Explorers Ch. 10


Much of the time, his eyes were closed as I sucked him. He did open them and smile down at me when I told him, “Dave, I want to be your personal cocksucker.”

He touched my head and face, “Yes, that would be nice.” He grinned as I began to move my head around in a circling motion. His cock was moving around and in and out of my mouth as I circled my head around. I began to gently fondle and squeeze his balls as I sucked and teased him.

Changing the motion of my head from a circling one to a figure eight, I kept just enough of Dave’s cockhead in my mouth so that the sensitive rim was being rubbed by my lips as he moved around in my mouth. His balls were beginning to tighten. I moved my fingers from his ball sac to the little triangle of skin between his balls and asshole.

Dave gasped as I began to lightly scratch the sensitive skin with my fingernails. His cock quickly became thicker and more rigid and I prepared myself for his cum. I held just the tip of his cockhead with my lips as he began to cum. He quickly filled my mouth with his warm cream. Rather than swallow it, I held it in my mouth. I planned to use it to lubricate his shaft so I could deep throat him.

Dave was cumming so fast and in such a large amount that my mouth began to overflow. I caught the cum that was leaking out of my lips with my cupped hands. While still keeping his cockhead in my lips, I rubbed my hands over his cock shaft and coated it with his cum.

When I felt I had it well coated, I pushed my lips down his shaft. My lips pushed up a little windrow of cum as they moved down his shaft. His cockhead pushed cum down my throat so it was lubricated too. Because everything was cum-slick, it was easier than I thought it would be and I felt my nose bump Dave’s pubic bone. I hadn’t taken a full breath for some minutes so I pulled my head all the way back to his cockhead. After swallowing the remainder of Dave’s cum, I took a deep breath and plunged my mouth down his cock again. He laughed and swore as I rapidly deep throated his man tool several times in quick succession.

I slowed down and continued to slide his complete cock in and out of my mouth and throat. Each time his cockhead was lodged deep in my throat, I tried to lick his balls. Dave obviously like this action because he cock became more rigid again and he shot another load. I held my lips tight around his cockshaft and I could feel his cum pulse through his cock as it sped on its’ way to my throat.

After gently sucking him and making sure that he had shot all of his cum, I took him out of my mouth.

Dave grinned, “Damn, Gary, I’ve never had my cock sucked like that!”

I wiped my lips and cleared my throat, “And I’ve never sucked a cock quite like yours, Dave.”

“Gina has never been able to take all of me in her mouth, but you took all of me and licked my balls to boot.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Dave. I sure did.”

“I was surprised you swallowed my cum. Gina rarely does.”

“That’s the reward for sucking cock, Dave. The cum.”

“Man, I couldn’t help but cum again after you licked my balls when my cock was all the way down your throat. How did you learn that?”

“I saw a porn actress do it in a vid and I thought it was cool. Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to fuck my ass?” I grinned at him, “But first I have to make a call.” I got to my feet, found my shorts and got the cell phone out of the pocket. “Hi, Sandy. This is Gary. I’m sorry , but I won’t be in this afternoon. A problem came up unexpectedly after class. No, it’s personal. Er, yes, thanks. It will probably take me all afternoon to work it out. O.K. I’ll see you and Dan on Monday after class. Yes, you have a nice weekend too. ’Bye.”

I put the cell phone back in my shorts pocket and turned to Dave, “Got some lube?”

“Uh, sure. I saw what you guys used.” Dave walked to his desk, opened a drawer and brought out a bottle of the silky lotion Kenny and I used. “But I don’t think I can get it up again.” He walked back to the sofa. His cock jutted straight out in front.

“I don’t think we’ll have a problem with that/”

He stopped and looked down. “Maybe not. What do I do?”

“Lube my ass.” I walked over to the sofa and bent over the arm. “Just push the nozzle in and squeeze.”

The cool lotion filled my ass. I turned around and sat on the edge of the sofa. “Let’s fluff you up a bit.” I lifted his cock and guided it into my mouth. It a few minutes, Dave was ready for action. After coating his hard cock with lotion, I stood and bent over the sofa arm again. “Put the head of your cock against my hole and just press slowly and steadily.”

