tagLesbian SexExploring My Bisexuality Ch. 05

Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 05


Note: After looking through my diary of the holiday I found lots of uninteresting info like sight seeing and what happened at the beach and all that boring stuff. I have included some of it while copying it into the computer but left out lots because it's not really that interesting to those who read this. Thought I would mention that because it may seem like my holiday was very dull!

I'd like to point out something to those who haven't read my previous diary submissions to Literotica that in order to know more about me and why I am sending in my diary for people to read all about my life over the last 12 months, you'll have to read my previous submissions. This is a long diary, sorry but I didn't want to cut it down more than I already have. Just thought I would warn you.

During the course of copying this up from my diary my computer died, so now I'm relying on a very old lap top (notebook for American readers!) and to make things worse I've also broken my leg, this happened a couple of weeks ago in June 2005. Not a very good month for me!


Day 1

I'm very tired now so won't be writing too much. It's almost 2am here now. We were up at the crack of dawn, everyone moaning and dashing about the house. Mum making sure she'd packed everything and pestering me and Janine to make sure we had everything.

Dad was pretty cool about it all, just made sure he had our passports and cash and then made breakfast, leaving the worrying to Mum. We picked up Karen on the way to the airport, she had to squeeze into the back between me and Janine. She smiled at me and I smiled back, wishing people knew about us so our greeting could be more than a brief nicety.

We checked in at the airport then wondered around the shops, I bought a book to read on the plane, Janine and Karen headed off on their own. The flight was quite nice, cheap tacky meal as always. I had some sort of chicken that tasted like chicken but textured like rubber. Most of the day was uninteresting really, lots of waiting, sitting, waiting, being bored, travelling, few arguments, the usual sort of thing.

We got through customs at Corfu and sucked in the humid air outside while Dad sorted our car out. I was tired and itchy and needed to take a shower. Karen was happily chatting to Janine as they eyed some lads getting on a coach. I was a bit jealous but Karen and I had had a long chat on the phone about what we could and couldn't do while on holiday. We decided that neither of us was allowed to sleep with anyone or get into a sexual situation. But we were allowed to kiss other people. At first I didn't like this rule one bit and get very upset over it, but Karen pointed out that if neither of us flirted with lads it could look a bit weird to Janine or my parents.

I gave in and agreed. It wasn't going to harm anyone if Karen or myself kissed a few lads while we were on holiday. I trusted Karen not to do anymore. Even so it wasn't pleasant watching her with my sister giggling and waving at lads the minute they arrived.

We headed to our villa, which was very nice. We're not rich or anything, I mean Mum and Dad both have good jobs, Mum is an accountant and Dad is a marketing director. We don't have a huge house or anything like that, we live on a normal estate, 4 bedroom house, nice garden and all that. But when it comes to holidays Dad insists we have something above the ordinary since it's only once a year, twice if we're very lucky.

The villa was a split level deal, built into the side of a cliff in a row of 3 villas. Downstairs is the kitchen, living room with satellite TV, nice to see, dining room. At the back is Mum and Dads room with ensuite bathroom, they have a nice balcony over looking the sea and the town below. Upstairs are two bedrooms across the front with a long balcony. There's a single room with a double bed in it and a larger bedroom with 3 single beds. At the front is a big bathroom with a massive shower. I think you could easily get 6 or 7 people in it!

Out the front is just a road and a small driveway. The back is gorgeous, there's a big swimming pool, huge brick barbecue and sun loungers. There're railings at the edge to stop you falling down the side of the mountain but the view is amazing.

Karen and Janine were already discussing who was going to sleep where. I said I would take the single room if that was okay with them. Janine turned her nose up, saying she would have liked the double bed but she guessed Karen would then end up sleeping with me which wasn't fair. I guess that would depend on your perspective!

Mum and Dad headed to a nearby supermarket to get some food and we all jumped in the pool. It was so refreshing feeling to cool water on my skin after a long day travelling. We swam about a bit then I decided I needed a shower and good wash and go out.

Nothing interesting happened today, other than the excitement of actually going on holiday of course. I'll just tell you what happened with my Mum then I'm going to sleep. I had finished my shower and there was a knock at the door. I assumed it was Karen or Janine wanting to shower themselves so I wrapped a towel around me and opened the door.

