tagGay MaleExplorers Ch. 12

Explorers Ch. 12


I went over to Sandy's and Dan's office immediately after class. When I walked in, they were in the front office. Dan looked up, "Hi, Gary. What's the decision?"

"Hi, Dan. Hi, Sandy. I talked it over with my parents and they said o.k. They even said it would be good for me to get out on my own."

Sandy smiled, "That's great. Have you had lunch?"

"No," I smiled back.

"Good. We can get some lunch and then go take a look at the furniture that I have in storage." She turned to Dan, "What about utilities?"

He leaned back in his chair. "I've called the power company. They said they'd try to get power turned on this afternoon, but it might be tomorrow morning. Once power is on I'll have someone come out and check the well and water system and get the water tested Then we need to make sure the water heater is o.k. The furnace is oil fired, but we have some time to get that checked out. I'll order bottled water to be delivered until the well water tests o.k. for drinking."

"That's fine, Dan. While you follow up with the power company, I'll show Gary the furniture that I can lend him. We'll be back late afternoon."

"O.K., Sandy, I'll go out to the place and see what else needs to be done to make it more livable. I probably won't come back to the office, so I'll see you in the morning."

I followed Sandy out of the office. "Let's take my car. I need to stop by the house and get the key card to the storage yard. We can get lunch on the way."

We stopped for lunch at a fast food place then went over to Sandy's home.

"Come on inside while I get the key card." I followed her into her home. She went into her home office and returned with the card and a computer disk. "You haven't seen the pictures we took the other evening after dinner. I put them on a disk for you."

"Thanks, Sandy." I took the disk. "Did the pictures turn out o.k.?"

She grinned, "They sure did. Better than I expected. Let's go to the storage place.."

As we drove through town, Sandy talked about the property she and Dan had bought. "I'm glad you're going to be living there while we decide what to do with the place. I think it has a lot of potential and before we clean up the grounds I can use the wild vegetation for backgrounds for my photography. Here we are." Sandy pulled up to a security gate, stopped and inserted the key card in a reader.

We drove through the gate and down a driveway between the storage buildings. Sandy stopped in front of a unit. "This place is sort of pricey, but each unit is climate controlled." We got out of her car and I waited while she opened the door to her rented storage unit. The room was pretty well packed with furniture.

"I think there is just about everything here that we need to make you comfortable. I think there are even dishes and pots and pans."

"How did you acquire all of this?"

She smiled, "It's leftovers from a fun, but unsuccessful marriage. My ex- and I sold our house. We split the proceeds and I bought his share of the furniture." She looked pensive. "He wanted to buy a pickup and travel trailer and just drive around the country and I was just starting to really get into property management. I figured I could use some of this stuff to partially furnish some apartments that I was trying to buy. But," she smiled again, "The deal fell through and the furniture has been here ever since."

"It looks like we could furnish the whole house."

She grinned, "I think we can. I think I'll move everything out and give up this storage unit. It's going to take some time to decide what we want to do with that property, so you might be living there a long time." She lifted a tarp off of a large object. "Good, it still looks like it is working condition. We'll just have to see."

"What's that?"

"It's a portable hot tub. Fill it with a garden hose, add the chemicals and plug it in. I think it would work nicely on the balcony outside the master bedroom."

"That's not a necessity."

"You might as well have all the comforts of home. We can work on cleaning the place up tomorrow and I'll get a mover to pick this stuff and deliver it Thursday. You can get settled in over the weekend."

Sandy dropped me off back at the office. I made sure everything was locked up and then drove home. Mom's car was gone when I arrived home. The house was quiet. She and Marcia must be out together somewhere and Dad wouldn't be home from work for another hour or so. Before starting my homework, I fired up the computer and inserted the disk Sandy had given me. There were the nearly nude and nude pictures that we had taken of each other in her backyard.

Then there was a series of pictures of Sandy. They started out with some nude glamour shots, but they became progressively more erotic as I clicked through the files. The series ended with pictures of Sandy sucking her breasts, fingering herself and, finally, a picture of her using both hands to work a rather large dildo deep into her pussy.

I took the disk up to my room and put it with the others. I definitely needed to find a better and more secure place to keep them.

