tagGroup SexExplorers Ch. 14

Explorers Ch. 14


Marcia called Eva and I called Kenny. They both told us the same thing. Eva was leaving early to go back to the university. Rather than renting an apartment, she had gotten a chance to share a house with several other women. She wanted to get moved in as soon as possible and get settled before her classes started.

Kenny was going to drive a rented truck loaded with extra furniture from their parent's home.

Both Marcia and I were disappointed, but we made tentative plans to have a hot tub party the first weekend that Eva could come home.

I also realized that Chuck was coming to the end of his leave and Gene would be heading back to school. I needed to get with Kenny and the two of them soon.

The next day was a nice fall day - warm and sunny. I was at work when Marcia called me. She asked if I could come home for lunch. I told her that I could be there in about a half hour.

When I walked, my sister was standing at the kitchen table. She was putting the finishing touches on a plate of sandwiches. She was wearing just a thong, she was almost naked.

'What's with this?'

Marcia grinned, 'I came over to sunbathe. It is such a nice day that I didn't want to waste it. And I decided I didn't want to be alone so I called you.'

'I take it you were already sunbathing when you decided you didn't want to be alone? You look like you want a naked lunch.'

'Yes,' she grinned some more, 'I've always wanted to have a naked lunch, so take of your stuff and let's eat.'

I grinned back at her, 'You're kidding?' But I quickly stripped. My sister removed her thong.

While we ate, I called Sandy and asked if I could take the afternoon off. She was agreeable. After we cleaned up the lunch dishes, Marcia and I went out on the balcony. She laid down on the towels that she had spread over her sunbathing futon. I sat beside her.

I looked at my sister. She was laying on her back with her arms crossed behind her head and her legs slightly spread. Her nipples and areolas were a darker color than the rest of her sun tanned skin. Her pussy was shaved except for a small diamond shaped patch of trimmed pubic hair.

I stroked the fuzzy patch, 'What's with the diamond?'

Marcia pushed herself up on her elbows, 'I think a little patch of hair looks better than a completely bald pussy.' She laughed, 'The diamond is just for fun.' She leaned back then turned on her side, 'May I ask you something?'

'Sure. Ask away.'

What's it feel like to be fucked in the ass?'

I looked at my sister. I figured I might as well be honest. 'It feels pretty good.'

'I thought so. You looked like you were having a good time.'

'What do you mean?'

Marcia smiled, 'Eva showed me a security system tape where you and Kenny were blowing each other and fucking each other in the ass.'

I must have blushed, 'I wonder how she got that? Kenny and I didn't know there was a security camera in the pool house.'

'Eva said she was updating her dad's computer anti-virus software when she found the file.'

'Sounds like she was snooping.'

'Don't worry, we won't tell anyone about it. I thought both of you looked terribly sexy.' She grinned, 'It was a good thing I was naked when Eva showed me the video. Otherwise, I would have wet my panties.'

I grinned back at her, 'Kenny's dad showed me that video. I don't know if Kenny even knows about it.' My sister didn't need to know that I'd been fucked by Eva and Kenny's father.

'Eva says she enjoys , as she put it, a good rump reaming every once in a while. She also said she'd like to be butt fucked by you.'

'Well, I'd love to butt fuck Eva. So what do you want to know about butt fucking? Other than how it feels.'

'I want you to butt fuck me.' She hurried on. 'Yours was the first cock in my mouth and yours was the first cock in my pussy and I want you to have my last cherry. I want your cock to be the first in my ass.'

'Uh,' I was speechless.

'I've read about anal sex and I know how to prepare.


My sister smiled, 'I'm prepared and I can't wait to try it.'

'You want to start now?'

She grinned, 'Yes. Right now.'

'Let me get some stuff.'

I went into my bedroom and got the bottle of lotion that I use for lube out of the bedside stand. I also got a couple of vibrators and three different sizes of butt plugs out of the drawer. Marcia was sitting up and watching me through the doors.

'We'll use these to introduce you to anal sex and fun and games. The first thing to do is to relax. Get on your hands and knees.'

Once Marcia was in position, I got on my knees beside her. I put my hand on hers, then ran my hand up her arm, over her shoulder, down her back, over her hip and down her leg to her foot. 'I like touching you.'

She turned her head, 'I like being touched by you.'

After rising up on my knees, I kissed my sister on the cheek then cupped a nice hand filling breast as I moved behind her. I could still feel the sensation of her nipple hardening and pressing against my palm. 'Move your feet apart a little.' I got on my knees between Marcia's feet. 'You have a beautiful ass, Sister Woman.'

