tagNovels and NovellasExploring Cassy Ch. 03

Exploring Cassy Ch. 03


“I wanna be your lake, for you babe
And any problems that you have, I wanna wash them away.
I wanna be your sky, so blue and high.
And every time you think of me, I wanna blow your mind.
I wanna be your air, so sweet and fair
So when you feel that you can’t breathe, I’ll be there.
I wanna be your answer, all the time.
When you see how I put your life before mine with no question.
When all the love feels gone, and you can’t carry on
Don’t worry girl, I’ma take it from here
Just as sure as the sun is shining, every morning every time,
Don’t worry girl, I’ma take it from here.”
~Justin Timberlake ~ Take it From Here

I sat alone in my study that night looking out the window at the falling rain. I genuinely was troubled by what young Cassandra had told me earlier, and I didn’t have the slightest idea what to do about it, or about her. I couldn’t quite describe how the feelings inside of me had turned from lust, to love. I went to bed shortly thereafter, and prayed for Cassy...that someone would come along and pull her out of her misery, and that that person could be me.

The following morning, I was sitting in the church office filling out grant applications when I heard a faint rapping on my door. As I looked up, my eyes traced over a set of long, lithe legs, which then melted into a tiny waist and large, full breasts. It was Cassy. I stood up, and moved around the desk, and hugged her. “What an unexpected surprise, hello Cassy.”

“Well Father Patrick, I wanted to talk to you some more, I found it very helpful getting all those feelings out in the open last night.”

“Sure Cassy, hold on a sec.” I moved around her, and dug the confessional sign out of my desk and hung it on the door. I closed the door and leaned up against it.

“Father, I just think that the whole reason I was so devastated by the whole thing was the fact that I was a virgin when the man raped me. It crossed my mind more than once that the evil man had taken my innocence, along with much more.” She closed her eyes. “When word got around school, none of the guys would even look at me, so much as talk to me. What I needed at the time was someone who, I don’t know, would dash out of the sky and help me, but they all just looked at me as damaged goods.”

I rubbed my forehead. “Cassy, you are NOT damaged goods. I know the reason why guys are so awkward toward you...they don’t know what to say. What could a 17 or 18 year old boy possibly say to a girl like you who has been so traumatized? I’m just thinking that maybe once you go away to college, get away from this town, you’ll be fine. No one will know your story. You can start anew.”

“I never thought about it that way Father. I just, I just know I’ll have problems like I did this summer.”

I perked my head up. “Something else happened?”

“Well, nothing happened actually, that’s the whole point. My sister Tori set me up with one of her male friends, and after the date, he took me home, and the thought of making love crossed my mind, I thought maybe it would take away the pain or something, I don’t know, but as soon as he started to touch me, I freaked out, and made him leave. I don’t want that to happen when I do decide to have sex, do you understand?”

“It’s understandable that you’d be traumatized the first time Cassy, but maybe you just need to find a man whom you really trust wouldn’t hurt you, and that might involve a relationship beforehand.”

“Yeah, easier said than done.” She said, wistfully.

“Don’t worry Cassy, you’re a beautiful girl, you’ll find someone.”

“You really think I’m beautiful?” She looked into my eyes.

“Sure I do Cassy, why wouldn’t I...there’s more to beautiful than what’s on the outside.”

She smiled wryly. “Can I come back some other time Father Patrick?”

“Absolutely Cassy, I never have anything to do in the afternoons.”

After she left, I walked into the secondary school library and took out a book on post traumatic stress disorder. It certainly seemed the right diagnosis for her, but I’m no shrink. I sat reading awhile, and fell asleep at the table.

When I awoke, it was dark, I suppose the librarian did not want to wake me. I pulled my head up off the page, and walked upstairs to my room. I collapsed down onto my bed and prayed inside of my head, once again for Cassy.

Four more days passed before I heard or saw of Cassy again. I had been someone agonized as to where she was, and how she was doing. But Saturday night she showed up, once again, at my office door. I had been writing a letter to the bishop about the new bells our church needed, and I looked up at her knock. She was dressed rather scantily and I couldn’t help my eyes roaming over the unexposed parts of her body. She was wearing a very short jean skirt, that hardly came to mid thigh, with no stockings. Also a very tight, form fitting white shirt, and her nipples were hard. Oh my God, I thought to myself.