I was just finishing my homework when Mom and Marcia came in. Marcia was about ready to decide on which car to buy and they had been out looking at the various choices. We discussed the choices over dinner and after dinner, Marcia said she was going to over to Eva's for a little bit. The rest of us watched some television together, then I went to my room and called Lana.

She apologized for missing Sunday afternoon. I told her that it was o.k. and I told her that I thought the accident photos and story, with her byline, in the newspaper was neat. She sort of got the giggles over that, then I told her about moving into the old house at what used to be the Keller Farm. Lana thought that was also neat and that she wanted to come over sometime and explore the house and grounds together.

I spent Tuesday morning working on one of the houses that Sandy and Dan were trying to fix up and rent or sell. Then Sandy met me at the Keller house and we did cleaning until I had to leave to meet Dave, at his office, at four. I thanked Sandy for the disk.

She smiled, "Did you find the photos enjoyable to look at?"

"Er, yes, I did. They were very enjoyable."

She grinned, "I hope you don't think I'm kinky or strange, but I really get turned on doing things like that."

"Were they self pics?"

"Actually, no. Tina and Cindy were visiting and they took them for me."


"I guess I'm an exhibitionist. I go off like a rocket when people are watching me do things like that."

I knew what Sandy meant. I get turned on at the thought of Eva watching me suck her brother's cock or Kenny watching me eat his sister's pussy."

"Well, I certainly got turned on by them."

"Maybe you can be the photographer some time."

"I'd like that."

When I got to the elevator lobby in the building where Dave's office was located, I noticed some changes. There was a security camera mounted near the ceiling and there was an intercom box built into to the wall. I pressed the intercom button. A man's voice responded "Who is it?"

"It's Gary. I have a four o'clock appointment with Dave."

"Hi, Gary. I recognize you now. I guess I need to have better lighting installed down there for the security camera. Come on up."

The elevator door slid open, I stepped in and pressed the 'close door' button and the 'up' button on the panel. Dave met me when the elevator stopped at his office level.

"How have you been?" We shook hands.

"Just fine. How about you?"

"I'm fine too. I really felt good after our meeting here. I wanted to show you the new security system that I had installed. You've seen part of it here and at the house. It is all integrated and I can access and control it from here and at home. Let me show you what I mean."

I followed him into his office. "Have a seat." He sat down at his computer and typed a few encrypted commands. The monitor lit up with a view of swimming pool and the pool house at his house. "The server stores ninety-six hours of surveillance images on the hard drive."

"That's pretty cool, Dave."

Gina and I were out last night and Kenny is working out of town this week. . ."

"I wondered why I hadn't heard from him."

"His boss said they needed to meet a deadline on completing some houses, so the whole crew went over to the project to help the crew that had been working there. Anyway, I was checking the files before I went to bed last night and I saw this."

The image on the monitor showed two figures on a chaise lounge by the pool. It was fairly dark, but Dave enhanced the image and you could tell one was a woman. She was on her back. The other figure had its' head down between the woman's spread legs. One of its' hand was kneading one of the first woman's breasts.

Dave turned to me, "It's pretty dark, but I recognize Eva from her hair style, but I don't recognize who she is with. Whoever she is, she's enjoying whatever Eva's doing to her. Eva must be giving her really good head. Look at her squirm. And look at her running her tongue all around her lips" He grinned at me, "I'd had loved to been there. I'd have been tempted to feed her my dick just to get some that tongue action."

I glanced at Dave, "That's Marcia."

"Who's Marcia?"

"She told me that she and Eva have been getting it on once in a while. Marcia is my little sister."

Dave looked at me, "Your sister! Jeez, I'm sorry, I mean, er, I didn't know she was. . ., er, uh, your sister? I didn't, er mean, the, er comment about feeding her my dick. Uh, she's told you what she and Eva do?"

"Yes, she has."

"Oh." He shut off the monitor. "That's enough of that. But, uh, I'm sorry you saw that."

"Why? You saw what Kenny and I did and what you and I did. Eva and Marcia are adults so they can choose to do what they want together too."

"Hey," he smiled, "I don't want you to think I'm a voyeur when I checking the security system."

I smiled back, "I don't think you're a voyeur, but I suspect you have some files of you and Gina getting it on by the pool."

"You got me," he grinned. "Anyway, I wondered if you wanted, uh, you know, to, er, do what we did again."

"You mean give you a blowjob?"

"Uh, yeah, that."