Mum smiled and came in. Weird since she had her own shower by her bedroom. She closed the door and sat on the toilet. She started saying that we needed to have a chat before the holiday got going and I felt that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. She knew. She had figured out my secret. I felt sick and very very nervous.

I shouldn't have worried. She started talking about boys and me being old enough now to know that contraception was a necessary part of life. I sighed inwardly with relief. I told her not to worry about that but she insisted I look after myself. She wasn't going to insist I stay with her and Dad the whole time and that I was allowed to go out with Karen and my sister in the evening to bars and such. Naturally I had a curfew, 1am and no later. And we had to stick together at all times. We all had our mobile phones with us and had to keep them on just in case we needed to call each other. Then she held out her hand and gave me a box of condoms. I was shocked! I tried to tell Mum that it was okay but she pressed them into my hand and told me it was better safe than sorry! That is true but I was just so embarrassed! I could feel my cheeks burning.

Anyway, that being the most eventful part of the day I am very tired. I can still hear Karen and Janine talking but I am going to sleep.



Went sight seeing today. Interesting. Not much happened all day. Drove around, looked at some ruins, headed into town and had a nice lunch by the sea. It reached 88degrees here today, very hot. We got back about 30mins ago, it's now 7pm and we're off for something to eat soon.

Had a nice text from Karen this morning even though she is in the room next to mine. It read: WAKEY WAKEY! MISS U. WISH WE CUD WAKE UP NET2EACH OTHER. NEED2B WITH U SO MUCH. LUV K.

I sent her one back saying: MISSU2. WILL WE GET 2GETHER HERE?

I was just about to get out of bed when my phone beeped. HOPE WE CAN.WE'LL FIND A WAY. DON'T WORRY. K

I smiled and deleted the messages. At least she was thinking of me! I was thinking of her a lot. Most of the time actually. Maybe someday we'll get to be together in the open, maybe we will go on holiday together, I'd love that so much. Anyway, I'm off to take a shower before we go out.


Now that was fun! I've had my shower but that wasn't all I had! I was just closing the bathroom door when someone stopped it. I opened and saw Karen standing there with a towel around her. I glanced past her into her bedroom but she shook her head.

"Out getting postcards from the shop down the road." She explained. "Your Mum and Dad too."

"We have to be careful," I said.

"I know," Karen said. "We will be. I miss you that's all."

She stepped closer and we kissed. That was glorious. It was like I sank into her, feeling her body against mine was heaven. We kissed and ages in the doorway of the bathroom.

"I miss you too," I said when we parted a little. "It's so silly isn't it? Do you think we should tell anyone?"

"Not now," Karen replied. She poked her fingers into my towel and pulled it away from body to the floor. She wriggled out of hers and I felt her breasts against mine as she pressed me against the wall, kissing me with hunger.

I was instantly turned on. The smell of her skin near mine and the feel of her hot body was so sensuous. We hugged each other tight and kissed, our tongues playing quick and eager. I wanted to let myself go and really get into the situation but I knew we could be caught any second so a part of me was wary of that.

Lucky thing we didn't do too much. I was leaning against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall, Karen had just bent down to suck my nipples when we heard Janine calling from the living room. There aren't many stairs to get upstairs, 13 I think, so it wouldn't take more than a couple of second to reach us.

I struggled against Karen as she giggled, still sucking my nipple. I pushed her away and we had to stifle our laughter. We could hear Janine calling us, that she had postcards now. Karen and I kissed again and she quickly closed the bathroom door. I heard Janine come up the stairs and suddenly realised Karen's towel was on the floor at my feet. She had either dashed into the bedroom or had been caught naked by my sister.

I didn't hear anything. I decided I better pretend that I had just found her towel. I opened the door to see my sister walking into their bedroom. Karen had nipped into mine and so wouldn't have been seen my Janine. I watched Janine walk out onto the balcony then turn right and walk along to my side. I quickly waved at Karen who dashed over to me, snatched her towel out of my hands, kissed me quickly and ran into her bedroom. I closed the door and heard Janine ask what was going on.

