Exploring My Bisexuality Ch. 05


Before I knew what had happened I was in the pool. Karen had caught me off guard and pushed me in! I rose to the surface and shouted at her! She was laughing and pointing at me. I was mad for all of a few seconds. Then I swam over to the side and looked up at her, she was about to say something when I pushed my feet against the bottom of the pool, shot out of the water, grabbed her legs and pulled her in with me.

It was a huge splash. I went under too, surfaced and blinked water from eyes. Karen had gone. I felt her arms wrap around me from behind, her lips kissing my legs, her hands sliding against my breasts as they stroked up and down my body. My head rested against her shoulder, her lips seeking out mine, her hands exciting me as they moved in the water over my skin.

I twisted in her embrace, gliding in the water until I faced her. The feel of the water flowing around us was very sensuous, splashing against our skin as we moved together, mini currents ebbing around us. The sunlight glinted on the water and reflected on our naked bodies.

As we held each other, kissing, I felt Karen's hand swim between my thighs, it brushed against my fanny making me moan a little, her fingers rested on my clit which was burning with desire. She teased me for a moment, flicking the very tips of her fingers over my clit. I groaned and pushed down a bit in the water inviting her to slide her fingers inside me.

"Please..." I whispered.

I gasped as she pushed two fingers into me. It felt so filling inside. "Uhnnn...oh Karen...yes..."

I reached between us, following the contours of her body with my hand until I reached her labia, she was breathing heavily as I parted her lips and stroked her clit. As I slide a finger into her she placed her mouth on mine and kissed me deeply, her wet face slipping against mine.

The water around us was moving, little waves started to appear generated by our motions. This was a first for me, doing it in a swimming pool. We humped each others fingers, both desperate to climax. The waves became bigger and so did our moans.

"Haley...oh god yes...do me....harder..."

I forced my fingers in and out of her, the pressure of the water slowed down our actions and I realised we were actually making a lot of noise.

"Karen...oh g-god...h-hush...next door will hear us..." I panted.

With a smile and a with two fingers still inside me she pressed her thumb against my clit and rubbed it quickly. I let out a long loud moan as my orgasm took over my body.

"Fuck them," Karen cried as she too began to climax

We exploded against each other, thrashing about in the water. We parted quickly, our bodies suddenly very sensitive. I floated away on my back and stared at the clear blue sky, catching my breath. After a moment I glanced at Karen who was bobbing next to me, tiny waves of water lapping over her breasts.

"Do you think they heard?" I asked her.

"If anyone's home it's probably likely," she replied with a wicked smile. "Do you care?"

I thought for a moment. "Not really," I said. "What are they going to do about it anyway?"

"Exactly. If it's one of the husbands they've probably got a boner and were very happy to hear or watch us."

"Their wives?"

"They'd be so turned on they'll be screwing their husbands like it's going out of fashion later," Karen suggested.

We floated in the water for a while. It was very peaceful. It was a very free feeling, being naked in the pool, Karen with me, not worrying about who would see or find out. For the smallest of moments it was like nothing else mattered, no one else existing but us. We had all the time in the world and prepared to take things easy.

Karen climbed out of the pool, dripped her way over to the table and brought our Pepsi's back. She jumped in showering me with water. I was very thirsty. We smiled at each other, this was our secret and we were enjoying it to the fullest.

I had swum over the wide round steps at the other end of the pool and was sat on the lowest. My breasts were just above the surface of the water. I watched Karen dive under and do handstands, applauding her aqua acrobatic skills.

"Ten out of ten, every one," I told her as she swam over to me.

"Come on," Karen said, giving me a quick yet deep kiss. She glanced at her watch. "Lets get out and take a shower."

"Sounds good to me," I replied as we climbed out of the water.

We had just stepped out of the pool when disaster struck. It happened at such an awkward time. We froze mid stride when we both saw who was standing in the doorway.

Janine simply stared at us, her mouth open in shock.

It was like time had stopped for us. Like we were destined to live out the rest of our lives in this captured time bubble, shock, embarrassment and huge waves of guilt screaming at us at being caught in the act. We stared at Janine and she stared back. Actually now I look back on it there could be a whole load of excuses for what we were doing and what she saw, I'll have to find out from Karen what she told her later. But at the time it was devastating.