"Sure. How about right now?" I put my hand on his leg. I liked sucking your cock. It's as much fun as sucking Kenny's."

Dave stood and I unfastened his fly and pulled his cock out of his shorts. Taking him into my mouth, I sucked him deep so my nose was against him. He quickly got hard and filled my mouth with his big cock. He was excited from our conversation and watching the surveillance tape so it didn't take long for him to pop his rocks and flood my mouth with cum. I sucked him dry and licked him clean.

When we were finished, he looked bemused. "Uh, Gary, uh, I was wondering if we could make this a regular thing?"

"You mean like suck you off once a week or so?"

"Er, yes, something like that. You see, Gina doesn't, er, like to do it much anymore."

"I see." You could've surprised me. Gina did a number on me with Laura. I didn't have the heart to tell him that there was nothing wrong with Gina's blowjobs. His son, daughter and wife have all sucked my cock. I've eaten his wife's and daughter's pussy. I've fucked all three of them and it was only a matter of time before he sucked my cock and I fucked him, just like he and his son have fucked me. "Sure. I'd like that. Every Tuesday about this time?"

Dave grinned, "For a start. Here's a key card so you can access the elevator without using the intercom."

"Thanks. I'll see you next Tuesday, if not sooner."

I let myself out. When I got home, mom was working in the kitchen. "Hello, son. How was your day?"

"Fine. And yours?" I went on to tell her about the furniture and that I could probably settle in over the weekend.

"That could be interesting, living in that old house. I bet if it could talk, it could tell some stories." She hugged me, "Marcia's in the back yard sunbathing." She smiled, "Go tell her to put some clothes on and come help me with dinner. I've invited Gina, Dave and Eva over for a cookout."

"Isn't Kenny coming too?"

"No, Gina said his job took him out of town this week. Something about a rush to complete another project on time."

"Oh. I'll get Marcia."

Marcia was lying on her stomach on a chaise lounge. The top of her suit was untied What little fabric of the bottom was tucked into the crease between her butt cheeks. "Boy! What I wouldn't give for a bucket of cold water!"

Marcia pushed herself up on her elbows. "Hi, big brother. You wouldn't dare do that. I'd get you later."

I laughed, "Nah, I wouldn't do that to my little sis. Mom wants you to get dressed and help her get dinner ready. Eva and her folks are coming over."

"Oh, really. I wonder when she invited them?"

"I don't know. This afternoon, I guess."

Marcia sat up. Her suit top fell away. I noticed what looked like a hickie on her left breast. She unconcernedly sat there before pulling a long t-shirt down over her head. She got up and I followed her into the house. She went upstairs and I went back into the kitchen.

"Marcia will be down in a minute. Anything I can do to help?"

Mom smiled at me, "You can check the grill, if you like."

Before dad got home I put some beer in a cooler to chill. Mom had already selected some wine. Dinner went well. Dave looked at Marcia with interest. I'm sure Marcia didn't know about the security tape. Eva probably knew about the system and didn't care. I'm sure Mom and Dad were oblivious to the fact that Eva was going down on Marcia and equally oblivious to the to the fact that I was fucking Gina, Eva and Kenny; Dave and Kenny were fucking me; and I was sucking both of them regularly.

After Wednesday classes I went straight to the Keller house and worked on more clean up. Sandy was there. She was very pleased that she had been able to get a truck and crew to move some of the furniture from storage that morning.

"Hi, Gary. Come see this." Sandy led me through the house to the terrace off of what was probably called the parlor when the house was built. She pointed to the hot tub. "I got that set up first thing. I think we'll be ready for a soak after we finish moving in and setting up the rest of the furniture tomorrow."

"I thought you were going to put it on the balcony off the master bedroom."

"We don't know how sound the balcony is and I thought the hot tub and water might be too heavy. Anyway, the master bedroom is over this room and the balcony will shade and shelter the hot tub."

The next morning, I got to the house before anyone else. I checked the temperature and chemical balance in the hot tub. It definitely would be ready for use by late afternoon. Sandy arrived just ahead of the truck and furniture moving crew. She was wearing her skin tight short shorts, a peasant blouse and running shoes.