I heard Karen tell her she had left her towel in the bathroom and had just nipped in to get it. Janine was quiet for a moment then asked where I was. Karen quickly said I was brushing my teeth and then taking a shower. It seemed that Janine bought the story, although if she questioned it further she would have realised that Karen would have had to go into the bathroom naked to get her towel. She didn't say anything though, luckily.

We're off out now. Am actually very hungry.


Midnight – I think.

Had good evening out. Had some cocktails. Fizzy ones. Sparklers in them. Very bright. Feel drunk so going to sleep. Love Karen lots. Want her with me now. Am tired but very horny too. Now feeling unhappy. Can't have Karen with me. She said soon. Am happy about that. Nighty night.


Day 3

Waterpark day. What a day it's been. Bloody freaky day if you want my honest opinion. Weird as hell. Okay, we have been out since 9am and I'm just relaxing on my bed before we go out and see what the bars are like. It's very hot here today, 92 degrees. Water slides were fantastic, I loved the rapids and the fast ones best. I can't believe the place was already busy by the time we got there at 9.30. People must have been queuing since dawn or something.

Mum and Dad were good sports, they followed us around for a while, then decided to go sunbathe. We just went for it, must have done every water slide there and every pool too. The pools are amazing, one has a wave machine and a huge water fall you can swim right underneath to a small cave.

It was a lot of fun but I also realised for the first time since getting together with Karen that I was noticing more women than men. I'm not sure if that means anything or not, am I destined to be attracted to women forever or what? Wish I didn't over analyse everything! After we had spent a few hours roaming the park we grabbed some junk food and lounged around soaking up the sun. I was able to lay back on my sun bed, eat my food and watch people while Janine and Karen chatted away.

I love people watching anyway, it's a fun game to play with friends in a shopping mall or anywhere where there're crowds. It's not so fun on your own, but I was able to look at anyone I liked without anyone noticing. I had my nice new Ray Bans on so no one could see my eyes. Even so I was worried for a while that someone would catch me staring.

Up to this moment in my life I have seen few people naked, sure if I use the gym and shower after there are women there but its just people washing up. I've seen Karen naked obviously, it shudders me to think it but I have felt my sisters body but not seen her entirely naked. I've seen my Mum topless many times, she doesn't think it's a problem and neither do we if she sun bathes topless. So I was like a kid in wonderland or something, there were so many women walking about practically naked, sure a small thong doesn't exactly cover much up does it!

After lunch Janine dragged Karen away to the waterslides again, I told them I was going to lay and read my book, but I was actually people watching. There's too many to describe, huge fat women with big pendulous breasts and stomachs that hang down, mature ladies with children, young girls my age or younger with slim bodies and pert breasts. I wasn't topless myself. I didn't have the nerve to be honest, sounds silly right? Janine and Karen were equally covered up too. Sure we wore bikini's but that's normal.

After an hour or so Janine and Karen came back, they had a drink and put sun tan oil on each other, I pined for Karen as a watched them. Janine sliding her hands over Karen's back made me a little envious. They lay down but after a while Karen was bored and asked anyone if they wanted to explore the pools some more, no one seemed interested. After a short moment, long enough for me not to seem too eager, I said I'd go with her. We headed to the wave pool, talking about anything until out of ear shot. We dived in an swam about a bit, pushing each other under the water and chasing each other.

After Karen had ducked me under for the millionth time I surfaced and couldn't see her. I looked around but she was gone. A moment later I heard her calling me and spotted her in front of the giant waterfall. She turned and splashed through it and I followed, feeling my heart beat pick up. The waterfall was about 25 metres across, behind it was a gap enough to fit loads of people side by side right along its length. But at the far end by the rocks was a small cave, it had obviously been built for a purpose, not as a service entrance for maintenance or anything though. It was enough to fit about 4 people inside, it wasn't huge, about 4 metres wide and same in length and about 2 metres high. It was weird that it wasn't always full of kids exploring it.

I think know one really knew it was there. You wouldn't see it if you weren't looking hard enough. From the outside, under the waterfall it just looked like rocks, very hard to see an opening at all. It was just weird why it was there at all really. Anyway, I followed Janine through the waterfall and when no one was around we squeezed through the opening and into the cave. It was still very noisy from the roar of the pouring water, it was a bit dark too but enough light filtered through to let me see where I was going.