We stood there completely naked, water dripping from our bodies, my arm about to loop around Karen's shoulders, her hand on my bottom. I didn't know what to say or do. I could feel the embarrassment monster laughing in my face as loud as possible. My cheeks burned and I wanted the world to just swallow me up and take me away.

We probably only stood there a few seconds, but it felt like a lifetime. Karen was fast, too fast really, guilt giving birth to her reaction. She skipped over to Janine and flicked water in her face who suddenly realised what her vocal chords were for.

"What are you doing without any clothes on?" she asked.

"Huh?" Karen replied with mock surprise. "Come on let's swim!"

"Haley...what the hell!" Janine said. "What were you two doing?"

"Swimming, what else?" Karen asked, pretending to be dumb.

"Swimming!" said Janine. "Yeah right. Haley. Gross. Cover up."

I looked down at my body. "Why?" I asked, wondering how clever I was being.

"Why?" Janine asked. She stared at me. "You're my sister! I don't want to see you naked thank you." She looked at Karen. "Or you really. So. Swimming?"

"Yes." Karen looked confused. "In the pool," she suggested. "We were just going to get changed actually."

I could see her thinking this explanation over to see if it matched what her eyes had seen. "Yes...swimming. But naked, with Haley?"

"Sure why not?" said Karen. "What's wrong with that? We're not any place public are we? It's relaxing and you get an all over tan at the same time. Come on, try it out, feels great."

"But..." Janine's argument was losing power.

"Go for it," I urged, suddenly feeling less shocked and embarrassed and more intrigued to see how far Karen was willing to go in order to shift Janine's accusing mind away from us.

"Well...okay...I thought you were feeling ill."

"Had some tablets, come on," said Karen helping an extremely confused Janine off with her t-shirt.

Janine pulled off her clothes and bikini and stood naked with Karen and I next to the pool. She glanced at us. "Just swimming?" she asked.

We nodded. "Nothing else to do is there?" I asked her.

Janine nodded slowly. I was getting a bit concerned with her continuous suspicions and thought it might be best if I let Karen lay out our excuses on her own.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said.

"Okay," Karen replied, turning back to Janine. "One, two, three...go!"

They dived into the pool. I watched them surface, laughing and giggling together. Even though the water distorted the view I could see my sisters body under the surface and I thought back to the time in the closet. I must have been stood there lost in thought for longer than I realised.

"Hello? Haley? What are you staring at? Will you go put some clothes on?"

I jumped. "Sorry," I said. Realised I was stood there naked staring at my sister. "Catch you in a bit." I turned and headed indoors.

I took a nice long shower, imagining Karen's hand on my body. I was angry that Janine had turned up before we managed to take our shower together. I was still worried about Janine's reaction. I so hope she doesn't still think we were doing anything more than swimming. Fingers crossed that Karen managed to persuade her otherwise.

Anyway, am a bit calmer now. We're having a barbecue tonight, Mum and Dad have just got back so I'm going to join them. Phew.


Day 6

Nothing that interesting today. I'm laying on a sun lounger by the pool now, it's 6.30pm and we've all been for a drive to Kavos to the beach. Looks like a very lively place, loads of bars and people everywhere.

Most of the time I've been reading and sunbathing. I went for a swim, got chatted up by a Scottish guy which was flattering. I did noticed Janine giving me a funny look every now and then, as if wrestling with some deep thoughts.

I think Karen and Janine are off out tonight. I'm not in the mood, feeling a bit tired actually. Mum and Dad have been invited next door for a barbecue. Seems they've found some friends, the family are actually nice people. Think I'm going to have a sleep.


Day 7

Jesus. It's 6.30am. Am wide awake when I would rather be sleeping. The reason why I am like this? Janine. What a pain in the arse. She woke me at around 4am pretty drunk. I opened my eyes because I could hear someone talking right next to me. I realised Janine was sat on my bed staring into space, talking to herself or me maybe.

I lifted my head and pulled the covers over me. It's very hot here and humid so I've taken to sleeping naked. Despite the weird things that have happened to me I am astonished to find myself acting so shy, besides it was my sister and regardless of history I didn't want her to see me nude.

She was rambling on and on making very little sense. "Janine? Where's Karen at?"

"...huh...oh...passed out...couldn't get undressed..."

I glanced through the door joining our rooms and spotted Karen laying face down on her bed, one leg hanging over the edge, still half dressed.