Dave held his cockhead against my lubed asshole as he leaned into me. “Like this?”

“Just like that.” I exhaled and pushed back. I could feel his big cockhead beginning to penetrate me. “Steady. You’ll feel some resistance, but just kept slowly pressing.” I could feel my asshole opening as my sphincter muscle stretched to Dave’s steady push. “That’s the way. You’ll know when you are in. After that, it is just like fucking a pussy , except it’s a man-pussy.”

Dave chuckled as his cockhead popped through my sphincter ring, “I’m in.” His cock pushed deep into my ass. “Gawd, that feels great.”

“It sure does.” I looked over my shoulder. “Now fuck me. Slowly at first. I feel that both of us are in for a treat.” I hadn’t been fucked with a large cock since the graduation party at Bubbie's so it hurt a little bit when Dave’s thick cock stretched my asshole.

Dave was tentative in his fucking at first, but he was soon fucking my ass with long slow strokes. It felt super.

“Gawd, Dave, are you sure you’ve never fucked a man before?”

“No, you’re the first, Gary.”

“Man, your cock feels like it was made for my ass.”

Dave was beginning to pump faster. “Your ass feels tighter than a pussy.“ he grunted.

I grinned over my shoulder, “I hope so. I want your first man fuck to be one of your best fucks ever.” I extended a hand back between my legs. Each time Dave bottomed his cock deep in my ass, I flicked his balls with my fingers. Then I started to rotate my hips a little.

“You know all kinds of tricks, don’t you?” he laughed. “Damn, this is something else!”

“Your cock is something else!” Dave began to fuck me faster and harder. I tightened my sphincter muscle around his slippery cockshaft.

“Gawd! What did you just do? My cock feels like a finger in a glove.”

“I’m using the muscles in my ass to milk your cock.”

“It feels great, but if you keep it up. I’m going to blow my load.”

“We don’t want that to happen yet. Let’s change positions. Let me get on my back.”

I moaned a little and felt empty when Dave withdrew his cock. I straightened up and stretched my back. Then I took a small pillow off the sofa and tossed it on the floor. I lay down on the floor and adjusted the pillow so it was under my hips. Dave was watching me. After I got the pillow adjusted, I pulled my knees to my chest.

“O.K., Dave fuck me some more with that long thick cock.”

Dave got on his knees. I rested my calves on his shoulders.

“Shove it in deep, Dave, and pound my ass as hard as you like.”

“O.K. Gary. Are you enjoying this as much as I am?”

“Probably more, but let’s stop talking and fuck.”

Dave ginned, “Right!” He guided his cock back into my ass and quickly set up a fuck rhythm of long, fast and deep strokes.

“Oh, yeah! That’s great. Keep the cock coming.”

“I’ll try.” Dave was grunting as he fucked me hard. I was grunting as his cock bottomed in me and his pelvis smacked against my ass. I could feel his balls hit me as they swung between his legs. All I could hear was puffing and grunting and skin slapping on skin. I looked down. My hard cork was bouncing and swinging and drooling pre-cum on my stomach.

Dave took a hold on my ankles. He pushed my legs towards my head and I rolled up a little on my shoulders. It was the perfect angle. His cock was rubbing my prostate gland.

“Oh, shit! Don’t stop! Fuck me, man!” I had the presence of mind to tighten the ring around his cock.

Dave puffed, “I couldn’t stop if I wanted to.”

My cum was boiling, “Ahhh, I’m going to cum!”

“I’m right behind you, buddy!”

Dave slammed his cock into me. We blew our nuts together. I could feel his cock twitching and jerking in my ass as he pumped his cum into my gut. I felt my warm cum splattering on my chest and stomach as my nuts popped.

Dave stopped pounding my ass. He let my legs rest on his shoulders, “Damn! I’ve never fucked like that before.”

“Good, isn’t it?” I smiled at him.

“Good? It’s great, Gary. I can see why Kenny and you like to fuck each other.”

“Well, I feel like I’ve been fucked good.” Dave’s soft cock plopped out of my asshole. I rolled onto my stomach then got to my feet. I walked over to the bathroom. The big flat screen TV was dark. I used the toilet. After filling the sink, I washed the cum off my chest and stomach. I cleaned my cock and washed my thighs and butt. I took the washcloth and wet and lathered it with soap. I got a second washcloth and wet it.

