a movie."

Jessica smiled, "Nice going, brother. I'm going to walk down to Mary's house. I'll be back around midnight. Have fun!"

Jessica walked out the door, exhilarated by how her plan was coming together. She walked down the street, occasionally looking back at her house. When she saw Dan pull out of the driveway with the car they shared, she doubled back. She walked up the stairs to her room and closed the door. Then she sat and waited.

Fifteen minutes later, Jessica heard the front door open and could hear Dan and Ashley's voices. It sounded like they were going to stay downstairs in the family room. Perfect. If they were near the couch, Jessica would be able to see everything from the kitchen. The hallway at the back of the staircase would let her get to her position and duck out quickly if someone wanted to get anything from the kitchen. A few minutes later she heard someone come up the stairs and go into her brother's room. I bet that's Dan getting condoms, she thought with a smile. The show was about to begin.

Jessica waited until she thought it was safe and then opened her door. She paused at the bottom of the staircase and listened. She could hear Ashley and her brother kissing; Jessica's heart began to race. She took a quick peek around the corner to see the two of them on the couch making out. Jessica walked to the kitchen in her bare feet and stood at a spot where she could see them but they couldn't see her.

Ashley was straddling her brother's lap as they kissed. Dan pulled off Ashley's shirt and deftly undid her bra. Ashley's skin was fair, her hair red, and freckles dotted her back. She was moaning as Dan sucked on her tits. Jessica couldn't see what he was doing but there was little doubt, based on Ashley's reactions, that he was doing it well.

"I want to suck that big cock," Ashley said as she got up from his lap and sat on the edge of the couch.

Dan got up and stood in front of her. Damn, Jessica thought. If he stays there I won't be able to see anything. Ashley unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans. Dan was wearing a pair of black boxer briefs.

"Look how hard you are for me. You want me to take that monster, don't you." Ashley was stroking her brother's dick over his briefs while Dan took his shirt off. Jessica started to touch her breasts when she saw her brother take off his t-shirt to reveal his broad shoulders and muscular back. Damn, bro, football has been good to you. Ashley pulled down his briefs and began to work on his cock.

After a couple of minutes, Dan told her to get on her knees. Jessica was completely drenched between her legs and reached under her shorts and started rubbing her pussy. But when Ashley moved to her new position, which was perpendicular to Jessica, she almost came. It was then, in profile, that she saw her brother's cock for the first time. Jessica's first reaction was to yank down her shorts and panties, and ram two fingers into her hole. She let out a soft moan as she fucked herself with her fingers. What she saw startled and excited her. Jessica took it all in from the base and the two large balls that hung low beneath it, to the thick mast that led to the large head that was sliding in and out of Ashley's mouth. It was at least a few inches larger than Justin's and twice as thick.

Dan put his hands on the back of Ashley's head and pushed her further down his shaft. She went down as far as she could go, which was halfway, and gagged. She pulled off his cock, a string of spit trailing from her bottom lip to the engorged head. "Yeah baby, make me take that cock," Ashley said, as Dan slid it back between her lips and forced it down her throat again. Jessica slammed three fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with her other hand. Ashley slid her tongue down the length of the shaft and licked Dan's balls, taking one in her mouth and sucking it hard, pulling it away from his body. Dan groaned with pleasure; Jessica was coming. She bit her lip, buried her face in her arm, leaned on the countertop, and exploded.

After Dan licked Ashley's pussy for a few minutes, she pulled him to the couch. "Bury that cock inside me." Dan took one of the condoms he had brought down from his room and worked it down his long, thick shaft. He licked Ashley's pussy one more time and then moved between her legs. He pushed the head through the entrance and Jessica began rubbing her clit again. With half of his cock inside Mary, he pulled out until just the head was enfolded by her lips, and then thrust back in, this time with more force. "Fuck, yeah," Ashley yelled, "Take that pussy."

Dan was working into a steady rhythm now, as was Jessica. He was grunting with each thrust, going deeper with each stroke. Dan reached down, wrapped his arms around Ashley, picked her up, turned around and got them into a cowgirl position. Ashley immediately starting bouncing up and down on his dick. She still wasn't taking all of him into her and Jessica could understand why. "Damn, I love how your cock stretches my pussy, baby." After another minute or so in that position, Ashley got up and rested her knees on the couch facing the wall and said, "Take me from behind, Danny." Dan stood behind her, knelt down, and licked her pussy. Ashley moaned, "I love when you lick me from behind." Dan stood up and slowly worked his way into her. Jessica was fucking her pussy with her fingers again, pinching her hard nipples. "Faster, baby. I'm going to come." Dan grabbed her left shoulder for leverage and started slamming his cock into her, their bodies making slapping noises each time they met. Ashley began yelling out, a continuous moan that got higher and higher in pitch. Dan responded by slapping her ass with his hand. Ashley put her hands on the wall behind the couch and pushed back on Dan's cock. "Slap my ass again!" She was shaking, her sweat-soaked body contorting under the weight of her orgasm.

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