Explorations Ch. 06


Tabitha looked up at her Mistress, her eyes taking in the beauty of the head of the sisterhood. She had waited for months for this moment. She had endured the rigorous training and the whipping of Mistress Diane for this moment. "Yes, Mistress," she replied.

Mistress Diane nodded. A few seconds later, Tabitha felt a slippery, cool liquid being poured just above her sex. It trailed down her puckered hole and over her wet pussy. She sighed when she felt someone's fingers on her ass, rubbing in the lubricant, preparing her for the consummation. Please, please fuck me! The next sensation she felt was something at the entrance of her tight, forbidden hole. Tabitha held her breath as she felt the smooth object being rubbed up and down her hole. Put it in. Put it in! A moment passed and the object punctured her body in one, fluid motion. Tabitha exhaled and focused on the sensation of the large, bulbous object filling her ass. She felt the flat end reach her skin as she realized it was a butt plug.

Diane walked around in back of her novice, taking in the site of the young girl, her slick body restrained against the tight ropes; her pussy wet with juices and lubricant, the lips slightly parted, the clit protruding from its hood; the novice's round ass filled with the rubber plug. As a second, identical table was brought into the circle directly in front of Tabitha, Diane took the large flogger from Hannah. Claire walked to the middle of the circle, standing inches from Tabitha's head. She dropped her robe to the ground and stood beside the table naked. Tabitha's eyes widened with this development. Claire was strikingly beautiful, her soft skin glowing in the candlelight.

She heard Mistress Diane's voice from behind her. "You must now prove yourself, novice. You have withstood my punishment thus far; you must now service us."

"Yes, Mistress," Tabitha replied. She had never tasted any of the sisters and she couldn't wait to service Claire, the co-founder of the sisterhood.

Claire climbed up on the table in front of her and lay on her back, her sex inches from Tabitha's face. "Lick my pussy, novice," Claire ordered.

Claire's musky scent filled Tabitha's nostrils, making her heart pound in her chest. Without delay, she took the puffy lips into her mouth and sucked them in, savoring it, methodically making love to the sister's pussy. As she continued, Tabitha ran her tongue along the length of the entrance, tasting the tangy juices for the first time.

"Lick my clit, novice," Claire said, lifting her pelvis to give Tabitha better access.

Tabitha darted her tongue into Claire's pussy several times, causing the young woman to push back on Tabitha in a steady rhythm. She then flicked her tongue across the exposed clit as quickly as she could, desperate to please her. She was lost in the moment, completely taken by the feeling of being used when she felt the first strike of the flogger on her ass. It startled her and caused her to groan out loud, momentarily stopping what she was doing.

Claire reached up, grabbed a handful of Tabitha's hair, and forced her face against her wet sex. "Keep going, slut. Lick my fucking clit!"

God, this couldn't be any hotter! Tabitha dove in and flashed her tongue over Claire's clit, breathing heavily, and feeling the strike of the leather again and again. Several minutes passed as Tabitha began to tire. The whipping had stopped for now, but she struggled to keep up the torrid pace she had set.

"I'm almost there," Claire said in a strained voice. "Make me come, bitch."

Tabitha pushed aside her fatigue and renewed her efforts, moaning loudly as she licked away at the engorged clit. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Claire grab onto the sides of the table. She's almost there. Tabitha picked up the pace as much as she could, hoping to bring the sister to orgasm. A moment later, Claire yelled out. "Yes! Yes!" Her body shook at the end of Tabitha's tongue as she came, finally falling limp on the table. Tabitha dropped her head on the slick leather, relieved for the moment.

"Nicely done, novice," Mistress Diane said.

A couple of minutes passed as the second table was taken from the circle. Tabitha was exhausted and sore. What else is there for me to prove, she wondered. Her answer walked into her field of vision. There Mistress Diane stood, still in her black corset, her breasts large and inviting. But, Tabitha saw what her Mistress was planning as she caught site of the large, black strap-on. Mistress Diane was stroking it in her hand and smiling.