'I'm glad you think so.'

Rising up again on my knees, I used both hands to rub and lightly massage her back from shoulders to hips. I ran my hands over her buttocks as I settled down on my haunches. There were two thin pale moons or arcs in the creases below her butt cheeks. That was two places where the sun didn't shine when she sunbathed. There was a thin white stripe deep in the cleft between her ass cheeks. The tight little brown pucker that was the object of our attention stood out against her pale skin.

I ran my hands lightly all over Marcia's ass. I slipped a hand between her legs and ran a finger along the crease between her pussy lips. I felt some dampness. Leaning forward, I kissed her. I continued to kiss and lick one ass cheek as my hand rubbed the other cheek.

I did the same on the ass cheek . I straightened up to stretch my back and neck, then leaned forward and ran my tongue from near Marcia's pussy up the length of the white stripe. I did this several times before stopping at her puckered hole. My sister jumped a bit when the tip of my tongue pressed against her.

I ran the tip around and over her tight pucker. I planted a wet kiss on her asshole then pressed my lips against her skin and sucked.

Marcia wiggled her hips, 'What are you doing?'

'That's all part of what is called rimming. I'm going to rub some lube around. It's sort of cold, so don't jump too much.' I put a dab of lotion on a fingertip and rubbed it around. After adding some more lube, I used two fingers. I rubbed and tried to push some of the lube into her tight pucker.

Marcia turned her head and looked back at me, "I don't know what you're doing, but it feels good.'

'I'm trying to help you relax.'

'It's making me excited.'

I stopped rubbing, 'Let me get you a pillow so you can put your head and shoulders down, if you want.'

Marcia fluffed up the pillow but she stayed up on her hands and knees.

After liberally lubing a finger, I continued rubbing and pressing. I pressed harder each time my fingertip passed over my sister's asshole. A fingertip worked its' way in and then it was quickly followed by a finger. I added lube as I worked the finger in and out.. Marcia didn't say anything. She just wiggled her butt. Picking up a vibrator, I replaced my finger.

'Oooh! That tickles.' I worked the vibrator in and out and around in a circle. Probing and stretching.

Slipping my free hand between my sister's legs, I cupped her pussy and worked a finger between her slippery lips. Marcia was soaking wet. She put one of her hands back and covered mine. 'You like this don't you?'

Marcia pressed my hand harder against her pussy, 'Oh, gawd, I love it! I'm so wet!'

I pulled my hand out from between Marcia's hand and her wet pussy. Two of her fingers took the place of mine. While working the vibrator around some more, I picked up a small butt plug with my free hand. I had to pull the vibrator out so I could lube the plug. Marcia moaned.

The tip of the plug opened my sister's now-not-so-tight hole as I pressed it into her ass. Her sphincter muscle stretched as I pushed the cone shaped plug deeper. 'Does that hurt?' I twisted the plug.

'It's a little uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt.'

I noticed Marcia still had two fingers pushed into her pussy. I backed the plug out a little and applied some more lotion. While slowly turning or spinning the butt plug, I resumed pushing it into Marcia's ass. I rubbed her ass with my free hand.

She groaned as the thickest part of the plug pushed through her sphincter ring. I watched her asshole close around the thinner shaft at the base of the plug. Once I was sure the plug wasn't going to pop out, I rubbed, patted and kissed my sister's ass for a couple of minutes. as she quietly remained on her knees. 'Roll over.'

She rolled over onto her back. I stretched her legs out and spread them so I could kneel between her legs. Marcia's crotch was wet and shiny with her pussy juice. I bent down and licked her inner thighs before licking her from the base of the butt plug right up to her hard little clit. 'Gawd, you're juicy, Sister Woman,' I ran the tip of my tongue over and around her clit.

'I know. Turn around. I want to suck your cock.'

It took us a minute or two to get rearranged into a sixty-nine. Marcia got the pillow arranged and I watched as she licked the underbelly of my cock. 'Boy, are you hard!'

'I know. You do that to me.'

She had to turn her head and move her shoulders a little as she pulled my cock down to her mouth. I moaned as her lips closed over the head and her tongue swabbed it, 'Ahhh, that's it! Suck my dick!'

I returned to licking Marcia's pussy but it was hard to concentrate on what I was doing because my sister's sucking was not only blowing my cock, she was blowing my mind. I picked up the second vibrator and worked in into her wet, slick pussy. Marcia humped her hips and gave my balls a squeeze.

