Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 05


"All right lads," Karen said pleasantly. "Having fun?"

The chubby one grinned. "Oh yeah," he said leering at us.

The slim one waved his hand a little. "Hi," was all he could manage.

I found my bikini and struggled with it. It was wet and tangled up. Karen stopped me with her hand. She smiled and looked back at the lads. I thought she was mad. All I wanted to do was get dressed and get out of there. It was one thing enjoying the possibility of getting caught but another actually getting caught. I decided to wait a moment to see what Karen wanted, if anything got silly I'd just leave.

"You look what you see?" she asked them. "Don't be shy lads, take a seat."

The slim one looked a bit uncertain. He sat down near the entrance. The chubby one started to move then dropped his swim shorts and shuffled across the floor until he was barely a metre away from us, his hand still on his dick, rubbing it slowly, eyes roaming over our naked bodies.

"Better?" asked Karen. What the hell was she playing at?

"Oh yeah," he said.

"Are you two lezzies?" asked slim lad.

Karen and I looked at each other. "Well were not in here just to explore the surroundings if you get me," she said with a sly smile.

"That's so cool," slim lad said.

"It sure is," agreed Karen.

"So why don't you make out then," slim lad asked.

Karen turned toward me, raised her hand and pulled my face to hers. We kissed for a few moments and I actually started to enjoy myself even though I was still in shock.

"Oh man," said chubby lad. "That's awesome."

We parted and looked back at them. "You got that right," Karen said. She nodded at the obvious bulge in slim lads swim shorts. "You don't seem to enjoying yourself as much as your mate here."

Slim lad looked embarrassed. "I am...but..." he mumbled. "Not with him here."

"This is kickin," said chubby lad, obviously not caring if his mate saw him masturbating.

I hadn't taken much notice of him before, I tried not to actually. Now I turned to look at him. His dick wasn't very big, a rough guess I think about 5 inches long, it was wide though. He had lots of pubes around his balls and a long trail that lead up over his stomach to his navel. Now he was kneeling in front of us his stomach seemed bigger now, hanging down a lot.

"You really are enjoying yourself aren't you?" Karen asked him.

"Oh yeah," he agreed still not taking his eyes of us. His hand rubbing his dick in slow steady movements. "This is so cool."

"Bet your dying to spunk off, right?" Karen asked him.

"Sure am," he replied.

"Maybe this will help," Karen said.

Before I realised what she meant, Karen turned and started kissing me. Her hand went to my chest where she cupped my breasts, fondling and pinching my nipples. I moaned and leaned back a bit.

"That's kickin," chubby lad said. "Fuckin hell!"

Slim lad obviously wanted to see more and inched his way into the cave to watch what was going on. Karen and I parted a little to let him see us. I was on my back, propped up on my elbows while Karen lay beside me.

Her hand ran down my stomach, my legs parted automatically for her, and then brushed over my pubes, gently teasing my labia. I sighed and widened my legs further. Her fingers teased me a little, flicking over my clit making me gasp. She looked over at slim lad and I followed her gaze. He had his hand inside his swim shorts, clearly rubbing his dick, although still refusing to whip it out in front of his mate.

"Shall I finger her?" Karen asked them.

Slim boy nodded. But chubby lad said: "Yeah. Go on. Stick your finger in her."

Karen obliged him. She slipped 2 fingers inside me. I gasped and sank down on he fingers. Of all the things I've done recently this was by far the weirdest of the lot. I was letting Karen finger me, a very intimate thing anyway, while one chubby lad openly wanked and the other did it in his swim shorts.

I was extremely aroused. I admit it. I was so horny. My fanny was very wet and Karen had no problem sliding a third finger inside me. Her thumb rubbed my clit at the same time. I'm not an exhibitionist but this was truly awesome. There was a huge mixture of emotions in me, still is as a write this down. I was aroused, sure, I was shocked, still, I was embarrassed, couldn't help that one as it was just so unusual.

"I reckon she's going to reach her peak soon," said Karen conversationally. "How are you doing over there?"

"I'm going to cum...oh yeah..." said chubby lad.

"Me too," slim lad added.

"Good for you," said Karen.

She continued to finger me hard. I could feel my orgasm build up. I stared at cubby lads dick as he masturbated a few feet away from me.