I got up, and hugged her, but she held me to her. I was soon intoxicated by the sweet smell of her perfume as she whispered into my ear.

“I just wanted to come by and thank you Father.”

I placed the confessional sign on my door. “For what Cassy?”

“You have been more than nice to me Father.” She rose out of her seat and came over to my office chair.

I looked at her curiously as she came so close to me that I could smell her. My head was at her belly level, and she leaned down and her cleavage was directly in my face. She put a hand on my face, and it traveled down my cheek, down my neck, and onto my chest.

“Cassy...I don’t think this is what you want.” I said to her, scared of the situation in which I found myself in.

She looked at me briefly, before asking “Then what is it exactly that I want?”

“You don’t want to ravish, you want to be ravished...be taken care of, as a princess would be.”

She smiled at me, inviting me to her. I had to make a decision, and quickly. Was I ready at that point to give up everything I had for this girl? This beautiful girl? The thought hardly crossed my mind as I stood up and put my hand on her cheek. I kissed her forehead softly, then the tip of her nose, and she giggled.

“You like that?” I smiled.

“Mmhmm” She said, sounding almost intoxicated.

I leaned down to kiss her, and as our lips met, hers were not moving, but as I tasted her cherry lip balm, she began to kiss me back. My hands were roaming. On her neck, on her back, on her tight ass. My hand came around to her flat stomach and my fingers began to work under the tight white fabric of her shirt as the kissing became more and more passionate. Her hand grabbed mine, and I withdrew my hand from her shirt. Then, she reached down and began to pull her shirt up and over her head, then letting it flutter to the floor. I looked at her breasts. They were absolutely perfect. Round, perky globes sitting there, with light pink nipples poking out of them. I placed my hand on one of them, and she groaned slightly.

I took off my Roman collar, and placed it into my desk. I began to unbutton my shirt, and after letting it drop by Cassy’s shirt, she looked at my chest. I had to admit I kept myself in pretty good shape, with a nice set of abs, and distinct pecs. And, being the lucky man I was, I had very little chest hair, only a little in the middle of my chest, and some on my belly, around my belly button. I sat down on the couch I had in my office, and motioned for Cassy to come over also. She came over, and straddled my lap, and sat directly on the bulge in my pants. I worked my fingertips up her belly very lightly, and then reached down and cupped a breast in one hand and sucked gently on her nipple. She moaned more distinctly this time. I put my arms around her, and holding her tightly, kissed her very passionately. I kissed her neck, her chest, and then back down to her other breast. Her nipples were like small erasers at this point, and I pulled her skirt up over her hips.

She was wearing a very small, tight pair of purple lace panties. She stood up, and in one quick motion, took the skirt and the panties off. I got up also, and she laid down on the couch. My right hand traveled down her tummy, down to her hairless sex. One of my fingers touched her clit, and she gasped. I let my finger travel lightly up and down her sex, and I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. I brought my finger to my lips, and tasted her.

“Mmm, you taste delicious Cassy.” I said to her.

I leaned down and kissed her belly, then the top of her pussy, then, spreading the lips of her pussy, probed my tongue in and out of her hot recess. She bucked her hips up to meet my tongue, grinding herself into me. I decided it was now or never. I unzipped the fly of my pants, and fishing through my boxers for my now painful erection, pulled it out of the fly. She gasped slightly when she saw it. It was nothing amazing though, probably 7 inches long, and thick, with veins bulging out on the sides. I stroked it with my right hand, fingering her with my left. I took my left hand then, and wetted my dick with it. I got on top of her, and straddling her, lined up the tip of my dick with her hot opening. I pushed in slightly, and she panted. I pushed a little harder, and cried out in agony myself, as she was sooo tight. When I hit bottom, she screamed, and wrapped her legs around my back, pulling me into her. I thrust into her, very slowly at first, just relishing the feeling of her hot, wet pussy around my throbbing dick. Then I began to pick up the pace. She began to moan, and I thrust even harder into her, my balls slapping against her ass. I soon felt a rather churning sensation in my balls, and I pulled out of her, leaving her gasping for air. I jerked off ‘til I came into a wad of tissues, which I quickly disposed of. When I looked back over to her, her eyes were closed. She had fallen asleep on my couch. I put my dick back into my pants, and lied down on the floor. I prayed and prayed and prayed for some time that night, hoping that she would not regret a moment of that night, because I surely had not.

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