Dave was lying on his back on the sofa. His cock flopped over on his thigh. I carefully wiped it with the soapy cloth then wiped it with the wet cloth. After getting comfortable on my knees, I lifted his cock and sucked it into my mouth.

Dave sat up. “What are you doing?”

Taking his cock out of my mouth, I looked at him. “I’m a cocksucker. I’m going to suck you until you cum again.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to.”

“Lay back and enjoy. I think you will.”

Dave lay back and I began to gently suck his cock. His cock slowly regained its’ handsome fully hard and erect state. I rolled Dave a little bit and pushed his top leg up so it was resting on the top of the back of the sofa. I slipped a hand between his legs and began to stroke and gently scratch the little triangle of skin between his balls and asshole. Dave’s eyes were closed. He was moaning softly as I sucked and stroked him. I used the two washcloths to wet and soap up a couple of fingers. I rubbed his asshole lightly. He moved his leg to give me easier access. I rewet and re-soaped my finger, then gently pressed it against his asshole.

Dave moaned by he didn’t protest. He moaned louder as I slowly worked the finger into his asshole. When I touched his prostate gland, he arched his back and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. That was fine with me. Just more cock to suck. He spread his legs for me as I gently massaged the walnut sized gland. Dave’s pre-cum was flowing and filled my mouth with a sharp, rather bitter taste.

Dave put his hand on my shoulder, “I’ll be damned. You’re making me cum again.”

I smiled to myself as he squirted a long stream of warm cum into my mouth. I sucked all the cum I could get. After licking his cock clean, I leaned back on my haunches. “See. I told you that you would cum again.”

Dave grinned at me, “I haven’t cum four times in one session in years. When Gina and I were first married we would have lovemaking sessions that would turn into all nighters.” He laughed, “Gawd, we were horny kids. We’d both cum three or four or sometimes five times. Sometimes Gina would have six or seven orgasms before we wore our selves out.” He put a hand on my shoulder again, “You’re some kind of a cocksucker, Gary.”

“Thanks. You have some kind of a great suckable cock.” I pushed myself to my feet. “I think I’ll clean up and get dressed. I picked up my clothes as I was back to the bathroom. I washed my hands and face, rinsed my mouth and got dressed. Dave was still nude and lying on the sofa when I reentered his office.

He got to his feet. “I’ll unlock the elevator for you.” He walked to his assistant’s table and pressed a button. “Thanks for seeing me this afternoon.”

“You’re welcome. It was my pleasure.”

We both grinned at each other. Dave laughed, “It was my pleasure and I feel it was both of our pleasures. I’ve got something for you.” He walked to the TV and ejected a disk. He put it in a CD jewel case. He walked over and handed it to me. “This is the security camera recording of you and Kenny. I thought you would like to have it.”

“Er, thanks. Maybe it should be erased.”

“You can if you wish. I just think it is a great show of two best buddies getting it off together.”

I looked down. His cock was still hard and jutting out in front of him. I took it in my hand, “Maybe we need to meet again. I’d like to try and suck all of the starch out of this.” I squeezed his cock gently.

Dave laughed, “That, I know, would be my pleasure.”

He followed me to the office door. “The button for the hallway security door outside the elevator on the right side of the door.”


“Stay in touch.”

“You too.”

I took the elevator down and walked to my car. That evening at dinner, Dad asked how my day went. I told him that classes were fine and that Kenny’s Dad had called me and asked me to come to his office. Dad wanted to know what for. I told him that he had a surprise for Kenny and he wanted my opinion as to whether or not Kenny would like it. He asked what the surprise was. I told him I couldn’t tell him because it was a surprise. Dad laughed and changed the subject. He asked if I had a date with Lana. I told him ‘no’ she was working late, but we were going to try to catch a movie together before the weekend was over.

I showered and went to bed after the news. My ass was a little tender from Dave’s big cock, but I fell asleep thinking about how good he felt sliding in and out of me. I also wondered if Kenny knew we had been recorded sucking and fucking each other.

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