"Oh shit...unh..." I moaned. I was panting and straining against Karen's fingers. "unh...yes...finger me harder...make me cum...oh please...yes..."

"Shit!" exclaimed chubby lad. That seemed enough for him. "Oh fuck!! Yeah! You two are so hot...I'm cuming...fuckkkk!"

He started to ejaculate. Beads of spunk shooting out of his dick. The first couple of shots landed on my thigh, hot and slimy, then my shin and the cave floor. I was mesmerised, just couldn't stop staring at his dick as he continued to rub it hard. I felt the rush build up inside me and I started shaking.

"Ohhhh...yes, yes, yes....unhhh yeah...I'm c-cuming..."

My orgasm wracked my body. I shook against Karen's fingers as they fingered me throughout a very long orgasm. I could hear slim lad saying he was spunking too inside his swim shorts. I panted and shuddered and finally relaxed, my arms and legs went limp. Karen removed her fingers and licked my juices off them. She bent down and kissed me, her tongue sliding against mine. Her hand rubbing along my thigh, smoothing chubby lads sperm into my skin. We looked over at the lads, chubby lad was putting his swim shorts back on and slim lad was looking very awkward.

I felt a bit sorry for him really. I reckon if his mate hadn't have been there he would have gladly shown us his dick. I was starting to feel embarrassed again, I just can't help it. The lads got to their feet.

"That was so cool," said chubby lad. "You two are amazing."

"Well thank you very much," Karen replied.

"We better get going," chubby lad said. He blew us a kiss and left the cave.

Slim lad followed him then paused at the entrance. He turned and looked at us, opened his mouth to speak then stopped. He glanced at us then said: "Thank you. You're very beautiful."

He left. As I put on my bikini I felt very happy. Chubby lad was outright sex mad, you could see it in his eyes. He was over the moon to have seen such a sight and would be telling all his mates when he got home. But I suspected slim lad was more intelligent and caring than that. He wouldn't brag about it, but keep it to himself. He was very grateful for witnessing what every man seems to dream about.

Karen and I left the cave and took a long leisurely swim in the pool. The cool water was relief to my hot sticky skin. I hadn't realised how hot it was inside the cave with four of us.

We headed back to the others. Janine was over at the bar chatting to a group of lads. Mum and dad were both doing a crossword. They asked where we had been for the last 3 hours. 3 hours! Holy shit! Karen quickly explained that we had been on the rubber ring river ride all the way around the park and then sat in the bubble pool.

We spent the rest of the day sunbathing, every now and then Karen would glance over at me and we'd smile. It's 7pm now. I've just had a nice cool shower and we're all going out. It's been quite an eventful day really. I never thought I'd do anything like that, ever. I am still reliving the whole thing in my head now.

Right. Off out.


Day 4

It's 11am, we're relaxing by the pool today, well me, Janine and Karen are. Mum and Dad have gone sight seeing. Boring. I'm quite happy to sit here and write in my diary. I'm still thinking about what happened yesterday. Seems so amazing to me that anything like that would happen. I think a year ago I would have been totally repulsed by the thought of having a girl masturbate me to orgasm while two lads watch and play with themselves. But now, now it seems exciting, daring and risky. What a huge thrill! I admit I wasn't sure I would go through with it, and I was so close to covering up and telling the lads to piss off. But Karen, always seems to be more daring than me, pushed the situation just enough for it be very exciting, easing me into something very erotic and kinky while not pushing too much in case I really do back off.

I guess I must have an exhibitionist streak in me. I mean the whole closet mystery lover game was bizarre to say the least. And the time I met Karen by Tesco, and now this. I am still nervous about doing things like that, but my heart races and I get turned on so much that nerves and doubts are covered over, at least until after when I have time to really think about what I had done, then I feel very embarrassed. God, I could analyse this all day!

I think we're off round the bars tonight. Am looking forward to it, but not if you get what I mean. I am in the mood for a few drinks and fun but I can't say I'd want to see Karen kissing someone else for the sake of appearing single and free. The idea makes me feel sick in fact. I will have to get used to it if I am to keep our secret.

Right, time for a swim.


