Explorations Ch. 06


Diane's eyes took in the girl's small, round ass as she moved up the stairs. She enjoyed the process of training a novice, and thought this particular one who had joined them near the beginning of the semester had progressed very well.

"She's ready, don't you think?" Jennifer asked as she followed Diane's eyes.

"Yes," she replied. "We'll proceed with her initiation tomorrow night."

"What did you want to talk about?" Jen asked.

Diane turned toward Jen, swinging her leg under her body. "I'm intrigued by Jessica," she said. "It seems that you are as well."

"Do you think she will be open to joining our sisterhood?" Jen asked, as she respected Diane's ability to read people.

Diane thought for a moment. "I think she will want to submit eventually. But she seems to be a strong, confident woman; she may not be ready to submit to someone else right now. We'll find out after holiday break. We should get to bed; we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

* * * *

Jessica lay in her bed that night overwhelmed and confused. Each time she closed her eyes, she saw the watchful eyes of Diane and felt the lips of her friend on her neck. Nothing more had happened that night, but it was enough to keep Jessica in a constant state of arousal the rest of the evening. Even now, an hour after returning to her room, she couldn't get what had happened out of her mind.

She needed release from the bonds she had been placed in by Jennifer and her older roommate. She looked over at Yun who was sound asleep. She could see her body steadily rise and fall with each breath. Jessica pulled off her covers and stripped off her panties as she walked over to Yun's side of the room. She lifted the covers and climbed in, spooning the small body. She brushed aside Yun's long hair and kissed her on the back of the neck.

Slowly, Yun awoke to the soft embrace of Jessica's lips. Jessica had never woken her up like this and she was immediately ready to give Jessica what she needed. Without a word, she turned her head to meet her roommate's mouth. Jessica felt different to her, almost needy as Jessica urgently enveloped her in her arms and passionately searched for Yun's tongue with her own. "Please, Yun. I need you to make me come so badly." Yun felt her heart rise into her throat. Jessica had never said anything like that to her before and she wanted to make her happy more than anything. Her roommate had given her so much; she hoped she was able to do the same for her tonight. Jessica lay on her back as Yun pushed the covers away from their bodies. She planted kisses on Jessica's skin as she made her way to her naked sex.

Jessica felt overwhelmed with need; at that moment, she wanted Yun to make love to her more than anything. When Yun's tongue reached her outer lips and lightly brushed her pussy, Jessica felt a surge of emotion run through her body as lifted her hips to meet Yun's mouth. "God, yes," Jessica whispered. "I love your little mouth on my pussy."

Yun reveled in Jessica's passion for her and lowered her mouth to meet Jessica's wetness. Jessica let out a soft moan and exhaled loudly as her wanton need was fulfilled.

Part 2

The next night, Diane stepped out of the shower and looked over at the clock on her nightstand; it was 7:00. The ritual was scheduled to begin at 8:00. She applied her makeup, which included her favorite "fuck me" red lipstick. She went over to the bed where her attire for the evening was laid out; she was going all black for the ritual. One by one she put on her thong, stockings, leather corset that left her large breasts exposed, and black stilettos. Once she was finished, Diane stepped back and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled, thinking how hot she felt when she wore her fetish clothing. The feel of leather against her skin always set her mood and turned her on; she was ready to make her subject submit to her will.

Diane was pleased with the evolution of the sisterhood. It began as an idea she had the spring of her freshman year. She wanted to have a way of finding like-minded individuals when it came to sex. Diane was already into dominance and submission in her personal life; from the time she became sexually active, she enjoyed power play. Her first sexual experience was with another girl when she was in high school. She had seduced a friend of hers and had immediately taken a dominant posture, playfully making the girl pleasure her. It wasn't until the summer before her freshman year in college that she had sex with a man – and it was a man. Her neighbor's father had come over to borrow their lawnmower. Diane was sunbathing on the pool deck when Mr. Nelson walked around back to see if anyone was home. Since the yard was fenced in and no one was home, Diane lay on the deck topless. When she heard the 45 year-old neighbor yell hello, Diane's first reaction was to sit up in the lounge chair and face him. Only after she saw the look in his eyes did it dawn on her that she was giving him his own private peep show. She saw his reaction go from surprise to lust in a nanosecond. Once Diane saw that, she didn't bother covering up. Fifteen minutes later, as promised, Mr. Nelson returned with protection and proceeded to school Diane on what a man who knew what he was doing could do to her. For the first time, she felt helpless to resist, and allowed him to completely take her all afternoon. It happened only once, but it taught Diane how good it felt to not only dominate a lover, but to be topped herself. During her freshman year, she wondered how many others there were that felt the same way she did regarding power play during sex. Near the end of the semester, she met Claire through a mutual friend. They hit it off immediately and Diane decided to make a pass at her; she was not turned away.