"Once I take you, you will belong to me and this sisterhood. Are you prepared for the that commitment?"

Tabitha stared at the large dildo and then into the fiery eyes of her Mistress. "Yes, Mistress. I am yours."

Diane moved behind Tabitha's bound body and climbed up on the table, towering over the submissive form. She lowered to her knees and rubbed the head of the dildo up and down the slick entrance, eliciting a soft moan from the novice. Once the strap-on was wet with lubricant, she pushed it through the wet folds of the girl's pussy, not stopping until she had entered her to the hilt. Diane stayed there for a moment, taking in the site of the arched back and round ass of her novice, the butt plug still planted deep in the puckered hole. The large cock gave her an added power over her submissive; she savored the feeling that came with the phallic form between her legs.

Tabitha felt the large cock penetrate her body and groaned from the feeling of being completely full – Mistress Diane's cock in her aching pussy and the plug deep in her butt. She tried to relax her muscles to accommodate the size of the two protuberances. As she felt the strap-on move until just the head was inside, she braced herself. A second later, she felt Mistress Diane take hold of her hips. Please fuck me!

Diane grabbed the girl's hips for leverage and pushed into her cunt, first slowly, then with more urgency, until she was thrusting her cock into the girl's body with reckless abandon. With each hard-hitting stroke, Diane took more and more ownership of Tabitha's body. You belong to us; to me.

With each thrust, Tabitha felt her clit buzz with pleasure. Mistress was now rubbing her clit with her fingers as she fucked her hole. She was groaning loudly now, pleading with Diane to take her, begging her to let her come.

"Don't come until I tell you," Mistress said as she continued her onslaught. Diane, while maintaining her pace, removed the butt plug, leaving a gaping hole in its wake. Still rubbing Tabitha's clit, Diane deftly slipped out of her pussy, squatted over Tabitha, and entered her ass as the girl yelled out. She slammed into her while grabbing a handful of the girl's hair.

When Tabitha felt her hair being pulled, her head held up, her ass being banged from behind, and her clit being rubbed in a fast circular motion, she knew she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. Again she begged for permission to come. Finally, Mistress said, "Come for me, slut."

Seconds later, Tabitha screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt the convulsions of her orgasm blitz through her body. Diane stayed on her clit for as long as she could until Tabitha's spasms made it impossible. She grabbed onto the novice's shoulders and fucked her with all of her strength until the girl's orgasm had subsided.

Ten minutes later, Tabitha was kneeling before Mistress Diane and Sister Claire. She was naked, soaked with perspiration, and her body was covered with marks from her beating. Most of all, she was happy and proud. She had made it through all the training; she had withstood the trials and she was now on the verge of becoming a sister.

"Rise, novice," Mistress said.

Mistress Diane removed the leather collar that Tabitha had worn at all times while in the house. It had been a symbol of her subservient position; with its removal, she was now an equal. Stephanie, her sponsor, carried a white robe in her hands. She walked in back of Tabitha and helped her put it on.

"You have fulfilled your obligation as a novice," Mistress began. "You are now a full member of this sisterhood. Congratulations, Tabitha."

It took Tabitha only a moment to realize it was the first time since her training began that Mistress had called her by her name. Diane came forward and kissed her. Their lips parted, as Tabitha tasted Diane's sweet tongue on hers for the first time.

That night, Tabitha lay in bed beside Stephanie; their bodies close in an embrace; their legs intertwined and their lips locked. It was the custom of the sisterhood that the new sister and her sponsor bed together that first night. Completely spent, her body aching, Tabitha kissed her way down Stephanie's body to her bald pussy. As she tasted Stephanie on her tongue, she closed her eyes and reflected back on their chance meeting last semester that had led to this moment. She smiled, sucked Stephanie's clit between her lips, and heard a moan escape from Stephanie's mouth. As tired as she was, the last thing on Tabitha's mind was sleep.

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