5pm. Nice relaxing day. Swimming. Talking to Janine and Karen. Sun bathing. Very nice. If we did this every day I'd be quite happy. I'm sat on my balcony at the moment. Mom and Dad got back a while ago, been looking at local scenery or something, yawn. I have to tell you that I have enjoyed today mainly because I can look at Karen's body without arousing any suspicion. I wore my sunglasses and watched her sun bathe and swim. She wears such a skimpy bikini it makes mine look like an all in one thing! A g-string doesn't cover her bum, a tiny triangle covers her fanny and two more triangles cover her nipples and such a small part of her breasts.

Janine's isn't much better, maybe covering more skin I think, but she has bigger boobs than Karen and a bit more around her waist too. Problem is that I found myself getting horny watching Karen playing in the pool, she was constantly pulling her bikini back into place after the water moves it about. I struggled to stay on my sun lounger. I wanted to sprint into the bathroom and bring myself off at one point. Then Janine asked me what I was staring at and I realised it must have looked odd, me lying there looking in one direction. Even though she couldn't see my eyes it was obvious I was staring at something.

I just lied and said I was staring at the city below us. I heard her mutter something like "lezbo" before diving into the pool. How nice. She's always giving me nasty comments like: "twat head" and "loser" and so on. She's such a nice person to have around, she does care about me (I think, I hope!) but keeps up this façade of not liking me.

I'm going to go jump in the pool now, then take a shower and get ready to go out. Hope this evening is fun.


Day 5

10am. Last night was bad. I got back about 2.30 this morning and feel asleep in a half undressed state. I was drunk, too drunk to finish getting undressed. I woke up with my skirt half way down my legs, my top wrapped around my arm and my bra tangled up back to front, no idea how that happened.

I'm sat by the pool on my own now. Karen and Janine have gone to the beach to go on the banana boat, Mum and Dad are off to the south of the island. I'm glad I have my thoughts and my diary and unfortunately a hangover too. I do remember some bits from last night but not all of it. We headed out to B52, very cool bar, had some Schnapps shooters to start with. The place was quite busy even this early in the year.

After a few drinks we strolled along to Lumber Jacks for more Schnapps shooters. We met a group of lads from Birmingham, very loud and happy guys all too thrilled to gather around us. It was good fun chatting and laughing with them, although it's easy to see how those TV programs like Greece Uncovered get their footage, people are just outrageous.

I think it was about midnight when we headed to The Old tree which seemed very quiet for us. Nice place but not lively enough. So we aimed for B52 again, meeting loads of people in the street, laughing and having a very good time. I was quite merry by then I think. B52 was amazing, great music, lots of people around to chat too, friendly place. I sound like I'm reviewing the place! Anyway the lads from Birmingham caught up with us and we spent the rest of the evening with them.

Lads like this are after one thing on holiday. They didn't get it from me though! They were very taken with Karen, singing "get yer tits out for the lads!" and other chants. Karen was loving the attention. I didn't mind as she enjoying herself. I noticed Janine snogging one guy, Barry, who had his hand inside her top at one point, well if she likes that who am I to moan? Some of the lads split away to hassle another group of girls and Karen and I sat chatting and laughing with the rest. As far as I can remember Janine spent most of her time with her face glued to one guy or another. We did do some dancing too, very loud so you feel your body vibrate from the speakers.

I admit I was quite drunk by around 1am, dancing and singing with everyone. Stevo, one of the Birmingham lads was with me, I felt his body dancing behind me, his hands on my hips as we danced. It was dark, flashing lights and lots of people around. It was no surprised that his hands were roaming around my body. I was getting a little turned on too. I let him fondle my breasts a little and my bottom too. I was happy, not feeling guilty at all. I saw Karen doing pretty much the same thing with Stevo's mate Jimmy over in a corner.

I wasn't going to get jealous. I had promised myself that much. Problem was that it doesn't seem to be an emotion I can stop easily. Lots went on last night that I don't remember, or it's just a haze. I do remember seeing Jimmy leaning against a wall, Karen pressed up against him, his hands inside her vest top, groping her breasts while they kissed like mad. It made me feel sick watching them but I couldn't stop. Stevo came around to kiss me, I wasn't going to but the anger in me all of sudden made me. I kissed him full on, his hands gripping my bottom, grinding me against his body and his obvious erection.