While I worked the vibrator and tried to suck her clit, I pulled the butt plug and re-inserted the first vibrator. Marcia sucked harder as I turned both vibrators to full speed. I could hear moans coming out of my sister's cock filled mouth.

My cock popped from her mouth, 'Ah, gawd! Aw, fuck! I feel like I'm going to explode!'

'You haven't felt anything yet!' I pulled the vibrator out of her ass and re-inserted the small butt plug. It entered without any resistance. I pulled it out and re-inserted the vibrator. I cranked it around to ream and further stretch her asshole. My sister moaned. She spread her legs wider.

While I was fumbling around, trying to reach the lube and the largest butt plug, the vibrator slipped out of her pussy. Marcia gripped my cock and guided it to her mouth. I groaned as her lips worked the length of my cock. I looked down between us and I couldn't see any cock. It looked, and felt, like she had swallowed it.

Finally, I got a lot of lube on the big butt plug. I pulled the vibrator and pressed the tip of the plug against my sister's asshole. I pressed steadily. Her hole opened wider as the tapered plug stretched it. She bucked her hips as the widest part of the plug slipped through her sphincter ring. Her now longer tight little hole closed around the shaft of the plug.

'Feel okay?'

Marcia pulled my cock out of her mouth, 'I feel full.' She grinned, 'You better fuck me because I'm going to cum soon .'

I hand her the lotion, 'Grease me.' My cock stuck straight in front of me as I turned around and got up on my knees. My sister grinned as she rubbed lots of lotion all over my hard cock. She put the bottle down and got on her hands and knees. I knelt behind her and rubbed her ass. The disc shaped base of the butt plug looked like a target. I eased the plug out a ways, squirted some lube on it and pushed it back in. Marcia wiggled her ass. I pulled the plug out and inserted the nozzle on the bottle to fill her ass with lots of lube.

I rose up on my knees, 'Stay still. I'll go slowly. I remember our first fuck. I tried to go slowly and you humped your hips and took all my cock at once.'

My sister turned her head to look back at me, 'I couldn't wait then and I can hardly wait now.'

I help my cockhead against her lotion lubed asshole and pressed. Her little, not so tight, pucker began opening to accept my cock. Stopping just before the rim of the cockhead entered her, I rubbed her lower back. 'You okay?'

'I'm fine. It stings a little and sort of burns. Is that okay?'

'That's normal.' I slowly pushed. My sister started breathing faster. "I'll stop if you want.'

'No. Don't.' Her stretched pucker closed around my cockshaft. The head was through her muscle ring. I stopped and rubbed her back some more. 'Are you in? It feels better.'

'I'm in.' I remained still for a couple of minutes before beginning a slow steady push.. My sister remained still as my cock penetrated deeper into her no longer virgin ass. "You still okay?'

'Oh, yes. The burning sensation is almost gone.'

I continued to push slowly until all of my cock was buried in Marcia's ass. 'That's it. I don't have any more.'

'I can feel your curlies against my butt.' My sister turned her head and grinned at me, 'What else can you do?"

'If you're ready, I can do this.'

"I'm ready.'

I slowly pulled my cock out and then pushed it back in again.

'Oh! Gawd! Do more of that!'

'My pleasure.' I began to fuck my sister's ass with long slow strokes. Marcia didn't stay still. She shook her head and wiggled her ass. She seemed to like the feeling when I pulled my cock back until the head was just inside her sphincter ring. I sort of pulled the rim of the cockhead back against the ring of muscle. It was sort of a tug from the inside. She would sigh and exhale as I reversed the motion and pushed my cock back up her ass. 'I should have gotten my camera out.'


'It isn't every day a guy is given the last of his sister's cherries. The occasion should be recorded.'

'Then go get your camera.'

"Okay.' I pulled out, got to my feet, went inside and quickly got my digital camera out of the bedside stand where I keep it. When I stepped out onto the balcony I snapped a couple of pictures of Marcia on her hands and knees. When I was behind her I took a couple of pictures of her from the rear. Her ass was all shiny with lube. Her asshole wasn't tightly closed.

I got down on my knees behind my sister and took some close up photos. Her ass hole was almost gaping. I shot a low angle picture to get her pussy lips into the frame. Her lips were shiny and wet. Marcia put a hand between her legs. She spread her pussy lips, then inserted two fingers into her slot. I snapped several pictures.

'Put the camera down and butt fuck me some more.'

'I laughed,' Your wish is my command.' I got up on my knees, moved closer and pressed my cockhead against Marcia's ass, 'Here I come.' My cock slipped back into her butt. Marcia let out a long slow breath as I pushed deep.