The moving crew did the heavy lifting and carrying and Sandy and I did the assembly and arranging. By mid afternoon every thing was in place. The crew left and Sandy looked around with satisfaction. "Let's do the kitchen cabinets and drawers and then call it a day. Tomorrow we can unpack dishes, pots and pans and so on and you'll be set to move in on Saturday."

We worked in the kitchen until late afternoon. "There. That's finished. All of the shelves and drawers are lined and ready to use." Sandy smiled, "Call home, Gary, and tell your mom you won't be home for dinner."

"I won't?"

She grinned, "We're going to have our own personal, private housewarming. A caterer should be here in a while with dinner. Now let's look around this place some more."

We wandered around some of the grounds looking at old flower beds and other plantings. Behind the house, we found what a appeared to be a brick walk, but it disappeared under thickly over grown grasses and into some dense bushes. The caterer arrived and set up dinner in the formal dining room.

As we ate, Sandy talked about how she would like to find out more about the house and family. After we ate, we cleaned up the kitchen then Sandy got a bucket out from the broom closet. She went out to her car and returned with a cooler. She dumped ice from the cooler into the bucket, then she went to the refrigerator and removed two bottles and put them in the ice. "It isn't fancy, but it will do. We can drink a champagne toast while we soak."

"What about, uh, suits?"

"A hot tub is best experienced without suits." She grinned, "Besides, we're friends. And friends are always comfortable together."

I carried the bucket and she carried the plastic glasses. When we got outside to the tub Sandy pulled her blouse over her head. "Unhook my bra, please."

I stood behind her and unhooked it. She slipped it off then took a hold of my hands and wrapped my arms around herself. She tipped her head back and looked up at me, "Remember when I said I like to have strong arms around me?" As she spoke she moved my hands ups to her breasts. I felt her nipples harden as my fingers brushed across them. "Let's get into the tub."

We undressed together. Before slipping into the tub, we opened one of the bottles of champagne. After we were in the tub, I filled the glasses.

Sandy lifted hers, "Here's to a new venture."

We made small talk as we sipped our drinks. There were no lights on around us. It was quiet and the air was warm. Sandy refilled filled her glass, "Stand up, please."

I did as requested. She leaned forward and kissed my cockhead. Without a word, she took a drink then slipped her mouth over my cock. The coldness from the champagne was a bit of a shock. I could feel her throat working as she swallowed the champagne. She took another drink and then swallowed me. My cock responded by swelling and filling her mouth. Sandy fondled my balls while she sucked. When her glass was empty she stopped sucking me.

"Terrence was right," she smiled up at me. "There is nothing like champagne cock." She refilled our glasses. "I've wanted to do that ever since we got naked together and took pictures of each other."

I sat down in the warm water beside her. "I'd like to finish what we weren't able to do that night."

"I'd like that too. Let's go inside where it's more comfortable."

We got out of the tub and dried each other. I got down on my knees and dried Sandy's legs. While I was there, I nuzzled my nose against her and licked her pussy a little. Sort of an appetizer. Sandy took the open bottle and glasses and I got the second bottle and bucket. I followed her upstairs to the master bedroom. She opened the French doors. We found a blanket in one of the boxes of bedding and spread it over the mattress.

When we finished with the blanket, Sandy was standing by the bed. I got down on my knees and began to nuzzle her pussy again. I had set my full plastic glass on the floor beside me. She moved back and sat down on the bed and splayed her thighs wide. Her pussy tasted and smelled faintly of the chemicals from the hot tub, but a few sips of champagne took care of that.

She lightly rubbed my head as I kissed, licked and sucked her labia. A champagne kiss on her clitoris made her gasp, then smile at me. She pushed my face away from her pussy, "Get up here where I can get to you." We lay down beside each other and kissed.

"Your face is wet."

I rolled onto my back and pulled Sandy on top of me. We shared a wet kiss then Sandy moved around so we were in a sixty-nine position. She straddled my head then arranged herself so her pussy was over my face. Putting my hands on her hips, I pulled my face up into her crotch and against her pussy. As the tip of my tongue parted her pussy lips and searched for her clit, She pushed her knees back and lowered herself against me.

We settled into the pleasant rhythms of delicious mutual oral sex. Sandy's hips began to twitch. Her sucking picked up in intensity. Soon she was rapidly humping my face and her sucking felt like she was trying to suck my balls through my cock. I worked my tongue and lips over and around her clit as steadily as I could.

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