Because of the roaring water we had to talk quite loud. We both sat on the floor, which was surprisingly smooth as if designed that way.

"This is weird huh?" I said to Karen.


"This cave!" I said raising my voice. "It's strange isn't it?"

"Bizarre!" agreed Karen. She looked around then slipped off her bikini top. "Nice and private!"

I gaped at her. "Not private enough. We found it so someone else will too."

Karen shrugged. She didn't seem worried. "So?"

"So what if someone comes in?"

"Big deal!" She said and reached for my bikini, quickly undoing the knot at the side and pulling it away from me before I could argue. "Let them watch!"

I was turned on by the idea of getting caught but if Janine showed up looking for us it would be extremely awkward. Problem was that Karen inched over to me and we started kissing. I all but forgot about everything else as our tongues played. My hands reached up behind her, pulling her close to me, our wet bodies sliding together.

Karen's hands roamed over my body, pinching my nipples making me groan into her mouth. She moved away and fiddled with her hands then stopped kissing me to show me she had removed her bikini bottoms. She was kneeling before me in the cave naked! She smiled and started pulling mine off despite my protests.

"Janine might find us you know," I said.

"She won't." Karen had then around my knees.

"Oh. How do you know?" I asked still not stopping her. "How do you know some teenage boys won't find us?"

"I don't," Karen replied. "Do you care?"

I decided I didn't care too much. It seems teenage boys and men alike are obsessed with the whole lesbian thing. It thrilled me to think some teenage boys might find us here, see enough to fuel many a late night masturbation session.

Karen whipped off my bikini bottoms and dropped them with a wet slap on the rocks. She dived on top of me and we began kissing and touched each other all over. It was exciting and very erotic. I felt her fingers enter me, fingering me fast and quick. I moved my hand down between our wet bodies and rubbed her clit. She gasped and sucked my tongue. I pushed them inside her and we fingered each other in a rough animal lust, as if we were taken over my sex starved pure and simple lust.

It can't have been very long before I felt my orgasm approaching. Mere minutes. "Karen...I'm c-close...so close...oh...harder....please do it h-harder...oh god..." I breathed rapidly.

"Yes. Cum for me...Haley...do it... yeah...fuck...cum for me...urgh...I'm almost there...oh...Haley...quicker..."

My fingers were like a robot, sliding in and out of Karen as fast as they could, my palm flat against her rubbing her clit. Karen had 3 fingers inside me moving like a piston. I could feel the growing sensation about to burst inside me. I cried out very loud.

"I'm...Karen...I'm c-cuming...urghhh...!"

Karen began shaking as her orgasm shook her body, her fingers going mad inside me as we both reached climax at the same time. We shuddered and shook against each other, eventually she collapsed onto of me, her mouth seeking mine. We kissed gently then dropped onto the floor exhausted. I don't know how long we lay there for, I'm sure I fell asleep or almost did because what woke me up was someone being quiet. Sounds odd but the roar of the water was a constant noise, this new noise was intermittent, hushed.

I opened my eyes a little and saw an outline in the entrance to the cave. Didn't take any notice of it. I nudged Karen who rolled onto her elbow. I sat up and leaned down to kiss her. We parted and smiled at each other. I wiped my eyes and was shocked instantly. My heart stopped I swear! The entrance to the cave was blocked by two lads, can't have been much more than 18 maybe 19. By all accounts one was quite cute, curly brown hair, smooth chest, nice six pack and tanned. The other was less appealing, a little over weight, patch of hair on his chest, blonde hair and spots I could see from where I sat.

What astonished me more so was what the slightly chubby one was doing. He had his swim shorts pushed down and was masturbating right next to his mate. I blinked and rubbed my eyes again. Oh shit. I wasn't dreaming. This guy was actually having a wank about 3 metres away from me. I couldn't help but stare at him in amazement, for a moment I forgot I was naked.

I'm not sure if I should have been glad they hadn't been there when Karen and I were getting off or not, at least they would have had something to look at. Looks like they had watched us kissing at least. I nudged Karen and nodded to the lads. She turned and sat up. I was looking around for my bikini to cover up, feeling very embarrassed suddenly.

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