As they were both from the San Francisco area, they met up often during the summer and began exploring D/s, both young women taking turns "topping" the other. It was Diane who suggested they try to find others who were into the same things they were. That summer, they came up with the idea of forming a pseudo-sorority, a sisterhood, whose purpose was to explore sexuality and in particular, the role of dominance and submission in sex.

That fall, they were able to room together in a small suite on campus. It was there they held their first "recon" party as they came to call it. They then picked out promising freshman and sophomores and invited them to another party to get to know them and see how open they were sexually. That first semester had yielded one candidate, Hannah, who would eventually go through a series of trials and milestones that they had devised. Over the next couple of years, they initiated several more "novices" until they reached their present number of six.

Since Diane was the senior member, and due to the nature of the sisterhood, she started to be called Mistress by the pledges or novices. Diane quickly dove into the role, which inspired her junior year when they had began renting their current house, to begin taking clients as a dominatrix. She was completely over her head at first, but she did a lot of research and soon had a handful of regulars from the surrounding area that saw her to get their kink and pay handsomely for it.

Upstairs, the novice they were initiating that night, Tabitha, was waiting with her sponsor, Stephanie. "Remember everything you have been taught and this will be a pleasurable experience," Stephanie said. "If anything doesn't feel right and is going too far, what are you to do?"

"Say the safe word "red," the girl answered softly.

"Very well," Stephanie replied. "Take off your clothes."

Ten minutes later, blindfolded and bound by leather cuffs, Tabitha was taken by the hand and led out of the room. She soon heard her sponsor whisper, "Stairs." One careful step at a time she was brought down to the basement. Her senses heightened, she picked up the scent of burning wax. Once they reached the bottom, Tabitha counted the steps she took to occupy her thoughts. She often did that whenever she was nervous. On the eighth step, she was brought to a stop.

There was silence. She could feel herself trembling. She struggled to control her breathing, hearing each inhale and exhale and counted to herself as she breathed. Breathe in – one, two, three; breathe out – one, two, three, four. She stood for what seemed several minutes, but was probably mere seconds before she heard a voice she recognized immediately as Mistress Diane's.

"Who sponsors this novice?" she asked in a loud voice.

"I do, Mistress," came Stephanie's voice from directly behind Tabitha. The voice startled her and almost made her jump.

"Is she prepared for the trials?" Mistress asked.

"She is, Mistress," came the response. Tabitha hoped it was true.

"Novice," came Diane's voice addressing her, "kneel before your Mistress."

Tabitha carefully kneeled and a moment later, her blindfold was removed, allowing her to take in the site before her. Once her eyes adjusted, she saw Mistress Diane standing in front of her. She looked both amazing and terrifying at the same time in her dominatrix outfit. Tabitha could feel her senses tingle with anticipation. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see candles lining the floor around her, and past that a number of white-clad forms that must have been the other sisters.

Tabitha's eyes focused on the alluring figure in front of her as she spoke. "Are you prepared to submit to this sisterhood?"

"Yes, Mistress," Tabitha replied.

"Do you take this obligation freely?" she was asked.

"Yes, Mistress," she said.

"Very well. Stand." Mistress Diane motioned with a wave of her hand.

Tabitha was anxious to get started; she quickly stood, hopeful that along with the obvious discomfort that was coming, there would be the pleasure she always gained from being dominated. Even before she became sexually active, she loved the feeling of relinquishing control of her pleasure and happiness to others. She knew who she was and that gave her both contentment and strength – she was a submissive.