I'm not going to write down every drunken slurr that came out of Janine's mouth, I'd be here forever. She never seemed to stop talking, pausing only to take a breath. She was close to tears at times, other times very animated and happy. I think she had had a lot to drink. She babbled on about the lads from Birmingham they had met up with again. They'd been drinking Tequila Slammers and doing dares. From what I could gather it all seemed a bit silly, Stevo was dared to drink lager from Karen's shoe, Janine had to flash a breast, and I think one of the lads had to run down to the beach naked.

"Why aren't you asleep?" I asked her. "You don't look well."

"...was the dare...the big dare...couldn't do it Haley..."

"What dare?" I asked Janine. She was looking rough, her makeup was smudged, looked like she'd been crying. "You can tell me."

"...with the tequila...the dare with me and, and...Karen...course s'not my fault I couldn't do it...is it? I dunno..."

"Why not?" I asked. Worried about how upset she was. We do love each other in a caring deep kind of way, on the surface we tend to insult and annoy each other for fun. "Was it that bad?"

"...said it was so funny...sure it was bad...so bad...wrong...s'not funny..."

I watched her struggle to find the words. "...we were s'pposed to...the dare you see...it was the dare...we were dared to do it...both of us..."

"I gathered that," I said. I took a deep breath. "So what happened?"

"...we got so close...I wanted to...I think I did...didn't I?" she stared at me, or the wall or stared at something anyway. "...wanted the kiss...they wanted it big...cheering us..."

"Okay, getting somewhere," I said. "So, a kiss. You had to kiss someone?"

"...uh-huh...kiss...no! Snog...thirty seconds...s'long time..."

"Yeah," I said. "Sure. Long time."

"...Karen...she...she looked...nice...was up for it...but...I couldn't...d'you think I could? Could I?"

"Why not?" I said with a shrug. What the hell was she droning on about? "Do what exactly. What was the dare?"

"...oh...the dare...that's easy...we, me and Karen...had to do it...snog...a thirty seconderer for the lads...dared us to do it..."

As she mumbled and babbled on I lay there wondering how Karen could have put herself in such an awkward situation. I felt angry but stopped myself, it wasn't her fault. It's mine. I can't get jealous or upset every time someone pays her a compliment or tries to chat her up.

It seemed that Janine wouldn't or couldn't go through with it. Looks like she'd been laughed at too by the Birmingham lads and that's why she was upset.

"...why I'm upset...because I couldn't do it...and they laughed...oh...dropped my phone...and...and Karen was so...nice..."

"She is," I said, watching her try to pick her phone off the floor.

"...and pretty too...so pretty...can't get it...oh..." She sat upright and looked straight at me, kind of. "...you think she's pretty don't you?"

"Sure," I replied. "She sure is."

"Yeah...me too..." Janine stared at nothing. "...but I didn't kiss her...didn't do the dare...but..."


"You think I should've?"

"If you wanted to," I said. This was a first, I was about to give my older sister advice. "You should only do what you feel comfortable with. Never bow to pressure over that."

"...pressure...yeah...I could've...could've done it...yeah..."

"Only if you want to."

She was silent for a moment. Then she asked me a question I wasn't sure how to answer.

"...you...would you done it...kiss another girl...snog them?"

I was quiet for a moment. If she was very drunk she may not remember it the next day so I could say all sorts. Risky. I decided to take it one step at a time and see her reaction.

"Yes," I said. "Girls are pretty. Much nicer than lads."

"...uh-huh...true...true...and sexy...can't forget sexy...even you..."

"Oh thanks a lot," I said.

"...no...no...is a good thing...you being sexy...I'm sexy too...the lads said so...but they want two girls sexy together..."

"And you won't do that?" I probed.

"...I would...uh-huh...have...I been there...you wanna know something...?"

She wobbled on the edge of the bed, giggled and looked around conspirationally before leaning toward me. Her breath stank.

"Do tell," I said.

"I did it once...with a girl...well twice...but once proper...at a party...was nice...in a cupboard..."

My heart stopped. I felt something bad was going to happen and wanted to be very far away when it did. I prayed she would pass out or just stop talking.

"...we had our clothes off and everything...yeah...nice...she was sexy...did it with her...with each other...hmmm..."

Oh shit. Just stop talking. I can't believe she was drunk enough to tell me this sort of stuff. What was I supposed to say to her knowing what I know?

"...was dark...just touching...no talk...rules and that...she made me cum she did...in the cupboard...nice..."

"Where was this?" I asked her. I was feeling very stupid for encouraging her but I was hoping she was have little memory of the conversation.