When we stopped I couldn't see Karen anywhere. I headed for the bar to get a drink then saw her and Janine outside. I joined them without saying a word and we stumbled back to the villa. I was angry, I knew I shouldn't have let myself get to that point but I couldn't help it. I don't think I am insecure but it worried me that Karen might be enjoying it too much.

I don't remember getting back to the villa. When I woke up I felt very ill. Mum and Dad asked me if I was going with them or with Karen and Janine to the beach. I moaned about not feeling well and wanted to stay at the villa. I'm feeling better now but still feel that numb anger inside. Think I'll go for a swim and I might feel refreshed.


5pm. Wow. Holy shit that was close. I can not believe how close that was. What Janine is thinking now God only knows. Oh shit. Okay. Calm. Stop worrying. It's not that bad. She's talking to Karen now. Got to get this down before we have a barbecue. Okay. Now Janine and Karen were supposed to be at the beach all day, although that didn't go to plan at all. Seems they met up with the Birmingham lads again but Karen said she felt ill and wanted to come back here. Janine wasn't happy at all, they had an argument and Karen came back leaving Janine on the beach.

I was by the pool when Karen came over and sat down. She told me what had happened and I asked if she was really ill. She said she wasn't but wanted to spend some time with me and that was her only way out. I suggested she called Janine to say she was sorry and see if she was okay.

Karen called Janine on her mobile phone. It was heated to begin with, bit of shouting, then it calmed down and they seemed to be friends again when the conversation ended. Karen sat down on a sun lounger next to me and said it was okay. Janine was concerned that Karen was ill but didn't want to come back and be bored at the villa. Karen told her she was okay, blah blah blah. So it looked like Karen and me were alone for the afternoon.

I called Mum and Dad, asking them when they would be back and if they wanted me to get any food for the barbecue. They would pick some up on their way back around 6pm. Okay. So no interruptions.

Karen brought out some ice cold Pepsi and we enjoyed the silence for a moment. I wasn't sure how to act around her for some reason, last nights events maybe caused me to feel weird. I didn't have to worry about it, she began telling me what happened and the nasty things Janine had said to her during the night. Turns out that Janine didn't want to be the only one getting off with guys, she'd told Karen that if she didn't see her French kiss some guy she would assume she was a lezzie and tell everyone at university.

I was shocked. Didn't seem very fair to me at all.

"So I got off that Jimmy lad," Karen admitted. "It was good fun, he wasn't a bad kisser really but I didn't appreciate his hands being on me at all. Another second and he'd have had a slapping."

She looked at me for a moment. "You want to know if I enjoyed it don't you?"


"It's okay. Yes and no. I enjoyed the attention. I liked having people around me trying to chat me up. The kissing thing was okay. It's not my thing really. I like the bars and music and fun but not the random attention from guys."

"What about at the water park?" I asked her.

"That's different, " Karen said. "We were in control. We decided if anything was going to happen. Didn't you like it?"

I nodded. "Loved it," I said.

"Glad to hear it," she said with a smile. She leaned forward and kissed me lightly. I could smell her deodorant and suddenly wanted her close to me.

"So what shall we do now?" I asked her.

Karen glanced around the pool and patio. "No one else here is there!" she replied and stood up. She whipped off her bikini and stood there naked in the sun. "Lets go natural, come on!"

With a rush of excitement I followed her, slipping off my bikini and throwing it on the floor. We giggled and glanced around again.

Our villa on the hill is neighboured by only one other, a group from Leeds are there at the moment. We bumped into at them supermarket. Couple of men my Dads age, two women, a few kids around 10 or 11 who seem to love jumping in and out of their pool at any hour. Nice people too. I wasn't sure if anyone was home. If you walk right to the end of the garden/patio area as far away from the house as possible you can look into the garden next door. There are seats at the end where you can sit and get a view of the ocean and city below. You have to pick a good spot where you won't be seen naked and hope no one is going to be peeping at you.

Karen skipped over to me, her breasts bouncing in the sun. Her body is already getting tanned, the only part still white is around her pubic hair, and even they have been trimmed into a very small vee shape. She looked so sexy. I held her in my arms and we kissed quick and fast. The smell of her skin next to mine was sheer heaven.

We parted and giggled again. It was exciting, like we were doing something naughty and might get caught. I was about to say something when Karen's face changed to one of shock, she looked over my shoulder making me turn my head to see what she was staring at.

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