Diane loved all aspects of the ritual, but her favorite part was breaking down or "cleansing" the novice. She went to the wall and turned a crank that lowered a hook she had installed. When the hook was in place above the novice's head, Diane slipped Tabitha's cuffed wrists over the metal and turned the crank until Tabitha's arms were stretched over her head and she was suspended from the ceiling, the balls of her feet precariously balanced on the floor.

Tabitha enjoyed this position, which had been used on her multiple times throughout her training as a novice. This was the first time, however, that the Mistress would have a one-on-one session with her, and she was excited to see and feel how the head of the sisterhood would dominate her. As she hung vicariously, the balls of her feet felt the cold, hard floor that sent a shiver up her spine. She was ready to submit to the punishment the Mistress was about to give her; it always made her wet when she was dominated by a lover. Tabitha's eyes opened wide when she saw the Mistress walk to her side holding a large, leather flogger.

"We'll soon find out whether you're worthy to become a member of our sisterhood," Diane said as she passed in front of the novice.

Tabitha followed the leather-clad form with her eyes, taking in the size of the flogger. She could feel her heart rate increase as Diane left her field of vision and walked behind her. It was coming, Tabitha thought. She braced herself for the inevitable. Whack. The heavy strike of the leather against her ass induced a loud sigh from the girl. She didn't flinch. In response, Tabitha arched her back, giving her Mistress a better target. Another strike from the flogger against her skin made her jump. "Oh," she exhaled.

Diane wielded the leather with expert precision as she whirled it in a steady circular motion, hitting Tabitha's bare skin in one-second intervals. A constant, soft whimper escaped Tabitha's lips. After several hard strikes, Tabitha skin began to sting; it was approaching the point where it went from pleasure to pain. She scrunched the balls of her feet in response to her stinging flesh.

"Is it too much for you?" Diane asked, still striking her novice.

"Y-No, Mistress," Tabitha gasped. She almost gave in but garnered the strength to answer with the proper response.

"I think your ass is getting sore. Perhaps I should focus elsewhere," Mistress said as she moved her target to the small of Tabitha's back.

With little to pad the blows to her back, Tabitha immediately whimpered against the relentless leather. She clenched her jaw, bearing her Mistress' punishment. Despite the pain, she could feel the wetness between her legs. God, she loved getting whipped.

Diane moved in front of Tabitha and began her punishment again, this time on the young girl's breasts. Each hit elicited a sharp inhale from Tabitha. The flogger struck one then the other, as Mistress Diane alternated between the two.

"You like this, don't you?" Diane asked. "Your nipples are getting hard."

"Yes, Mistress," she gasped in between short breaths.

Mercifully, Mistress stopped. Tabitha let out a sigh as she gathered her strength for whatever was to come next. Her Mistress nodded at someone and one of the sisters, clad in a white robe, kneeled by Tabitha's feet and attached a metal leg spreader with leather cuffs to her ankles. The hook was lowered a few inches to accommodate the new position. Tabitha thought she was in a vulnerable position before; now her legs were spread wide as she struggled to stay on the balls of her feet, her arms still suspended above her head.

Diane replaced the large flogger with a smaller one and continued her assault on the novice's breasts. Tabitha moaned with each hit to her perky tits, her nipples staying erect from the attention. Just when she thought she couldn't take another strike, Mistress stopped and brought her mouth to Tabitha's right nipple, taking it between her teeth and lightly pulling on it, eliciting a series of groans from Tabitha's mouth. Tabitha could feel her Mistress' hot breath on her skin and she trembled in response to her loving touch. Mistress Diane repeated the process with her other nipple; Tabitha loved the attention and moaned as her Mistress tortured her breasts.

We'll see if you still like it in a minute, Diane thought as she nodded to one of the sisters. As the nipple clamps were handed to her, she said, "Your breasts are very sensitive."

"Yes, Mistress," Tabitha replied as her eyes watched in delight and horror as the clamps were applied to first one then the other nipple. Fuck, that hurts!

"Don't focus on the pain," Stephanie had said to her many times. "Focus on what the pain is doing to your body. Does it excite you or does it make you want to stop." Stephanie's words ran through her mind and soothed her, allowing her to revel in the sensations she was having.

"Are you wet for me, novice?" Diane asked, smiling wickedly.

Tabitha wasn't sure if she should reply with the obvious answer.