"...Fran...big house...had great party...played closet mystery love game...very sexy...anon...anonmy...anymouse..."

"Anonymous," I said.

"Yeah...no one knew the other person...all in dark...secret..."

"I remember," I said. Shit. It slipped out. I closed my mouth quickly.

"...and with mystery people....huh? Oh yeah...Lucy invited you...you played game with us...good wasn't it?"

I nodded. "Yes. Fun, so do you think Karen is mad with you?" I asked quickly trying to change the subject.

"...like to do it again...not the game...well, yes the game...but with a girl...was very sexy...want to know who it was..."

"She'll probably have a hang over in the morning," I said desperate to change the subject to anything.

"...will find out in the end...always comes out...who did you have? Were they sexy...hot mystery lover?"

I groaned. "It was a lad. Yes, lots of fun."

"...no girls for you then baby sister..." Janine giggled. "...you wouldn't do that anyway...did he make you cum...your mystery lover...?"

"Janine!" I exclaimed not too loudly.

"...what? Only us here! We're sisters...can tell each other anything...can't we? We can...yeah..."

"I made him cum," I said, feeling embarrassed telling this to my sister.

Janine giggled. "Oh you dirty slut...dirty...sexy slut..."

"Thanks for the compliment," I said.

"...you could've had a girl...that would have been hot...hmmm...yeah...I think you would run a mile..." Janine laughed and nearly fell off the bed.

"What makes you say that?" I asked now intrigued.

"...you're straight...not a lesbo...you like dicks not fanny's..."

"Right," I said. "Thanks for clearing that up for me. I think it's time for sleep."

"...hmm? Yeah....sleep...I'd sleep with a girl...uh-uh....would you know..."

"Okay," I agreed. I pushed back the sheet off my body and put my feet on the cold floor. Janine was never going to leave if I didn't get her back to her own bed. "Come on, let's get you to bed."

Janine slumped over. I wrapped an arm around her and lifted her up. She wasn't very helpful, giggling and laughing as we struggled into their bedroom. I finally dropped her onto her bed where she stared at me, could have been staring at the mirror on the wall or the ceiling for all I knew, but it looked like she was trying to fix her eyes on me.

"S'good that we can share...don't you think?" she asked.

"Yes Janine," I replied, undoing her shoes.

"Can tell each other anything...yeah...right?"

"Of course," I agreed. "Anything at all." I dropped her shoes on the floor, lifted her legs onto the bed and stood up. "Sleep, you'll feel like crap in the –"

"You're naked!" Janine giggled. "You got no clothes on...naked...that's funny...where're your clothes?"

"It's too hot, I can't wear any at night," I said, slightly annoyed that Janine wouldn't shut up and go to sleep. I was a bit self-conscious suddenly that she was actually looking at my body.

"I want to be naked...all be naked...everyone...yeah..." Janine started to undress. Chucking her clothes in a heap on the floor.

"Not what you said earlier," I told her.

"Yeah? Oh yeah, that was swimming...love swimming...lets go swimming...naked moonlit swimming, come on!"

"Not now," I said, raising my voice a little. "I don't think Mum and Dad would be happy if they woke up to see their daughters swimming naked in the middle of the night somehow."

Janine continued to undress, struggling with her bra. "Good idea...yeah...you're clever...we'll wait till they go out one night...have a naked pool party...fucking bra..."

She suddenly flung it across the room knocking over a glass. I flinched. Karen mumbled in her sleep on the other bed. I breathed slowly and realised Janine was now totally naked. I couldn't see much of her body in the dark room.

"...yes! Am naked too...both nude together..."

"Great," I said. "I'm going back to bed. Sleep."

I headed back to my room, got to the door when Janine asked me something that seemed very out of place as if she wasn't as drunk as I thought.

"Haley? Would you really kiss another girl?"

"Yes," I said. Honesty. Hate it sometimes.

"Night," said Janine.

"Night Janine," I replied and went back to bed. I looked at my watch and realised it was almost 6.30am. We'd been talking, well Janine had been talking for hours.

Problem was that I was wide awake. I slipped on a baggy shirt and headed to the kitchen to get a drink. I got back, slipped off my shirt and got under the covers. I wasn't tired. Janine had woken me up and I couldn't get back to sleep at all. I could see the sky getting light. I grabbed my diary and sat out on the balcony at the table.

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