tagNonHumanExplorer's Booty

Explorer's Booty


It was 1949 in the wilderness of Brazil where I'd been on expedition for many months.

My name is Matthew and I'd sought for years a hidden location to a gold deposit in the country that was said to have been stored in caves during the years where settlers and travelers would roam through the country. Though it was mainly just considered a fool's errand, I'd spent years obsessed with the potential of uncovering gold for the sake of better understanding history for the world, and garnering an exhibit for my local museum.

It'd been six months in the damp humidity of the wilderness and my team and I had braved the elements and rough terrain to finally make it through a path that was dangerous and warned of demons that protected the area. I was often so driven that I risked life and limb to obtain my goal, and one particular steamy afternoon found my trailing off from my team to pursue a hunch involving animal carcasses found near a brush of trees.

Many were convinced it was cursed ground, but I'd had the sneaking suspicion it was a ploy to keep potential thieves back. Though the others fears approaching the graveyard, I braved it and found myself walking through a dark cave caked with a floor of cold wet mud. I pressed on and held my torch high above my head as I'd ventured deeper in to the cave, and stopped by a small cliff.

I was at an impasse looking around at the darkness, and gazed down in awe at the large pool of blue water at the bottom of the cliff. Unaware of the depth of the pool, I turned to alert the rest of my team and lost my footing. The mud created a slick soapy sheet under my boots causing me to lose my balance in mere seconds. I yelped dropping my torch and watched it go out in the darkness as I held on to the edge of the cliff.

Struggling for a moment I looked down and decided to leave it to the fates and released my grip. After a brief moment I dropped in to the water, and by my luck it was deep enough to allow me to float for a moment as I swam to the edge of the pool. I panted sliding back and sighed in relief looking up at the darkness of the cave ceiling. I sat up in attention looking up as a shadow dashed along the rocks back and forth, almost stalking me in a predatory fashion.

I held my knife up in defense as a low feline growl echoed through the caves. From the darkness I saw the pair of yellow eyes peering through me. I quickly stood up, prepared to defend myself and before I could build up the courage, the beast dropped at my feet in such a roar I couldn't help but fall to the ground again with the knife firmly in hand.

Surely, it wasn't an animal I'd ever seen before. I wasn't even sure it was an animal of any kind. She was only what I could describe as a perfect hybrid of an adult woman and jungle cat. She was tall and limber, but very well developed and curvaceous. In place of her skin was short animal fur you'd normally find on a cheetah, and her large bust was covered by a tattered clinging top. I was stunned by her sheer beauty and the brown spots over her dark yellow fur that covered her body did little to hide her beauty.

She observed me, perking her large ears up over her long black hair and twitched her muzzle along her face, almost smelling for a particular scent from me. I merely sat watching her and observing her features. She exposed her sharp teeth to me in a threatening manner and hissed slashing at my chest as I cried out dropping back on to the ground, readying a fight she would surely win.

I cringed holding my bleeding chest in pain as she growled and moaned almost in pain. She turned stomping back to the edge of the water and growled under her breath, groaning and moaning as I sat up braving communication.

"Do you speak English?" I gulped, looking over at her, "Do you talk? Do you... understand me?" I spoke to her in her native tongue, and waited as she watched me angrily, and squirmed around almost in pain. She pounced on me again as I stood in place, shuddering from fright, and she began tearing at the cloth on my body, finally making her way to her desired area. I lay on my back watching in shock as she seemed almost ready to devour me whole. But as her claws detracted pressing both hands down on my chest, she straddled me, and much to my surprise moaned in ecstasy, sounding more human than feline.

I was too shocked and confused to notice, but as I lay under the strong beast, I noticed she'd not only tore through my pants, but I was now fully erect, and she'd mounted me, riding me slowly and easy. She was in pain, but only from heat like every other animal in the wilderness. She'd found food, shelter, and water, but definitely not a mate for her to breed with, and surely enough I was a prime target. I lay still watching her writhe and as I relaxed and my fright faded, I began to enjoy her motioning down on my erect cock. I lay moaning softly allowing her to gain whatever dominance she wanted, and the momentum picked up quickly as she began fucking me harder.

I seized the moments tearing her tattered top away and clutched her large fur covered breasts with both hands and squeezing with a moan as she leaned forward inviting more groping. As I squeezed her breasts and round backside, the session only became rougher and louder with her moaning and purring echoing throughout the cave for what seemed like an eternity. She'd moaned halting and panted slid away from my grips settling along the floor. I panted crawling back as she looked over at me in a state of arousal, and submitted herself to me on all fours, perking her tail and butt up to me.

I walked over and slid my cock in to her from behind and pounded her fast and hard as she moaned, bending her back and savoring every moment as I pounded on her harder and harder finally cumming in to her. I cried out clutching her waist and leaned over grasping her breasts with both hands, groaning as I came harder the more she allowed me touch her body. Moments passed. I lay along the floor in disbelief and in pure euphoria as she slithered away in to the darkness, apparently resting from the intense love making she likely hadn't acquired in years. I zipped up the remains of my pants, and snuck out as she slept, hoping to make my way to daylight before she'd decided she would either keep me with her for as long as she pleased, or as a meal.

I slipped out making my way down the caves, and found a surefire exit. I looked back noticing the beast had watched me leave. She was certainly allowing me to leave as I'd pleased, almost ensuring me I was still in her territory. She was the hunter that day, and found what she wanted from me, an unlikely trespasser. I was in Brazil for four more months, and visited the caves often, revisiting the feline woman frequently, and submitted myself to her as a mate until I'd left back to America. I never told anyone of my find, as it was the first treasure I was unwilling to share.

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