Diane leaned in so that her lips were inches from her subject's. She could taste the young girl's sweet breath that was filled with eroticism and apprehension. She reached down and, spreading the girl's pussy lips, inserted her middle finger into the soaking wet hole.

"Oh," Tabitha sighed as she felt her Mistress penetrate her body. She was amazed at how wet she was.

"You are a wet little bitch, aren't you?" Diane slipped her finger out of Tabitha's pussy and brought it to the girl's mouth. "Suck," she ordered.

Tabitha loved how naughty it was to taste her own juices and eagerly took the finger into her mouth, circling it with her tongue and stroking it between her lips as if it were a cock.

"Good girl," Diane said as she stepped back and wielded the flogger, first hitting Tabitha's inner thighs, and then, as she looked into the girl's eyes, swung it in an upward motion, striking her pussy again and again.

Tabitha could see it happening as if in slow motion. No one had ever struck her pussy before. The first strike made her yell out as she jumped in her restraints. It's too much, she thought to herself. With the second hit, her mind became conflicted. All of her instincts made her flinch and cringe against the strikes; but she could feel her body flush as the attack on her cunt continued. If it was possible, she could feel her clit tingle with excitement. God, this woman knew how to push my buttons!

Diane loved watching her plaything squirm with each strike of the leather. The novice's body was showing signs of pain; her eyes were telling a different story. It was the eyes that Diane focused on to ensure she did not go too far. She could see the lust and pleasure in the girl's eyes.

Mistress Diane stood directly in front of her. Tabitha wanted to reach out with her lips and kiss her so badly. She handed the flogger to one of the sisters and reached around Tabitha, cupping her ass and spreading her cheeks.

"Do the clamps hurt?" Mistress asked.

"Yes, Mistress," Tabitha grunted.

As soon as Tabitha responded, Diane slapped Tabitha's right ass cheek hard with her bare hand. Tabitha almost smiled. Her left cheek was hit hard, then her right. Again and again she took Mistress Diane's punishment.

"Does it still hurt?" Mistress asked.

Tabitha was in complete lust of this woman. She couldn't wait to service her Mistress properly. No one had ever dominated her like this, and she couldn't have been happier.

"No, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

Diane motioned to one of the sisters to remove the leg restraints, which was promptly done. Relief set in as Tabitha was able to gain a better foothold. Tabitha's back and calves ached from struggling to keep her balance. She could feel her fingers falling asleep from being above her head so long. That's when Mistress lowered the hook. Thank God.

"Thank you, Mistress," she said sheepishly as the blood rushed back into her fingers, producing a prickly sensation.

"Did you think we're done, novice? Kneel," she ordered.

A square table was brought into the circle by two of the sisters. It had a leather cushion and six snap hooks, the purpose of which was obvious to Tabitha. Mistress Diane removed the nipple clamps as Tabitha sighed with relief.

"Climb up, novice, and get on your hands and knees," Diane ordered.

Tabitha couldn't wait to see what her Mistress was going to do to her now. She quickly got on the table. The leather was just thick enough to make it preferable to the wood underneath, but was hardly a cushion. Tabitha sighed as she felt her knees press into the hard surface. As Diane watched, one sister tied Tabitha's wrists as another fastened her ankles to the table. Two final lengths of rope were wrapped around her legs just above her knees and fastened to the apparatus. The position left Tabitha's back arched and her round ass raised above the table, inviting her Mistress to do as she saw fit.

Tabitha could feel her Mistress' hand caress her perspiring flesh, her fingers trailing down her spine agonizingly slow, sending a shiver through her body. Mistress Diane was behind her, as she felt two hands on her ass, pulling her cheeks apart and exposing her sex.

"Such beautiful, inviting holes," Mistress said as Tabitha felt the sting of a slap on her skin. "I'm going to enjoy taking them."

Tabitha's juices flowed and her breathing quickened as she heard Mistress speak. She hoped she would take both her holes. More than anything, perhaps what she enjoyed most was the sensation of having her ass stretched by a cock. It made her feel vulnerable and like a whore - two feelings that kept drawing her to dominant lovers.

After a couple of minutes, Mistress Diane came into view. "It's time to consummate your relationship with the sisterhood. Are you ready," she asked.

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