Instead of stopping for a few seconds, I set up a steady rhythm. Neither of us said anything. Alternating between long slow strokes and long fast strokes was causing my nuts to tighten. They got really tight when Marcia's asshole got real tight. 'Gaww, you keep that up and I'm going to cum.'

'Keep what up?'

'The way you've tightened your ass.'

'I have?'

'Yes. Where'd you learn to do that?

'I haven't learned anything anywhere.'

'Well, your ass is squeezing my cock. Just like your pussy grips and squeezes my cock when we fuck.'

'I don't consciously squeeze anything.'

I laughed and slapped my sister's butt cheek, 'I know, Marcia, you're natural at fucking. You're a great piece of ass and a great fuck.'

Marcia laughed, 'Thank you, I think. Now stop talking and get with the fucking.'

She squeezed my cock. I picked up the speed and for a few minutes my pelvis slapped against my sister's firm ass until I was down to the short strokes.

'Awwww! Gawwww!' I pushed my cock as deep as I could and blew what felt like a huge wad deep into my sister's guts. 'Gawwww!'

Marcia squealed, 'I can feel you cumming.'

I pulled my cock out of her ass and squirted a stream of cum part way up her back and between her ass cheeks.

'Oh! Put it back!'

My pelvis smacked Marcia's ass hard as I drove as deep as I could. I stayed deep until my cock stopped squirting and twitching. I pulled my cock out of Marcia's creamy asshole and wrung it out. A few more drops of cum dripped onto her ass. After wiping my cock on one of her ass cheeks, I backed away from my sister's freshly fucked ass.

Marcia rolled onto her back. She grinned, 'Boy, big brother, you sure know how to show a girl a good time.'

'Did you cum.'

'I don't know. All I could feel was you cock twitching and filling me full.'

'I think I'll eat you pussy until you cum. But I want to take some more pictures. So roll over and get up on your knees.' Marcia got back on her hands and knees.

After I snapped several pictures of her gaping asshole, Marcia used her fingers of one hand to spread her pussy lips. I took a couple more pictures as she pushed her fingers into her sopping pussy. The last pictures that I took showed pussy juice dripping from between her legs and a cum leaking out of her stretched asshole.

Marcia rolled back onto her back and stretched like a cat, 'Gawd, that was a good fuck!'

I pulled her legs apart and leaned forward, 'As promised.' Then I buried my face in her juicy wet pussy. After a few minutes of serious clit sucking and labia licking, Marcia pushed her pussy hard against my face. A gush of juices flooded my mouth and face as I heard my sister squeal. Her back was arched so I gripped her by her ass cheeks and kept my mouth glued to her pussy.

Marcia relaxed and I moved up next to her. She took her cell phone out of her purse, 'I better call Mom and tell I might be home later than usual. And I better shower.'

I laughed, 'You'll have to shower alone, otherwise you won't get home at all.' I showed her how to hook up the anal douche. While she showered, I put the futon away and cleaned up the balcony. And I hung up the toweling futon cover so the spot wet made by my sister's squirting pussy could dry before I put the toweling in the laundry.

When Marcia finished showering, she dressed in the bedroom.

'How do you feel?'

She grinned, 'My little hole is tender, but I'm fine.' We went downstairs together. My sister gave me a chaste peck on the cheek. 'I'll call you tomorrow.' I stayed naked after she left.

I found my cell phone and called Chuck.

'Hey, Chuck. Gary here. How many days before you leave to go back to your unit? The reason I ask is that I want to have you over for a get together with Gene and Kenny before you have to leave.' I listened. 'Would next Thursday afternoon work for you?'

I played with myself as we talked. 'I haven't done much lately.' I couldn't tell him that I had just fucked my sister in the ass. 'Right now I'm thinking about your cock and ass and giving myself a hard-on.' I heard Chuck laughing. "I'll call Kenny and Gene and get back to you.'

I made two more quick calls. Both of the guys were ready to party with Chuck. I called Chuck back, 'Thursday afternoon works for everyone. No, just bring yourself. I'll have beer and wine. And I'll pick up a couple of pizzas or some subs.. See you then.'

I went up stairs to shower. While showering I gave myself a hard-on while thinking about putting Chuck into the middle of a three-way.

The next afternoon, Marcia called me at work. I asked her if she was still tender. 'Yes. A little bit, but I can't wait to do it again.

'Maybe tomorrow.' I laughed, 'I need to get my strength up.'

'May I come over Saturday afternoon?'

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